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L'Abri #2020

L Abri In an American family moved into a chalet on the side of a steep Swiss alp They did not know exactly why God had brought them there what He wanted them to do or even where the money to live on

  • Title: L'Abri
  • Author: Edith Schaeffer Deirdre Ducker Francis A. Schaeffer
  • ISBN: 9780891076681
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • L'Abri By Edith Schaeffer Deirdre Ducker Francis A. Schaeffer, In 1955 an American family moved into a chalet on the side of a steep Swiss alp They did not know exactly why God had brought them there, what He wanted them to do, or even where the money to live on would come from But He began opening doors, and people with questions about life s meaning began finding the way to their home.Edith Schaeffer, wife of Dr Francis SchaefferIn 1955 an American family moved into a chalet on the side of a steep Swiss alp They did not know exactly why God had brought them there, what He wanted them to do, or even where the money to live on would come from But He began opening doors, and people with questions about life s meaning began finding the way to their home.Edith Schaeffer, wife of Dr Francis Schaeffer, tells the remarkable story of how God led them step by step, as that one small chalet grew into a whole community It took the name L Abri French for shelter Day by day, God faithfully provided for their family, and eventually for the entire community.The Schaeffers believed that truth must be demonstrated as well as debated They wanted to show the world through the transformed lifestyle of a believing community that the personal infinite God is really here in our generation In a society losing the ability to distinguish between Christian and non Christian values, truth and untruth, good and evil, L Abri equipped people to make that distinction.For than thirty years, people have come to L Abri from all walks of life and from many countries, searching for truth and reality There they find someone who cares for them personally, who listens carefully to their questions, and who gives them answers based on an uncompromising commitment to Biblical truth L Abri now has branches in several other countries and has affected the lives of literally thousands of people around the world.

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      Edith Schaeffer Deirdre Ducker Francis A. Schaeffer

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    1. This book really challenged the way I view possessions and even the way I use my time during the day It is so encouraging to read a book from the perspective of someone who has really given it all on a daily basis I realized that if I truly believe in God s ultimate sovereignty, I need to live a life that wouldn t make sense unless it s true He is truly trustworthy to provide everything we need in life, financially, emotionally, relationally, etc I was so encouraged by reading this book the firs [...]

    2. Previously I read Edith Schaeffer s The Hidden Art of Homemaking with an online group led by Cindy Rollins and enjoyed it, so when I spotted an older copy of L Abri at a used book sale, I snapped it up After spending almost year on my bookshelf waiting its turn to be read, I plucked it off the shelf on a Thursday night on a whim and read it exclusively until I finished it Saturday morning right before lunch I knew the basics about Edith and Francis Schaeffer s story, had read books and articles [...]

    3. Interesting and encouraging account of how Francis and Edith Schaeffer were led to create L Abri, a family style mission of helping people work through their intellectual and spiritual doubts Although I really got bogged down by the amount of names of people who were converted at L Abri and had a hard time keeping track of who was who, it was convicting to see how much they trusted God with providing for them and were excited to be a part of God s plan.

    4. I have been most impacted by how Edith s life of love was inspired out of her life of prayer This is a beautiful account of how her family lived out God inspired ministry in Switzerland.

    5. Edith Schaeffer s prevalent desire throughout L Abri is to catalogue the work that God did in their lives and thus fulfill her and her husband Francis greatest aim in life to show others that there is a God, He is personal, and He is there Though sometimes the chapters read like long blogs posts, overall L Abri is a fantastic testament to the work God was doing not only the Schaeffers lives but also in the world at large that reads like a well worn memoir I felt as if Edith had invited me into t [...]

    6. Francis Schaeffer s widow recalls their years at L Abri, a retreat cum commune they founded in the Swiss Alps Although they originally intended to serve as traditional missionaries to Switzerland, the Schaeffers ended up opening their chalet to literally hundreds of visitors who came to ski the slopes and talk through difficult questions with Edith and her husband From their first few years in Switzerland, through all sorts of political, financial, personal, and physical obstacles, to their eve [...]

    7. I have wanted to read this for some time and am glad I took the opportunity now This book is the summation of the steps of faith taken by the famed Schaeffers moving from St.Louis to the Swiss Alps by the leading of the Holy Spirit without clarity of task, provision, or even lodging Their decision to limit their financial requests to prayerful petitions makes sense now that I read Edith s parents having served with CIM.While sometimes bogged down in details and listing of names, I found the stor [...]

    8. Such an interesting read of how L Abri got started in spite of the Schaeffers original intentions in moving to the Swiss Alps Stirring chapters on living by prayer, and in comparison, she made me feel quite lazy and unproductive when looking at just how much was accomplished each day No Facebook email distractions for one She wrote it in such a way as to be evangelistic as well Writing out some answers Francis S gave to people s inquiries I thought this section particularly thought provoking Fra [...]

    9. Francis Schaeffer and his wife, Edith, miraculously obtained a home in the mountains of Switzerland They prayed that God would provide the needs of the home and send spiritually hungry people to them Hundreds of people asking honest questions and seeking honest answeres , found their way to L abri.The book has a somewhat confusing structure, probably because Schaeffer s editor wanted her to start with something exciting, so she chose to start her book with an avalanche that happened a couple yea [...]

    10. This book really inspired me I love the emphasis on the God who is REALLY THERE, the continuity of truth and the beauty of living in community They gave up everything for the message of truth It s amazing to see what fruit came out of their sacrifice And yet Edith Schaeffer is so honest about how hard it was day to day I love when she recounts about the summer when she watered her garden at midnight She inspires such dignity while embracing the most humble of tasks because they are done in love [...]

