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Between Embers #2020

Between Embers Find out what the other guys were up to during Rock and Hope s wedding Contains three short stories MurphyTellerZ

  • Title: Between Embers
  • Author: Autumn Jones Lake
  • ISBN: 9781943950072
  • Page: 204
  • Format: ebook
  • Between Embers By Autumn Jones Lake, Find out what the other guys were up to during Rock and Hope s wedding.Contains three short stories.MurphyTellerZ

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      204 Autumn Jones Lake
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    1 thought on “Between Embers

    1. Between Embers is a delightful treat with three short stories featuring Teller and Mariella, Murphy Heidi and Axel, and Z and Lilly Anyone who is a fan of the LOKI must read this extra slice of delight While Rock and Heidi are preparing for their wedding, the LOKI is alive with action, romance, and of course drama As the MC brothers adjust to the addition of an Ol Lady, each character braces for change and finds solace in each other Told in multiple POV, Between Embers showcases intimate moments [...]

    2. I would recommend to read White Heat before reading Between Embers.These three short stories of Teller, Murphy and Z were great I loved White Heat so it was fun to see what the other members of LOKI were during during Rock and Hope s wedding I m definitely interested in all of them and they each have something that appeals to me Not only were the POV s of the three men but also of Heidi, Mariella and Lilly Even though it was short it was very entertaining and made me remember why I love The Lost [...]

    3. I Can t tell you how much I love these short stories from the Lost Kings universe I don t think I ll ever get tired of reading about these bada ss bikers and the ladies they love Teller Short Story What can I say about Teller, other then he has been a big mystery I ve always felt like there is something special about Teller and he has the ability to steal my heart from Z shh, dont tell and I loved this story We finally get to see a glimpse of Teller we have never seen All I have to say is this b [...]

    4. I loved this story from start to finish, Not my first time reading this authors work and it wont be my last time either The way she got 3 couples together to tell a small part of their story just blew my mind not only that but from reading this I m hoping for from Teller, Z and Sparky he would be a great one to get to know The writing is much the same as the others, laugh out loud fun, emotions high The characters are all amazing and really great to know This is a MUST READ from start to finish [...]

    5. Another great tease for this series The author did a great job of showing enough insight into different situations with sets of characters to build up future books I am chomping at the bit to get Murphy, Heidi, and Axel s story and this short story was like smelling the fajitas at the next table at a restaurant I can almost taste their story, but it s not in my hands yet I m also looking forward to seeing from Teller and where his story will go Z and Lilly keep showing up in the little novellas [...]

    6. Wonderful segue to the next full length book due out on August 16 More Than Miles Lost Kings MC 6 I love this type of book that fills us in about what was happening during a major event I wanted to know what was going on with Murphy, Teller, and Z I m so excited for the upcoming book and also for Teller s book, and Z s book Looks like Lily is going to be a tough nut to crack Team Murphy or AxelI was in the middle about this but I m now on Team Murphy after reading about him and Heidi in this nov [...]

    7. I love when an Author gives you a sneaky release while you are waiting for her next book in one of your favorite series This little companion is packed full of three short stories Teller, Murphy and Z Teller We get to know Teller a bit better He is a Mother s Hen over his not so baby sister, Heidi He is also the only one that Mariella the new clubhouse housekeeper cook trusts I can t wait to see where this leads Teller has his issues, Women leave or disappoint you eventually , but who wouldn t w [...]


    9. Between Embers this book was aptly named Readers, you will not be disappointed In this approximately 25,000 word book, readers get further insight into several favorite characters This mainly includes Teller, Murphy and Z, but we re also given the experience of Heidi, Lilly and Mariella I truly cannot get enough of this author and these characters I m anxiously awaiting the next book More Than Miles I have a many takeaways, but will mention a few It seems that Teller has mixed feelings about wo [...]

    10. What a great bonus read that gives a little insight into the minds of three sexy bad ass bikers of the Lost Kings MC There s a teaser story of Murphy and Heidi which I loved and got me wondering who Autumn Jones Lake will pick to be Heidi s first LOL Murphy Axel Or maybe someone else In Teller s story I was a bit surprised that he still had some doubts about Hope s sincerity when it came to how she felt about the club and it s members and if she was going to remain genuine after the wedding Las [...]

    11. Loved it Short but getting insight on how the other characters were feeling and what they were doing, during the hoopla for the King and Queen s wedding was awesome Feels like we got to know the characters I certainly want Z Lilly, am also waiting on Teller I already got my fill of Murphy, Heidi and Axel because I got to read the ARC forever grateful I rarely give 5 stars to a novella, but there you go Many thanks to the author for the copy given in exchange for my honest review and I apologi [...]

