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Unwanted #2020

Unwanted The New York Times bestselling Elemental Assassin series continues with a new e novella from the point of view of Finnegan Lane the foster brother of Gin Blanco and a fan favorite of readers of the

  • Title: Unwanted
  • Author: Jennifer Estep
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Unwanted By Jennifer Estep, The New York Times bestselling Elemental Assassin series continues with a new e novella from the point of view of Finnegan Lane, the foster brother of Gin Blanco, and a fan favorite of readers of the series.The fallout from his disastrous family reunion in Bitter Bite has left Finn feeling hurt, angry, and depressed He can barely stand to look at himself in the mirror,The New York Times bestselling Elemental Assassin series continues with a new e novella from the point of view of Finnegan Lane, the foster brother of Gin Blanco, and a fan favorite of readers of the series.The fallout from his disastrous family reunion in Bitter Bite has left Finn feeling hurt, angry, and depressed He can barely stand to look at himself in the mirror, much less eat any of the delicious barbecue from Gin s famed Pork Pit restaurant.But when the funeral for a slain security guard at his bank turns into a showdown with some nasty underworld giants, Finn knows that he must act in order to protect an innocent family.Finnegan Lane might be the most unwanted man in Ashland these days, but he s determined to try to make amends for his past mistakes

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    1 thought on “Unwanted

    1. 4 sWe finally get a book where it s Finn s turn to shine instead of Gin s and it was something that was much needed especially after the last book My heart really went out to him because of course, we all know what a great guy he is And because of what happened in the last book, everyone at the bank is treating Finn quite horribly Unfortunately, they don t know exactly what happened but they blame him all the same Finn s boss, Stuart Mosley, is taking Finn to task but not exactly like everyone e [...]

    2. Reviewed by Rabid Reads.Owen Grayson s novella was published three years ago which made it well past time for the other important man in Gin Blanco s life to get his own short UNWANTED directly follows the events of BITTER BITE, so Finnegan Lane s story was written for existing ELEMENTAL ASSASSIN fans, and shouldn t be read on its own The Spider s foster brother took a bit of a lickin in the last installment, but he s still the son of the Tin Man, and quite capable of giving as good as he gets.F [...]

    3. Unwanted is what happens in the aftermath of Bitter Bite written from Finn s perspective Caution make sure you read Bitter Bite first to avoid spoiling that story That being said, if you haven t read Bitter Bite you might want to hold off on reading my review.Finnegan Lane is struggling with the chaos and devastation caused by letting his mother back into his life The guilt is overwhelming The public s opinion, his career, and his self esteem have all taken a huge hit An unexpected ally, pushes [...]

    4. When will this series be over I swear, the author is determined to turn every character into an unlikeable twerp She managed to ruin Finn, he was nothing but an angsty self pitying loser who treated Gin like crap, like everyone else in her life did Then again, Gin adores having her nearest and dearest be disloyal dicks to her, she seems to get off on it.

    5. This was a welcome addition to the Elemental Assassin series as the reader got to hear Finnegan Lane s point of view.Following the crushing betrayal by this mother Deirdre Shaw in Bitter Bite, Finn was still wallowing in guilt over the death and destruction caused her in attempted robbery Finn was trying to figure out how to make amends and regain the trust of those who felt that he was complicit in his mother s scheme This book saw him begin to regain his sense of purpose and respect as he was [...]

    6. This novella follows on from the events that happened in Bitter Bite so please don t read this unless you ve already had the pleasure of reading that story because there are pretty major spoilers here Ok having said that its time to get my thoughts organised.This is a story that s definitely aimed at the fans of Finnegan Lane Finn is kind of the adopted brother to Gin aka the Spider and he s always been this big brash character with an almost devil may care attitude Whilst not part of either the [...]

    7. The idea of having a Finn centric novella in this series seemed like a fun idea I wish I could say that it lived up to its potential It s not a bad story, necessarily, but there is not much to it And it didn t really feel like the Finn we know and love.Understandably, this isn t the time for Finn to be smooth or charming or sexy This story is set on the heels of a book where his own mother tried to kill him She tortured him and left a trail of bodies in her wake And now Finn feels responsible He [...]

    8. No one had ever made me feel as worthless, useless, and foolish as she had A really great, and much needed novella from Finn s POV After the mistakes he made in Bitter Bite, it was so heartbreaking to see the charming and happy Finn so disillusioned, so broken by the guilt he carried I needed to do something right for a change, after doing so many things wrong with Deidre I m very glad that by the end of this novella Finn was reminded that he is his father s son, and definitely not like his cold [...]

    9. Everyone who reads Jennifer Estep s Elemental Assassins series loves Finnegan Lane Finn is suave, debonair, great with money, looks good in black, and is a wonderful brother support for Gin I was really excited to read a story about Finn and was looking forward to something exciting Well, I did not get what I expected Instead, the story begins in the aftermath of book 14 Bitter Bite and no one wants to be around Finn Finn is forced urged to help out a damsel in distress who wants nothing to do w [...]

    10. Unwanted is a story from Finn s point of view, which takes place after a disastrous event He is feeling a lot of guilt, people are angry with him, and forgiveness is difficult I really like how this story points out that actions have consequences and things can t always be made right, and also how it is still important to try and do what you can There are definitely some spoilers for earlier books in the series.

