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Songs of a Dead Dreamer #2020

Songs of a Dead Dreamer Songs of a Dreamer was Thomas Ligotti s first collection of supernatural horror stories When originally published in by Harry Morris s Silver Scarab Press the book was hardly noticed In an

  • Title: Songs of a Dead Dreamer
  • Author: Thomas Ligotti
  • ISBN: 9780881847215
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
  • Songs of a Dead Dreamer By Thomas Ligotti, Songs of a Dreamer was Thomas Ligotti s first collection of supernatural horror stories When originally published in 1985 by Harry Morris s Silver Scarab Press, the book was hardly noticed In 1989, an expanded version appeared that garnered accolades from several quarters Writing in the Washington Post, the celebrated science fiction and fantasy author Michael SwanwickSongs of a Dreamer was Thomas Ligotti s first collection of supernatural horror stories When originally published in 1985 by Harry Morris s Silver Scarab Press, the book was hardly noticed In 1989, an expanded version appeared that garnered accolades from several quarters Writing in the Washington Post, the celebrated science fiction and fantasy author Michael Swanwick extolled Put this volume on the shelf right between H P Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe Where it belongs The revisions in the present volume of Songs of a Dead Dreamer have been calculated to make its stories into enhanced incarnations of the originals This edition is and will remain definitive.For those already familiar with the stories in Songs of a Dead Dreamer, an invitation is extended to return to them in their ultimate state For those new to the collection, it is submitted to engage them with some of the most extraordinary tales of their kind In either case, this publication of Songs of a Dead Dreamer offers evidence for why Ligotti has been judged to be among the most important authors in the history of supernatural horror.

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    1. To my mind, a well developed sense of humor is the surest indication of a person s humanity, no matter how black and bitter that humor may be Thomas LigottiThis is the first published collection by contemporary American horror fiction writer Thomas Ligotti born in 1953 To provide a sense of the richness of the author s style and plot development, here are my comments on one of my favorite tales from the collection As convoluted and multifaceted as an intricate Chinese box puzzle, Dream of a Mani [...]

    2. Ligotti was still learning his craft when this early anthology was published, and he had not yet perfected his cold, eccentric narrative voice or his talent for selecting only the most evocative and terrifying details Many of these stories are pretty conventional, with just a hint of extra nastiness and a whiff of the terrors of the abyss The Frolic and Alice s Last Adventure are examples of such transitional stories Toward, the end of the book, however, Ligotti shows us some pieces in the matur [...]

    3. Ligotti is a master with words He creates the mood he wants and lets you gently sink into the black waters of his stories rather than force you down His writing is captivating, while the very nature of his subjects is haunting Clearly influenced by Lovecraft and Poe, he doesn t seem to merely imitate them but takes the best of them and reshapes it into a form of his own ButApart from 2 3 of his stories, most of them were mediocre Not bad, not exceptional This tired me at some point, which led me [...]

    4. SONGS OF A DEAD DREAMER SoaDD is now my second Ligotti short story collection and while I enjoyed it immensely, I feel as though GRIMSCRIBE his later collection is a bit stronger, story for story I also think overall, Grimscribe s brightest embers such as Harlequin, Shadow, etc smoldered a bit brighter than some of the best stories in SoaDD but really SoaDD was intensely enjoyable.Some key themes, explored by Ligotti, are of course directly related to the void regions of unreality This type of t [...]

    5. This is by far one of the best collections of supernatural horror that I ve ever read At first I was a little off put by Ligotti s flowery often gothic language, but I got used to him playing with styles and using it to his advantage in exploring old horror tropes with new breaths of imagination I got a lot of The King in Yellow vibes in that a frequent topic was whether or not madness was actual insanity or knowledge of a different plane of existence Ligotti s stories are so original, that it w [...]

    6. Reminiscent of the music of Swans, in that much of its power is realized through its relentless adherence to the repetition of themes and imagery, this claustrophobic collection of horror stories from odd duck Thomas Ligotti features twenty tales that strive to demonstrate a view of reality as an absurd and purposeless existence, one in which the individual s autonomy is no than the illusion of life that a marionette may enjoy at the end of its strings No enlightenment awaits Liogtti s processi [...]

