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Dirty Royals #2020

Dirty Royals My evil plan is right on schedule I have her right where I want her and soon I ll be ready to lower the boom That is if I can force myself to screw her over She s got to me made me care about her an

  • Title: Dirty Royals
  • Author: Michelle A. Valentine
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 431
  • Format: None
  • Dirty Royals By Michelle A. Valentine, My evil plan is right on schedule I have her right where I want her, and soon I ll be ready to lower the boom That is, if I can force myself to screw her over She s got to me made me care about her and now I have two loves my company and the Feisty Princess I can t have them both It s time to choose.

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      431 Michelle A. Valentine
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    1. 3 HIDE THE NOODLE TIME STARS Ahh I was so excited about this one, I wait like forever for it and now that is over I feel like it was not enough Loved the two first books but this one was a little flat I was expecting so much for KING Dime piece ending that I feel a little disappointed YAMADA was the one who made this book for me That MADAFAKA is the shit and I LOVE him Long story short It was an ok reading for me That s all.

    2. I m a lil disappointed I was really lookin forward to this book it s the last in the series an I was dyin for of Margo an Alexander an they were really great but the story was a lil meh I expected a lot the first an second books were so good they were so hot together an the story was really good with loads of drama but this book just lacked in drama This book picked up from the last book an Margo had got horrible news an she needed Alexander than ever an to her surprise he was there they bot [...]

    3. Boring Had hoped for a bit since it s the last book in this short series, but we get what we get.

    4. ARC provided by the authorDirty Royals is now Alexander and Margo dealing with their marriage and Margo s father death Alex still wants her company but he has some ambiguities feelings how he will do that.There isn t much Mostly their saying Alexander been an asshole because he does not want his baby sister dating Jack and quickly ist ok because he one sec to lose Margo Margo now is in charge of Buchanan Industries and trying to forget Alexander still they are after one month back together.One t [...]

    5. I stumbled upon this series when I was buying up the Black Falcon Series in paperback for an upcoming event I knew that I would instantly like it from the blurb of book one and admit I devoured the first two that night, hours after one clicking I waited patiently for the last installment I really enjoyed this series I think the only thing I could have wanted was if it was longer, but I know that with romances, the build up is the journey and so once we get to the moment of conflict resolution, t [...]

    6. dammit I thought this one was out grrrrrrr I wouldn t have read the other 2 yet if I d have known

    7. Review by Lisa KaneI have been anxiously awaiting the last installment of Michelle Valentine s A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale series Margo Buchanan has just lost her father, is drowning in grief and things between her and Alexander King are unresolved Can he be trusted Is he still hell bent on destroying her father s company He knows she loves him, but what are his feelings I think this last book really gives insight into the Naughty King s thoughts and intentions His closed off heart is at odds wit [...]

    8. Dirty Royals is the third and final installment of the A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale series I have been impatiently waiting for this conclusion and I loved it What if he s just using me to get to Buchanan Industries What if I don t mean as much to him as he goes to me Since Margo and Alexander entered into their agreement, things have been going well A little too well and they both realize that they have a lot on the line at this point When a family emergency occurs for Margo, she is shocked when A [...]

    9. Dirty Royals is a hot, hilarious, and heartwarming romantic comedy that casts a swoon worthy spell from the very first page, enchanting until the end.Achingly addictive Laugh out loud funny Super sexy Wickedly wonderful Michelle Valentine makes magic in the sexy and seductive Dirty Royals, a must read roller coaster of a romance that touches all of the feels along the riveting ride Holy bookgasm The Naughty King and his Feisty Princess are back and better than ever The Hangover meets Bridesmaids [...]

    10. What started out as a business deal an agreement of sorts between Alexander King and Margo Buchanan has now turned into so much , but trust is not something that comes easily to either one of them, which complicates an already fragile relationship and forces King to choose between his feisty princess and a company that is his father s legacy and his own personal passion From the beginning of Naughty King, what has happened between Alexander and Margo has been anything but business Their attracti [...]

    11. Not all men are bastards like me I m a rare breed Alexander King Oh, Alexander King How I missed you and your assholeish ways But that s the thing, I still miss it even after reading this third and last part to the series trilogy Don t get me wrong, you were still alpha and broody and all things the Naughty King is known for However, there was a little something missing from the first two books that was not in this one Maybe it s me Maybe I just want you to stay wickedly charming all the time Bu [...]

    12. I really liked this series it was over way to quickly though Cute fun sexy read I really like both characters and especially Yamada and how he speaks about himself

    13. If Naughty King was dinner and Feisty Princess was foreplay than Dirty Royals was very much the main event Alexander and Margot are married, their chemistry off the charts, the competition to outwit each other continues in the background, but in the wake of news of Margot s father s sudden death all thoughts of hostile take overs and backdoor wheeling s and dealings are pushed aside In the final instalment of this aptly named sexy Manhattan fairytale Valentine delves deeper into the connection t [...]

    14. Blockbuster conclusion to the series, A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale, DirtyRoyals gave me closure with humor, steam and declarations of love.Love was the hard part.Margo is unsure what she feels and afraid to admit she just might be in lovewith the Naughty King, Alexander.For Alexander the thought of admitting and accepting his feelings hashim on edge An Oh No moment when he spoke out of anger left me cringing andcursing Poor Margo just when she let her defense down King crushed her.Yamada rocks my [...]

