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Roses for Mama #2020

Roses for Mama A captivating story of a young girl who must assume responsibility for raising her younger siblings As the challenges intensify she is determined to raise them as her mother would have wanted

  • Title: Roses for Mama
  • Author: Janette Oke
  • ISBN: 9780764202469
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback
  • Roses for Mama By Janette Oke, A captivating story of a young girl who must assume responsibility for raising her younger siblings As the challenges intensify, she is determined to raise them as her mother would have wanted.

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      Janette Oke

    1 thought on “Roses for Mama

    1. I needed a quick read, comforting good story, and I almost always find that with Jenette Oke s Christian fiction This was not a disappointment, in fact I realized that I d read it before, but it s one I mostly enjoyed I love the advice she quotes from her mother, and will put one of them up where I can see it often, Never desipse a taskyou re either creating something or making something better I appreciate that.I did get frustrated with the unrealistic expectation that the girl has of trying to [...]

    2. I love this book This is the first book that I have read of Janette Oke and it was fabulous I love her as an author She has great examples in her books and her characters are wonderful The Women of the West Series is wonderful I recommend these books to everyone

    3. This is my second time reading Roses for Mama It is just one of those spending a relaxed day reading type of books for me The first time I read it, I was annoyed with Angela and her choices Since I knew the conclusion this time, I could endure it just well and was able to focus on of the behind the scenes workings on It remains one of my favorite Janette Oke books, which is amusing, because I don t like backstory there was an entire chapter backstory and I don t care for being told rather than [...]

    4. I just finished this read for about the dozenth time This time I got to read it out loud and enjoy it with my daughter I love this book It touches the heart and has a great faith message My daughter really enjoyed it We were able to have some good talks about it as well There is just nothing like reading a Janette Oke book

    5. As with all of Janette Oke s books Roses For Mama was a wonderful book to read It was a somewhat sad story of how 5 children were left without parents and how the two oldest were trying to teach the children everything they needed for life as well as their parent s faith It made me appreciate my parents after reading it A great book

    6. my first Janette Oke novel I m sure most people find this book simple and sappy but I love the goodness in it Instead of trying to rid my mind of bad words or images the book put in, I find myself remembering the sweet story of a family left parentless and the love story of Angela and Thane.

    7. I loved reading this sweet book You follow Angela as she cares for her younger siblings Like any girl she dreams of having her own family and a husband to love her With God s help she learns which paths to take It is a good book for a rainy day.

    8. One of my favourite Janette Oke books It is so sweet Though, reading it again for the first time in many years, I really wanted to tell Angela to stop worrying and to stop being so hard on herself Happily Thomas eventually did it for me

    9. This was a very easy read I read it in one sitting, while travelling on the train to Sydney I had it finished just as we came into the outer suburbs of Sydney I was wondering about the title though until the very end.

    10. Beautiful story from Janette Oke, about the family who loses their parents and how the two oldest step up to raise their younger siblings Warm and fuzzy story with a little romance Look forward to reading the others in this series.

    11. There s something about this sweet and simple story that makes this book very special and one of my absolute favourite books So I keep on re reading it

    12. 3.5 starsJanette Oke has such a sweet, pure way of storytelling I enjoyed this book because of it s simplicity I read it quickly and felt refreshed when I was done.

    13. This book will hold a special place in my heart I loved it so much Tears of sadness and joy were definitely shed while reading this.

    14. Another book that I read to Diana We can t do much any after her stroke, so I read to her to spend time together Diana has always loved to have someone to read to her and I like to do just that.A story of teenagers raising their younger siblings after their parents pass away in the old west The ending is predictable, but is a nice story Diana enjoyed the book, it ended as she wanted I asked her how many stars, she said four so it is.

    15. This was a well written story The difficulties of this family losing both parents and being raised by older siblings was very well done Janette Oke is one of my favorite authors.

    16. oh, what a nice story so heartwarming, the Godly lessons that Angela speaks are very well written and while reading this you will be reminded of how Gods wants us to act and live out our life for him this book you will witness hardship, relationships, hard decisions, and love toward one anotheris is a book for all ages and even a girl boy of 7 8 would enjoy it and most definitely benefit

    17. 3.5 STARS Review originally posted at Fictionally Inclined I probably never would have picked this book up on my own For one, the copy at our library is so mangled and tape covered that it just makes me sad For another, I did not think I was in a Christian historical romance mood Lucky for me, my friend Lynne is absolutely crazy about Thane, the older brother s best friend turned love interest in this book She reminded me that I should read it So I picked it up I m so glad I did I adore Oke s Lo [...]

    18. Roses for Mama is a historical romance set in western Canada during it s pioneer period It s a part of a series, but each book stands alone and is about a totally new group of people.This novel was a fun, short read There was enough setting and historical detail to create a somewhat vague background for the events The story was mainly about Angela struggling to deal with the pressures and doubts of raising her siblings while fearing her older brother will leave her to handle this alonet wanting [...]

    19. A sweet, poignant, story of a family of siblings who s parent s die and leave the two oldest to finish caring for and raising the three younger when they aren t very old themselves.It goes through the doubts, fears and struggles of siblings vs parents, and hit me in a very real way because like the Mother though not dyeing I have been bedridden for four years now and my children starting at ages 13,9 8 had to step up to the plate and take over my cooking and chores And now at 18, almost 13 and 1 [...]

    20. I just finished Roses For Mama, and it was a sweet book Angela and her brother, Thomas, have been put in responsibility of their three younger siblings after losing their parents.This was a very good book, but since I prefer adventure and all, it wasn t my most favorite But it was good, as I said.Thane is just so wonderful Such a gentleman, and the perfect picture of the chivalrous men of that time I thought it was so sweet when he gave Angela the peppermints sigh So, I ll probably be reading o [...]

    21. It has been three years since their parents death Seventeen year old Angela and her nineteen year old brother Thomas work hard to keep the farm running and raise their three young siblings, but are their efforts enough Angela worries that she will not train her charges as well as her mother would When a wealthy man comes to town and begins courting her, Angela dreams of a new future for all of them But when Carter realizes she plans to bring her family with her, he calls of the wedding Will Ange [...]

    22. Thoughts on the entire series.Overall, Women of the West is my favorite series that I ve read so far by Oke, where I really reveled in what the author had to bring in all of her sweet, warm, and simplistic glory However, the books aren t only warm fuzzies, as Oke does deal with some tough, and even some potentially controversial, issues, giving the reader some points to chew on but doing it in her warm style.I ve read most of the books in the series than once maybe even three times, with The Me [...]

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