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Live Without Regret #2020

Live Without Regret L O V E How can those four letters cause so much pain Everyone talks about how great love is with all the flowers and the butterflies but that wasn t my experience at all Love wasn t something I wan

  • Title: Live Without Regret
  • Author: K.L. Grayson S.G. Thomas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Live Without Regret By K.L. Grayson S.G. Thomas, L.O.V.E How can those four letters cause so much pain Everyone talks about how great love is, with all the flowers and the butterflies, but that wasn t my experience at all Love wasn t something I wanted or even needed Nope Been there Done that I have the sweat, tears and blood soaked T shirt to prove it The jagged edges of a damaged heart tell the story of my pastL.O.V.E How can those four letters cause so much pain Everyone talks about how great love is, with all the flowers and the butterflies, but that wasn t my experience at all Love wasn t something I wanted or even needed Nope Been there Done that I have the sweat, tears and blood soaked T shirt to prove it The jagged edges of a damaged heart tell the story of my past, but just because I ve sworn off love doesn t mean I don t enjoy men Because I do Few things feel better than being tangled up with a hard body Grabby hands, moans of pleasure, and sighs of happiness are all part of a well balanced diet, as long as no strings are attached Wild, crazy sex yes Love hell no But then Connor Jackson came into my life He s the complete opposite of my ex From his shaggy hair, scruffy beard, sexy tattoos, all the way down to his Chucks T s I want Connor The only problem Connor wants forever But forever doesn t exist It can be taken away in the blink of an eye, and this is one heartbreak I know I wouldn t be able to survive.

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      334 K.L. Grayson S.G. Thomas
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    1 thought on “Live Without Regret

    1. Here s a recommendation for anyone who doesn t have a lot of time but still was a great read.K.L Grayson s newest release definitely fits the bill The book is about 120 pages and moves very fast Not in an insta love kind of fast for those who don t enjoy that kind of read but, fast in the sense that the story is fluid and well developed so you don t even miss that it s not 300 pages long There is a sexy tattoo artist and a strong independent woman who simply make magic together.

    2. Wow, this story here gave me the feels and had me fist pumping a big hell yessss Reading Brittany s story, I so badly wanted her to get her HEA, especially after everything went down with Tyson and how brutally he broke her heart yes, that s how it felt Due to the heartbreak, Britt vows to never give her heart away again, so that only left one thing One night stands Panty melting, sexy, tatted Connor Jackson was done with one night stands, but when Britt tells him that is all she has to offer, h [...]

    3. Good storyOk so the story was good I was skeptical of Brittany but she really won me over The only fault is that in the 1 St story, Brittany is from New York It why her and Tyson go to med school In this story and in the novella she moved back to be closer to her family I couldn t get past it It derailed me from loving the story She should have comeback for another reason Otherwise the story was good.

    4. Easily 5 sIf I was honest, after reading Where we Belong I can t say I felt anything for Brittany I was too busy revelling in all that had happened to Harley before she got her HEA with Tyson Then I read On Solid GroundI never truly appreciated what Brittany had gone through after Tyson left her and I wanted to get to know her better, I wanted her to get her HEA KL totally delivered with this story Brittany s heart is in pieces, she is determined that love is not for her, that she won t allow he [...]

    5. 3.5 starsmy first non 5 star rating for this author i enjoyed this book but felt it was lacking a certain something that i usually feel with this authors work still a good book, never boring and had its deep moments just expected a little .

    6. I didn t realize this book was part of a series I will have to go back and start at the beginning to get a better understanding of these characters, but I enjoyed it.

    7. This novella is Brit s story After being left by Tyson to go get Harley, she doesn t think she will ever find love She wants to do something out of character, like get a tattoo Connor is a tattoo artist and the total opposite of anyone that Brit ever went for But you know they say opposites attract

    8. Loved it I m absolutely in love with this series I wasn t sure how I d feel about Britney s story I loved her and Connor together Not too much drama, some steam and a few laugh s I wish it was longer and I want , hopefully.

    9. KL Grayson is one of my favorite authors Anything she writes, I will read When the details of Live Without Regret started to circulate and I learned about the storyline, to say I was intrigued was a tame idea In the KL s debut novel, Where We Belong, we meet Harley and Tyson, two friends who come back after years apart for their second chance, a couple that is obviously perfect together What I never thought about was the woman Tyson choose over Harley in the beginning of the story, the one he l [...]

