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Ascension of Larks #2020

Ascension of Larks When globetrotting photographer Maggie Henry loses the only man she s ever loved she jeopardizes her rising career and steps in to care for her best friends three young children on a remote island in

  • Title: Ascension of Larks
  • Author: Rachel Linden
  • ISBN: 9780718095734
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ascension of Larks By Rachel Linden, When globetrotting photographer Maggie Henry loses the only man she s ever loved, she jeopardizes her rising career and steps in to care for her best friends three young children on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest Free spirited and fiercely independent, Maggie s star is rising fast But she has a secret She can t let go of her first and only love, renowned archWhen globetrotting photographer Maggie Henry loses the only man she s ever loved, she jeopardizes her rising career and steps in to care for her best friends three young children on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest Free spirited and fiercely independent, Maggie s star is rising fast But she has a secret She can t let go of her first and only love, renowned architect Marco Firelli, now married to her best friend Lena.With the shattering news of Marco s death, Maggie rushes to the Firelli family s summer home on San Juan Island and attempts to provide stability for the children as fragile, perfectionist Lena slowly falls apart.When Maggie is offered a once in a lifetime chance to compete in the world s most prestigious photography competition, she finds herself unable to leave the only family she has during their time of need Devastated, Maggie takes a series of photographs documenting their life in limbo.A mysterious man appears on the island, and Maggie soon realizes there is to him than meets the eye Daniel Wolfe, an award winning Native American poet hiding in exile on the island, is responsible for Marco s death Maggie is both drawn to and repelled by Daniel, a sensitive, tortured soul with secrets of his own Out of their loneliness and grief they form an unlikely friendship.Maggie develops her recent photographs, and she s elated to discover that they are good enough for the photography competition She still has a chance to win But she must first relinquish the past so that she can move forward and embrace the reality of her unexpected life.

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    1. Maggie Henry is a successful photographer but less accomplished at relationships She is single and travels the world taking pictures in remote parts of the world Maggie has not had time to develop friends due to her hectic schedule but remains in contact with her married college friends, Lena and Marco Deep down she has repressed a longtime crush on Marco for almost a decade Maggie learns that Marco has drowned in a kayaking accident and rushes to Lena s home to comfort her friend She is forced [...]

    2. Ascension of Larks is haunting and heartwrenching and heartwarming It s a story of loss, grief, loneliness, survival and redemption Complex characters leap off the page and into your heart, and you ll find yourself captivated by their journey.While this is in many ways a novel about death death of a person, death of dreams, death of hope it is even so a novel of survival Of picking up the pieces and figuring out how to make a beautiful mosaic Of allowing your heart to grieve but also of allowin [...]

    3. This book summed up in two statements It s what I expected It wasn t what I expected.I loved, loved, loved the style of writing, the deepness of the characters, and just how everything was written in a way that you could see it so vividly The lessons throughout the book are a reality for every individual today Maggie s story is encouraging because it shows there s a life that is greater than ourselves.So why the low rating First, I would not consider this book Christian fiction There s a priest [...]

    4. What to say about this book All in all it wasn t a bad read, but I didn t connect with it I would put it down, come back to it, then put it down again I know part of the reason is I m not a fan of best friends being in love with their best friend s husbands and normally I wouldn t pick it up, but since he died in a tragic accident, I was intrigued.Outside of not connecting with the characters, there were some things that were introduced a bit too late in the story If brought about earlier, they [...]

    5. member I loved you enough to let you go How fitting, and yet how prophetic, because in the end it is Magdalena who learns the value of letting go Flying home from Managua, Nicaragua in response to the trembling voice of her best friend, internationally recognized photographer Maggie Henry cannot fully understand what life will be like for either of them without Marco Firelli Maggie, Marco and Lena had been inseparable during college, but the unremitting connection between Marco and Maggie was s [...]

    6. This book was rather sad The storyline was suppose to be, but it was SO solemn in many parts The book was well written, and I really enjoyed the writing style I might be interested in reading from this author.This was a hard book to give stars Had it had a faith and hope theme, it could have been a five star read It needed HOPEd there wasn t any The mystic parts were odd and seemed a bit out of place It wasn t a Christian book even though published by a Christian publisher.I did enjoy several t [...]

