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Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? #2020

Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are What separates your mind from an animal s Maybe you think it s your ability to design tools your sense of self or your grasp of past and future all traits that have helped us define ourselves as the

  • Title: Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?
  • Author: Frans de Waal
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  • Page: 150
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? By Frans de Waal, What separates your mind from an animal s Maybe you think it s your ability to design tools, your sense of self, or your grasp of past and future all traits that have helped us define ourselves as the planet s preeminent species But in recent decades, these claims have been eroded, or even disproven, by a revolution in the study of animal cognition take the octopuses thWhat separates your mind from an animal s Maybe you think it s your ability to design tools, your sense of self, or your grasp of past and future all traits that have helped us define ourselves as the planet s preeminent species But in recent decades, these claims have been eroded, or even disproven, by a revolution in the study of animal cognition take the octopuses that use coconut shells as tools the elephants that classify humans by age, gender, and language or Ayumu, the young male chimpanzee at Kyoto University whose flash memory puts that of humans to shame Based on research involving crows, dolphins, parrots, sheep, wasps, bats, whales, and of course chimpanzees and bonobos, Frans de Waal demonstrates that we have grossly underestimated both the scope and the depth of animal intelligence He offers a firsthand account of how science has stood traditional behaviorism on its head by revealing how smart animals really are.

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    1. Yes, apparently, but if you are ready to look, and know how.De Waal, a primatologist and ethologist who has studied animal behavior and cognition for decades, takes us on a guided tour of what animals can do Recognizing emotions, having memories across time, having an identity, using tools, cooperation, and humans have all of these, but a surprising amount of animals have some or many of these too I d expected many of the chapters to be about primates, but other animals too and to astonishing d [...]

    2. Instead of making humanity the measure of all things, we need to evaluate other species by what they are.The field of animal cognition needs to take a lesson from the field of human education the multiple intelligence model Not every student will be good at every part of the curriculum, but it s a rare person who isn t talented at anything Physical talent in sports or a love and understanding of nature count as kinds of intelligence, acknowledging that the academic subjects are not necessarily t [...]

    3. I cannot give this book less than three stars because it contains lots of totally fascinating information about animals the greater and lesser apes, whales, octopus, fish, birds and elephants for example The author is a Dutch primatologist and ethologist He is the Charles Howard Candler professor of Primate Behavior at the Emory University psychology department in Atlanta, Georgia, and director of the Living Links Center at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center Primate social behavior is h [...]

    4. Well, some people are smart enough to know how smart animals are but some people are not It depends on whether experimenters can put themselves into the frame of the animal they are studying Testing an animal in the same way as one might test a human just doesn t cut it And this is the main theme of the book that researchers must test animals in accordance with their biology and move away from human centric approaches.Frans de Waal has written a fabulous book about researching the intelligence o [...]

    5. I m going to skip this one Tried for a few weeks to get through it Interesting Two stars means it was OK But did not rock my boat If it s meant for plebs like me, then write it in a language I would understand I guess it s meant for a different audience A great scientific exercise.

    6. Sometimes it can be hard to review a book for what it is instead of for what you wanted it to be This is probably most true of fiction, but science books also vary in the level of depth to which they explore their topic It can be tough as a reader to judge what audience the author is after, and that can lead to some discrepancy in the technicality of the reading material than expected Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are was a book that delved far in depth into the field of animal [...]

    7. For awhile Woodland Park Zoo in my hometown was in the midst of creating outdoor environments for most of its animals where they could run and hide through tall grasses and shrubbery, climb trees, jump on rocks, or swim in ponds, or swing on tires With every visit I saw fewer and fewer animals lived in small cement cages I had bought an annual pass which entitled me to go to the zoo whenever as often as I liked I worked near the zoo.I used to go to the gorilla display at the Zoo during my lunch [...]

    8. If you read only one book on animal cognition or cognitive ethology, make it this one If you ve read a bunch, as I have, read this anyway There are some that are interesting, or focused, but this is the best current summary of the field, at least for a popular audience that I can find It concisely provides history, anecdotes, references to other works and studies, a look at the future, and plenty of hard science.I sincerely doubt I ll ever read another book published before this As you probabl [...]

