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The Billionaire's Virgin #2020

The Billionaire s Virgin I needed money He wanted my virginity So I sold it If I don t pay off my piles of debt I m going to lose the one thing I care about my grandmother She needs a place to live people to take care of he

  • Title: The Billionaire's Virgin
  • Author: Penny Wylder
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Billionaire's Virgin By Penny Wylder, I needed money He wanted my virginity So I sold it If I don t pay off my piles of debt, I m going to lose the one thing I care about my grandmother She needs a place to live, people to take care of her, and there s no way I can afford it any But I only have one thing worth any money My virginity It was a shot in the dark to put it up for auction online What kI needed money He wanted my virginity So I sold it If I don t pay off my piles of debt, I m going to lose the one thing I care about my grandmother She needs a place to live, people to take care of her, and there s no way I can afford it any But I only have one thing worth any money My virginity It was a shot in the dark to put it up for auction online What kind of person would even bid on something as perverted as this Pierce Pinewood, that s who He outbid everyone right away, making it clear he wanted to win I was relieved and terrified all at once, but I figured it was fine, we d just sleep together and I d go on my merry way So why, even after meeting me, is he waiting to claim his prize Pierce is exposing me to money, glamour, a life I never dreamed of He s also telling me what lingerie to wear and what to do with the parts of my body no one is allowed to see No one but him I thought I was selling him one night with me I couldn t have guessed how much of me he really wanted This is a standalone novella with a HEA and NO cheating Penny Wylder writes just that wild romances Happily Ever Afters are always better when they re a little dirty, so if you re looking for a page turner that will make you feel naughty in all the right places, jump right in and leave your panties at the door

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      Penny Wylder

    1 thought on “The Billionaire's Virgin

    1. So clearly I m of a different opinion because of all of the 5 star ratings but, this was just ok for me Although I have read books with this storyline in the past, I didn t feel a connection between the main characters until about the 90% mark Up to that point, they had done done stuff sexually, but didn t actually have sex until almost the end of the book The story was from Bonnie s point of view so you don t get any insight into Pierce s thoughts or feeling until the epilogue He came across as [...]

    2. 4.5 stars The sex scenes are steaming hot, intense and erotic The intensity of the writing in the scenes of h and H s passion is exquisite and you will have to put your book down and fan your self because it is that steamy.

    3. I enjoyed it.I love stories like this with the girl being bough or something of that kind Is that weird of me It s not like I m wishing that it will ever happen to me.But I really enjoy reading such things.But this one annoyed me a bit.Like seriously if you want to take a girl in the ass you need to stretch that thing That I learned in other books, but in this one it wasn t even needed Is it needed or not I m never trying so I ll never know.And obviously she is a virgin and still he likes naming [...]

    4. I usually like penny wylder s books, I really do, but this one s a complete miss for me I just couldn t connect to the book or feel for it.OTT alpha hero who bought a virgin from a website somebody tell me he hasn t done this before is just icky No NO Fucking No And it seriously sounded like he s a daily visitor on that site Yuck Then throughout the whole book I only got the vibe of him treating his whore just a little kindly I am sorry for my language but the synopsis suggests he wined and dine [...]

    5. Hey, I didn t learn about the deeper meaning of life or see a unique take on romance, but I did get my rocks off and it was a super super naughty story.There were a few moments of my needing to suspend reality, but when you buy a book called The Bllionaire s Virgin.haven t you already agreed to suspend reality.Good read Good time I m going to check out from her.

    6. Another great PW read and I d go as far as saying that it s probably one of my favourites of hers so far.The premise is one I ve not read a lot of, surprising given how much smut I ve read, and I really enjoyed it A twist on the uber wealthy guy, struggling for money girl, with a Pretty Woman for the new millennium vibe almost.Now speaking of vibes that right there was a whole other level of hotness I d give Pierce the remote control to mine any day but I digress.Bonnie is likeable, relatable, f [...]

    7. Great read Couldn t stop reading That is until I got to 90% and then I didn t want it to end Lol I voluntarily reviewed this book after receiving an ARC

    8. You asked me my name It is Pierce But that is not how you will address me You will address me as sir Is that clear I perked up I love me a good BDSM You know, take your time with it an all Some duct tape, work your way up to a good old fashioned gag and then slowly, or quickly, bring on the hurt If you re going to be calling him sir, then expect to be tied up, baby There were NO whips There were NO chains As for the hurt virgin getting pounded in the exit hole, hard and fast, that s gotta hurt r [...]

    9. Penny Wylder has definitely swept us off our feet again with The Billionaire s Virgin We are on a journey with Bonnie as she put s her virginity up for sale on a site in order to pay for her grandmother s care and school Bonnie has no idea the response she has till the next day and has 372 notification One sender get s her attention at 500,000.00 and so Pierce enter s her life Pierce is a workaholic and of course our alpha male who wines and dines Bonnie When will the deed be done Bonnie and Pie [...]

    10. I have read a couple of books by this author previously that were just ok for me but I snapped this up on impulse as a freebie and was pleasantly surprised by how much I really enjoyed this one.

