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Charming Junkie 01 #2020

Charming Junkie Naka Gamble Kaburagi hat ein Ziel Sie will s er als Zuckerwatte werden die Cover aller Magazine schm cken und ihrem Schwarm beweisen dass sie alles andere als Furcht erregend ist Doch wie soll ein M

  • Title: Charming Junkie 01
  • Author: Ryōko Fukuyama
  • ISBN: 9783551783219
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • Charming Junkie 01 By Ryōko Fukuyama, Naka Gamble Kaburagi hat ein Ziel Sie will s er als Zuckerwatte werden, die Cover aller Magazine schm cken und ihrem Schwarm beweisen, dass sie alles andere als Furcht erregend ist Doch wie soll ein Model mit dem L cheln eines Schwerverbrechers das nur schaffen

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      Ryōko Fukuyama

    1 thought on “Charming Junkie 01

    1. See full review Katie s CornerThis time, the manga is already completed, I am not sure if it was licensed in English but you can find it either on Mangafox or Mangatown completely translated and scanned.Well, I can t say that I was feeling the same strengths from this manga as I felt from Unmasked Noise, but then again, this was the author s first work However, the drawing style is still the same, which is amazing and fits the characters 100% The story is focusing a lot on the character developm [...]

    2. I m surprised by how much I enjoyed this It reminded me a bit of Skip Beat , with the main character trying to become a model for revenge Skip Beat s main wants to become a star for very similar reasons.Enjoyable junk food for your brain.

    3. I loved this series when it came out and was seriously bummed when it became one of the dropped Tokyopop series I held onto the books for a LONG time hoping the series would get picked up by another publisher but no luck Finally I sold my series but check scanlations to see if anyone finished Someone actually has, and I ve yet to read it Shame on me

    4. Nosatsu Junkie is a funny and lighthearted read It s too bad Tokyopop never finished publishing the series

    5. I loved this volume very much Umi chan is so tsundere but when he was being sweet to Naka chan it made my heartstrings flutter.

    6. Naka has a lovely figure, but is failing as a model because when she smiles, she looks like a serial killer stay with me, this is manga She wishes she could be like the model Umi, who has a beautiful smile and is beloved by everyone Then Naka accidentally discovers that Umi is, in fact, a boy he fell into the gig accidentally, and has stuck with it because it s lucrative Now he exerts his influence as Umi to forward Naka s modeling career, but along the way, may be developing ting feelings for h [...]

    7. This manga comedy is volume 2 and continues the story of Naka and Umi as superfashion models Naka keeps Umi s secret he is really a guy posing as a girl and Naka keeps getting Umi photo shoots Annoying photographer, Tsutsumi will be photographing Naka in the U S Both Umi and Tsutsumi fight to control Naka arguing constantly This is a light, fast read with many silly goings on Graphic Novel

    8. this manga is just too adorable its about a girl named naka who looks extremely scary when she smiles or gets nervous Umi is actually a boy, but ended up as a girl model and naka finds out Because she finds out his secret she kinda gets stuck with him as modeling and along the way they begin to have feelings for each other as the book goes on and she starts learning how to be a good model still a little crazy though absolutely love this manga though it always makes me laugh

    9. A typical shojo comedy involving models and cross dressing and how I love that that is typical of shojo manga in the end, I m not sure this is great, and I need to read volumes 2 3 to see if it develops anything that makes it better Fun, but not innovative, and it does feel a bit one note after a while.

    10. I really like this series it is cute This is about a girl that is really cute and she is going to be a model But when she get nervous her face screws up She meets another model that she thinks is a girl but is actually a boy in disguise She keeps his secret and he helps her loosen up her face This had me cracking up the faces she makes.

    11. When I was first exposed to this manga it was on an online comic website when I was in middle school I have finally found them in the printed form and am so happy that I did This series is so silly and it just brings back good memories.

    12. TOTALLY LOVE IT trying to find a complete set of the series from the same publisher.heard that Tokyopop droped it n i really really want the booksn anyone tell me of a publisher tat is contonuing the series

    13. Finished reading this entire series I enjoyed the end a happy ending but I have to say I was bored with the supporting character storylines and would have preferred of the main 2.

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