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The Smell of Other People's Houses #2020

The Smell of Other People s Houses Alaska growing up here is like nowhere else Ruth wants to be remembered by her grieving mother Dora wishes she was invisible to her abusive father Alyce is staying at home to please her parents

  • Title: The Smell of Other People's Houses
  • Author: Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock
  • ISBN: 9780571314959
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Smell of Other People's Houses By Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock, Alaska, 1970 growing up here is like nowhere else.Ruth wants to be remembered by her grieving mother.Dora wishes she was invisible to her abusive father.Alyce is staying at home to please her parents Hank is running away for the sake of his brothers.Four very different lives are about to become entangled Because if we don t save each other, how can we begin to save oursAlaska, 1970 growing up here is like nowhere else.Ruth wants to be remembered by her grieving mother.Dora wishes she was invisible to her abusive father.Alyce is staying at home to please her parents Hank is running away for the sake of his brothers.Four very different lives are about to become entangled Because if we don t save each other, how can we begin to save ourselves Bonnie Sue Hitchcock s extraordinary, stunning debut is both moving, and deeply authentic These intertwining stories of love, tragedy, wild luck, and salvation on the edge of America s Last Frontier introduce a writer of rare and wonderful talent.

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      215 Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock
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    1 thought on “The Smell of Other People's Houses

    1. 4.5 starsWhen I went back to my own house, which held nothing but the faint scent of mold in secondhand furniture also known as guilt and sin.I totally requested and pushed this book on my friends because of that title alone.How can you resist it Then just look at that cover It makes my inner cover whore just get all warm and fuzzy.Then I read the blurb Yes, I don t really read them all the time I just pick the pretties.This book is set in Alaska I have this fascination with Alaska and if I ever [...]

    2. Ahhh I loved this I truly utterly adored it I think it was the sniffingI mean, LOOK AT THAT TITLE LOOK AT THAT COVER I was pretty much doomed to love these sniffy characters My only sadness is that it s so short because I want mooooooore Eternally And this is the author s debut Consider me sold FOREVER ALL THE REASONS THIS BOOK IS ETERNALLY WONDERFUL The writing is just AMAZING It s super visual andiffy I could honestly taste and smell and see everything And do you know how hard that is to writ [...]

    3. 3.5 stars.I can t believe I just read three historical fiction books in a row Three very different YA historical fiction books, but three historical books still.I m surprised because I usually read one every two months It s the season of historical novels So this book What a catchy cover What a catchy title A title that gives absolutely nothing away about this book Don t ask me to analyze it for you, fellow humans, because it ll take me some time to get back to you Plus I already have five deep [...]

    4. What do I even begin to say about this impactful, gorgeous book My faith in humanity and my love for found family has been absolutely restored.There s so much I loved about this book, I really don t know where to start SO CLOSE YOU CAN TASTE IT SETTING AND WRITINGThe setting developed here is just as awesome Yes, I m a little biased, because I ve been in love with the idea of Alaska since I was really little But this book made me feel like I was there I felt as if I were in that snowy, isolated [...]

    5. Even after your heart breaks into a million pieces, I am here to tell you all around you the world will still go on spinning People might even say kind words to you and think you are listening, but mostly you won t hear anything because you re too busy collecting each of those tiny pieces of your heart wrapping them up into a safe corner of yourself, so you can find them again later This book caught my eye right away First of all because of the intriguing title, second of all because of the amaz [...]

    6. 2 starsHate to be the Grinch for an author s debut, but once I got past that gorgeous snow globe ish cover and title to die for, there just wasn t much here to sustain my interest It s almost like Ms Hitchcock an Alaskan native picked up a copy of John Green sLooking For Alaska, got mad because the book was set in Alabama, and thought If they re looking for Alaska, by God I m gonna show them the way It seems like she s got the early 1970s era Alaska down pat it s endorsed by fellow Alaskan and P [...]