    9. This is another one of my non reviews of a literary emotional ramble than an actual critique Humans are arrogant This much I know about us as a species, so to answer the question that the title of this book suggests, I would have to say, generally, we haven t a clue how smart animals are We are just dumb animals too, after all, and there is some arrogance in even asking the question Who is to say we are the better species for running this ole planet of ours Empirical evidence demonstrates quite [...]

    10. Wow Frans de Waal s Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are is a breath of fresh air It is a refreshing, insightful science book that both enlightens and entertains In fact, I d call it the most interesting science book I ve read since Godel, Escher, Bach If you ve ever had a dog or a cat, you know they have insides They think They relate And they have distinct personalities And to see any dog looking at their master, waiting for a command that seems love and respect personified Proble [...]

    11. This book is famed primatologist Frans de Waal at his best We get the insight into the animal kingdom, with an emphasis on apes and monkeys, that we ve seen in books like The Bonobo and The Atheist, The Age of Empathy, and Our Inner Ape In this book, De Waal takes a close look at various ways of trying to understand animal cognition and goes in depth into such topics as problem solving, communication, self awareness, and relationship to events past and present, i.e memory and planning for the fu [...]

    12. Humans have always used animals as a natural resource, justifying the killing of our fellow creatures in various ways, but mainly by assuming they are not like us What if our denialism masks that animals are like us than we can imagine Can they think Are they self aware Can they plan, remember and anticipate Frans de Waal describes scientific research that reveals astonishing answers When chimpanzees beat human children at video games or birds understand our language or elephants remember peopl [...]

    13. Siamo cos intelligenti da capire l intelligenza degli animali Ni PQuesto saggio, sulla cognizione animale e quindi sull assunto che anche gli animali abbiano una mente capace di sviluppare pi della semplice sopravvivenza, cio empatia, cooperazione, utilizzo di utensili, programmazione futura ecc, me l ero fatto regalare l anno scorso, perch incuriosito dai protagonisti gli animali , cos bistrattati da noi esseri umani che ci riteniamo la specie dominante Ma sar davvero cos O siamo semplicemente [...]

    14. Are we open minded enough to assume that other species have a mental life Are we creative enough to investigate it Can we tease apart the roles of attention, motivation, and cognition Those three are involved in everything animals do.Like many of the other first year Liberal Arts university students I knew at the time, I took a lot of Intro courses Intro to Psychology, Intro to Philosophy, Intro to Sociology , and these were for the most part fascinating enough to me that I broadened my sampling [...]

    15. Even though this book had some nice content, it was so repetitive that it really bothered me I could not even count how many time the author mentioned it was once taboo for scientists to name their animals I think the main thing that becomes clear in this book is how we judge other animals What a bizarre animal we are that the only question we can ask in relation to our place in nature is Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the smartest of them all We don t have the right tools or ideas how to ju [...]

    16. Awesome book I loved it From the content, to the choice of words I loved how he showed that sometimes skepticism is actually pseudo skepticism which results from our eagerness to know ourselves as something special and different from all the other organisms, which the author rightly so names Anthropocentrism.I loved this book It shows the shortcomings of the field of ethology and how they can be fixed And also how much evidence our society is underrating, even though many of them are right in ou [...]

    17. I ve already pre ordered it so that I can read it again in print and underline things that strike me and write love notes along the margins This is the book I wanted to write and I am thrilled that someone eminently qualified and clever than me has done so Frans De Waal s Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are introduces readers thoughtfully and humorously to the evolution of our study of animals bringing us smoothly to the present De Waal gently shifts paradigms so that we might con [...]

    18. Fascinating read Written by primatologist Frans de Waal, this is an astonishing study of animal intelligence Did you know that Apes plan for the future Or that elephants fetch boxes to reach a branch Animals are amazing So glad to see information coming out on this Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review YAY I see Dec 12, 2016 that this won in the awards for Best Science for GR 2016 I did vote for it If you weren t sure before, now can be Go read it tod [...]

    19. Primatologist Frans de Waal has made a career out of pounding his head against the rugged wall of human exceptionalism the belief that humans are the only species that is conscious, self aware, rational, cooperative, goal oriented, empathetic, and so on This wall of calcified grandiosity has resisted change for a long time, and has inspired an abusive relationship with the rest of the family of life With his new book, Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are , de Waal has launched a new [...]

