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Stay Above a kingdom of kink rules an alpha who s fought for his family since the beginning Sterling Holt owner of kink club The Shepherd has given all he has to keep his family together But after years

  • Title: Stay
  • Author: Piper Scott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Stay By Piper Scott, Above a kingdom of kink rules an alpha who s fought for his family since the beginning Sterling Holt, owner of kink club The Shepherd, has given all he has to keep his family together But after years of hard work raising his much younger sister, his nest is empty and so is his heart.Beneath the weight of his own guilt aches an omega who can t see salvation Proud, cocky,Above a kingdom of kink rules an alpha who s fought for his family since the beginning Sterling Holt, owner of kink club The Shepherd, has given all he has to keep his family together But after years of hard work raising his much younger sister, his nest is empty and so is his heart.Beneath the weight of his own guilt aches an omega who can t see salvation Proud, cocky, and outspoken, on the surface it looks like Adrian Lowe has it all but beneath his prickly facade lurks something darker Something painful Something he can only escape during weekends at The Shepherd He will never forgive himself for what he s lost But the lost can be found again When one night of scorchingly intense passion binds two lonely souls together, Adrian and Sterling will either have to sever ties and give in to their loneliness, or admit that what they ve found in each other is worth staying for Stay is a 78,000 word BDSM flavored novel set following the events of Obey and Beg With this much snark, power play, and pain pleasure, it can be read as a standalone, but it s best read as a sequel.

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      Piper Scott

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    1. I so want Gabriel s story after this one a very powerful potential.I m really loving these there is some classic ABO here but it comes with characters who are pretty vivid to me Yes stereotypes but they are also broken The sex is hot and the way the two MC s here come together and what it takes had me wanting to stay on the plane to finish

    2. Stay by Piper Scott is the third book in the M M Omegaverse series I enjoyed this book I didn t really care though for Adrian or Sterling I liked parts of both of them, but as a whole, I didn t really care for them I liked Sterling as a parent to his baby sister that he raised and his home office that has all of her artwork up I didn t really like how people thought that he had a harem and how they perceived him, especially when it wasn t true I also didn t like him as a Dom and when he blackmai [...]

    3. WowThis wasofound, in a sense It s always interesting to see how a villainy character is redeemed And it reminds us that in real life, people we think are bad rude evil nasty etcetc are really just very hurt misunderstood damaged people and need understanding and patience than most What I like about Adrian and Sterling s story here was, the issues were worked through They weren t glossed over and magically fixed by love It took a lot of patience and insight on Sterling s part to help Adrian hea [...]

    4. I enjoyed this one then the first quite a bit it was pretty emotional to read i felt so sad for gabriel i really hope the next book is his

    5. 4.5 stars Firstly, this book is book 3 of a series, and although it is best to read the first two, it isn t a necessity We are back in the club, but now Adrian gets his story with the owner of the Shepherd I adored Sterling, but I never really warmed to Adrian I mean you can sort of understand why he acts the way he does because we get his back story, but the way he treats Sterling all throughout the book was abhorrent Sterling had the patience of a saint, Adrian had so much going on in his life [...]

    6. I want everyone to read this book it has SUCH a different take on the whole alpha omega thing Adrian is NO helpless omega He is snarky, angry, complex, often dominant, but when his walls come down, he is fiercely loyal and loving I ADORED him And Sterling is PERFECT for him His focus is on making sure that Adrian gets what he needs, even if that means switching up the traditional alpha omega D s roles a bit Sterling loves Adrian s wit and snark and fierceness, and right from the start, he sees p [...]

    7. This series keeps getting better I liked the second book, but this one knocked it out of the park Great dynamic and a wonderful change of the alpha omega clich s The author did a wonderful job of making Adrian, who was such an asshole in book two, likable After seeing his pain and background, it all made sense Super hot sex scenes and a great D s dynamic that was wonderfully different A little heartbreaking side plot with Adrian s brother than I cannot wait to read about in the next book.

