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Lane’s #2020

Lane s Maps doesn t believe in growing up He believes in his experiments Benji s new driving skills Perry s knowledge of adult things and his interstellar boyfriend Lane Maps certainly doesn t believe i

  • Title: Lane’s
  • Author: Nash Summers
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lane’s By Nash Summers, Maps doesn t believe in growing up.He believes in his experiments, Benji s new driving skills, Perry s knowledge of adult things , and his interstellar boyfriend, Lane.Maps certainly doesn t believe in graduating And he especially doesn t believe in his friends attending separate colleges.Because if Maps believed in any of those things, it would mean he was growing up.

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      Nash Summers

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    1. Whoop, whoop Available today for 0.99 until December 26th Maps Life According to Maps 1 and Diamonds Life According to Maps 2 are also on sale until the 26th.

    2. And Maps was in love Pure Simple Love So very in love, no other feelings existed No other love in the entirety of all the galaxies existed because Maps used it all up right then, right there, as Lane whispered wrong lyrics into his ear and stepped on toes.The melody of the song seemed to last an entire lifetime Maps is a romantic at heart He s irresistible, charming, brilliant, AND romantic Is it any wonder his parents don t want him to move out Umm, actually Maps parents encourage him to apply [...]

    3. This book could have easily been re titled, Into the Mind of Maps A Study in Severe Separation Anxiety Per Maps usual, the way he approaches at his life, family, friends and dating a hot jock are nothing short of hilarious.However, also per Maps usual, he can t or won t communicate for shit about anything that actually matters He could teach a master class in Avoidance 401.When Maps thinks about the Big Life Changes that are on the horizon, he simply can t bring himself to face them head on Thin [...]

    4. Lane s by Nash Summers is the third in the Life According to Maps Series The boys are coming to the end of their high school years, and life choices must be made Staying home after high school Going away to college Going alone or applying to the same school as your best friends and boyfriend All of these are decisions that Maps has been putting off and refuses even to talk about until they can t be avoided any longer My highlights The characters all of them They re fleshed out and so different f [...]

    5. 4.5 stars The world lapsed into slow motion In through the impossibly bright light, walked Lane His shirt flapped in wind that didn t exist, just like that one scene of the glittery guy from that teen vampire movie Benji had made Maps watch Maps held his breath And then Lane said the most devastatingly romantic thing Maps had ever heard Sup And that s how Maps experiences his first love, y all In the same hilarious, OTT, dramatic way he experiences EVERYTHING This is Maps s last chance to do som [...]

    6. Lane s is the third book in the Maps series Read them in order, though, because you won t really get Maps, unless you do Maps I m not entirely sure he s human Maybe his parents found an alien and tried to convince it that it actually was human I mean Maps is kind of unreal, you know Oh, I adore him to pieces He is truly one of a kind.So, it s senior year and Maps is being forced to think about things like university And being Maps, he also wonders about other teenage things he hasn t experienced [...]

    7. This serial was so beautiful, my little heart is so full of fluffy feelings I love Maps, I love Lane, I love Benji and Perry and I can t believe this is actually over I felt something between Benji and Perry so I thought there were going to be stories but I think this is the last one which makes me sad because the characters and story are so amazing that I could read 10 novellas

    8. Qu cosa m s bonita, cada libro de esta serie es mejor que el anterior.He re do, me he emocionado y hasta se me ha escapado una lagrimita, y yo NO LLORO NUNCA.Maps y Lane son lo m s tierno, lo m s mono y lo m s adorable que hay Divertid simo, me ha sacado unas cu ntas carcajadas me miraban raro en la parada del bus xDRecomiendo much simo esta serie, de esas lecturas que te hacen sentir bien y te reconcilian con la cruda realidad Si le tengo que buscar una pega no las tiene es que vemos poco a Pri [...]

    9. 4.75 starsFirst re read Oh these guys I want and need This book made me so HAPPY I know I ll read this series over and over again anytime I need to feel better about the world But I m not ready for the series to end I need to follow along with what happens to Maps and Lane next And what about Benji and Perry This can t be it

    10. Some things just weren t meant to bed in this case it s Maps and me You know that moment when you re standing at the dock waiting for your ship to come in and you realize that not only has it sailed without you but you re at the wrong damned dockah, that moment.I m sorry I tried and I just don t get it All my friends love him and yet, try as I might, most times I d have to say he just irritates me I thought maybe after the second book I was starting to warm up to him but nope, I m right back to [...]

    11. Maps I love him This book, and of course the other two, was a joy to read and after finishing it I m sitting here with a bright smile on my face and also a bit sad that this series is obviously at the end.And I m glad that my reading year 2016 finishes with an uplifting book and I hope this is a sign that next year will be a good reading year

    12. Maybe 4.5 stars, but this series makes me smile as I read them, so rounded up And yes, these must be read in order Maps is a young man somewhere on the autism spectrum, and as the parent of a kid with a degree of Aspergers, so many traits of Maps rang true His attempts to use logic on emotions, the missed social cues, the grandiose plans, the swoops of emotion, ignoring inconvenient facts, the off kilter expectations The way his parents love and want to launch him into the world, but can t help [...]