    7. What can I say about this book that hasn t already been said Songs of a Dead Dreamer is a heady dose of atmospheric dread, characters grasping onto sanity as they traverse the line in and out of reality Forces in their locales often push them toward uncertainty and paranoia If Songs of A Dead Dreamer were music, it would be the intricately heavy stuff that takes a few listens to get through the layers for the reward.

    8. Because it s out of print although a new edition, combined with Grimscribe His Lives and Works, is due out in October , I paid 75 to own a copy of this the most I ve ever spent for a book Was it worth it Hell yes Did the price deter me from marking it up Hell no I ve dog eared and underlined like a maniac My copy must have spent time incarcerated in a library, as it s laminated, stamped and tagged, making it look like I stole it I like that Now, to begin my long review of the twenty relentlessly [...]

    9. I gave Teatro Grottesco and Grimscribe both five stars and thought the former was the best short story collection I read all last year I can t rate this one quite that highly, but it s still an excellent first collection.There s a little of everything here, one can see Ligotti s dark philosophy throughout most of these stories, sometimes outright, sometimes around the edges Having read two later collections however, some of these feel like dry runs of ideas that would be better developed later L [...]

    10. I had seriously thought that all the great horror classics had already been written years ago, until I ran into Songs of a Dead Dreamer by Thomas Ligotti This collection of horror stories has a strange expressionistic slant, as if all the places of which the author writes resembled the sets of Robert Wiene s The Cabinet of Dr Caligari Although Ligotti is an American, the stories can almost be set anywhere at any time There is not the fruitiness of Lovecraft s style though Ligotti has often been [...]

    11. Ligotti is an acquired taste sort of like Joy Division The first time I read him I didn t think he was any thing special Now, he s my favorite horror writer He exemplifies the Lovecraftian ideal of atmosphere first, everything else second Imagine a horror story about how to write a horror story Notes on the Writing of Horror A Story Dream of a Mannikin, or the Third Person is one of the first stories I read by him and had to reread several time before I got hooked Les Fleurs and The Troubles of [...]

    12. Creepy as fuck and wonderfully written Ligotti s stuff is extremely refreshing, as he s less about scares and gross outs and about instilling a sense of existential dread It took me forever to get through these stories because I couldn t get too far into the collection without starting to feel unsettled as hell and also because I m not used to prose as challenging and rich as this Dream of a Manikin has to be one of the most disturbing and macabre stories I ve ever read, it was like I could fee [...]

    13. I was tempted to give this book only four stars, because it s not quite as strong as later volumes like GRIMSCRIBE or NOCTUARY But the fact remains that even when he s not at his best, Ligotti s work is head and shoulders above the vast majority of authors Hence, five stars.I believe the stories in this collection can be roughly grouped in three tiers.At the top, I place Vastarien and Masquerade of a Dead Sword o tales that can go toe to toe with anything else Ligotti s written In the middle, I [...]

    14. Pick this up is you love dark moody horror, and have no need for gore This collection is an effective counterargument against the position that horror cannot be literature or art This is for folks who want to read Lovecraft but can t make it past his questionable worldviews I can see why Ligotti is regularly called Lovecraft s heir, given the lush prose and the lurid dreamscapes in this volume of short stories While there is a lot time spent with Lovecraft s Dream Cycle which I prefer less than [...]

    15. This is perhaps the finest debut in recent literary history This was my introduction to Ligotti, and is one of those books that stands as a signpost pointing out a specific time and work that changed the face of the weird genre Even then I sensed that this was a major writer major in terms of achievement vs popular success I haven t looked back Every subsequent Ligotti collection has been consistent with this level of quality I just wish the man were prolific Screw moderation Lay it on me, baby [...]

    16. Earlier this year I had a chance to read two of the most recent projects by horror writer Thomas Ligotti contemporary corporate novella My Work Is Not Yet Done and his nonfiction primer on pessimistic philosophies, The Conspiracy Against the Human Race and found both of them to be excellent, really dark and unique stuff that appealed to me as a non fan of this genre So I thought I d take a chance and read up on a bunch of his short fiction too Ligotti has never actually written a single novel in [...]

    17. Ah, Songs of a Dead Dreamer I started reading this maybe a year ago Earlier this year, at any rate Made it through Frolic and Les Fleurs and then stopped Started a couple of times Told everyone about The Frolic Knew about a couple, such as The Chymist though I only recalled portions and Dr Locrian s Asylum and Dreams of a Mannikin though I would say I knew it wrong Just hadn t returned to the source, itself A couple of weeks ago, picked it up, reread it from Les Fleurs , and finished it a day or [...]