    10. Wow, this was fast This was a sweet, short read that for the most part I enjoyed, but I really wish it would have been longer because I think I would have liked it a little if there was less insta love and of a fleshed out relationship That being said I only really have one thing to comment on, and while it s a relatively little thing it really bothered me and sort of ruined the ending for me I had a similar problem in her first novel, Where We Belong I understand the tough love approach that [...]

    11. I ve been itching to get my hands on this book since I caught the snippet to it at the end of On Solid Ground Brittany s character had intrigued me from the onset of this series of interconnected stand alones and I absolutely devoured Live Without Regret KL Grayson s writing had me riveted from the first page and I read this in one sitting.Oh Brittany what a tragic mess she was, and rightfully so after the ringer she had been put through I loved the tough front she put on to protect her tender h [...]

    12. Is there anything hotter than an inked up man YUMMY Dr Brittany Caldwell has no room in her life for dating she just wants an occasional fuck Which would be fine, except that the man she wants to tear up the sheets with, tattoo artist Connor Jackson, doesn t do casual sex Been there, done that, looking for the elusive And he kinda wants it with the blonde bombshell who turns out to be his neighbor The two immediately realize that there s between them than just a spark of insane lust, but with [...]

    13. Where does a person start with stories like this one It s one that will leave you wanting to know what happens next even after the ending When KL Grayson offered me the opportunity to read Live Without Regret before its official release, I was excited to be given the chance to read Brittany Connor s story However, I wasn t sure what to expect, because she didn t exactly make Brittany out to be the most likable character in Where We Belong When she reappeared in On Solid Ground, I was certain she [...]

    14. Oh man where do I even begin I really love KL Grayson s writing and the Touch of Fate series I m especially partial to Harley and Ty When I first started the series I thought I had a fairly clear idea on who some of these characters were and of course on who I wanted to see of After reading Brittany s story I m sad to say that in the beginning she wasn t a character I wanted to see again I guess because I was focused on Harley and her getting her HEA with Tyson and Brittany posed a threat to i [...]

    15. You Get What You Need In Life I m not going to lie, LIVE WITHOUT REGRET is the first book I ve read in K L Grayson A TOUCH OF FATE series I read the blurbs of the previous books and yes I ve got a pretty good idea of what s going Haley, Tyson and their son got their HEA but not without overcoming some obstacles, Brittany Caldwell being one of them The latter finally accepted that Tyson was never in love with even though he did love her Brit lost her heart to Tyson and never wanted to go through [...]

    16. I knew I would love this book because I ve loved everything that K.L Grayson has published But I have to admit I was maybe a tad bit skeptical when I started reading Brittany isn t a villain exactly, but she was standing in the way of Harley and Tyson, so she was painted that way a little bit I didn t particularly like her, although now I look back and wonder why I think my judgment was clouded by my love for Harley and Tyson and how they were my end game Seeing Brittany in her own element and s [...]

    17. 5 STAR READ KL had done it again I was very intrigued when I got to read the first chapter of this book in her last story and it had me on the edge of my seat to get this story in my hands Brittany is done with love She doesn t want relationships any, she just wants to fuck Connor has had a rough life growing up and has never truly known what love is from parents as he has bounced from foster care to foster care growing up He never thought he would see himself falling in love with anyone, until [...]

    18. LIVE WITHOUT REGRET is a novella from KL Grayson s A Touch of Fate series It can be read as a standalone but I recommend reading alongside her other Touch of Fate series especially Where We Belong and On Solid Ground You won t regret reading this series, KL Grayson s books are my go to all the feels and feel good books And what I absolutely loved from Live Without Regret was how strong and determined yet vulnerable Brittany is We only got a few glimpses of her in the other books but I fell in lo [...]

    19. First off, I have to say that this is the first booK I have read from K L Grayson but it definitely won t be the last I didn t even read any of the synopsis of the previous books in this series, so I had no previous knowledge of Brittany and her relationship with Tyson All I can say is that I love Brittany and can totally relate to her She is sassy, beautiful but doesn t know just how beautiful she is and THINKS she knows what she wants and DOESN T When she meets Connor, who is an absolutely hot [...]