    7. A wonderful heart wrenching story about the complexity of love, enduring friendship, and the bond that creates a family With characters who step off the page into your heart, Ascension of Larks will burrow deep into your soul, evoke emotion and prod the reader to ponder how best we can move on after loss, and make the most of the life we have been gifted Highly recommended.

    8. Have you ever read a book that sort of blew you away, and you needed to take a few days to figure out what you really thought about it That was definitely the case for me with a new release published by Thomas Nelson, and written by Rachel Linden Ascension of Larks is a beautiful story written in a rare, vivid, insightful, descriptive, voice Although a novel of prose, it almost reads like lyrical poetry at times that s how amazing and compelling the writing voice is As far as the content of the [...]

    9. In the beginning, there was some warming up to both the story and the characters Yet, after I got over that small hurdle I was able to really enjoy the story as well as the characters There was a bit of a message as well All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well To be honest, it was not only Lena and her three children, Gabby, Luca, and Jonah that needed assistance Maggie did as well She just did not know it at first Yet, by the end of the story, everyone had grown stronger I can [...]

    10. This debut is deep and engaging.Professional photographer Maggie is married to her work and must determine what is most important when tragedy strikes.This novel takes many unexpected and expected twists and turns to expose the heart and desires of Maggie and other key characters It was a meaningful journey and caused this reader to do some reflecting.While I ve only read one Cynthia Ruchti novel, The Ascension of Larks, reminded me of Cynthia s novel A Fragile Hope The Ascension of Larks was a [...]

    11. Books are like magnets, they draw you to them and find you when you need them When you are slowly wooed by a well crafted story that captures your imagination, you become a part of the tale You live in the town where the book takes place Well drawn characters in these book gems become your friends Every triumph that a character wins is yours as well and every setback or tragedy they overcome can bring you to your knees only to rise again Isn t that what books should be, not just an escape but a [...]

    12. Making the hard choice is never easy, but in some cases, it is a leap of faith that just might prove worth it in the end Magdalena Maggie Henry loves her life of traveling and being a renowned photographer She is a free spirit and has never been tied down to anyone or anything before When her best friend Lena calls to say her husband, Marco, has died in an accident on the lake, she drops everything to go help her friend Maggie has always been secretly in love with Marco and being at their house [...]

    13. What a fascinating story Rachel Linden s debut novel is a fantastic saga which I found hard to define It s a love story which takes place after the main love interest has died in a tragic boating accident, it s a story of long held friendship tested under the most extreme of circumstances and also a family story with a bunch of precious but precious children keeping us all on our toes Magdalena, a international recognised photographer returns home to help her best friend who has just lost her hu [...]

    14. Not my wheelhouse I have no commentary other than this brand of adult fiction is really just not my thing both in what the character s situations are as well as their lifestyle, struggles, and issues I tried but was really off put from the start.

    15. I listened to this book on CD The reader had a very mono tone voice with no emotion It would have been better with a different reader I liked the story and the characters were great.

    16. This was a beautiful and engaging read Rachel Linden s writing style alone lyrical and full of imagery is enough to make me eager for another book from her The fact that it tells a story that tugs at the heartstrings is an added, and very welcome bonus.Maggie was a quietly intense character, driven by her desire to capture beautiful images intimate portrayals of daily life around the globe that highlighted people often unseen by the camera s eyeriking in their display of basic humanity, their se [...]

    17. For years, globetrotting photographer Magdalena Maggie Henry has been in love with her first love, architect Marco Firelli, whom she met in college Problem is, Marco is married to Maggie s best friend and college roommate Lena Or at least he was, that isMaggie just got news that Marco has been killed in a kayaking accident Now Maggie must rush to Lena s side to offer emotional support to the fragile widow as well as help with the Firelli children While helping Lena through this difficult time, M [...]

    18. I can t imagine living a life loving someone who loves you back but whom you can never truly be with That is the life of Maggie Henry who spent her college years with her best friend Lena and Marco Firelli A truer friendship none could find anywhere Maggie was a talented photographer who has been gifted with the opportunity to travel all over the world showing the world what life looked like someplace else Marco was so much like Maggie, craving the lime light of success as a budding architect wh [...]

    19. 4.5 5Ohhh, this book just pulled me in and tugged at my heart with a deep story, lost love, and much .Maggie Henry is a wildly successful photographer who travels the world for work and is not tied down by anything She s kept a secret though that has torn her apart for years she s in love with Marco, a man who is married to her best friend, Lena The three were inseparable in college, until Lena and Marco became a two some Though love and passion between Marco and Maggie is evident, as they both [...]

