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The Woggle-Bug Book #2020

The Woggle Bug Book One day Mr H M Woggle Bug became separated from his comrades who had accompanied him from the Land of Oz Finding that time hung heavy on his hands and he had four of them he decided to walk down the

  • Title: The Woggle-Bug Book
  • Author: L. Frank Baum
  • ISBN: 9781606640081
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Woggle-Bug Book By L. Frank Baum, One day, Mr H M Woggle Bug, became separated from his comrades who had accompanied him from the Land of Oz Finding that time hung heavy on his hands and he had four of them he decided to walk down the Main Street of the City and try to discover something or other of interest So begins the adventures of the largest Woggle Bug you have ever seen if you have evOne day, Mr H M Woggle Bug, became separated from his comrades who had accompanied him from the Land of Oz Finding that time hung heavy on his hands and he had four of them he decided to walk down the Main Street of the City and try to discover something or other of interest So begins the adventures of the largest Woggle Bug you have ever seen if you have ever seen even one in a thoroughly modern 1905 American city strutting down the street, his pink handkerchief in hand, his cane swirling only to fall in love with the most stirringly enchanting beauty in a window

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    1 thought on “The Woggle-Bug Book

    1. was Baum senile when he wrote this one this is the worst Baum that i ve ever read, the absolute worst thank our merciful Lord On High that this is as short as it is uninteresting if you want to read some obscure Baum, try the surprisingly acidic morality tale Policeman Bluejay now that is a real bit of buried treasure there on the other hand, Woggle Bug Book just needs to be buried, period.

    2. So im reading all the Oz books plus the side books but feeling a little sick so review to come when i m feeling better

    3. Doma Publishing s Wizard of Oz collection has taken me several years to read with my son at bedtime It was interesting revisiting the texts that I read swiftly through my youth, as I was about his age when I read them and remembered little beyond some of the characters that don t appear in any of the books I picked up a copy of this version since, for 99c, I could have the complete series along with All the original artwork by the great illustrator W.W Denslow over 1,000 classic illustrations , [...]

    4. I m glad this one was just a short story The Woggle Bug showed up in OZ book 2, and I found him quite amusing I love that is full name is HM Woggle Bug, TE Highly Magnified and Thoroughly Educated And I thought that the other characters in that book treated him horribly.But as for him holding his own book Not so much It s a good reminder of the fact that most timeless works are set outside of our reality Case in point, take an Oz character in a book written in 1904 and stick him in New York.This [...]

    5. N it was ok But, not much to go with the story It is as the title saysjust about the Woggle Bug It s not really needed before moving onto Ozma.Bug wants dress Works to get money Back to store to purchase dress Uhoh, lady gets dress first Is she the wax lady Can the bug buy her Hmmm

    6. This has to be the most uncomfortable I ve ever been while reading a kids story I mean, holy racism, Batman I understand that the story is over 110 years old, but the racist overtones were too much Definitely would never recommend to anyone.

    7. I don t understand why this book is rated so poorly.The story is about an eccentric wobble bug Mr H.M Woggle Bug, T.E Highly Magnified and Thoroughly Educated who falls in love with a beautiful dress and can t seem to help following it around the city as it gets sold and traded from one owner to the next A series of mishaps finds him stranded halfway around the world and he tries to make his way back home with the remnants of his beloved dress.It might not be the best book I ve ever read, but I [...]

    8. Audiobook I do want to start adding T.E to the end of my name However, this book was written in 1905 and was meant to stay in 1905, mostly just a pulp fiction set in the world of Oz.

    9. Cute little story A bit outdated but would make for a great cartoon Though it isn t labeled as one on here is it still an Oz spin off.

    10. There s not much to really say about this book, which makes sense because there s not actually a whole lot to this book It is a tiny bit odd at the start when the Woggle Bug is inexplicably in America now, though apparently when I looked into it this all made sense at the time as this is technically a spinoff to a bunch of comic strips that I never read and never thought to find, wherein a bunch of Oz characters go to America for a bit The upshot of this is that this book can be safely skipped [...]

    11. The Woggle Bug Book is not precisely part of the Oz books as it doesn t take place in Oz or really have anything to do with Oz other than the Woggle Bug Actually, the book is adapted from the musical adaptation of the second Oz book, The Marvelous Land of Oz Well, loosely adapted The Woggle Bug is a supporting character in Marvelous Land, but it sounds like much of the plot of the musical is related specifically to the Woggle Bug and his love for a dress, which is what the book is about except s [...]

    12. A couple of days back I read The wonderful Wizard of Oz and was pretty intrigued after reading the introduction to the book The book is good, no doubt about that and I gave the deserved 4 stars to it but even after completing the book the facts pertaining to Baum kept on haunting me Here was an author who gave the world one of the most talked about book and characters and he is claimed to be writing just for the profits That s what is cited the reason that he wrote about 12 sequels to the first [...]

    13. Genre ClassicChildren sSummary Blurb s The Woggle Bug has a series of misadventures trying to possess a dress made from cloth of the bright colors he so dearly loves The Woggle Bug Book features the broad ethnic humor that was accepted and popular in its era, and which Baum employed in various works 6 The Woggle Bug, who favors flashy clothes with bright colors he dresses in gorgeous reds and yellows and blues and greens and carries a pink handkerchief , falls in love with a gaudy Wagnerian plai [...]

    14. This very short incidental fragment of the Oziverse is a work I would doubtless never have encountered without the wonders of e book technology, yay technology The humour relies largely on the funny behaviour of the various sorts of peculiar furriners one might find inhabited a seething American metropolis of the early years of last century but the most peculiar furriner of all is of course H M Woggle Bug, T E of whom too much is never enough The Woggle Bug is well known for his addiction to pun [...]

