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Envious Casca #2020

Envious Casca A holiday party takes on a sinister aspect when the colorful assortment of guests discovers there is a killer in their midst The owner of the substantial estate that old Scrooge Nathaniel Herriard i

  • Title: Envious Casca
  • Author: Georgette Heyer
  • ISBN: 9780099493662
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • Envious Casca By Georgette Heyer, A holiday party takes on a sinister aspect when the colorful assortment of guests discovers there is a killer in their midst The owner of the substantial estate, that old Scrooge Nathaniel Herriard, is found stabbed in the back While the delicate matter of inheritance could be the key to this crime, the real conundrum is how any of the suspects could have entered a lockeA holiday party takes on a sinister aspect when the colorful assortment of guests discovers there is a killer in their midst The owner of the substantial estate, that old Scrooge Nathaniel Herriard, is found stabbed in the back While the delicate matter of inheritance could be the key to this crime, the real conundrum is how any of the suspects could have entered a locked room to commit the foul deed For Inspector Hemingway of Scotland Yard, the investigation is complicated by the fact that every guest is hiding something throwing all of their testimony into question and casting suspicion far and wide The clever and daring crime will mystify readers, yet the answer is in plain sight all along
    Envious Casca by Georgette Heyer Envious Casca by Georgette Heyer is the second book in the Inspector Hemingway mystery series A family gather at the house of wealthy uncle Nathaniel Herriod for Christmas celebrations which are marred when he is found dead stabbed in the back in a locked room. Envious Casca Inspector Hemingway Georgette Heyer, Ulli Jul , Envious Casca Inspector Hemingway Georgette Heyer, Ulli Birv on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Tis the season to be dead A holiday party takes on a sinister aspect when the colorful assortment of guests discovers there is a killer in their midst The owner of the substantial estate Envious Casca Inspector Hemingway Mysteries Series by The Paperback of the Envious Casca Inspector Hemingway Mysteries Series by Georgette Heyer at Barnes Noble FREE Shipping on . or Holiday Shipping Membership Educators Gift Cards Stores Events Help Servilius Casca He is called envious Casca by Mark Antony in William Shakespeare s play Julius Caesar See what a rent the envious Casca made The two words became the title of a mystery novel by Georgette Heyer In the Mercury Theatre stage production Caesar, Publius was played by Joseph Cotten. Envious Casca Georgette Heyer Jul , Envious Casca Georgette Heyer on FREE shipping on qualifying offers It is no ordinary Christmas at Lexham Manor Six holiday guests find themselves the suspects of a murder enquiry when the old Scrooge Envious Casca book by Georgette Heyer ThriftBooks Jul , Buy a cheap copy of Envious Casca book by Georgette Heyer Tis the season to be dead A holiday party takes on a sinister aspect when the colorful assortment of guests discovers there is a killer in their midst The Free shipping over .

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    1. The Hook Tis the season The Line s It was Joseph who had been inspired to organize the house party that was looming over Nathaniel s unwilling head this chill December Joseph, having lived for so many years abroad, hankered wistfully after a real English Christmas Nathaniel, regarding him with a contemptuous eye, said that a real English Christmas meant, in his experience, a series of quarrels between inimical person bound to on another only by the accident of relationship, and thrown together b [...]

    2. Damn it, he was in here with the door locked Stephen said He can t have been stabbed I think Heyer wrote a story about people she hated in real life, relished and had a hell of a time making them an exaggerated version vapid, insipid, and whiney but oh so highly quotable This is second in the Inspector Hemingway series and god love the man for the testimonies and evidence he has to shift through to discover the killer As a locked door mystery, it s pretty good The cast of characters is varied bu [...]

    3. I read all of GH s mystery suspense books other than Footsteps in the Dark many years ago At the time my favourite was Death in the Stocks, but I have just read these two back to back my new favourite is Envious Casca.Before I start my review I ll just get two things out of the way Many reviewers in many reviews of GH s books here have mentioned her fondness for recycling characters it has never been obvious than in comparing these two novels Stephen is an even unpleasant Kenneth Vereker, Viol [...]

    4. Heyer is usually funnier than this.The clever young man is a stock character of Heyer s almost every mystery of hers has one, whether clownish, sarcastic, socially inappropriate, or merely ill behaved Usually he is in love with the pleasant but not alluring young woman character who is clearly innocent of the crime view spoiler This is no exception the only surprise is anyone actually liking the jerk back hide spoiler In this case, Stephen is downright rude and pretty much an asshole to everyone [...]

