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Nightblind #2020

Nightblind Siglufj r ur an idyllically quiet fishing village on the northernmost tip of Iceland accessible only via a small mountain tunnel Ari Th r Arason a local policeman whose tumultuous past and uneasy re

  • Title: Nightblind
  • Author: Ragnar Jónasson Quentin Bates
  • ISBN: 9781910633113
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nightblind By Ragnar Jónasson Quentin Bates, Siglufj r ur an idyllically quiet fishing village on the northernmost tip of Iceland, accessible only via a small mountain tunnel Ari Th r Arason a local policeman, whose tumultuous past and uneasy relationships with the villagers continue to haunt him The peace of this close knit community is shattered by the murder of a policeman shot at point blank range in the deSiglufj r ur an idyllically quiet fishing village on the northernmost tip of Iceland, accessible only via a small mountain tunnel Ari Th r Arason a local policeman, whose tumultuous past and uneasy relationships with the villagers continue to haunt him The peace of this close knit community is shattered by the murder of a policeman shot at point blank range in the dead of night in a deserted house With a killer on the loose and the dark arctic winter closing in, it falls to Ari Th r to piece together a puzzle that involves tangled local politics, a compromised new mayor, and a psychiatric ward in Reykjavik, where someone is being held against their will Then a mysterious young woman moves to the area, on the run from something she dare not reveal, and it becomes all too clear that tragic events from the past are weaving a sinister spell that may threaten them all Dark, chilling and complex, Nightblind is an extraordinary thriller from an undeniable new talent.

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      216 Ragnar Jónasson Quentin Bates
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    1. Nightblind is a tricky book to review if you chose to read this after Blackout then none of the spoilers ruined any plot twists and you are continuing in somewhat of a chronological order This was the shortest book in the series so far at only 206 pages I can t give away much in terms of plot, but once again Jonasson has reeled us in and grabbed us from the very first chapter I was pleased to learn of how the personal lives of our main characters had developed, and once again found myself intrig [...]

    2. It has been five years since Ari Thor has come to Siglufjordur, and he now feels comfortable in the village and his job as a policeman His personal life has changed as well, but lately that has been a bit bumpy He is out with the flu, when his superior is shot at the site of an old house, that has a storied past Crime happens rarely in this small fishing village and Ari is well aware of the fact that had he not been out sick, the man fighting for his life, could well have been him.I love the at [...]

    3. 4 starsThanks to NetGalley and the publisher for sending me this ebook It takes place during the bleak, dark winter of Siglufjordur, in northern Iceland I read this book because I spent 3 nights in Siglufordur as part of a Iceland land tour last summer It is a lovely little town that had a thriving fishing industry for hundreds of years until the herrings disappeared about forty years ago Tourism has now replaced the fishing industry.This book starts with the murder of 1 of the 2 police officers [...]

    4. The entire country of Iceland is shocked by the shooting of Inspector Herjo lfur in the small town of Siglufj r ur The inspector has been shot down outside an abandoned house with a violent history Ari Th r Arason , the policeman, who missed out on the promotion to inspector that went to Herjo lfur, is home sick with the flu when he gets the call out by the inspector s wife who has not been able to contact him.It comes as a great shock when Ari Th r realzes if it hadn t been for the flu he might [...]

    5. Iceland is a country known for its arts and culture, liberal social attitudes, education, natural wonders, and low crime rate It is also has the fifteenth highest level of gun ownership in the world per capita When a police officer is shot one night in Siglufj r ur, exactly one half of the police force of this small town is injured while on duty Ari Th r Arason is alarmed that his superior officer has been critically wounded but at the same time, he is aware that he could have been the one rushe [...]

    6. I sincerely wish I spoke Icelandic so I could read this series in its proper order This one is a fast forward into the future We miss a series of events that left off in book one with Ari Thor s personal life His professional life is also slightly different Tomas is gone and Ari was passed up on promotion for the inspector position.That being said Ari is still the quiet, methodical, watchful police officer that always solves the case Another brilliant mystery by Jonasson I didn t guess the kille [...]

    7. Siglufj rdur, Iceland, is an extremely atmospheric setting It s located less than 25 miles south of the Arctic Circle There is a ring of mountains surrounding the village, and for seventy four days starting in mid November, there is no sunshine.If the police talk to you in Siglufj rdur, everyone will know and believe you are guilty of whatever the crime was And you will be instantly in fear of being arrested.Policeman Ari Th r Arason appears to be a meek fellow, but he s smarter than you think H [...]