    15. The Woggle Bug Book chronicles the adventures of The Woggle Bug from a previous Oz book by L Frank Baum The first half of the book is spent by the Woggle Bug chasing around the love of his life which happens to be a checkered dress he sees in a store window There can be some conclusions drawn from the story that contrast to clothes don t make the man but that s another story I primarily didn t enjoy this book because I don t like the character of The Woggle Bug I find him shallow, annoying, and [...]

    16. As much as I enjoy reading Baum s stories about Oz, this story does not take place in the Land of Oz, but rather in our world The book had some promise as an Alice in Wonderland type story, but fell out of my grace with its flat characters and tiringly repetitive plot Further, the characters that the giant bug the Woggle Bug meets are stereotypes of non white people He uses degrading language, and belittles other cultures I know that some fans of this book may say that Baum was only a part of th [...]

    17. This story is vaguely moralistic the daemons of selfishness, envy, hatred, and malice all their caves lead to the daemon of repentance, who lets you out into the fresh air and sunshine , and kind of odd The daemons want to capture Santa Claus so they ll get lots of visitors due to his lovely gifts, children are happy and generous, rather than selfish or envious or you get the picture First they try to tempt him into their caves, but Santa is too clever and virtuous for them Finally, they decide [...]

    18. When it comes to the Oz series, this is a stone that may be best left unturned As fond as I am of Mr H M Woggle Bug T E this was an odd tangent which does not really end up doing him or Baum any justice The Woggle bug s dandyism takes over all else here as he falls in love with a pattern in the form of a ladies suit on a mannequin and hijinks ensue as he chases it all over the city Unfortunately, to a contemporary reader, the pretty blatant stereotyping in the form of heavily caricatured depicti [...]

    19. Definitely the least interesting of all the Oz stories But it was super short I didn t think it was quite as offensive as some people made it sound in their other reviews, although by today s standards it is definitely not politically correct There were people of several different nationalities represented and the stuff they said was written in a way to try to show their accents That said, the story itself just wasn t that interesting I d five it 2.5 stars if I could, but it s not quite a 3 star [...]

    20. Much like the first couple Adventures of Tintin books, The Woggle Bug Book is really for mature completionists only While there is some genuinely clever wordplay and the illustrations are great, there is a lot of wince worthy racial and national stereotype based humor Still, I m glad I read it not because of my completionist tendencies, but because of fabric described as having a check so loud the Fashion Designers called it Wagnerian Plaid As a huge Wagner fan as well I know, I really can pick [...]

    21. Uhm, what We were really looking forward to reading this, but it wasn t really that entertaining Just very odd, the Woggle Bug just keeps chasing after a dress and terrifying the poor girls wearing it There s also a couple of highly offensive racial slurs I don t believe in editing books, but rather explain about the time period and how people thought, but this was a subject my husband and I had decided to table for a year or two when my husband wanted to read him Huck Finn and we decided to rea [...]

    22. Read it because it is next in the Audible set I got Not my favorite story so far Daughter thought it was funny in places, but I m glad it was a short story, only about 50 pages or so The Woggle Bug is arrogantly stupid, but does not know he is I almost felt like it was just a marketing attempt by Baum as his popularity had increased from the first 2 books Skimmed through it quickly Certainly a lot of ethnic figurative speech from the turn of the 20th century, but it is what it is, it did not det [...]

    23. Sooooo, the first two Oz books I read were whimsical fairy tales I enjoyed them, however this book is just silly I gave it two stars because I like the Woggle Bug, but that is pretty much the only reason for the two stars I realize the book had been written in the early 1900 s, but I still found it disturbing that there were racial slurs in a children s book.This will not keep me from reading the Oz books In the first two there were no slurs, so I am thinking as long as the story is in Oz and no [...]

    24. This was a very random story to start off with But following and trying to make sense of what was written was not made easy by typing errors spelling mistakes And even mysteriously, there are regular weird summary spoiler paragraphs I wondered throughout my reading if they were chapter titles No, that made no sense So I can only conclude that they are captions for pictures that were missing Glad I didn t pay for this.

    25. Pretty darn bad The Oz books are fanciful anyway, but this particular one is way past fanciful to the point of being just plain silly The dialects used in the book to portray different ethnic groups is pretty discouraging, so all in all, didn t enjoy the book, and didn t feel any better for having finished it Not recommended There are many better books in the Oz series out there.

    26. The Woggle Bug, a minor character in the second Oz book, gets his own short story set in the real world Wildly absurdist, it seemed like a writing exercise never destined for publication two casual racial slurs included Three stars simply for being crazy enough to make me think of a couple of Monty Python sketches while reading, but otherwise not a particularly worthwhile story.

    27. Bizarre A rather odd character fromThe Marvelous Land of Oz H.M Woggle Bug, T.E ends up back in our world and falls in love with a dress made of Wagnerian Plaids As the dress changes owners, H.M follows it and tries to win it s love Quite silly Even my kids thought it was weird.

    28. Fuck, my favorite character from that highly magnified tripe, Oz 2 sucks thoroughly educated balls in his own story Though, to be fair, I ve humped my share of pretty plaid coats So I totally get it.Tags sexy cloth, coat humping, racism, high magnification, thorough educations, name dropping of people i ve never heard of, ties, bearicades

    29. A fun kids s story, fantastical in that it s about a giant, highly intelligent bug Readers may choke a bit on the use of what we consider today to be racial slurs, but put in the context of when the book was written it is plain to see that those words weren t intended to slander An enjoyable read for all ages.

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