    5. Envious Casca by Georgette Heyer was written in 1941 Joseph wants to be have a holiday party and has invited his niece and nephew, and their current significant others, as well as his brother Nathan s business partner Apparently old uncle Nat was not the holiday cheer type and was up and down with a painful malady, making him grumpier than usual Having all these people under one roof proved not to be such a grand idea when Uncle Nat was murdered in his bed.This is a classic locked door mystery s [...]

    6. Having read, and enjoyed, No Wind of Blame, the first Inspector Hemingway mystery, I was keen to read the second A Christmas Party, is also known by the title, Envious Casca, and has a similar, light and humorous touch to it, as the first mystery did At Lexham Manor, Nathaniel Herriard lives with his brother, Joseph, and Joseph s wife, Maud Joseph has planned a family reunion for Christmas, although there is not really much goodwill to all men, or family members, emanating from Nathaniel It is c [...]

    7. What a delight This country house, locked room mystery is a clever and savagely funny puzzle that is set during the Christmas season How can you not enjoy a mystery that has a library book as one of the major clues to solving the murder I d definitely like to read Inspector Hemingway stories by Georgette Heyer in the future.

    8. Rating Clarification 3.5 StarsMy final Heyer mystery, and while not a personal favorite like Why Shoot a Butler , it was certainly up to par with almost all other Heyer whodunnits This is a true locked room murder in every sense of the word, and while I figured out the who of the crime pretty early on, I never did figure out the how until the final reveal.As usual with Heyer s stories, her cast of characters fulfill every ic I can think of eccentric, acerbic, and sarcastic, and if her characters [...]

    9. Murder at Christmas hasn t it crossed everyone s mind There may be even motives in this family gathering than in your own, though At the estate of crabby old Uncle Nathaniel, a disparate assortment of relatives and their even bizarre significant others assemble to spend an awkward Christmas, made even awkward by the unflagging cheerfulness of Uncle Matthew, who wants to put up tacky decorations and play parlor games Naturally someone is murderedbut murdered without a weapon in a room locked f [...]

    10. The second last in my 2011 project of reading all of Georgette Heyer s mysteries, this was a fun read It s an old fashioned mystery of the locked room kind, complete with an old house, cantankerous victim, eccentric suspects and plenty of red herrings Heyer is not, in my view, the most talented of British Golden Age mystery writers To my mind, that accolade goes to Dorothy L Sayers, although a number of other writers of the period also deserve high praise That said, a Heyer mystery has its attra [...]

    11. A Holiday Whodunnit with a behind locked door country house party setting was a delicious prospect I eagerly turned this audio version on and settled in for some enjoyment It wasn t as sparkling as I expected in that it was draggy and some of the characters came across as annoying than humorous many times, but still afforded me a good mystery I figured out quickly enough who did it and why, but I was pleasantly surprised as to the how.The jocular old uncle staying with his crotchety brother at [...]

    12. I d say I m of average intelligence no comments on this please , but I checked the percentage when I was fairly certain who the murderer was and it was only 22% basically when the body was discovered I then sat bored and a little irritated and read the remaining 78% Why you may well ask Well, firstly because it was actually Christmas time whilst I was reading it, and secondly I thought hoped perhaps there will be an ingenious twist at the end and I ll be wrong But I wasn t, so the remaining 80% [...]

    13. Wow I am starting chapter 9 and I think this may be my 1st time reading a book in which I find all of the characters disagreeable I mean, I don t like any of them But the mystery is intriguing I finally finished this story Those people got on my nerves Like I ve already mentioned, though, the mystery was definitely a facer.

    14. At the Christmas house party in his house one he didn t want but his brother made him have Nathaniel Herriard is found murdered stabbed in a locked room Who could have done it His business partner Mottisfont who he didn t see eye to eye with or maybe it was his ill tempered nephew Stephen or could it be his niece the actress who wanted her uncle to give her money for a play or the playwright Roydon or the pretty little idiot engaged to Stephen There is no shortage of people who could have murder [...]

    15. Interesting said Inspector Hemingway It sounds to me like a mess I don t like the lay out, I don t like the locality, and if I don t find a whole crowd of suspects, all telling a lot of silly lies for no reason at all, my instinct s all wrong, and that s all there is to it That s right, said Hemingway cheerfully And all the time I wouldn t be a bit surprised if the clue to the whole mystery has been under our noses from the outset Probably something so simple that a child could have spotted it L [...]