    11. Can you say panty melting hote chemistry between Pierce and Bonnie was scorching hot Loved everything about this book

    12. I ve read very few stories with this theme, a girl selling her V card to the highest bidder They re usually interesting and highly exciting This one is that and, luckily, fun and intriguing, too.The girl, a nursing student with a Grandmother with health issues, sets herself up for auction in a funny, unorthodox way And the subsequent steps tumble down in a captivating fashion The man in question has very strict stipulations to get his prize, so the dialogues between them end up being provocative [...]

    13. I don t know how she does it but Penny some how manages to get better and better with every book.I know I can t believe she can beat perfection either but she manages it some how.This is a fantastic 5 star book you will love to curl up with and spend a few hours reading.I really enjoyed the storyline of this book and I love the dynamic between Bonnie and Pierce and I especially enjoyed reading them fall for each other without them knowing.Feelings are crazy sometimes and it takes really opening [...]

    14. Didn t really hold my attentionI usually like Penny Wylder books, but this one had me flipping through the pages quickly trying to finish it I didn t really care too much for either of the character Neither had that something g that wanted me to cheer for them.

    15. Total nope for me Pierce was a jerk, Bonnie was a wimp, the relationship was ridiculous and the word slut was used way too much The saving grace was it was well written and the sex scenes were hot, but overall, I am not feeling this one.

    16. Excellent read that kept me entertained from beginning to end Loved it and would read from this author.

    17. 3.5 Stars Bonnie has two issues she needs taken care of, and thanks to a somewhat joking suggestion from her friend, Erin, she may have found a way to do both at once Bonni s Grandmother, the woman who raised her since she lost her Mom at the age of eight, is sick and needs some long term, expensive, help and the only thing Bonnie truly has of any value is her virginity So she impulsively decides to join a dating website that pairs rich men looking for younger women.When Bonnie checks her profil [...]

    18. Desperately needing a huge amount of money , she created an account on a website where ladies sell their virginity for a price She expected it to be a one time deal, finally get rid of her v card, and then pay off all her mountain load of bills and debts But she didn t expect that the highest bidder would not only be filthy rich but sinfully handsome And he wanted to take his timeTHE BILLIONAIRE S VIRGIN is a super hot billionaire romance about a woman who found a sexy as sin billionaire online [...]

    19. Meh The book is ok However, I don t know how other people define the virginity for me, a gal who has played herself with a dildo isn t really a virgin If the author wants to display a virgin, it should be one who has no experience what so ever with a dick or an artificial one And the virgin seems too eager that it s hard to believe she really is a virgin.I although gave this book a shot because the sex scenes in the beginning of this book is hot However, the author seems to drag on and in about [...]

    20. 4.5 Stars Wow, this was a departure from the last few Penny Wylder books I ve read They ve all been hot, but this goes to a whole new level Bonnie is desperate for cash to keep her grandmother in the care facility she needs On a whim she signs up to an online site offering her virginity to the highest bidder She quickly catches Pierce s attention, and there s no doubt he s making the rules and setting the pace, though their bargain ends up being so much than either expected.This was a fast and [...]

    21. I received this ARC for honest review What do you do when you need money fast Of course you sell your virginity even though Bonnie was sure she did the right thing by posting an ad on a website she couldn t resist 500k offer by a drop dead gorgeous manwhat starts out as a business transactions quickly turn in a HEAe only thing that bothered me was they proclaimed their love after only knowing each other for a week but hey that s why it s called fiction

    22. If you are looking for sex and I don t mean just vanilla, I mean the kind that is hot, sweaty, make you scream and your toes curl, then download this one now I just found my Penny Wylder favorite Yes, we could all see what was going to happen and probably how it would turn out in the end but all the good stuff in between is what will get your motor running The Billionaire s Virgin is so good that I read it on KU and then I went and bought it Loved it

    23. I enjoyed this sexy, tease of a book so much so that I wish it were several chapters longer Bonnie and Pierce had this natural, chemistry that was gentle, sweet, hot, and rough all at the same time I love that characters weren t humping away every other page there were actual emotions involved.I voluntarily received this ARC in exchange for an honest review


    25. So freaking hot Well this short story was jammed packed with really hot steamy moments Bonnie needs money to help her grandmother at a nursing home She goes online and signs up to loose her virginity She meets Pierce.

    26. HmmmmI m kind of at a lost with this one Usually Penny is a no brainer with one clicking But this time I m left with wanting Maybe its just me, but it really felt like this story line has been done WAY too many times Hoping the next one redeems Mrs Wylder as one of my one click favorites again.

    27. 2.5 StarsWasn t really a big fan of this book, the characters lack a lot of personalities and the story didn t intrigue me.

    28. I voluntarily reviewed this book after receiving an ARC With that being said, I enjoyed the book I liked how even though Bonnie was a virgin, she had these dirty thoughts and fantasies I was a sex obsessed virgin teenager with the same thoughts and was nervous, like her, to truly tap into them as well Watching her struggle to come to terms with her sexual predilections made me feel like maybe I wasn t alone as a kid I liked how she still stood her ground when she felt the way she did when the cl [...]

    29. You will rarely hear me say I wish a book was longer I like a quick read and this fit the bill, but in this case, there was room for The story is complete, I walked away feeling I knew the characters, and I buy the HEA Go into it knowing that it s going to go fast and enjoy.

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