    7. 4 1 2 stars, rounded up Did you save him I tried Maybe he saved me Yeah, that s what we do, isn t it We save each other This exchange sums up this short but beautifully moving book, which tells the intertwining stories of four teens in Alaska in 1970, all of whom have reasons to fantasize about other people s homes Ruth and her sister live with their chilly, upright, very Catholic grandmother Dora s mother is an alcoholic and her father sexually abuses her Alyce feels obligated to help her fathe [...]

    8. houses with moms in them do tend to smell better I am totally taken with the title of this book It reminds me of the redolence of potpourri and furniture polish that lingered in the air at my in law s house back when they were still living More recently, it calls to mind how the house of my parents has taken on the smell of old people during the past several years I wonder what my house smells like to other people.This is story of teenagers trying to find their way in life, learning how to cope [...]

    9. WOW I do not know what I was expecting going into this, but I definitely did not expect this to become one of my favorite books of the year Maybe even of all time This was so simple and sweet and beautifully crafted and I ended up SOBBING at the ending because it was just so damn lovely I will definitely re read this over and over again for the rest of my life WOW.

    10. This review can also be found at Carole s Random LifeI really enjoyed reading this short little book This book first grabbed my attention with its title I loved the title and the purple cover is just beautiful The story inside the cover was equally wonderful I haven t read a lot of books set in Alaska so the setting was a big draw for me This was one of those books that I didn t want to put down and I read most of it within a day This book is told from multiple points of view I really enjoyed ea [...]

    11. We don t have to be blood to be family What an interesting, quite funny and weird title we ve got here, right I mean, that title alone made me read this heartfelt, coming of age novel which is set in Alaska during its early statehood And add that breath taking cover I, absolutely, can t say no.Frankly speaking, I almost gave up reading this novel and save it for another day but I m happy I didn t The Smell of Other People s Houses might not work its magic immediately upon reading it but as you r [...]

    12. ARC review copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, thanks again 3.5 stars When it comes to books, and especially ARCs from NetGalley, I like to know pretty much nothing about them before reading Maybe it s because lately many publishers think is a good thing to spoil half of the book in the synopsis on the back maybe I just like a little bit of mystery and to be surprised.What I knew about this before I started reading it amazing cover, horrible title, very cold, Alaska I ju [...]

    13. Reasons why I read the book Title cover setting time period.Reasons why I loved the book Feels characters great relationships diversityThe Smell of Other People s Houses is actually not about some weird person that goes around sniffing other people s houses It is a profound book about families, relationships and the interconnectedness of a community.I don t usually like multiple point of views and while I think some of the transitions between them could have been neater, I actually liked all of [...]

    14. What you need to know about this book The Smell of Other People s Houses is a novel that came into existence from four different short stories It follows four different perspectives, all written in first person, all points of view are teenager s This book takes place in Alaska in 1970 Four characters of this book are telling us different stories, but they are all intertwined at some point Even thugh this is a novel, you can read this book in two different ways 1 From first page to last, like eve [...]

    15. Such a beautiful tale of friendship and family and, what it is like to live in Alaska This is one of those magical short stories that leave you wanting for It made me feel really emotional and the story felt really real too I almost forgot that it is a work of fiction

    16. Diverse, descriptive and beautiful I dont know how to explain this book, it was so simple, yet so intricate and i really enjoyed it One thing I didn t like about it is that it was slow but that was because it was sort of the simple story it had depth and extra craziness in it but overall it was semi slow I also wasn t fan of all of the perspectives I like certain peoples perspective than others but that s typical for me Otherwise it was a very good book You wait until your whole world falls out [...]

    17. I fell in love with this book the moment I saw that cover for the first time last year JUST LOOK AT IT IT IS LIKE A PIECE OF ART I bumped into the UK cover while looking for the purchase links for this one, and though that one is cute, I WOULD REFUSE TO BUY A PHYSICAL COPY OF THIS BOOK WITH ANY OTHER COVER THAN THE BEAUTY PICTURED HERE I can assure that this book is so much than a beautiful cover though This one was one of those books that I had a VERY DIFFICULT time putting down once I started [...]

