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Ankle Biters: Don't Wake The Babies! #2020

Ankle Biters Don t Wake The Babies When Courtney and her friends accidentally vandalise one of their town s forgotten historical landmarks they unleash something sinister poisonous and hell bent on revenge Old Ma Lacey the last woma

  • Title: Ankle Biters: Don't Wake The Babies!
  • Author: Matthew Cash
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ankle Biters: Don't Wake The Babies! By Matthew Cash, When Courtney and her friends accidentally vandalise one of their town s forgotten historical landmarks, they unleash something sinister, poisonous and hell bent on revenge Old Ma Lacey, the last woman to be burnt as a witch in this state, has awoken and she s brought her babies.
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    1. You know I reckon this fella has a future at this writing lark The surprised feeling is still hovering over me a bit I m impressed than I thought I would be This book brings back a certain nostalgia to the horror story Nothing high tech, no CGI, just scares and ancient monsters Good stuff See here for the full review Ankle Biters

    2. An evil witch smothered by demonic, lecherous babies, may seem like a scene from a typical DHSS office, but the only benefits you ll find here is, staying alive Matt does what he does best, and that is to entertain, with grotesque imagery, and much humour.It s a terrific tale which is to be expected.

    3. Quick quirky horror.Great fun to read Moves along at a fast pace Funny how into now it is Recommend to read as you will enjoy the tale.

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