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The Darkest Descension #2020

The Darkest Descension This is not a romanceThe Breaking Insanity saga concludes with an explosive and bittersweet ending With the world around them spinning out of control Nikki and Eric will decide how far they are willi

  • Title: The Darkest Descension
  • Author: Courtney Lane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 118
  • Format: None
  • The Darkest Descension By Courtney Lane, This is not a romanceThe Breaking Insanity saga concludes with an explosive and bittersweet ending.With the world around them spinning out of control, Nikki and Eric will decide how far they are willing to descend to obtain what they want the most.Nikki faces a tough situation that changes everything she thought she knew and tests her fragile limits In order to get whatThis is not a romanceThe Breaking Insanity saga concludes with an explosive and bittersweet ending.With the world around them spinning out of control, Nikki and Eric will decide how far they are willing to descend to obtain what they want the most.Nikki faces a tough situation that changes everything she thought she knew and tests her fragile limits In order to get what she wants, she must do the one thing she swore to never do Unable to fight his nature, Eric quickly realizes he s losing a fight against something he can t control Despite increasingly dire circumstances, Eric refuses to relent He will fight to regain control of what he lost any means necessary.Content contains descriptive violence, coarse language, graphic sex, minor horror elements, and scenes that most readers would find objectionable Reader discretion is strongly advised.

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      118 Courtney Lane
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    1. In the conclusion to this dark and twisted series, all of the secrets between Nikki and Eric finally come to light At last, the holes are filled in and things make senseor at least, as much sense as things between these two will ever make.Picking up where the second book left off, Nikki and Eric are separated for most of this book Fighting her unhealthy addiction to Eric, Nikki tries to move forward without him Meanwhile, Eric is determined to prevent her from doing so.Forces are still working a [...]

    2. 5 I ll miss you f cked up kids STARS I m so tired of feeling like I m standing in the middle of a high security insane asylum, surrounded by deranged assholes who behave as if they are in full control of their mental faculties when I m the sanest one there The quote above rather perfectly sums up the feeling of reading this series minus the whole feeling tired about it part A volatile crazy ride, riddled with deception, questions and serious twists that make your head spin for real I told you be [...]

    3. 5 I Didn t Want It To End Stars This is the third and final book in the Breaking Insanity Series I fucking loved it You will be on a never ending roller coaster ride while reading this one The twists and turns will have you shaking your head saying wait What s that again One minute you will be trying to cool down from Eric and his dirty mouth Don t stop finger fucking that pussy Slip your fingers inside your cunt He hit me again in the same area I was sure was now bleeding I begged for , wanting [...]

    4. READ THE WARNING Unpredictable plot, dysfunctional characters, a psychological thriller that will leave your mind spinning, your heart shattered A game of who s playing who, it s emotionally charged darkness I have a way of making people want to kill themselves This might be your last chance to hold onto your sanity Because you know what they say about therapists, correct It s been a couple of hours since I finished I still haven t come to terms with my feelings, I m staring at my kindle like it [...]

    5. 4 INSANE STARS The final book from Breaking Insanity series Whew This is one of the hardest story I ve ever read Nothing like this Complicated and jaw dropping till the end A little recap from previous book, with all the tragedy happened to Nikki, she s trying to protect her secret from her husband Eric become agitated after the lost of their unborn child He hardly believe her wife even he claimed he still love her and wouldn t let her go And now as the conclusion, I need to know the answer the [...]

    6. The story was so beyond convoluted Every turn of the corner was another person who was betraying the characters Actually, EVERY character in this story is playing both sides and has an agenda It was so OTT and stupid I can t even tell you what the story was bc there was no resemblance of what I read in the first book The h would scream and become psycho in front of people then kiss and makeup with the H And there was SO MUCH lying Everyone in this story lies all the time The H and h lied to each [...]

    7. I Just Finished I didn t want it to endThe Ending I didn t expect Sooo bitter sweet but I wouldn t change a thingReview to follow

    8. I was very invested in these characters This book had the potential to finish off a well rounded and well written series that could have became my favorite series of all time However, the ending of this book went against everything I stand for in my fictional realm of la la land I mean that s why I read so many romance books, because I want to escape too la la land every night for an hour or two Everyday I wake up and go through case after case of crazy mofos killing and abusing and hurting inno [...]

