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Revelation #2020

Revelation The must read romance series featured in USA TODAYIt all started with Guardian Declan Jane was just trying to make it through senior year in San Mar when a mysterious and attractive new student Alexa

  • Title: Revelation
  • Author: A.J. Messenger
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Revelation By A.J. Messenger, The must read romance series featured in USA TODAYIt all started with Guardian Declan Jane was just trying to make it through senior year in San Mar when a mysterious and attractive new student, Alexander Ronin, arrived Despite all the girls vying for his attention, Declan was the one he was drawn to Readers of Guardian and Fallen books one and two in the popularThe must read romance series featured in USA TODAYIt all started with Guardian Declan Jane was just trying to make it through senior year in San Mar when a mysterious and attractive new student, Alexander Ronin, arrived Despite all the girls vying for his attention, Declan was the one he was drawn to Readers of Guardian and Fallen books one and two in the popular Guardian Series will quickly find themselves entranced by Revelation, the much anticipated final book in the series.In Revelation, an ancient, sinister evil comes to San Mar, causing Declan and Alexander to have to fight once to protect their future New, shocking secrets are exposed and in the final showdown between good and evil, the two lovers may have to choose between life and death, right and wrong, and a mortal life together Will they finally be free of the dark forces against them Or will they be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice for a greater good Romantic, riveting, and full of twists and turns, the end to the series will leave readers breathless as they reflect on the enduring power of true love.Note to readers The Guardian Series is meant to be read in order 1 Guardian, 2 Fallen, 3 Revelation

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    1 thought on “Revelation

    1. Jaffles tomato soupI finally finished all 3 books and I must say that I really enjoyed them Alexander and Declan go together like Jaffles tomato soup or pbj Their story will make you happy, sad, and just plain pissed off at times I didn t expect the ending that was written, the epilogue sort of left it on a positive note but I am hoping for a book 4 I feel like their story just isn t finished.

    2. Wow Just wow What a great series The ending I did not see coming I am torn between loving it and hating it which is what makes it so amazing It s not the ending everyone would hope for but it s got such a twist to it that it s also amazing in it s own way Lots of plot twists in this book Especially w Declan s moms past dating history Loved this series.

    3. Unexpected ending Quick easy read with an unexpected ending I am a sucker for true love stories and this one fits the bill I would recommend this series to my romantics out there It was a pretty good YA series The characters I wish had a little depth to them I wish they would have delved into of the guardians a little Otherwise good books.

    4. I love the book, it had me on the verge of tears at some points My heart literally broke when they both died And it was still aching faintly when they met each other as kids many years later on a beach while she was making a sand castle UGH It was so GOOD I want to reread it, but I can t stand the heartache again, it was something powerful, I ve never felt it before.

    5. Oh my gosh I sorta got my HEA but wow Just wow I m speechless and I can t believe it ended this way I m torn between loving and hating the end This is an amazing series So worth reading again but the ending I m so sad seeing this touching story end I loved living in their world I fell in loved with most of the characters and their stories Declan and Alexander lived with everything they had The love they had for each other wormed my heart I had this kind of love So if you every meet someone and [...]

    6. Happy endingsSad to see this touching story end The guardian series was an amazing set of books Declan and Alexander loved with everything I hope that you give this amazing series a read so worth it.

    7. One of my ULTIMATE favorite series I fell completely in love with this series and the characters and their stories and intertwined paths I cried, smiled, laughed I literally dived into each book and could literally picture each person, each thing they said and did It was like I lived through it Those are my favorite books to read, with such great story lines and characters, and the detailed writing Thank you so much for writing the series I WILL recommend this to all my reader friends family

    8. Just finished the final instalment in the Guardian trilogy I definitely enjoyed all 3 books This one started a little airy fairy everything s great but by the end well I didn t see the writer doing that to be honest For some of the series it was a very similar storyline to Twilight except the female protagonist was considerably less whiney and much likeable than Bella I have to say Worth a read to those who enjoy YA fantasy

    9. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.Wow, this book hit all of the feels I laughed, cried, got angry and was full of hope by the end of Revelation A.J has a way of creating a beautiful world for her readers, a world where you never want to leave.As always, Declan and Alexander s love for one another is the stuff of legends In this book, the saying true love is timeless is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT I loved the dynamic between Declan and all of her loved ones Her heartfelt talk [...]

    10. Great read.I enjoyed this series greatly Excellent YA read I liked the plot, very fast moving and the characters were believable Finn I think was my favorite I will be looking for from this author and once you give her a try I think you will too Happy adventures

    11. Love last foreverDespite of the sadness and constant danger Even if you are surrounded by guidance There are instances that those plans can be destroyed With so much deeply ingrained There will always be a way to be reconnected again True love last forever and you don t need to seek for it For it will finds a way to make things right and this time The plans will never be broken.

    12. I was truly torn on the rating for this book series as a whole The romance factor and style of writing were on par with 5 star quality novels however, apart from that, I felt like the world building could have been thorough Many times the plot was predictable throughout although I must admit I did NOT see the final ending coming I wondered but the author makes you hope And the feels OH THE FEELS For that alone I say, Well done Miss Messenger Well done

    13. Loved this seriesI read on average 6 10 books a month so it is really getting tough to find a series I really enjoy any, this one was an exception, I loved the concept of the guardian without it being overbaring and preachy There were few editing mistakes and a good flow to the books I will definitely be reading by this author.

    14. A Must ReadI read all 3 books and immensely enjoyed each one I hated for the book to end but the ending even though not the way you think it will end it ended the way makes sense Look forwarded to reading every book this author rights

    15. True love is timeless.Declan and Alexander find out miracles do happen, but they come with a price when you re with a Guardian An old enemy rears his ugly head, along with the same players as beforePieces of Declan s past are revealed and the final battle between good and evil ensues It s a bitter sweet ending to a wonderful series True love is timeless.

    16. Oh my God my heartI truly fell for these characters I will have separation issues for a while after this I read all three in the past consecutive days, I cried and laughed and cried my heart out I m a total sap That ending is going to stick with me for a long time, only time will heal that wound And this series only furthered my Australia obsession.

    17. BEST BOOK EVERI love this book because of how the main characters developed over time, both if them got stronger as the story progressed The ending is unbelievable and perfect I recommend this book series to anyone

    18. I ve read only one other book with this sort of ending It was beautifully full circle true love comes back around and never truly dies type thing However it s also heartbreaking at the same time It s the type of ending you love to hate It s poetic in a sense however still hard to grasp.

    19. True love stories never end3Truly truly beautiful series My gosh the ending they end up young together in Australia.mply amazingTrue love never ends i strongly believe in soul mates and forever love.r eons and forever finding each other again3

    20. GreAt readI chose this rating because I loved the books It made me cry like a baby at the end That to me means a great read , when you are so in the story that you have a range of emotions Well written.

    21. True love never diesI really wanted to see Declan and Alexander get married and have their baby, but alas, that was not to be The sacrificed themselves for the baby But their story is not over

    22. Revelation The Guardian Series Book 1, 2, 3 by A.J MessengerThis series was fantastic and full of magic and excitement I loved every minute of the books This was alove

    23. Well worth my impatient waitI love this series so much and would recommend it to all hopeless romantics, like myself I look forward to reading by this author.

    24. What a surprise.So continues their love story, with a touch of honesty Won t say but I couldn t put it down till the end.

    25. Omg I absolutely loved this last book It had me crying all the way to the end Would highly recommend it,but not before the 1st two books.

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