    11. Excellent material, though this could have used a hefty editing Certainly the chronology and characters could have been straightened out a bit It wasn t always clear what order things were happening in, and there was far too large a cast of characters, though of course that s part of the point of L Abri This does accomplish its task in that it makes me want to learn about Francis Schaeffer and L Abri It does not, however, make me want to do so by reading of Mrs Schaeffer s books.Recommended fo [...]

    12. Edith Schaeffer s L Abri is a touchstone for many conservative Christians who, to this day, still seem to idolize Schaeffer her husband for their work in establishing the Swiss retreat Edith s account of their work, in this book, is certainly glowing and positive If, however, you also read their son s memoir, Crazy for God, as well as one or of his roman a clef such as Portofino, the picture becomes very murky if not dark Clearly, things were not as wonderful or happy as Edith Schaeffer portray [...]

    13. Sometimes a book shows up at just the right time I was mulling over several things that only God could have known about In a strange sort of way, this book addressed several of those thoughts that presented themselves in fragments to me Others may not find this book as relevant as I did, but I was truly inspired by this account.God is amazing and His working in our lives is so wonderfully multifaceted I never tire of reading about how He reveals His plans and purposes to those who are yielded to [...]

    14. This was a repeat read as I just love the combination of Edith s creativity, the Alps and a record of God at work All my favourite things in one book It s a golden oldie I think it was printed in the late 70s but its a fab story of how the now HUGE L Abri movement started and its one I nabbed from my Grandparents bookshelves when I was a uni student.If you don t know what L Abri is all about, you can check that out here but seriously worth a read if you like some insight into Francis and Edith S [...]

    15. Excellent So, so, so good Edith tells the story of L Abri with such candour and honesty you feel like you re experiencing it all with the Schaeffer family And her joyful trust and confidence in Gode theme of the reality of the God who is there and who is not silent e Swiss countrysidee chapters chock full of straightforward and working truthis is a favourite of mine and my copy is destined to get dogeared very quickly Highly recommended.

    16. I have read and reread this book We named our daughter Edith after Edith Schaeffer This book encourages me in so many ways, but in some the importance of prayer and the holy spirit in ministry there is a need for flexibility in hospitality, and that the people are the mission I loved the stories of the people who came and were served and loved and knew God better for it Edith is someone I admire and hope my daughter has her same servant heart and strong perseverance in life.

    17. Francis Edith Schaeffer are two of my heroes of the Christian faith and Mrs S is a terrific story teller of their history All thru the reading of this book I felt like I was right there with them in the Swiss Alps or at least I wanted to be there This book tells the beautiful and powerful story of the great ministry of L Abri s ministry from before it was even a dream to its full development thru years of prayer and faithfulness.

    18. I was so touched by the Schaeffer s living faith in God, and touched even by the constant display of God s faithfulness in leading His people The joy of His provision in times of uncertainty only proves that we were silly to be uncertain in the first place This book is an encouragement and really resonates with my heart in many ways.

    19. A story that was very influential in my early years as a follower of Jesus The Schaeffer family demonstrated the reality of God in their lives, and many, many were touched My own family spent the fall of 1974 at L Abri in the Farel House program That time of reflection helped me solidify the foundation of my faith.

    20. What a testimony both to God s faithfulness and the Schaeffer s faith While all that happens in this world, for better or for worse, is the result of God s providence, this book offers a glimpse of God s happy providence that He bestows upon His humble servants when they trust, obey, and pray I only wish there were actual photos in the book and a bit on Dr Schaeffer.

    21. my first exposure to the world of l abri that landed me in england the summer of 2006 began by opening this book as a senior in high school the story of a young couple listening to God, following Him with their family into the unknown, and loving others by way of a homemade meal, life together and honest conversation has left its mark upon me.

    22. A classic well deserving of the title a look into the life and workings of the seeker s retreat in Switzerland, L Abri the shelter in French Encouraging and inspiring and don t let Franky Schaeffer tell you any different, bad boy that he is.

    23. delightful book with a great perspective on how the schaffers started their community of thinkers, As a person that respects them it was a great book and i cant wait to read others by Edith and Francis, Francis will be missed

    24. This book has shaped my family than perhaps any other Honestly, it is not well written, and I m sure many would be put off by how much Edith talks of God s interactions with her family Yet, it centered me in many ways, and I found myself encouraged, strengthened, and dreaming again.

    25. The Schaeffer s hav long inspired my lifeeir faith, courage and track record of following the Lord Edith especially with her giftedness in hospitality is one of my role models This story tells of their journey.

    26. Excellent and intriguing it made me compare Europe s culture a generation ago, with our current American culture The Schaeffer s willingness to open their home to those with spiritual questions is an example to American Christians today.

    27. This book is Edith s history of her and Francis starting and running L Abri ministries More than anything it is an amazing account of the power of God constantly and repeatedly answering prayer It is written like a journal, very easy to read and well illustrated.

    28. Reading this again One of the handful of books that made a big impression on me and gave me a big part of our vision for the kind of difference we d like to make Great hearing the story of this family from the mother as she puts a very practical and relational perspective to it all.

    29. I like reading about the Schaeffers It got me thinking about ministry, family and hospitality and for that I am very thankful I probably won t read it again, abut I appreciated it for what it was a rosy memoir.

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