    8. As in Snowblind, the once quiet streets of Siglufj r ur are bloodied by murder, this time of Inspector Herj lfur, who is responding to the tip off of a drug deal in a spooky house at the far edge of town Recovering from flu and in the midst of some serious relationship problems, Ari Thor gets outside help in the form of his old boss to investigate the killing This lacked the punch of the first novel, with both the writing and the plotting feeling much weaker There was a stiltedness to either the [...]

    9. After several years of upheaval, Ari Th r Arason has finally settled down He girlfriend Krist n have reunited set up house with their baby son The residents of Siglufj rdur have accepted him he s content being a small town cop When his previous boss moved to Reykjavik, Ari hoped to fill his shoes Instead the job went to Herjo lfur, a seasoned cop from down south He Ari have forged a professional albeit cool relationship But it s early days they have time to get to know each other Actually, they [...]

    10. What a pleasure to go back to Siglufjordur with Night Blind and the sublime writing of Ragnar J nasson.Following on from the brilliant Snow Blind, Detective Ari Th r Arason is faced with a unique case One of their own has been shot This doesn t happen in Siglufjordur Detective Ari Th r is now faced with a challenge unheard of and is steadfast to find the assailant The way that Ragnar J nasson writes is quite poetic The descriptions of the town and it s surroundings and claustrophobic atmosphere [...]

    11. Oh Ari Thor I love you I fell in love with Ari Thor and Icelandic noir in Snow Blind Now Ari Thor is back and we have another superb mystery drama, from Ragnar Jonasson This is Night Blind, set a good five years after book one We get cold dark winter days and a classic whodunnit Hooray Ari Thor is still in the police force and has missed out on a promotion His old boss has left He is stuck with Herjolfur, a man he cannot be bothered to befriend He is now a father to Stefnir and his relationship [...]

    12. I always wonder when an author you love writes a spectacular book, can they continue to write books that you know you will love even before opening the first pageIn Ragnar J nasson s case, ABSOLUTELY I have been eagerly waiting for Nightblind for weeks, and have not stopped singing its predecessors Snowblind praises on Twitter and Facebook for months Nightblind begins a few years after Snowblind, with Ari Th r still working as the police in Siglufj r or, passed over for promotion to Inspector, b [...]

    13. Night Blind Addictive Icelandic NoirThe Crown Prince of Icelandic Noir is back with his follow up to his excellent debut book Snowblind with his latest breath taking thriller Nightblind Ragnar J nasson brings together in Nightblind the best of Scandinavian noir with the tradition of good old fashioned murder mystery, with the twists of a Christie whodunit J nasson s writing brings in the suffocating closeness of the local community not far from the Arctic Circle, and the darkness of the winter, [...]

    14. Please visit mysteryinminutes revi to read the complete MINM review.Richly evocative of the hauntingly beautiful, yet bleak, Northern Icelandic autumn and early winter, Nightblind is a slow burning, character focused Nordic Noir, with a resolution that may very well surprise readers Nightblind is the second book in Ragnar Jonasson s Dark Iceland series, but it may be read as a standalone.

    15. Ari Thor is back in Nightblind another superb Icelandic crime thriller Having read and enjoyed Ragnar Jonasson s Snowblind, the debut in his bestselling Dark Iceland series, I was looking forward to reading this and wasn t disappointed Again set in the isolated northern Icelandic fishing village of Siglufj r ur, the feeling of shock and surprise at violent crime is tangible in such an idyllic and usually quiet peaceful community When Ari Thor s superior officer is shot at point blank range he ap [...]

    16. Siglufj r ur is a quiet fishing village in Northern Iceland, just south of the Arctic Circle, and the setting for Jonasson s iconic policeman, Ari Thor Arason While presented as Book 2 in the Dark Iceland series, there are three books that take place between Snowblind and Nightblind, during which time five years have passed Ari Thor s new boss is called out to an abandoned house, where he is gunned down in the opening scene Ari s old boss is called north to lead the investigation, reuniting Ari [...]

    17. Nightblind by Ragnar Jonasson.Dark Iceland 2.Ari Thor, a local policeman in his village, finds a colleague gunned down near death in the cold winter night Herjolfur was a police officer of long standing and of good report as was his father It seems apparent he was tracking down a possible drug dealer at an old deserted house just outside their town.I fell quickly into step with this author s style of writing It s different than most any other book I ve read and refreshingly so The underlining mo [...]

