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Eat This Not That! for Kids!: Be the Leanest, Fittest Family on the Block! #2020

Eat This Not That for Kids Be the Leanest Fittest Family on the Block Eat This Not That for Kids Be the Leanest Fittest Family on the Block

  • Title: Eat This Not That! for Kids!: Be the Leanest, Fittest Family on the Block!
  • Author: David Zinczenko Matt Goulding
  • ISBN: 9781605299433
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eat This Not That! for Kids!: Be the Leanest, Fittest Family on the Block! By David Zinczenko Matt Goulding, Eat This Not That for Kids Be the Leanest, Fittest Family on the Block

    • UNLIMITED AUDIOBOOK ↠ Eat This Not That! for Kids!: Be the Leanest, Fittest Family on the Block! - by David Zinczenko Matt Goulding
      457 David Zinczenko Matt Goulding
    • thumbnail Title: UNLIMITED AUDIOBOOK ↠ Eat This Not That! for Kids!: Be the Leanest, Fittest Family on the Block! - by David Zinczenko Matt Goulding
      Posted by:David Zinczenko Matt Goulding
      Published :2020-02-18T20:19:00+00:00

    1 thought on “Eat This Not That! for Kids!: Be the Leanest, Fittest Family on the Block!

    1. When I first saw this book Eat This, Not That For Kids the thing that I was most struck by was the fact that the cover the book was pointing toward Spaghettio s as the eat this option over Kraft Macaroni and Cheese I couldn t figure out what kind of book purportedly about healthy eating for kids would ever recommend Spaghettio s in any way, shape or form I checked it out of the library on a lark, thinking that it was going to be a waste of time, but I have to admit that a part of me wanted to ga [...]

    2. Absolute waste of time This book is about cutting calories, NOT eating healthy I would rather teach my children to eat healthy, nutritional meals than to count calories It is important for children to learn to reach for an apple over a cookie because the apple is good for you, not because the cookie has calories Children need calories to function, as along as the majority of those calories are from healthy foods full of nutrients and vitamins and not fat and sugar I almost expect this book to [...]

    3. Good overall advice In the beginning he goes over general principles of nutrition, such as never skip breakfast, snack smart, drink wisely meaning water and milk are the best options, fruit drinks are mostly hfcs and water, and soda is just plain bad for you with many extra calories , etcBut some of this choices he said are ok like quaker low sugar granola bars contain things he said are not ok, like partially hydrogenated corn oil, which add a dietarily insignificant amount of trans fat didn t [...]

    4. The premise was a good premise find foods that your kids will still eat, but are better for thembut I feel it was based on outdated and just plain wrong ideas about nutrition I would much rather feed my kid healthy, natural foods with calories, than calorie sparse processed foods, like they recommend In my opinion, it was a dumb purchase s going on Ebay soon.

    5. I thought some of the swaps were interesting and informative, but lets be honest, should we really be choosing between Mac and cheese or spaghettios I would really prefer my kids not eat either If you are looking for the healthiest alternative among process foods, this book is for you If you are really hoping to change the way your kids eat, stop buying processed foods.

    6. Fun and informative for all ages, Eat This, Not That For Kids gives helpful hints to make better choices when choosing what you eat.I have two ever growing boys at home, CJ, at 16, is 6 2 and 220 lbs and RC, at 13, is 5 10 and 190 Big guys with big appetites, they eat large quantities so the quality of what they eat is important than ever So, I picked up this nifty little book on a shopping trip this week.Like the other Eat This, Not That books, this version gives you alternative choices to hig [...]

    7. I really enjoyed reading the adult version of this book Eat This Not That Thousands of Simple Food Swaps That Can Save You 10, 20 30 or Pounds, so even though I do not have any young children, I thought this latest version for kids might be helpful as well, as it covers lots of food choices when eating out To my surprise I enjoyed this version as much, if not that the other Some of the info totally shocked me a Baskin Robin s Health Shake medium can have as many as 1,420 calories, 67 grams of [...]