    20. It s interesting but not terribly inclusive and sometimes repetitious It s crux is the umwelt of animals Their worldview in their senses and body cognition Primarily there is and has been for centuries a large disagreement between behavioral and a singular cognition brain use re animals studies Frans de Waal is not on the behavioral long term view that was so usually taught when I was young than half of the last century Others in their excellent reviews here have explained it better than I.His [...]

    21. De Waal is interested in the topic of what he calls evolutionary cognition which refers to the study of how animals think, feel, degrees of consciousness, etc He has been one of the foremost critics, in the past 20 years, of Behaviorism and proponents of ethology enpedia wiki Ethology This book, in particular, offers in a very readable format written for the educated layman , an overview of the development of the field, and of the various topics within in Rich in anecdote, the discussion of many [...]

    22. Primatologist De Waal mounts a passionate, research based case for animal intelligence If ever you were in doubt, read this It s a fascinating book, and important for anyone who thinks about the relationship between humans and animals.He argues for an end to the view that humans are unique, that previous concepts of linear evolution with humans at the top of the scale are wrong, and reflect anthropodenial a priori rejection of humanlike traits in other animals or animal like traits in us In chap [...]

    23. Uma tima atualiza o sobre intelig ncia animal escrita por um dos maiores pesquisadores da rea e timo comunicador Frans de Waal escreveu esse livro ao meu ver para defender o conceito que a diferen a de intelig ncia e consci ncia entre humanos e animais muito mais de grau do que de tipo Ele explica ao longo do livro de onde vem a escola behaviorista de comportamento animal animais respondem recompensas e de onde vem a etologia, escola concorrente de pensamento sobre o comportamento animal.Ao long [...]

    24. I think this is exactly the book I would recommend to anyone that use the phrase dumb animal, because I ve never read a book that explores their intelligence better De Waal does a few things in this book He gives the reader an overview of the way research into this field has developed from the time of Darwin to the present day, and he shows how far this research has got today, but also shows where research is needed I m not a scientist, just a reader interested in this subject, and what I think [...]

    25. I enjoyed this I ve always had a penchant for animals and what I believe to be their natural intelligence they don t go around blowing the f out of each other and even if they could I m not sure they would The book is about various studies and often behavioural experiments that are done on various types of animals like monkeys and birds and dolphins and elephants to show that they have a degree of cognition which would have been scientific blasphemy oxymoron interesting title for a book if that [...]

    26. A nice book that basically claims that animals have very high cognitive abilities These abilities include making and using tools, future planning, changing behavior based on knowing what other animal individuals saw and therefore know , memory that excels human memory, complex social behavior and many other features The author claims that basically, we do not have the knowledge to evaluate the cognitive ability of animals and in many cases the experiments we do are the reason we come to the conc [...]

    27. Good overview of animal cognition as a discipline over the last 150 years or so, enriched by lots of good examples of animals being smartasses in experiments and in the wild De Waal has a nice cheery style there s a chapter called Here Come The Crows and bit at the end where he rips off his mask revealing himself to be a cuttlefish then turns to the camera and winks is inspired.

    28. I have very mixed feelings about this book It is well researched and the author is one of the most well known scientists in his field The book seeks to explain why animal intelligence and cognition should be valued in their own right rather than compared to humans In most studies of animal intelligence, the experiments are stacked against the animals from the start by using human paradigms and frames to evaluate the degree to which animals think The author succeeds in his goal, but I only reluct [...]

    29. This was my second de Waal, and probably my last While his research is extraordinary, his writing is not He repeats the same thesis chapter after chapter he did this in Age of Empathy too and it becomes tiresome There is little doubt in my mind that our speciest model of humans as peak measure of all things is flawed and outdated.

    30. After watching Dr de Waal s TED talk, I was eager to read Are We Smart Enouth to Known How Smart Animals Are De Waal cites studies the elevate our understanding of animal intelligence, from their use of tools and language, to the sophisticated ways they behave in groups It is all part of Dr de Waal s budding field of ethology, allowing animal intelligence to reveal itself in its own terms, rather than through human oriented criteria.Dr de Waal goes to great lengths to distinguish between his sci [...]

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