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Beast Come to a place like this and you will understand soon enough that this world is a great animal alive and breathing Beast plunges you into the world of Edward Buckmaster a man alone on a west countr

  • Title: Beast
  • Author: Paul Kingsnorth
  • ISBN: 9780571322077
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Beast By Paul Kingsnorth, Come to a place like this and you will understand soon enough that this world is a great animal, alive and breathing Beast plunges you into the world of Edward Buckmaster, a man alone on a west country moor What he has left behind we don t yet know what he faces is an existential battle with himself, the elements and with something he begins to see in the margins Come to a place like this and you will understand soon enough that this world is a great animal, alive and breathing Beast plunges you into the world of Edward Buckmaster, a man alone on a west country moor What he has left behind we don t yet know what he faces is an existential battle with himself, the elements and with something he begins to see in the margins of his vision some creature that is tracking him, the pursuit of which will become an obsession.This is a vivid exploration of isolation, courage and the search for truth Short, shocking and exhilarating, it confirms Paul Kingsnorth as one of our most daring and rewarding contemporary writers.

    • [E-Book] ✓ Beast | BY ¼ Paul Kingsnorth
      160 Paul Kingsnorth
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    1 thought on “Beast

    1. What a strange, powerful novella Unlike its brilliant predecessor The Wake, this one is written in modern English, but it is still a very original, bleak and poetic vision of the English landscape.The story is told in fragments, which begin and end in mid word It is narrated by Edward Buckmaster, who is living alone in an abandoned farmhouse on a moor At the start of the book he is coherent, explaining that he has been there for five seasons, and is experiencing a severe overnight storm which is [...]

    2. A man leaves his wife and daughter to go fart around in a field It has a cumulative dreamlike power, i suppose I liked it when he threw potatoes at the window.

    3. Often breathtaking on a sentence by sentence level, and has a mindbending yet personally, inwardly kind of familiar synthesis of primitivist pagan wildness and Buddhist meditative insight that I ve never seen written down half so well anywhere else but I m not quite so enthused by the plot concept One of those books in which there are bits I d like to keep with me always, but of which I d intensely reject others.Over the last few years, I ve read quite a few books where an individual archetypall [...]

    4. This was a really strange read but I came away completely enraptured by the story.Our main character is a man named Edward who we learn is living on a west country moor, completely alone We are not really told why Edward is on the moor or what has happened prior to him living there but you definitely get the sense that something bad might of occurred Whilst out on the moors Edward spots a large animal in his peripheral and becomes completely obsessed with tracking down this beast that appears to [...]

    5. This was a random grab on my way out the door at the library He is a prize winning author I hated it.

    6. I suppose a book about an existential breakdown can t exactly be easy I really wanted to give this 5 stars, but at times it was just a little too dense verbose without telling much for that I didn t need to be spoon fed answers, but at least a taste of some would have been nice Still, it was evocative and compelling, and I felt a similar rhythm to the language as in The Wake, which I really enjoyed There s the linked Buccmaster name between the books, and similar themes of wilderness and divinit [...]

    7. Was torn on this one between 1 and 2 stars So I didn t really not like it entirely It had a few merits here and there, but ultimately it wasn t very good I think the biggest strike against it was the brilliance by which I viewed his debut novel, The Wake This sopho effort was just bland, and compared to his first book it made this one even of a disappointment Just a smidgen away from 1 star.

    8. Come to a place like this, though, and you can still hear it sing I can tell you that from experience Come to a place like this, far away from the estates and the ring roads and the car parks and the black fields of beer and the screen dumb people pacing out the slow suicide of the West around the pedestrianised precincts Come to a place like this, shut your mouth and your mind and walk on the moor, walk in the wind and the sun, and you will understand soon enough that the world is a great anima [...]

    9. There can be no greater confrontation with yourself than to abandon all your attachments job, house, belongings, friends family and walk into the wilderness to live as a hermit That s what the protagonist Edward Buckmaster does in Paul Kingsnorth s new novel Beast This short novel begins with him squatting in a broken down shack in the West country moors with its makeshift roof on the brink of collapsing under torrential rain storms He s already lived here by himself for shortly over a year and [...]

    10. I fully expect there to be many rave reviews of this it is intense, poetic and experimental There are sections that end in the middle of a word only for the text to start up again in the middle of another word and in a different place The narrator starts off as I and becomes i for a while, which must mean something than a malfunctioning shift key The language is brave The story makes sudden jumps which could be memories or could be out of a fever and back to reality for a while We never really [...]

    11. Blimey, for such a short book, this was a slog I nearly gave up on it several times It s not for me, shall we say Straight white dude feels very oppressed by this cruel modern society and technology, runs away from his family to find God on the moors I was very, very bored.

    12. The idea of a fantasy horror Into The Wild has been on to write list for a while While I m sure there are things out there that already fit that mold hmu with recs I haven t found many Laird Barron or Vandermeer s Area X comes closest And Paul Kingsnorth is the perfect person to make good on that idea After The Wake, I was really excited to see him apply clear contemporary English to the countrysides he s spent so much time in and imbue them with a right and proper landscape horror The book open [...]

    13. Book whose only real character is Edward Buckmaster who we learn left his wife and newly born daughter to move to the Moors in an attempt to find himself and escape modern conformity The book is written in four sections which cease and begin abruptly with narrative missing and in which the English becomes stream of consciousness and less constrained by grammar reflecting the increasing disassociation of Buckmaster from modern life and the increasing blurring of reality and dreams, consciousness [...]

    14. Paul Kingsnorth, it s safe to say, is a man of special talent His work with the Dark Mountain Project one of the only cultural movements to take seriously the concept of a post human world and his insightful environmental journalism alone would be enough to establish his brilliance and insight, but he also wrote The Wake in 2014, one of the most astonishing and original novels of the twenty first century He followed it up two years later with Beast, the second in a proposed trilogy that is very [...]