    8. I ll admit, I didn t read every word of this book I skipped around and found the info that was relevant to me and my family It was fascinating to see just how many calories and grams of fat are in some of the foods that I give to my family on a regular basis I liked seeing that there were other alternatives to what I currently buy, but there were a few things that I didn t like.For example it s supposed to compare like foods Pizza to pizza, peanut butter to peanut butter and so on But, there are [...]

    9. My first impression of Eat This Not That was that it would be no than a food picture book, with some facts However, as I progressed in the book I noticed that it was so much than just a food book The author also talks a lot about specific meals, for example breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and it goes into specific details on how to be healthy during those meals In addition, the author will give a section dedicated towards a certain food, and then list which brands of the food are better than oth [...]

    10. My kids love these books the kids version and the adult one I didn t even check them out for the kids, but they latched on to them, anyway The format of both books is the similar They start with a chapter on the basics of good nutrition Each successive chapter tackles a different place where you get food like restaurants or school They even tackle familiar Thanksgiving menu items.Making the book heavy on full color photos and naming names was a brilliant move There is a section on decoding a gen [...]

    11. I recommend both this book and the original Eat This Not That that was written with adults in mind If you re trying to teach yourself and your children about better food choices, then you can t go wrong with this book Lots of colorful graphics, easy to read explanations, and surprising facts For instance, you might think the French Toast Sticks at Burger King are healthier for breakfast than the Egg Cheese Croissan Wich Wrong The French Toast has 380 calories and half a day s worth of saturated [...]

    12. I enjoyed this than the supermarket version, despite the supermarket volume seemingly being of practical use The pictures are great and the format is clear and simple While some of the information is very useful, especially the section on feeding kids in the back, I find these books too much information to keep in my head so that I can apply the advice to my eating decisions Comparing specific products creates so much information that it s difficult to use off the top of your head and I don t [...]

    13. The book Eat this, not that, by David Zinczenko, was very interesting, according to this book you can still eat foods that taste good, when making healthy choices I learned lots of interesting information from this book, like for example one should eat doughnut holes instead of a powdered doughnut, because of all of the calories and fat in the regular doughnuts I especially liked how this book showed what to do at all your favorite restaurants, because its easy to eat healthy at home but when it [...]

    14. The beginning chapters were very good in terms of addressing good eating habits eat breakfast eat less refined foods and fresh foods like fruits, grains, veggies drink less sweetened beverages like pop and juice , but no new news to me I did like that the authors put together a compilation of photos of prepared fast boxed foods and weighed the healthier ones vs the bad ones It was interesting to see how many good bad foods are in my house Although I m sure it was a huge undertaking to collect a [...]

    15. This book was very informational It taught me a lot about the healthier choices to order in a restaurant, and it was interesting to see the different comparisons I learned a lot about portion size and unhealthy ingredients that are hiding in our food I thought it was gross to see how many calories were really in our food A big mac from Mcdonalds is about 1000 calories I also learned that in some cases, other dishes like grilled chicken can be healthier than a salad, even though you would think i [...]

    16. This is really quite similar to the adult version but the focus is definitely on kids food I did find it helpful in that it identified some products and foods that B might be willing to try and that he might be able to eat However, it does contradict my main belief that there are no bad foods, just bad portions.I think you can have syrup on your pancakes without the automatic, you re going to get fat response You just have to balance that with other things Eh, it s useful and clever and B really [...]

    17. A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE THAT EATS, not just for kids I learned in this book then in all my university nutrition classes combined well, not really, but pretty dang close at least the info in this book is applicable to life and not just random science I am grossed out by some of the items ie brands in my pantry now No of that in this house Some companies are loading regularly simple, healthy foods with chemicals and sugar just to save THEM money and I didn t even think twice about buying them o [...]

    18. I already implemented a good tip The book says that kids with easy access to water drink water So I moved our Brita pitcher to our counter top where kids can reach it anytime Now let s hope the 4 yr old triplets don t use it as a bird bathor get any other imaginative ideasI loved the book s format very easy to find information quickly, very easy to compare foods I ve made healthy changes by making better choices, thanks to the info here.The disappointing partny of the restaurantsincluded here a [...]

