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The Force Awakens - Finn's Story #2020

The Force Awakens Finn s Story Experience Star Wars The Force Awakens from the point of view of one of the film s biggest breakout characters Finn is a former First Order stormtrooper with a unique story Follow along as he gets swe

  • Title: The Force Awakens - Finn's Story
  • Author: Jesse J. Holland Brian Rood
  • ISBN: 9781484790229
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Force Awakens - Finn's Story By Jesse J. Holland Brian Rood, Experience Star Wars The Force Awakens from the point of view of one of the film s biggest breakout characters Finn is a former First Order stormtrooper with a unique story Follow along as he gets swept up into an adventure he never thought possible

    • [PDF] ñ The Force Awakens - Finn's Story | By È Jesse J. Holland Brian Rood
      Jesse J. Holland Brian Rood

    1 thought on “The Force Awakens - Finn's Story

    1. Picked this up because Finn s my favorite character and I wanted a lot of him because TLJ didn t have a ton This was pretty great For a young reader, it was pretty detailed with Finn s life in the First Order Finn has such an interesting backstory and I m praying JJ will finally get the chance to elaborate on that in Ep 9 This is pretty much TFA from Finn s point of view and has some little details about the daily life of Stormtroopers that the film doesn t have For instance, it actually goes [...]

    2. Enjoyed getting insights into Finn s thoughts and motivations Gave a little extra info for some of the scenes in TFA.

    3. Much like Rey s Story, this is just a children s chapter book, which retells The Force Awakens from Finn s perspective There is a little bit of new information about Finn s squad at the beginning of the book.

    4. Basic recap of a movie.I found this book quite interesting but it lacked any real depth some of the background information was good.

    5. The story starts just before we see Finn at the village on Jakku There are some fun personality bits from Finn s inner POV, like Sanitation for the win , but mostly this is a fairly bland, point by point retelling of TFA from FInn s perspective And, cynically, it s yet another vehicle for Brian s Rood s excellent but by now omnipresent TFA artwork I really wanted to live in Finn s head , go deeper into his character On the plus side, much is made of the initial lie Finn tells Rey about being in [...]

    6. It s The Force Awakens from Finn s perspective, no , no less exactly what s on the cover Prose is simplistic and straightforward, and the story well, if you ve seen the movie, then you know all about it You can probably finish it in like a couple of hours I d recommend it for small children than anyone else.

    7. A nice junior version of the story from Finn s point of view My one hangup is that it ends on a bit of a dark note given that Finn is knocked out by Kylo Ren as per the story of the movie and there isn t any further clarification of if he s okay.

    8. Yup, a simple retelling of The Force Awakens from Finn s perspective A good read for maybe 3rd or 4th grade level, and maybe a good lesson in how someone s experiences or perspective affect their information and their interpretation of it Media literacy, woohoo

    9. The book is awsum and becase it was star wars it must have ben hard to make becase they hade to leeve out the parts that finn was not included in like wen a rathtar was oi the mullimeon falkun in the movie they cuold not ad becase at that time fin was nersing chowbaca in the first ade room theentier book was in Finns perspactiv.

    10. It s impossible not to compare this to Rey s Story, and while like it, starts with a few words before the actual begin of the movie, it s not as fleshed or as touching as the Rey book.The rest is a play by play retelling of the movie, which albeit being a good example of prose, really lacks on any new details, easter eggs or additional eye openers.Worse, while we know that Finn is convalescent at the end of the movie, the book abruptly ends during the snow fight, the character depositing his hop [...]

    11. Holland, Jesse J Finn s Story Star Wars The Force Awakens , 137 pages Language G Mature Content G Violence PG like the movies.Read Fin s perspective on the events of the newest Star Wars movie and hear a bit of his thoughts and motivations as he meets Rey and the heroes of the original trilogy There is no deviation from the movie here, just a little backstory to enjoy EL ADVISABLE Cindy, Library Teacherkissthebook 2016

    12. Disappointing for me because I didn t realize it was just the retelling of the movie from Finn s POV I had been hoping for a proper character prequel story I guess it s not badly written as far as such books go, but I just don t understand the point of this book We already have several movie novellizations, why not write an actual prequel with some proper background information on Finn I m not saying spoil Episode VIII if this information is planned to be included there but at least do something [...]

    13. It was fun reading this to my eight year old It has weird pacing though It s like the authors realized they were running out of pages when they got to Takodana and they start fast forwarding through scenes On D Qar and Star Killer Base they skip a lot of the details to close the book out fast, it is quite jarring.

    14. A kid s book retelling the movie from Finn s point of view Doesn t vary from the movie because it can t Gives a bit of additional background about Finn.Cool for young, new Star Wars fans I d say first to third grade or so, depending on reading skill.

    15. It is now the fourth book retelling the E VII story, this time from the perspective of Finn.No surprises, nearly no additional information, just another book in the line.Well written and good to read for a children.

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