    8. This story is so full of angst There are so many emotions you feel while reading this book You are standing on the outside of the story, looking in and you want to so badly reach into the story and help both Adrian and his brother Gabriel Adrian show up in the previous story, Obey And frankly, he was an ass He treated Lucian so abominably He was bitter and cruel and I hated him So, I was intrigued to see how the author was going to remake him into a lovable character Who would be strong enough t [...]

    9. OMG, I am so completely obsessed with this series Amazingly enough, every book is better than the last, and this just might be my favorite one until the next one comes out, that is This book has such an endearing plot, outstanding writing, and bigger than life characters These characters, so authentic and courageous, just draw you right into the story, and before you know it, you re beyond obsessed with their lives and relationships I know I certainly am The journey to love for Sterling and Adri [...]

    10. Stay by author Piper Scott is an intense read I liked the BDSM elements to it, it really brought the story together in a powerful way The characters have a strong storyline that keeps me turning the pages wondering what will happen next.This story is set in the Omegaverse, and is the third book in this universe It should be read in order We have characters from the other stories and this story is built on previous storylines.I particularly like that about this book Allows me to have a in depth [...]

    11. This is a fantastic series overall but I think that Stay comes down as my favourite, it is a moving story of healing, self discovery and redemption from past wrongs When we first met Adrian in the previous book I thought he was just selfish and petulant but once I got to know his story in Stay my heart actually ached for him There really is no excuse to treat people the way he did but the reason behind it makes it easier to understand and forgive He was just in so much pain himself that lashing [...]

    12. The best book yet This story was terrific I was initially unsure how Adrian s character could be redeemed and if I would be able to like him after his behavior in the prior book The way that his history was explored really opened my eyes to him as a character He acted standoffish, judgmental, and rude because of his past Sterling is able to break down the walls Adrian has built around himself in the most beautiful way possible By using positivity and pleasure Sterling helps Adrian which in turn [...]

    13. So, recently, I read a BDSM book by an author who I normally like and was very disappointed by how formulaic it was So a friend recommended I read this I read the blurb and thought, ugh, so an Omega who s a Dom, will be forced to submit presumably end up liking it , it ll be all feisty Adrian wouldn t submit to anyone but Sterling, how romantic and Omega gender norms will be restored But, but it wasn t that at all Ohhhh shit, Piper Scott does exactly what I hoped for when I read the other disapp [...]

    14. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.I recommend that you have at least read Beg as the events in that book impact the beginning of this book.I m a little on the fence about this book I really didn t like Adrian in Beg, and while understanding his background helps to make him a bit likable, I still wasn t a big fan of his by the end of this book I feel like the change was just too fast for me to real believe it I m also not sure that I really got the romance between Adrian [...]

    15. This was the third in the series and by far it was the best I was given an advance copy to review and was happy to receive it This story has a few arcs from the previous 2 books but it is not necessary to read the other two to read this one The story revolves around Adrian, a damaged young man, forced to be someone he really isn t to cover up from his past and how by happenstance, becomes involved with Sterling, the owner of the Kink bar he attends regularly Also, part of the story is Adrian s b [...]

    16. I m voluntarily reviewing a free advance reader copy I received from the author.It took me a little bit to get into this story Adrian was a real jerk in the last book, and he started out completely unlovable in this book While the beginning chapter got me to have some small feelings for him, I really did not like his character Sterling, on the other hand, was so calm, cool, and collected, and he was a breath of fresh air after dealing with Adrian Sterling was exactly what Adrian needed to help g [...]

    17. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Oh, goodness This book was so wonderful and well written that I read it in one sitting I don t think words can describe how much I loved it Sterling and Adrian are such amazing characters that made me fall in love with them instantly Adrian is the type of character I want to learn about He has been through a lot and still keeps his head up even though he had some moments when his confidence was down and didn t trust Sterling [...]

    18. A little heart wrenching, a lot hopefulIt took me a while to like Adrian maybe because his actions were so despicable against Lucian in the previous book I also didn t really understand the dynamic between Adrian Sterling through most of the book I d have liked to see of Adrian submitting to Sterling and finding freedom in doing so.My heart felt like it was breaking seeing how Gabriel was so brainwashed and how Adrian had accepted the blame for everything bad that had ever happened to the Lowe [...]