    12. I absolutely loved this novella 3 short stories that are all linked into book 5 White Heat on Rock and Hope s wedding dayTeller, Murphy and Zero help to fill in a few little gaps as to what happened from their POV s and how they felt about certain situations A brilliant insight for fans of the amazing LOST KINGS MC seriesAutumn has brought everything together and made the craving for this series Even so And i can t wait for the next book and excitement that i can guarantee it will bring

    13. Oh this is so, so , so good If you haven t read the series you really should because you re missing out BIG TIME.Also, this book won t make much sense if you don t know the guys from LOKI yet.Fantastic quick read set on Rock and Hope s wedding day, seen from Teller, Z s and Murphy s pov I think Z just stole a bit of my heart from Rock.I am desperate to read More Than Miles, which tells Murphy, Axel and Heidi s story.Basically I am an MC addict and the Lost Kings are my Kindle crack One chapter a [...]

    14. Autumn Jones Lake just whets your appetite for More Murphy, Z, Teller These 3 short stories gives us an insight into what some of these other members of the Lost Kings MC got up to around the time of the wedding of Hope and Rock As usual these stories only made me want Book 5.5 of the series gives a lighthearted look into these characters, with the promise of so much .Loved it

    15. 3 short stories of the events going on from Teller, Mariella, Murphy, Heidi, Z and Lilly s point of view during the day of Rock and Hope s wedding It begins the morning of the wedding and ends at breakfast time the next day I loved all 3 stories but the one I loved the most was Z and Lilly s They finally have a serious conversation about making thing exclusive Autumn another great book of short stories Can t wait for great books to come

    16. Loved it Such a great start to many books to come Great to read about old favorites see the different perspective on Rock Hope s wedding Can t wait to see what is up w Murphy, Z Teller Also love that Teller still has a little crush on Trinity but too respectful to Wrath Nice to read instead of him just being over her that quickly.

    17. Loved it All the behind the scenes on Murphy, z, and teller were fantastic Made for a well rounded and fuller story of rock and hopes wedding And the excerpt from than miles at the end made me smile like crazy

    18. This was a quick look into what was going on with other folks during Rock and Hope s wedding A fun short read that had me wanting Teller, as well as Z and Lily Still not real sure about Lily at times but it was a much better look at her feelings for Z.d what assholes the other chapters really are, just saying lol I plead the fifth on my thoughts of the others this featured.

    19. What great additional bonus to Lost Kings series This was another great book by this author The stories were wonderful and it was great to see all the boys again for another short sweet story It was great to read about Teller, Z and of course Murphy in which I can t wait for his book Loved this short stories novel can t wait for of these sexy bikers again in the near future.

    20. I devoured Between Embers A quick, fast paced, hard to put down read that was extremely satisfying Sexy, funny, and insight into MY favorite couple beside Rock and Hope The wedding between Rick and Hope sure had a lot of action

    21. Short but sweet I loved seeing what Teller,Murphy and Z were up to during and after the wedding I can t wait to read

    22. This series rocks Such an awesome fully realised world and I love these extra glimpses into it TeamMurphy can t wait for the next one.

    23. LOST KINGS MC SERIES by AUTUMN JONES LAKEI will start my review of this series by apologizing to Autumn Jones Lake I started this series and haven t read anything else since It s that good Because I wouldn t stop reading to write any reviews, I will try to do your books justice by reviewing the whole series I have no idea what you call the construction style you used to tell these phenomenal stories of these couples but I am IMPRESSED This series is fantastic Yes, I suspect it is MC lite when it [...]

    24. Once again, so glad I went back to read these novellas because I would ve missed out on some juicy details Murphy Heidi Why d he have to go f ck up even with Heidi Dude, it would ve been totally acceptable to un invite Serena to the wedding via text Why the f ck would you invite her anyways smh Oh, well at least I know the outcome of all this angst already LightAtTheEndOfTheTunnelHands down, the best damn part of this novella was Z Lilly Love the way they were around each other, the chemistry t [...]

    25. I absolutely love this book I love how we got to see what the others got up to during the wedding These are short stories.We get to know about what Teller was up to during wedding He is a great guy.We get to know about Murphy and Heidi This one made me laugh, and smile a lot Even though think Murphy was a idiot.We got to see what happens between Lilly and Z It is so sweet, and loved how they interact I cannot wait for .

    26. Between Embers is a three short stories featuring Teller and Mariella, Murphy Heidi and Axel, and Z and Lilly LOKI fans will enjoy this book I would t recommend it unless you ve read the other books in the series These stories take place while Rock and Heidi are preparing for their wedding and gives the reader an opportunity to delve deeper into the LOKI world.

    27. There was nothing overly amazing about this book however it was good to read a bit about the other members and what they are thinking during the wedding it was also good to read a bit of Murphy and Heidi before I go on to read their book

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