    16. Despite being fairly predictable and having unlikeable characters this is a good read.piningforthewest 2017 1

    17. This is a classic locked room murder mystery But it s the incredibly annoying yet very entertaining cast suspect list that made this a five star book for me.

    18. Definitely not Heyer s best, or even the best of the mysteries Supposedly this is a Christmas book, but when all the characters except Uncle Joseph are just too, too sophisticated to do anything but sneer at the prospect of decorating a tree or putting up decorations, it loses whatever holiday atmosphere it might have had Speaking of the characters, I understand that in a mystery, SOMEONE preferably several someones has to be capable of committing murder But in this book, not one character is pa [...]

    19. Deviously deceiving characters depicted with acerbic wit The tittle is perfect because it must be taken from Shakespeare s play Julius C sar Mark Antony, in Act 3, scene 2, says See what a rent the envious Casca made Through this the well beloved Brutus stabb d And as he pluck d his cursed steel away, Mark how the blood of Caesar follow d it A locked door mystery with excellent clues This is the first book I ve read by Heyer with a woman of character Heyer often projects her characters one way t [...]

    20. I wasn t anticipating from the title that this would be one of her detective novels, since I ve been working my way through her historical romances and the title sounded like one of those The problem with this sort of detective novel is you have to establish a fairly large cast in order to have a victim and several suspects Multiple people need to seem to be capable of murder or at least have some sort of motivation to get rid of the victim And hopefully the reader won t be disappointed when th [...]

    21. Well , disappointing read I knew who had done it, the moment murder happens So no point of calling it a whodunnit After that, I was just reading the book to see how the Inspector goes on and when would he catch up Ah If only JKR existed before, she would have given a tip or two about how to carefully construct plots, and throwing clues in proper places so that mystery SURVIVES till the end of the book From now on, I plan to read only Heyer s regency novels The character sketches were also a bit [...]

    22. To me, at least, all Christmas crime novels have to measure up to Agatha Christie s Hercule Poirot s Christmas This novel isn t a bad attempt It does have a superficial similarity a rich old, cantankerous miser getting murdered being the most obvious and is both a country house a locked room mystery It didn t take me that long to guess the murderer, although I couldn t figure out how it was done and it lacks the ingenuity of Christie s novel If all the novels I read on December are like this the [...]

    23. This is one of the relatively rare murder mysteries where I clearly remember quite early in the read who is the murderer which makes the reading process one of watching with mild admiration how clever a murderer that person is.Character wise, this is a remarkable collection of unlikeable people Not a compulsively interesting story, but a readable one.

    24. What can you say about a book that starts sort of slowly grumpy Nathaniel Herriard lives with his former actor brother Joseph and his wife, Maud Joseph decides to hold a Christmas gathering and pulls together his niece, Paula, and her friend the playwright his nephew, Stephen, and his high strung and spoilt fianc e, Valerie his brothers business partner Mottisfont and a cousin, Matilda All but the cousin having quarreled recently with Nat.What looks like a gesture of good will and holiday fun tu [...]

    25. Uncle Nat is found dead in a locked room Hemingway finds himself investigating over the Christmas period Entertaining, good read for Christmas However, I did work it out early on

    26. This mystery started very slowly the set up seemed interminable, and the characters mostly unlikeable However once the crime happened, the solving of it was a nice little puzzle, and I ended up enjoying it quite a bit 3 stars for the beginning, 4 for the end.

    27. 1941, 2 Inspector Hemingway, rural England at Christmastimeclassic set up, basic plot, decent to good characters, well crafted, entertaining overall classic cosy, three stars and a touch Can t get basic classic big house cosy than this, with its Wicked Uncle holding the purse strings, two siblings each bitter and strong willed, a dependent weak brother and his peculiar wife, the patient cousin, a magnet for all the goings on also in love with one of the siblings heirs , two intrusive newcomers [...]

    28. A family Christmas party goes wrong when the host and head of the family Nathaniel Herriard is found stabbed to death in his bedroom All the windows and doors were locked and the stab wound was in his back so he could not have killed himself The problem facing Inspector Hemingway is not just who committed the crime but how it happened in the first place This is Georgette Heyer s successful attempt at a locked room mystery And I find it one of the best of her mysteries I have read so far.Her char [...]

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