    9. I ve waited three days to allow myself time to regroup and accept the events in this book I don t think I could have predicted a tenth of the events in this series finale even with a gypsy tarot card reader TDD picks up where book 2 ended, Nikki and Eric s breakup Those two are so miserable without each other They re destructive together and even so apart Eric literally goes off the deep end He s back on a rampagerture and murder Nikki is still searching for Ethan, the sensitive loving guy who [...]

    10. ARC given for honest reviewHONESTLY I LOVED THIS BOOK Dark, twisted, loving to the bitter end What a hell of a ride, Courtney has taken me on I cannot count the amount of times I GASPED OUT LOUD while reading I received some pretty strange looks The roller coaster of emotions I felt while reading the conclusion of Dr Eric and Nikki s story was amazing There were quit a few times I had to just walk away from the Kindle.Both characters in my opinion grow so much in this conclusion However, read th [...]

    11. I was given an ARC from the Author for honest review.What can I say I Loved The Darkest Descension, I think this book is my favorite out of them all But I have loved Eric and Nikki s Story from the beginning and this book does not disappoint a lot of questions get answered a Few things I didn t see coming I not going to say much because I don t want to give anything away much but if you are after a HEA then as the Author says in the warning stop at the sordid promise I also couldn t see how else [...]

    12. Everything you could ask for in the crazy world of Dr Eric Benton and Nikki was captured in this series finale I will be the first to admit I wanted to stop with my vision of a HEA in the first book, The Sordid Promise Once I found out this would be a series I tried, I really did to just ignore it After all I was happy with TSP and being happy with the ending, well what could I ask for Well the I could ask for is found in this book I can t believe me, who loves the tidy little Cinderella endin [...]

    13. ARC given for Honest Review Courtney completely made me a mess with this book I still have yet to come down off the emotional high I got from it Please read the warning before going through with this book and enter at your own risk Now that I ve said that, I couldn t even begin to imagine what she had in store for us with all the angst, emotions and twists that she gave us She had me doubting my feelings for Eric then turned around to make me doubt everything I had learned with all the secrets t [...]

    14. 5 Break my heart starsWow im rendered speechless about this book and the series itself Really was beyond amazing and I enjoyed it so much It was dark, disturbing and wow a total mindfuck Had me on the edge snd guessing a lot Not everything was what it seems I.just decided to wtite a small review because im still hadnt gotten over this series It was fantastically and beautiful written and I praise Courtney Lane.

    15. I respect the author for her writing this book but for me as a reader who was severely invested with Eric and Nikki this ending was not how I wanted it to go, I loved the first book and just feel so let down

    16. I m so tired of feeling like I m standing in the middle of a high security insane asylum, surrounded by deranged assholes who behave as if they are in full control of their mental facilities when I m the sanest one there Like a roundabout that only gets faster and faster this series leaves you feeling dizzy and slightly sick, but you never want to get off After the shocking ending of book 2 this one is an epic story of manipulation, perceptions and misdirection The player s hand are all set to b [...]

    17. Clutching the back of my head he proceeded to kiss me like we d been apart for centuries It was a kiss that made my knees weak and stirred up things inside me I thought were dormant He separated slightly from our kiss, permitting me the time to swallow down the sob that tempted to spill forth and ruin everything 5 darkest stars Ugh what an ending I m sad it s over but d mn that ending was phenomenal I will start off by saying this review is going to be short, becuase I don t want to ruin anythin [...]

    18. 4.5 starsAll the control has been lost to Eric Nikki and the baby are in danger Eric must keep control of himself and the chaos that has started Nikki can only watch as her life unravels as Eric slowly looses his path, if only for just a second That second is all she needs to see what she must do to save her baby and Ethan The past has been revealed, the lies, the secrets all entwine as the past collides with the present and will destroy the future Eric must play the part in which to save Nikki, [...]