    11. Finally Finn s perspective We get to see Finn play the hero without having to be rescued or passing it off to someone else Really enjoyed this little novella.

    12. This story of being on the slow path of redemption features Finn post mother fall out Finn is a man who can con the best of them When his supposed dead mother returns to life and into Finn s life, he throws all caution to the wind When he s badly burn with no one else to blame, he is left in not only an awkward position but a rough place None of his coworkers trust him any He s alienated everyone by causing the deaths of innocent people He also hurt his foster sister, Gin Fortunately for Finn, G [...]

    13. Let me start by repeating what a few reviewers have already said which is DO NOT read this book before you read Bitter Bite since it would be a total spoiler.After the events contained in Bitter Bite this short novella tells us of the days following them in the life of Finnegan Lane who is consumed by guilt and is provided with a chance to relieve some of that guilt.I loved the story but I am unable to share much than the information contained within the synopsis since this novella is too short [...]

    14. Much like Owen needed to wrap up some things in his novella, Kiss of Venom, after Widow s Web, Finn needed to deal with the emotional fall out of Bitter Bite in his own novella.Unwanted is a short look into Finn s mind and it was an enlightening journey for him and fans of the character If you ve not read Bitter Bite there will be a mild spoiler.Read this review in its entirety at The Book Nympho

    15. Since the beginning of the series Finn has been a major player He was Gin s rock throughout all the battles and all the drama But in the last book he screwed up big time And now he gets to atone for his arrogance I ve always wanted to get a glimpse of what s inside Finn s pretty frivolous head and I finally got my wish At first he seems a brainless flirt but as we ve all learned over the course of 14 books Finn has a sharp mind and even sharper reflexes I hated the start of this novella Seeing t [...]

    16. I love that this book is from Finn s POV It s about time What a sad, stupid, gullible fool I d been This is the aftermath from Bitter Bite Finn is down on himself as is everyone at work You can feel his shame and guilt He got screwed over but only blames himself.Entertaining read Quick but full of emotion.

    17. Book InfoKindle EditionExpected publication July 18th 2016 by Pocket StarOriginal Title UnwantedASIN B017I22EHYEdition Language EnglishSeries Elemental Assassin 14.5Other Editions 2 Source Netgalley EARCBook Buy LinksBNBOOK SYNOPSISThe New York Times bestselling Elemental Assassin series continues with a new e novella from the point of view of Finnegan Lane, the foster brother of Gin Blanco, and a fan favorite of readers of the series.The fallout from his disastrous family reunion in Bitter Bite [...]

    18. Reviewed on Musings and Ramblings.To say that I am a huge fan of the Elemental Assassin Series could be an understatement I have all the books in the series in both e and paperback format It s actually one of the few series that I allow on my physical book shelf I have also read all the free shorts available on the the author s website This isn t the first story told from Finnegan Lane s point of view, but the other was told by teenage Finn.This book follows the events Bitter Bite, where Finn s [...]

    19. I m not entirely sure how I feel about this story I found it totally unrealistic that Finn would just collapse in on himself after the events of Bitter Bite and allow Gin and Bria to worry over him so much I did like how he stepped up to help Peter s family though, and the ending dialogue with his boss was very interesting as well, which saved this from a 2 star rating Worth reading just to get closure from Bitter Bite.

    20. Read for Review NetGalley Overall Rating 4.00Story Rating 4.00Character Rating 4.00NOTE Unwanted should not be read as a standalone but is a must for fans of Finn Tweet Length Review Finn how you break my heart put it all back together I prefer you fun but your serious side was 3 tugging Your boss though SPOILER Part of my Read It, Rate It, File It, DONE Reviews

    21. Loved Finn s novella, it was great reading from his POV and with recent events it s good to read about how he dealt with the outcome of past actionsLove this series and I can t wait for the new release

    22. A nice snack between novels, but I really hoped to see interaction with Bree through Finn s eyes And with Gin I ll take Finn POV, please.

    23. Normally by now I would have totally lost interest with a series that was on book 14, but Jennifer Estep s writing still has me entralled.

    24. My biggest criticism in book 14 of this series was that we only get Gin s perspective on a story about Finn and some shocking family revelations This short story remedies that to a degree Told in first person from Finn s point of view, we learn how he is coping with the aftermath of the events in book 14t well but trying Short stories in long series are often fun for fans but unnecessary to the series as whole This one feels necessary to me and should be read immediately after book 14.

    25. Source Edelweiss Genre Urban Fantasy Rating 3.5 My Thoughts Unwanted is Finnegan Lane s story It comes on the heels of Gin s fight against Deidre Shaw in Bitter Bite and a shocking revelation that has fans like me wondering what Gin will do next SO, before you jump into Unwanted, ensure that you ve already finished reading Bitter Bite If you are an Elemental Assassin series regular, you already know that Finn is Gin Blanco s flashier, cockier foster brother who dates her sister Bria Coolidge and [...]

    26. This is a short story in the greater Elemental Assassins Series and I think it s one that does an excellent job of hitting the balance of what a short story should be i.e it s not compulsory to understand or follow the greater series, yet at the same time it does a good job of enriching the greater seriesThere are some things I really like about this storyI like that it looks at the ongoing effects of a traumatic experience, it shows that someone cannot be betrayed and tortured without it having [...]

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