    18. The Smell of Other People s Houses is an engaging and unique literary novel that is a joy for all of the senses.What I loved most about the book is the descriptions of the sights, sounds, and obviously, the smells They are so vivid that you feel as though you are standing in the characters places Everyone knows that different houses have different smells, but the author made the smells match the personalities of those living in the houses It s difficult to explain, but you will see what I mean i [...]

    19. Well, I certainly feel like the odd one out in the midst of all these high ratings and glowing reviews Technically, there was nothing wrong with this story The characters are interesting and the writing is easy to read I just didn t connect to the story whatsoever, nor did I really care about it The only reason I finished it was because it was short.I did love the Alaskan setting, which was really unique and provided me with loads of food descriptions I also liked how there were four different p [...]

    20. The first fifty or so pages were difficult for me as I tried to take in the multiple POV s but oh my goodness, was this story a beautiful, heartbreaking, and hope filled story There seemed to be great rep for the Alaskan culture of both indigenous and non natives alike There was a focus on the hunting fishing culture in the area as well and I felt they were all done really well The book spans from 1958 1970 but aside from talk of Alaska becoming a US state it reads like a contemporary in most re [...]

    21. N o todo mundo que consegue escrever um livro com v rias perspectivas que eu me interesse em todos os personagens mas eu AMEI como as hist rias iam se conectando achei as conex es lindas de ver.Eu adorei a narrativa, como a hist ria contada de um jeito simples e que me lembrou o estilo do Benjamin A Saenz e do Sherman Alexie O cen rio do Alaska e envolve muitas men es a pescaria, ca a etc , ainda mais em um per odo em que estava sendo decidido se seria um estado dos EUA ou n o, muito, MUITO inte [...]

    22. 2 stars.As much as I wanted to enjoy this book, sadly I didn t Which is really disappointing because I liked the premise of it and the title I mean, The Smell of Other People s Houses, that s an interesting title Unfortunately, even the pretty cover and interesting title didn t help in regards to the plot and characters The book takes place in America s last frontier, Alaska, in 1970 We follow four teenagers as they try to navigate through life Ruth is trying to keep a secret she can t hide, Aly [...]

    23. sometimes you can be inserted into another person s life just by witnessing something you were never really supposed to be a part of The Smell of Other People s Houses has got to be one of the most realistic pieces of fiction I have ever read, and I think that s what makes this story so haunting once you flip that final page.I ll admit that when I first read the title, it made me feel quite uneasy and uncomfortable But now, I understand its significance, and to be honest, I can t think of anyth [...]

    24. This book is officially my second favorite book ever The Outsiders will always remain the first I cannot even begin to explain how much I loved it I wish I was better with words, because I have so many different emotions stirring within me right now due to this incredible book and I am not even sure how to explain them The title alone makes me feel something.I was roaming around Books a Million not sure what book I wanted I just knew I didn t want to leave the store without a new baby Books are [...]

    25. Did I stop believing in everything all at once, or was it so gradual I just didn t notice Nope, I don t believe it This just can t be a debut novel Not with this kind of writing Vibrant, visual, lyrical, unexpected I m sure this author has oodles of wonderful words inside her to create stacks of books And I will read them all.

    26. 4.5 A heartwarming and outstanding coming of age story with different and interesting characters and a really beautiful writing Okay, ich geb s zu was mich neben dem Buchklappentext, am meisten an dem Buch gereizt hat, ist der etwas au ergew hnlichere Titel und das wundersch ne Cover Dazu kommt aber auch das faszinierende Setting Alaska ist nicht oft Schauplatz in Jugend B chern, was eigentlich sehr schade ist, denn ich lese supergerne Geschichten, die an Orten spielen, die extrem weit entfernt [...]

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