    13. 4 StarsAHA It took until this book to figure out who Maps reminded me of smh I don t know why I didn t see it earlier but his personality, his literal understanding of friends, their conversations, the world, and his genius nerdiness had me wracking my brain on why he seemed so familiarBAZINGA Maps is a younger version of Sheldon It s amazing how he makes it day to day without endangering himself and the world around him.My enjoyment level increased in this one and I was starting to get the feel [...]

    14. An ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review It was either falling love or angina, and Maps was an optimist after all It can t be over This cannot be the final time I get to read the beautiful characters of Maps, Lanes, Benji, or Perry I ll miss them all way too much, and I may be able to look back on not getting of these babies as a childhood trauma Maps, and his unbelievably unique everything Lane, and his adorable baseball loving innocence Perry, everyone s favorite sas [...]

    15. Things Maps need to do before graduation 1 Crash a Party 2 Learn to Drive 3 Write a blog post 4 Plan a road trip 5 Make a scene at school 6 Ask Lane about college or our Maps is growing up sigh It has always been a joy returning to the life according Maps he s a character that delights me every single time No matter that he is socially challenged really, Maps, you come to your boyfriend s house wearing tux laugh uncontrollably or that he can be very narcissistic, but there is no doubt that I lov [...]

    16. AmazingI think this may even be my favourite in the series, I m not sure why it took me so long to read it What a mistake to make I have so much love for Benji, Lane and Perry and of course the wonderful Maps This talented author has done it again Amazing.

    17. I m such a sucker for falling for the boy next door tales They make my heart swoon and ache every time But this This series has one of the sweetest falling for the boy next door couples I ve ever bumped into From the very first tap, tap, tap on the bedroom window, I was in love Maps and Lane are sweet and hilarious all rolled into one giant love burrito DBig changes are creeping up in Maps world in book three though Everyone keeps talking about college and the future Where will Maps go How will [...]

    18. 4.5 stars.Utterly adorkable 3rd installment to Life According To Maps In which Maps and Lane and Benji and Perry try to figure out the pitfalls of making plans for after high school, teenage angst, and first love.Maps usual quirks are front and center as always, assuming that while he should probably find a college to attend, his parents don t really want him to leave, which obviously explains his reluctance in applying for college, obviously, and has nothing to do with his fears of not getting [...]

    19. I am swooning over here I loved this short series so much I could read about Maps and Lane for the rest of my life and not get bored with them This series was about two boys growing into their affections, all the while not caring about what others thought and caring all too much about what each other felt I loved the connection that Maps and Lane had Seeing them grow and figure out young love together made me smile, laugh and wish I was back to those days as well I think it s fun to see the naiv [...]

    20. Do you have those near and dear to your heart book friends I do Maps is one of them He is a one of a kind quirky guy Have you seen The Big Bang Theory I watch very little television bookworm here but I always watch my favorite nerds Sheldon Cooper is an uber nerd and Maps is his doppelg nger They are very different yet have extremely parallel personalities This is book three in Life According to Maps and I urge you to start at the very beginning Experiencing the introduction of Lane into Maps wo [...]

    21. 5 stars.Oh, this was so adorable and squee able And definitely the most romantic book in the series No steam, thoughMaps is such a late bloomer DI m super sad the series is overc mon, Maps in college Definitely worth writing about Also, Berry should totally be a thing _ The sparks were flying something fierce

    22. Lane s Life According to Maps, book 3 By Nash SummersThe third in the charming series of novellas about Matthew Wilson, known as Maps to his parents and friends, Lane s takes us up to the end of Maps s high school career as he faces the idea of a life away from home, and possibly away from his friends.Maps is not a normal kid He s a genius, and he s a bit self delusional in that adolescent way in which some teens see the world only through their own eyes, unable to make the leap into someone els [...]

    23. What can I possibly say about this series, other than I never wanted it to end I was so, so very hesitant to read Lane s, as I generally am with a final book in a series My goodness, Nash Summers did a fantastic job of concluding or really, beginning Maps journey with Lane and life I absolutely adored this series, and I dare you not to fall in love with these characters They are funny, snarky, clueless, and entirely lovable Nash Summers has such a way with words, and I found myself reading along [...]

    24. 4.3 StarsI don t read a lot of YA books, but if of them were this sweet and funny I d probably give them a chance.Also, I can totally see this as an ABC Family channel series Someone needs to talk to Nash about that

    25. This was so cute Honestly why couldn t this little trilogy of novellas been longer I d have read them, 700 pages long I swear it

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