    15. Advance Readers Copy ARC provided for my blog for an honest review from the lovely authoris has become one of my top favorite new adult series I fell in love with the characters and there actions but I feel like this third novella could have been better it seemed rushed but the writing is beautiful.

    16. One star off for being a serial I ve completely forgotten the story from months earlier when I read part 2 Story was average but Yamada made the story fun

    17. Omg It was everything I thought it would be and Thank you Michelle Valentine for an epic ending Wish there would have been It was heart warming and comical Loved it

    18. 4.5 StarsLOVED this mini series My one complaint and it is a HUGE ass pet peeve of mine.I WANT and NEED an Epilogue on my characters Yes, the ending was perfect for that moment BUT I would have liked to see of them down the line PS Also wished there was a story about Jack and Diem too All in all, this author usually never disappoints me

    19. rpmbt blog rpmbt review diFinally we get to see if Margo and Alexander s relationship can make it or if it will crash and burn to the ground Dirty Royals is a fast paced and angsty finish to the Naughty King and Feisty Princess s story Dirty Royals picks up right where Feisty Princess ended, and it story line keeps getting better and better I so wanted to hate both of these characters in this series, but couldn t help but fall in love with them Margo is strong yet vulnerable, and just wanting to [...]

    20. Please bear in mind this is the third installment of the serial and may therefore contain spoilers for earlier parts of the story.Will Alexander confess his growing feelings to Margo How will Margo cope with the tragic events at the end of Feisty Princess What does this all mean for the business merger What dastardly deeds is Jess planning What madcap lunacy is Yamada going to get up to next damn I want him to have his own story Following the unexpected events at the end of Feisty Princess Alexa [...]

    21. This is the third and final book in the Sexy Manhattan Fairytales series I really liked this series except for the Yamada character, I felt he was too much like Mr Chow from The Hangover and not in a good way He was just too over the top and totally not believable as a college educated businessman This book picks up where the first one left off, Margo and Alexander are in Vegas and they ve just woken up to realize they got drunk the night before and got married Margo points out to Alexander that [...]

    22. 5 starI was pulled right into this short story The story has laughs, pain, naughty fun, and heartbreak There are three parts to this series so be prepared.If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books s firstNaughty King A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale 1 Feisty Princess A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale 2 This is third part of Margo and King s story One evil plan One lie That is all it takes to ruin everything Margo learns the truth and tries to figure out where to go from here Will l [...]

    23. I don t know about you guys but I have been waiting like a crazy person for the conclusion of Margo and Alexander s story It started off so very good I do love a book that is enemies to lovers to friends Haha I guess that is how you would describe it because this third book they seem to be putting a little trust and faith in each other and things seem to be finally coming together for these two while everything else is falling apart around them I won t hurt you I promise You can trust me with yo [...]

    24. Cocky, funny, kinky, sexy and totally hilarious Once upon a time, a Naughty King, a Feisty Princess and Yamada, the wise madafaka Make sure you scrub those balls Want them nice and clean when Dime Piece has them in her mouth later on Yamada My sister scolds him, causing me to laugh That was crude What Don t act like King and Margo aren t freaky as fuck Yamada thinking ball licking is mild compared to what they do when they play hide the pickle This third book is the too short conclusion of the S [...]

    25. This is the concluding part of the Manhattan Fairytale series.We follow Alex and Margo and the final part of their journey and how they deal with unexpected bombshell that lands at the end of Fiesty Princess.Michelle has delivered a great ending and some unforgettable characters in Margo and Alex and their happy ever after is not achieved without incident.Yamada is back and he just made the series for me as he is just a ray of light within the seriousness of the main characters.i personally woul [...]

    26. It s now or never It s time for the Naughty Kind to get his Feisty Princess Anddid he I guess you are going to have to read all 3 books to find out I will say how much I LOVE this series It was just a fun, laugh out loud, sexy read Michelle created some great characters that I will not soon forget, but the best was Yamada Oh my goodness he is the best I love Michelle I love everything she writes She never disappoints Take a chance on getting to know the Naughty King, you will love himI promise.

    27. A good ending to the series They fought until the end and ended it in a style that worked for the King and Margo They had their support with them to the end and even got to put one adversary in their place at a time when it was needed The alternating POVs made the story interesting and Michelle Valentine s writing style is one that gets you hooked and keeps you involved until the last chapter.

    28. Great ending to the story of our Naughty King and Feisty Princess.I would love to get Diem and Jack s storyhint hintwinkie winkie Yamada keeps the mood light with his antics at getting these two to stay together.but sometimes fear takes over and it can ruin it all Diem and Yamada help Alexander realize that it s ok to let someone into his heart and love.Margo just has to trustank you Michelle Valentine for the opportunity to read their story.

    29. The ending was everything I hope for and then some I love King and Margo Yamada is the perfect friend for King and now Dime Piece He did what he did and now will always be one of my favorite supporting characters Dear King,You did what you did and now you have learned from it Don t f k up again Love, HeatherOne of my favorite series from Michelle Don t miss it I love it 3

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