    19. A perfectly, perfect, fucked up twisted ending to a wild ride My ticker took one for the team with this book, my heart racing and pounding as pages flew by.This book hits close to home I understand mental illness and I understand the writers need for the perspectives she was able to give It s a sick twisted world we live in and not all things are shiny and perfect, but can still be beautiful.Eric Nikki s conclusion was perfect for them I couldn t flip through pages fast enough Book 3 felt on pa [...]

    20. WOW Just WOW This book is a complete rollercoaster of emotions Courtney Lane is one of my favorite mind f s writers She completely gets the thin thin line between a book boyfriend and a complete f d up guy, because even though Eric is one of the most evil characters I ve read, doing some of the most evil things, I still can t let go of him The plot twists a were unpredictable and unforgettable and even though they made my heart all beoken,msome healed it from the first heartbreak from The Sordid [...]

    21. There is so much to say about The Darkest Descension,,,One think for sure it blow me away I loved it.When i finished it,i was reckless with all the emotion this book gave meThe hate love,the paine sorrow,the heartbreaking,the angstIt was a brilliant storyNever saw the all out come in this tale.The characters were perfect for this all series and the way the author developed them was magnificent for both NikkyEric also the others personage but for them both their journey was full until the endi re [...]

    22. mind blown if you haven t read this series let me say it s a MUST now one of my favorites EVER no spoilers but this is the best one yet so if you read one and two you need this and it s so unpredictable twists had no idea coming Courtney is brilliant definitely will continue to one click her always no spoilers just read it I was lucky enough to receive a arc for honest review and it was a honor again Courtney needs stars.

    23. Wow Just wow What a conclusion to an amazing series I was blown away This is not your typical romance and HEA It s grity, it s raw It s an emotional roller coaster with a dose of headtrip As we learn about their pasts, we realize they have seen and lived through so much than we realized This one s a tearjerker.Tonight, she s going to show me just how badly she wants my forgiveness and be a very dirty girl for me.Awesome.

    24. This review is not actually a review of the book itself, just about how the last 10% of this book did to meThis is the first and might be the last book I ever read that is dark and that I know won t have a happy ending Both my heart and my mind were NOT prepared for a book series like this.I knew because of the warning that there wasn t going to be a HEA.There was a point in this book where I told myself to stop, but I continued anyway because I thought I could handle whatever was going to happe [...]

    25. If you are looking for a love story, a happily ever after or one of those clich romance stories where mental illness disappear just because the protagonist has fallen in love this series is not for you Ethan is a tortured He was abused as a young boy and in order to disconnect himself from his past he created an alter ego Eric Eric Brenton is Satan reincarnated The things he did to women were repulsive, the way that he treated people was despicable, and he killed people like you d kill flies Oka [...]

    26. The Darkest Descension is the third book in the Breaking Insanity Series I knew the moment I read the warning that I was going to love reading this book The book is not for the faint of heart it is dark, raw, gritty and very real If you need a traditional happy ending this book is not for you however if you love a dark, erotic, twisted stories you will love The Darkest Descension The Darkest Descension is about the dissection of Dr Eric Brenton This book follows Eric and Nikki as they both try t [...]

    27. I ve agonized over this review for well over a week I struggled with the rating because although I did not need to have a HEA, I did not necessarily like the way it ended So make sure you heed the warning, if you need the HEA then don t read this book This isn t my first Courtney Lane book so I knew going in it would be a hard read With the way things ended in book 2, we knew Eric was in a dark place and no longer trusted Nikki Meanwhile Nikki continued with her inner battles that she has fought [...]

    28. I am dead The Darkest Descension takes you all over the place Just with the plot and the characters, I did not know what to do, who to believe, what to expect I really enjoyed this This book this trilogy is not for the faint hearted There is a lot that happens in this trilogy, one mostly dealing with mental illness.The last thing that I will say about this book was that the ending was expected, yet not It was a perfect ending the I thought about it and I love that Courtney Lane went there.

    29. TORE UP I am tore the hell up and a hot ass mess right now My poor Eric Review to follow shortly update, Feb 2016, I m slack on reviews, forgive me 3 months later and I m still tore the fuck up over the ending to this series I know all good things must end but I weren t expecting it to end the way it did I love how Courtney Lane fucks with my head but I have to admit, she fucked with my heart this time.

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