    20. Often times when I m reading a book and it s in a different perspective with some of the characters like Brittany in my mind I ve already decided I didn t necessarily like her considering the situation And then KL writes her story and boy was I wrong I love the different sides and perspectives because now I love Brittany I didn t want to like her by default because I m team Harley But boy did I need to give Brittany a chance She did nothing wrong, she was just with the man she thought she loved [...]

    21. I love when I read a book where I have already met the characters and feel a connection even if I didn t like them in the previously I was shocked when I got deeper into the story and felt a relate able connection to Brittany when I really didn t like her in the previous book I saw a new side to her and realized that if put in her situation I would have acted the same way Conner what can I say he is swoon worthy He is a man out for his happy ending which you don t really see in most books It was [...]

    22. KL Grayson nails it once again with this novella about Brittany I have to admit I love Brittany much better after reading Live Without Regret then I did in previous Touch of Fate series books KL s writing is smooth and flawless and does a remarkable job of making you feel like you know these characters and can picture everything unfolding right before your eyes.Live Without Regret is the story of Brittany from Where We Belong and On Solid Ground This is a must read for any KL Grayson fan and giv [...]

    23. I don t think there has been one K.L Grayson s book I did not like She has a way of writing chemistry and putting so much feeling into her stories They just suck you in, grab your heart and make you smile Brittany is a character we meet in the first book Even though she was not the one I wanted to Tyson to be with, I still really liked her and always wanted to be apart of her HEA story So with that said, reading this book and getting to see her and Connor OMG freaken love him build this quick bu [...]

    24. SpitfireBrittany left heartbroken in NY to come home to work The same hospital her ex and the woman he left her for works also After dealing with breaking the ice of her return and confronting them She trying to not let anyone else in after having her heart shattered While getting a tattoo she meets Connor Who going to make Brittany to break all her rules There connection is nothing she s felt ever or him He loves her spitfire her openness her love for ballpark food She loves his cocky mouth his [...]

    25. This is my first book to red by this author and I loved it Britney has had her heart broken badly, so she closes her heart to Love again With only wanting hook ups that leads her to meeting the sexy Connor when she gets a tattoo done by him First meeting was a little different but it makes for the start of the chance because Connor is tired of hooks ups and wants it all and he wants it s all with Britney Can he show her the spark they have in between them is worth the risk Great Read follow thei [...]

    26. This was a cute, short story about Brittney Tyson s ex fiance It would be best to read Where We Belong to understand a bit of Brit s backstory I don t think it s strictly necessary though, this is a complete story all by itself I didn t think too much about Brit in Where We Belong because that book was mainly about Harley and Tyson She was simply the one who was left behind I found it refreshing to get her side of the story and to see her get her HEA I especially liked her guy, Connor He was a g [...]

    27. I loved the story between Connor and Brittany We met her in the story about Tyson and Harley and I wasn t a huge fan of hers Until she shared her side of the story I knew that we were missing something but until I read this I wasn t sure what Brittany had been hurt, badly and didn t think she was looking for anything but sex until she met Connor.Connor is an amazing person and stuck with Brittany to make her see what she could have This was a quick read, less than 150 pages and I have a feeling [...]

    28. Only KL Grayson could make me LOVE a character that I didn t like in a previous book We first met Brit in Where We Belong she was engaged to the heroin in that book until he realized he had always been in love with his best friend You do not have to read can read as a standalone but I recommend So in Live Without Regret Britt has sworn off relationships when in walks Conner who has sworn off one night stands These two have instant chemistry and both are torn with their own rules Once again KL de [...]

    29. This story had of one of the most entertaining twists I ever saw coming It was cleverly crafted I liked how the author staged it I couldn t understand what happened to our heroine since I haven t read the previous books where I am sure is mentioned and she does not say a thing about it other than the fact that she was deeply hurt The insta lust is there and some of you might not like it but I did I am also waiting for Logan s book which I hope will be released one day If I had to choose between [...]

    30. I didn t really know if I should read this book or not Without giving spoilers, Brittany from this book is introduced in book 1, and seen again in the novella 2.5 I didn t like her At all I felt as if in book one she knew what she was doing, in causing havoc in a few people s lives I felt she knew she couldn t win, but was a selfish person And she was But in the novella, she turned a new leaf And I m glad I read this novel Connor is definitely a drool worthy boyfriend and Brit has finally found [...]

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