    19. I Didn t Want to Leave I loved this book I thought the characters were well developed and the action wasn t rushed I only wish that I could say the same for Sterling and Clarissa I hope the authors delve further into the Lowe family background and dynamics when they write Gabriel s story and they have to write his story One of the signs of a good storyteller is buying into the characters and their psyches, even if they are or especially if they are damaged Adrian and Gabriel are damaged in ways [...]

    20. this was freakin amazing seriously amazing i love piper scott s work so much but this right here was perfection for me i mean this series was wonderful with bed and obey but stay oh man it was superb i love love love sterling he is an amazing alpha he is an amazing man he is an amazing and sweet and loving person who chose to be who he needed to be for an omega who was mean and spiteful but had so much hurt going on that noone could see adrian is amazing he is wonderful and he is mean and evil a [...]

    21. Unique and UnexpectedThis book did not go at all like I thought it would, and I don t know if I loved it for that or not I disliked Adrian in the previous book, and it was heartbreaking reading about what he went through and why he did what he did Sterling turned out not to be anything like he appeared either Great story like we ve come to expect in this series, and well written Unique take on power exchanges and forms of dominance, that really intrigued me While overall this book wasn t really [...]

    22. After his brother s disappearance, Adrian is trapped in a web of guilt and self loathing He blames himself for it, and his mother blames him too He s not welcome in his own home The only place where he can find temporary oblivion is The Shepherd , a Dom sub club where he plays an unusual role Despite being an omega, he s a Dom who is forcing his own pain on others It s the only part of his life he has control of When Adrian breaks a club rule and is threatened with being expelled, he s sure he w [...]

    23. This This right here is the best one yet in this series Not only was Adrian redeemed, he became someone I cheered on as he struggled And Sterlingwow what strength of character and self he has Two men so suited for each other I m telling you this is one book you really should read This is why I love Piper Scott So much packed in this story and so fluidly done If I could I d give it ten stars I was given the privilege and opportunity to receive an advanced reader copy and I am voluntarily leaving [...]

    24. I committed a major sin with this book, I got caught up with real life and forgot to leave a review I loved the characters Adrian and Sterling were real likable characters They had their faults and their past pains They were three dimensional I liked reading their story I like the authors writing The scenes were vivid and full of passion The cover was well crafted I liked its colors I received this as an arc.

    25. I love this book Beautifully written story that had me feeling all the emotions right along with the characters Sterling and Adrian are wonderful characters that I fell in love with from the very beginning Adrian is not your typical omega which I think is great Adrian is a wonderful alpha who really cares about Adrian and has a lot of patience in helping him through his issues A truly wonderful MUST READ I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    26. Stay by Piper Scott This is the third book of the series and the third book I ve read by Piper I love this series and I think the books just keep getting better and better They have all gone on my favorites list This book being the best yet Love the characters and the storylines Sterling and Adrian are the main characters in this story and I would love to read about them This is definitely a must read series

    27. Just amazing.Best yet This book was such an emotional rollercoaster Just cheering on Adrian as he starts to overcome his past, and letting his guard down Sterling stayed by Adrian through it all Such a great couple that has so much to over come yet proves that a family is what you make it, and that you can be happy.

    28. So Loved ThisAdrian is just the type of Omega I like, a firecracker I love Omegas with attitude, and the fact that Sterling let s him dominate him is a bonus The sexy scenes in this were just hot I do feel sorry for Sterling s balls though I need of these two

    29. I really enjoyed the fact that this book wasn t obvious in its plot and when I expected something to happen it sometimes changed completely I love that in a book I did feel that it waffled a wee bit so I tended to skim read a few pages lots of internal monologuing which I m not a big fan of.Great amount of dirty sex talk, which I AM a fan of though so overall 3 stars from me X

    30. StayAs always Piper makes amazing flawed characters and their stories into even amazing reading I loved every page of this book I love that she changes up the usual Dom Alpha and was able to make it work in a way I ve never read before.

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