    18. 4.5 Snowblind is the first in the Dark Iceland series, with Nightblind being the fifth and set some 5 years after the end of Snowblind the intervening years will be covered by the next three books, the next one being called Blackout In my opinion, Nightblind can easily be read as a standalone, and I didn t feel that I missed out by reading out of sequence Ari Th r Arason, a local policeman in the small town of Siglufj r ur lives with his girlfriend Kirstin and young son He has been passed over f [...]

    19. Thriller set in Siglufj rour, IcelandNightblind is the second book to appear in the Dark Iceland series by Ragnar J nasson The first was the much acclaimed Snowblind, published last year Actually, and perhaps a little confusingly, it is the last book of five in the series books two, three, and four are yet to be written published although number two, Blackout, is due out this summer Below you will find our review of Nightblind plus an interview with Ragnar Nightblind is an extremely well written [...]

    20. Sem d vida passou a ser um dos meus autores preferidos O que me atraiu mais neste como no primeiro foi o facto de ser um vila pequeno coberta de neve e tempestades de neve, coisa que eu adoro ler Mas o autor faz com que o livro seja especial com as personagens e vida das mesmas e tudo o mist rio volta Mal posso esperar pelos pr ximos.

    21. This is a tough story around domestic violence that has the author feeling he shouldn t be writing it The pain of the victims abuse is evident and hurtful This story will not lift your spirits 4 of 10 stars

    22. Night Blind is the second book in the Dark Iceland series Five years ago, Ari Thor Aragon, a young policeman moved to a small town on the outer fringes of Northern Iceland, Siglufjordur Ari is still developing a tolerable relationship with the villagers of the small town.When the new police chief is shot and killed, Ari Thor sets out to figure out who murdered the chief To assist in the investigation the former chief of police, Tomas, returns to Siglufjordur, together Ari Thor and Tomas begin to [...]

    23. Nightblind is the second novel in the series following policeman Ari Thor Arason which is set in a small village in stunning surroundings I really enjoyed the first book Snowblind so couldn t wait to get my hands on a copy of Nightblind.In the second novel, five years have passed and to be honest things don t seem much better for Ari, if anything they seem to have got worse He is ill with flu, his relationship with his girlfriend doesn t seem to be going to well and then to top it all off, the p [...]

    24. Fast forward approximately five years from the events of Snowblind and prepare to once again venture into the heart of the tiny fishing village Siglufj rdur Ari Th r Arason remains a local policeman but following on from the relocation of T mas to Reykjavik he has been passed over for the job of Inspector and this remains a bone of contention which niggles Admittedly he has made little effort to get to know his superior Herj ldur With Ari Th r down with flu, Herj ldur finds himself on shift when [...]

    25. Nightblind by Ragnar Jonasson is published this month, in paperback by Orenda Books and is the second novel in the Dark Iceland series The first instalment in the series about Ari Thor, Snowblind was published in paperback in June last year.Both Snowblind and Nightblind are translated from Icelandic by Quentin Bates.There is something very special about Ragnar Jonasson s writing, his words are beautifully put together, his plot is clever and tight and compels from the first page Quentin Bates ha [...]

    26. I really enjoyed the first book Snowblind so I couldn t wait to get my hands on a copy of Nightblind.This is book two in the English translated series, but book six I think in the original series And honestly, that bothered me Because I am a girl who has to read a series in order The events in this book take place 5 years after Snowblind But, at no point did I feel lost or felt that I was missing important details We are reminded again that nothing ever happens in the sleepy Icelandic town of Si [...]

    27. When I read this I didn t realize that this novel is part of an ongoing series but there is enough back story supplied to gain an insight into the characters and their ties to one another.The mystery component of this police procedural is strong and well executed and there are some twists and turns, developments that weren t evident when starting the novel.I would have rated the novel higher except for the translation, it was quite stilted in place and just didn t flow.Overall I enjoyed it.

    28. As entertaining as Snowblind with quite a different tale These Icelandic stories are completely mesmerizing I m gobbling them up like candy Onto the next in this series

    29. J tinha gostado muito do livro neve cega, mas este foi muito melhor Notei una evolu o muito grande na escrita do autor, que passou a ser dos autores n rdicos um dos meus favoritos Recomendo

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