    20. Ascension of Larks by author Rachel Linden is a beautifully constructed novel Complex characters and plotting kept me interested and engaged The setting of San Juan Island in Washington brought a richness and perhaps a bit of magic to the narrative The themes of loss and aloneness will speak to most readers This is a novel I loved, and I recommend it The only drawback is the mix of spiritual elements that, while pointing to restoration and healing, for me, only presented a confusing message.Magg [...]

    21. a skylark Their call was a song for travelers and weary pilgrims, for those who had lost their way or were longing for a place to rest Wherever you go in life remember I loved you enough to let you go Complex and engaging, Ascension of Larks by Rachel Linden is a promising debut novel There s an element of imagery that is somewhat poetic as it was wistfully haunting A story that dives into the psyche of our characters that readers can t help but be drawn to Be careful though, you might not like [...]

    22. Faith is an open door for everyone It s not closed to you just because of how you were born I imagine God standing at the door, inviting us to come back And the door is wide open for us if we want to come in It s as simple as that In her debut novel, Ascension of Larks, Rachel Linden offers a story that defines home and deals with loss and hope.Maggie Henry, a documentary photographer, is on scene in Nicaragua when she receives devastating news the husband of her dearest college friends, Marco a [...]

    23. Still coming out of my reading slump I grabbed this book from my tbr pile I picked it because a trusted friend told me she had read it and it was really good I wasn t expecting to enjoy the book as much as I did I certainly didn t expect to feel this story as much as I did.From the first page I found this story well written The descriptions of Maggie taking pictures of the workers in the coffee fields of Nicaragua made me feel as if I were right there in the field along side her and seeing every [...]

    24. Linden has crafted a good novel of character development woven through a story of changing relationships.The story revolves around Maggie, a very successful professional photographer While on location in Nicaragua, Maggie receives a phone call from her good friend Lena Lena s husband, Marco, is dead Maggie makes arrangements to fly to the Pacific Northwest and be with her friend on San Juan Island.The narrative concentrates on Maggie while we learn of the relationships between her and Lena and M [...]

    25. I was excited to read this new book by a new author set in the San Juan Islands off the Washington Coast Though I have family living in Washington State, I ve never visited this area.The first part probably about the first quarter of the book was hard for me to get through Authors are told over and over again to show, not tell but that can be taken to an extreme In Ascension of Larks, Rachel Linden spends so much time describing everything in the first 25% of the book, it bogged the story down f [...]

    26. Every so often I come across a work of contemporary fiction that breaks my heart in the best way With prose that ranges from beautiful to mundane, this is an outstanding debut Set primary on Washington State s San Juan Island, the brief descriptions were so evocative that I felt instantly transported, though I haven t been to the island in years.Through backstory we learn of Maggie s unrequited love for her college friend Marco and the need to distance herself from the marriage between him and h [...]

    27. From the very beginning I was captivated with this story, and with Maggie First of all, her professions as a photographer intrigued me But I also found myself intrigued by her predicament I mean, could you help the wife of the only man you ever loved after his death How could you even be friends with her It really showed you what type of person Maggie really was a good one With so much turmoil and emotion inside, I felt Ms Linden wrote Maggie s character perfectly She was not necessarily afraid [...]

    28. Ascension of Larks is Rachel Linden s debut novel, and although it could have very easily become a dark tale of loss of love and death, it didn t However, it is not a happily ever after story by any means.Magdalena Maggie Henry has three constants in her life her friendship with Marco and Lena Firelli, her career as a world renown photographer and her hidden love for Marco Firelli When Marco accidentally drowns in a kayaking mishap, everything Maggie knows and lives for is shattered, leaving her [...]

    29. Ascension of Larksby Rachel LindenThomas Nelson FICTIONThomas NelsonChristianPub Date 20 Jun 2017 I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of Ascension of Larks through Thomas Nelson Fiction and Netgalley Magdalena Maggie Henry is a fiercely independent globetrotting photographer She shoots portrayals of daily life around the globe Currently she s on assignment for Time Magazine.While on assignment Maggie learns of her best friend s death when on assignment Marco leaves behind three children An unlikel [...]

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