    18. Most of these stories feel raw and experimental They seem to be exercises in theme, tone, and voice Similar ideas are recycled across several stories, presented at slightly different angles.All of the selections are weird and disturbing, but just a few are really effective Most offer some interesting tidbits, but are hampered by ostentatious prose and awkward stylistic choices that call attention to themselves There is a marked improvement through the collection, however Alice s Last Adventure, [...]

    19. I ve had this on my shelf for ages waiting to be read, due to passages I saw from the story The Journal of J P Drapeau a few years back There s something hypnotic about Ligotti s short stories, that is to say they evoke the surreal feeling of dreams and handle their horror through the constant, subtle implication of menace The Journal of J P Drapeau in particular is filled with this feeling that the world is watching us and trying to tell us something something not so nice through symbols and im [...]

    20. This rating is not my actual rating My actual rating is 666 10.To be blunt, Ligotti is God It s even in the name LiGOTTi Many things scare the hell out of Stephen King, to the point where being scared by Stephen King just seems like lip service But if King read Ligotti I don t think it would merely scare the hell out of him It would scare the heaven, the God, the angel, the optimism out of him, too.

    21. A few of the stories in this collection are masterpieces The Frolic , Drink to Me Only with Labyrinthine Eyes , The Christmas Eves of Aunt Elise , and Dr Voke and Mr Veech I feel that rest of the book emphasized style over story too much.

    22. I typically have to say about a book I have mixed feelings about than a book that I loved or hated outright It has been a long time since I read a book I hated though, which means I need to branch out In order to really discuss what I think of Ligotti I really need to talk about horror fiction, and in particular the subgenre of horror that Ligotti belongs to, that being existential horror Existential horror, can be described as horror fiction that is meant to portray the inherent terror of the [...]

    23. In a way, it s kind of ridiculous for me to say anything about Thomas Ligotti that hasn t been said A largely overlooked writer when this book was released, he s gotten a long overdue look with the rise of the New Weird and with his influence on True Detective among other things It s deserved.I knew I d like it from the first paragraph of this collection, where Ligotti s writing style is evocative of Lovecraft without falling head first into the typical tropes you expect And while Ligotti is vie [...]

    24. This is the first ligotti book I ve read It s a book of short stories divided into three parts.It starts out a little slow, almost tenderly, in that the stories are very much sure of themselves as opposed to lacking in any way The first third ends by exploding in a fantastic and jarring meta piece The second third continues in a similar vein, mixing contemporary horror stories unafraid to leave things unexplained with another meta piece and some stories that begin to border on weird fiction.The [...]

    25. This book is a collection of weird fiction by Thomas Ligotti which originally appeared in the small press back in the 1980 s Some stories are or less conventional horror For example, one story is about the offspring of a vampire Another story is a Twilight Zone style story about a hypnotist Perhaps the weakest story here is Masquerade of a Dead Sword The story starts well enough it even reminded me of the fiction of Clark Ashton Smith but I am unclear about the major plot points later in that s [...]

    26. Ligotti has been compared to Lovecraft, and I suppose that s a fair enough comparison, but his stories are much disturbing on a purely existential level than Lovecraftor anyone else that I m aware of The human condition, the cosmos, and existence itself are all horrors in Ligotti s extremely dark and pessimistic world, not to mention the fact that we may or may not be dealing with malignant forces utterly beyond our control or understanding These are subtle, well written stories, but they will [...]

    27. I didn t actually understand a few of these Sometimes I felt like I should have been scared than I was And yet many of these stories were legit creepy, morbid and often sad observations of life, dreams, insomnia and just being humans in such a strange world I really enjoyed how well he created mood and how well he was able to involve the reader, many felt like I was with the narrator As if he was telling me his story and I was a kind of fly on the wall to it all A good introduction to this writ [...]

    28. Good collection of short horror stories, in the grand style of H.P Lovecraft I read this book because I found out that DJ Spooky borrowed the title for his first full length record It was good, but not as good as some of Ligotti s other stuff.

    29. It was great to go to Ligotti s beginning and see him write tales which were both unmistakably his, but also a bit conventional in the genre than what he would end up doing later.

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