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Tell It To The Skies #2020

Tell It To The Skies The beautiful city of Venice has been Lydia s home for many years a place where she has found peace and fulfillment Then one day she glimpses a young man s face in the crowd that threatens to change

  • Title: Tell It To The Skies
  • Author: Erica James
  • ISBN: 9780752893365
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tell It To The Skies By Erica James, The beautiful city of Venice has been Lydia s home for many years, a place where she has found peace and fulfillment Then one day she glimpses a young man s face in the crowd that threatens to change everything He s a heart stopping reminder of a dreadful secret she believed she had banished to the past As a young child, Lydia and her sister were sent to live with grandThe beautiful city of Venice has been Lydia s home for many years, a place where she has found peace and fulfillment Then one day she glimpses a young man s face in the crowd that threatens to change everything He s a heart stopping reminder of a dreadful secret she believed she had banished to the past As a young child, Lydia and her sister were sent to live with grandparents they d never even met before It was a cruel and loveless new world for them and it forced Lydia to grow up fast She learned to keep secrets and to trust sparingly, and through it all she was shadowed by grief and guilt Now, 28 years later, Lydia is persuaded to leave behind the safe new life she has created for herself and return to England to face the past and maybe her future Biography Erica James is the author of numerous novels, including 2006 Romantic Novel of the Year Gardens of Delight , A Breath of Fresh Air , The Holiday , and A Sense of Belonging Editorial Reviews Tell It to the Skies

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      421 Erica James
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    1 thought on “Tell It To The Skies

    1. Review March 2016 This was a re read of the book for a publisher blog tour.I didn t review books in 2008 but I see from my rating that I gave this one 5 My tastes have changed a little over the years and I was interested to see whether this would still be a 5 read for me The settings of Venice and Yorkshire worked perfectly for me I adore Venice and could recognise some of the sights mentioned in the book, I ve done the touristy things and sat outside at Caff Florian in Piazza San Marco, with co [...]

    2. This book had its faults, but I genuinely enjoyed it from start to finish, which is than I can say for a lot of others, and which made me willing to forgive it for the odd plot hole or improbably convenient outcome.From the cover and blurb and the first chapter I was expecting light, fluffy entertainment The second section about Lydia s troubled childhood came as a surprise in fact I felt like that whole section had been lifted from a very different and much darker book, and then wrapped up wit [...]

    3. Very readable, but overall somewhat disappointing after having been so impressed by the first of James books I read The plot involves a middle aged woman living in Venice suddenly being startled by what she thinks is a vision of a long lost love Matters ensue, and the main substance of the novel is flash back to the woman s childhood and youth and the relationship between her and this lost love The story is quite compelling, but I have to confess that I found some of the details melodramatic wic [...]

    4. Meh I had to finish it to find out what happened in the end but way to over written and contrived for my liking Oh maybe I m being too harsh I feel its churlish to give it two stars but three feels too generous So going to put three but actually its a 2.5I have fundamental issues with this book Lydia the protagonist has had significant adverse events in her early life as has Noah her friend lover Both with little real help about how to unpack the trauma suffered or how to develop values and boun [...]

    5. I loved this book I couldn t put it down and felt like I really knew the characters Like other readers I was taken by surprise by the way it was written I was expecting a usual clic lit but enjoyed the fact this wasn t the usual predictable clic lit, although it was sad and in some parts harrowing I just had to keep reading to find out what happened I grew up in the 70 s and therefore could identify with the era Another reviewer mentioned that the police would have been alerted about Lydia s inj [...]

    6. This is one of those books that I just couldn t put down The dark parts surprised me, as it s not something I d come to expect from an Erica James book, but was handled well I felt It did have lots of twists and turns, and I have to say I was satisfied with the ending, sometimes with plots like that you can be left hanging, wondering what happened to some of the characters.

    7. I have to say that I was pretty skeptical about this book when I picked it up I thought that it was going to be pretty corny chick lit I have to say that I was presently surprised The plot was good it was full of emotion and it was a page turner I was gripped to find out what happened to Lydia and Noah However once the main plot of Lydia and Noah growing up it began to slow, due to the amount of explanation that was needed to wind up the story This was further complicated by adding in the fact t [...]

    8. Wow wow wow What am incredible story This is a book about death, family, pain, young love, religion, unexpected friendships, consequences and so much , all weaved together into a very real, living and tragic story I felt like such a part of the story, I even stopped in a coffee shop on the way to work to read a few chapters this morning and couldn t wait to get home to finish the story Yes, there are parts that are very convenient and we don t get enough of adult Lydia but it was written really [...]

    9. Dik boek, maar boeiend verhaal Een interessante geschiedenis van Lydia en haar zusje Valerie, die op tragische wijze hun ouders verliezen Bij hun grootouders wonen maakt het allemaal niet makkelijker, maar gelukkig ontmoet Lydia daar een paar mooie personage zoals Noah en zuster Lottie Zelfs klasgenoot Donna, die eerst een pestkop is, blijkt een interesante vriendin te zijn Het grootste deel van Lydia s verdere leven blijkt op misverstanden te zijn gebaseerd De keuzes waren wel geloofwaardig De [...]