    19. Though this book definitely has flaws such as giving up my organic Cascadian Farm Vanilla Chip Granolla Bar for a Rice Krispe Treat, I like how they figure that not every American eats healthy all the time It s a food swap book For example at Dominoes it d be a better idea to eat the Crunchy Thn Crust Cheese Pizza, not the Classic Hand Tossed Cheese Pizza They even have alternatives for grocery shopping I enjoy thinking I eat healthier It s not a weight loss book, it s a book assuming that you l [...]

    20. More of the same in the _Eat This Not That _ line of books I did read of the articles and sidebars in this book than in the others There were lots of interesting statistics on artificial sweeteners and ingredients, as well as lots of tips for healthier eating for your kids There are also some fun fitness get your family active ideas at the back.As stated in my previous reviews, these books contain lots of information that doesn t apply to our dining cooking style, but I now feel motivated to c [...]

    21. The sad message of this book and I expect I will find the same in the others of the series is that 80% of the time, if it tastes good you shouldn t eat it Seems like a good resource, though, about wiser food choices There was also some pretty good info about nutrition in general and ways to help your kids get physical activity in.The reason I picked this version up is that it had Spaghetti o s and Mac Cheese on the cover Since we re still in school, I figured this might have of the things that [...]

    22. I thought the book Eat This Not That for Kids Raise a Lean, Health, Happy Child was very educational I learned about many different brands of foods i should and should not eat When they compared some of the nutritional facts in different foods I was very surprised at some of the differences This book was very helpful for me because I can now live a healthier life by choosing healthier foods If you want to avoid an unhealthy life you should read this book.

    23. I looked over this book this afternoon and found some great points in it This is a great book for those of you that want your kids to eat a little better, especially if you eat out on occassion I highly recommend it for those living in the land of plenty It gives you eat this instead of that, with pictures It goes through popular resturants, typical foods and snacks that kids love to eat, and gives alternatives Most of the info is not new, but good to be reminded of every now and then, I got a k [...]

    24. Nothing too surprising in this book, but some interesting info Reading this book makes me want to advocate for a healthier America It is especially bothersome to me when food acts healthy ie turkey sandwich but really isn t Or, when places try to accentuate the positive ie all white meat and overlook the negative ie deep fried To me these seem like no brainers, but I think they actually trick a lot of people who just don t care to think about food as much as I do I also think big changes should [...]

    25. I d heard of these Eat This, Not That books and when my partner received one through his job, I read it Turns out many of their Eat This recommendations have a lot of fat, salt, calories, etc Granted, the corresponding Not That foods were often insanely unhealthy Sure the kid or adult might be happy, but maybe not lean or healthy if eating many of these foods frequently A big eh that I would not recommend to pals with children, though I do think it is helpful to see the nutrition information of [...]

    26. I have been struggling to eat healthier and since giving up processed foods isn t an option for us for so many reasons, I bought this book hoping to find a quick fix of what processed foods were better to eat It was that it goes through different options for eating out, the school cafeteria and even the grocery store All with pictures I went through the book with my 7 yo and we decided on some new foods to try However, there were times when some of the recommendations the eat this group didn t s [...]

    27. Anyone with young kids should read this book It was very informative and I really thought I had a handle on what was appropriate for kids to eat while dining out This goes through tons of kids menus at popular restuarants and tells you the fat, cal, sodium of best worst things, how to order healthier.The section on grocery shopping is great WE took it to the store and had a scavenger hunt to find the Eat this things My kids have tried tons of new things and are enjoying them.

    28. I lost 110 lbs to diet and exercise I also like to cook Somehow this means that I keep winding up with variations of this book Here s the summary Every page is eat garbage, not shit Seriously The McDonalds page says to eat McNuggets, not chicken tender selects or whatever they re called I d rather just never eat McDonalds at all.I will say that this offers some value if you re totally clueless about nutrition and want to make baby steps.

    29. This has been so helpful in my quest to make my kids healthy lunches for school and to find snacks that aren t too sugary I was also surprised to see what I have been buying that is not healthy for my kids.There is a huge section on eating out and what menu items are are not good for your kids That too was surprising Totally worth buying as a handbook to keep in your car for quick references when your on your way to a restraunt or the grocery store.

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