    15. The best thing about Beast is the style of prose I ve heard some compare it to Cormac McCarthy and this isn t totally wrong It is incomplete though Kingsnorth s prose only progressively becomes less rigid, or, put another way, it gradually degrades over the course of the novel first losing some punctuation, then capitalization, then mostly without either This degradation is directly tied to the story itself, speaking to the mental state of our Buckmaster Perhaps this is best represented with the [...]

    16. What an interesting author Kingsnorth is This is vol 2 of a trilogy, Buckmaster Trilogy Vol 1, the Wake, was set just after the Norman invasion of England, stars Edward Buccmaster, and is written in a variation of old English This is clearly set in the modern day, but one only learns that later on, as this Edward Buckmaster, a hermit living on the moors in Englands West county, babbles about an airplane trip though a reference to the medieval church is also a clue Otherwise, we could still be in [...]

    17. A strange and compelling narrative of one man s seemingly broken mind Unlike in his first novel, Kingsnorth employs standard contemporary English here It is short and easy to read.The author ties it to The Wake via the story of the central character, Edward Buckmaster It is a dark, existential journey Is the central figure insane Or had the world gone mad There are hints of an apocalyptic environmental collapse.Alternatively, it could simply be that the reader gets to experience the shattering o [...]

    18. A torturously captivating book, Beast exposes the mind of an unknown man who calls himself Edward Hunted by and hunting for a large black cat on Bodmin Moor, we follow Edward s journey over a time frame that could be a day or a year Edward appears to be a hermit, and Kingsnorth makes it evident that he is psychologically unstable his mind and opinions flit from one topic to the other in a painful flow of free thought Kingsnorth s lack of grammar and punctuation creates a sense of deep disturbanc [...]

    19. I appreciate the experimentation going on with the language and narrative flow but ultimately it just didn t do a lot for me Started to feel gimmicky at a point There s barely a plot to speak of which is fine but I didn t get enough out of the existential musings either to make this something I ll remember years or even months from now.

    20. I m sure this is a very deep and worthy book that I just didn t get But I also feel like I shouldn t have to work so hard to appreciate it Generally some interesting sections mixed in with a lot of boredom Big, intellectual concept very little story Not for me.

    21. A wild and wonderful ride through insanity or enlightenment, the way the world does or doesn t make sense, disconnection, fear, longing It s all here.

    22. Paul Kingsnorth s debut novel The Wake was a masterful account of a guerilla fighter during the Norman invasion of England a story about a bitter and broken man who s not as important or powerful as he thinks he is, written in an invented English shadow tongue to mimic the speech patterns of 11th century England Following the novel s success, Kingsnorth said he planned to write two as a loose England trilogy a second novel set a thousand years later, in the present day, and a third novel set a [...]

    23. I loved Kingsnorth s debut novel The Wake It was one of the most formally daring and thematically dense novels I d ever read and it asked some deep and probing questions about Englishness and ideas of belonging The story of a doomed band of Anglo Saxon Green Men fighting the Norman invasion was thrilling and ultimately heartbreaking.Beast is the middle part of Kingsnorth s trilogy about England 1000 years in the past, in the present, and a 1000 years in the future This novella it is, despite wha [...]

    24. What is like to be a hermit, a visionary, a seer, a solitary, a lunatic who leaves the comforts and confines of civilisation to flee into a wilderness Told from a first person perspective this booklet perhaps attempts to answer that question The ordinary distinctions between truth, memory, imagination and fantasy become blurred The ordinary parameters of space and time also appear disturbed we are left it seems in a continuous day where space folds back on itself Is life continuing elsewhere A b [...]

    25. 3 stars from me.I received an ARC for this book and let me just say that the physical copy I received is GORGEOUS The front cover is so minimalistic, it has a single illustration and not even the title Super cool.Anyway, i generally think this book is great, but it s just not my cup of tea Im really glad that it was less than 200 pages long What stands out is definitely the style of writing I didn t enjoy the story, but i quite liked the way it was written The continuous sentences and lack of co [...]

    26. I absolutely loved The Wake Loved the atmosphere, loved the immensely difficult language, and thought the lone, half mad protagonist s fractured thoughts in the empty expanse of old England made for a fascinating, poetic read Whereas I was less enthralled by the lone, half mad protagonist s fractured thoughts in the empty expanse of old England this time round I have absolutely no idea what this book was trying to do, is what it comes down to It may be that my degree in English Literature is jus [...]

    27. I enjoyed the first 2 pages immensely, then it lost something for me I quite liked some of the representations, particularly the ones around mental health, but I feel a lot of what was happening was metaphors that went right over my head The existential questions, I ll call them, I felt did not go deep enough, but seemed to be taken from popular ideas already out there and added nothing new I found my mind wandered to my own questions when reading these bits and I had to re read often I also fou [...]

    28. Hallucinatory, hypnotic, and strange I liked the disorienting way we jump between dreams, visions, and the present moment basically, this is a book in which you are never sure if what is happening is real , and if that kind of thing frustrates you, this may not be a good choice for you I liked how the style of the book reflected the content it reads almost like a free verse poem at times I also liked the slow way that the beast s horror is unveiled very rewarding for me And I liked all the Stone [...]

    29. What virtue there is in this book is in the writing, it can be beautiful and lyrical and the images visions can be atavistic and catching.However, this book is also entirely self indulgent Another book of revelation or not from male crisis Another male journey rooted either really or in fantasy in male violence against women The thing is, the book not even committed to being deep or meaningful It could equally be all delusion Some people may enjoy this but I found it boring.

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