    10. I really like the way Eric James weaves a story as we learn about an individual s life both past and present The reader is taken on a journey that begins in Italy goes back to England in the 1970 s and returns to Italy following the most important years of Lydia s life and the decisions she made as a teenager it had a great ending pulling all the pieces of the puzzle together.

    11. I had a bit of trouble with the middle of the book as I hate cruel good churchgoers but I ended up enjoying the book, although I cant say it would be a favourite or one I would want to read again.

    12. Lydia and Noah are a victim of twisted fate from childhood Lydia who was a suffered of both verbal and physical abuse from his grand father and her grand mother resolve to Noah s friendship and company as an escape from her brutal world.

    13. UnusualA haunting tale than the previous books I ve read by the author Brought back a few bad memories of my own unfortunately I d still recommend reading this though and look forward to reading by this author.

    14. bookcrossing journal 6I have enjoyed reading the novels written by Erica James since her first one A Breath of Fresh Air was published in 1996 With the exception of a couple that I have not got hold of yet I have now read all her novels I regard her work as a thoroughly good read where you can immerse yourself in the story, not great literature but so much better than some of the novels regarded as chick lit or romantic womens fiction Set partially in Venice with my love of Italy I very quickly [...]

    15. I liked the story at the start and at the end I think some thought was put into the plot but it wasn t developed, as it ran out of steam in the middle, with the whole murder scene being amateurishr eg the little Valerie killed the perverted uncle when she was 12 How is it that she cleaned up the murder site and got away with iteven if her big sister Lydia planted evidence to make it look like she killed him instead How is it that the British police just accepted that the insane grandmother did i [...]

    16. When Lydia s mum dies she and her sister have to go and live with their grandparents, who are really strict They are devout Christians and believe that they should lead a very simple life They show no kindness what so ever to Lydia When Lydia starts her new school she meets a boy called Noah The book looks at how the relationship between them develops over the years We find out why Lydia has lived a life of exile in Italy for so many years and why she reacts the way she did when she saw Noah s s [...]

    17. Despite a less than promising start filled with many dark hints that I didn t, at that stage, care about, this book picks up as soon as Noah Solomon enters the story This is an excellent study of how your past shapes your character and your future and, now that I ve finished the book, I find the way it starts very clever You are introduced to the end product of a difficult childhood and although I was initially impatient with Lydia, I came to understand and appreciate her after finding out what [...]

    18. Lydia is a sophisticated, sensitive Englishwoman in her 40s living in Venice She trips and injures her foot when she sees the very image of her long lost lover The body of the book goes back in time and traces how she met and lost this lover, starting back when she was about to turn 9 The bulk of the book is about her strange and grim childhood with abusive relatives, odd church people, and nasty classmates altogether making for a dark childhood Not only do I not need to read about such dreadful [...]

    19. I loved this book It s a story that takes place between the 1960 s when things were very different and the present day There are some lovely characters, as well some dark tyranical ones The main character is a girl called Lydia who, with her younger sister, is sent to live with her paternal grandparents after their mother dies Both grandparents are heavily involved with a local church Lydia learns to keep everything a secret from them, including her relationship with Noah, a boy from school, whi [...]

    20. I ve read a few books by Erica James, some I have enjoyed, some not so much this book is very much in the former camp However, this book isn t quite the same as the others I have read, so be ready for something a bit different if you ve read Erica James before.Don t be fooled into thinking the novel is set in Venice, it s one of the reasons I picked it up, there is a small part set there but the majority of the book deals with Lydia s childhood and the town where she grew up I loved the chemistr [...]

    21. lydia has fled to italy to save her one true love noah then she glimpses a face in a crowd that takes her back into the past as children, lydia and her sister were sent to live with their grandparents after being orphaned it was a cruel and loveless world for them and forced lydia to grow up fast she learnt to keep secrets and trust sparingly and through it all she s shadowed by guilt and grief then she meets noah at only 9 years of age and her life is changed forever wonderful characterisation [...]

    22. Attracted to the book by the setting of Venice actually much of the book is in Yorkshire which is seen as a dark depressing place I enjoyed the long narrative there was no feeling as happens with some books that you wished it had gone on longer everything was tidied up and everyone s story explained There was a feeling of sympathy with the main characters and the back stories made sense It was a little bit disappointing that the two main characters left it so long to find each other again althou [...]

    23. This was a very moving yet challenging book to read This book touched my heart It made me just want to jump in the book and save the little girl that needed it so bad I loved how she kept the secret to the end, it made all the suspense worth my while The reason why I said this book is challenging is because of all the events and scenes that take place in this book and how they all link up and somehow shape the characters into who they are Its like a constant puzzle of amazement Characters who yo [...]

    24. This is the first Erica James book i ve read as always thought she was a romance writer Although this book is about lost love it s also about so much It s very dark in places and not the frothy fiction i expected The story starts in the present day and then goes back in time to the main character s Lydia childhood as she tells her story This takes up the main body of the book, only coming back to the present near the end I really felt for the character of Lydia and found myself praying she had [...]

    25. A great book I definately recommend it.Lydia starts the book when she glimpses a face she thought she would never see again She lives in Venice but that glance took her back to her childhood in England She cannot explain to her daughter what memories she has as they are not to be aired, ever The story then takes us back to her childhoos when Lydia and her sister were sent to live with her grandparents after the death of her mum.What follows is a very poignant sorty of missed chances and bad choi [...]

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