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The Enchantments Of Flesh And Spirit #2020

The Enchantments Of Flesh And Spirit The first part of Storm Constantine s fantasy epic Wraeththu trilogy establishes how it all started Pellaz and Cal s stories Pellaz is very young just thirteen years living a typically isolated home

  • Title: The Enchantments Of Flesh And Spirit
  • Author: Storm Constantine
  • ISBN: 9780356145488
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Enchantments Of Flesh And Spirit By Storm Constantine, The first part of Storm Constantine s fantasy epic Wraeththu trilogy establishes how it all started Pellaz and Cal s stories.Pellaz is very young, just thirteen years, living a typically isolated homestead existence for the difficult times man is now experiencing, when Cal, a handsome stranger, makes a call Pell recognises something special in Cal, and is tempted by Cal The first part of Storm Constantine s fantasy epic Wraeththu trilogy establishes how it all started Pellaz and Cal s stories.Pellaz is very young, just thirteen years, living a typically isolated homestead existence for the difficult times man is now experiencing, when Cal, a handsome stranger, makes a call Pell recognises something special in Cal, and is tempted by Cal s offer to take him away So Pell makes contact with widely rumoured and feared Wraeththu The Wraeththu prove to be not quite as bad as rumoured, at least not all, but a new race born from a mutation and which can incept new members There is neither male nor female perhaps they could be described hermaphrodite or androgynous, they are the perfect combination of male and female the complete person But to external appearances they are male, and they are remarkably good looking, even beautiful, some exceedingly so They of course mate male with male, and can be either father of hostling mother or vice versa.We follow Pell as he joins other Wraeththu, and is himself incepted, and as he rises through the different levels of Wraeththu Pell is clearly someone special But the course he must follow to attain his full potential is difficult and fraught with danger Cal and Pell travel together, and are devoted to each other, but will their love be able to withstand all the problems ahead.They encounter various other Wraeththu in different tribes, and we gradually gain a greater understanding of the complexity of this new race Some of those we meet are dangerous, even sinister, others, such as Cobweb, are delightful.It all makes for an exciting, moving and magical tale The characterisation is very good, and Constantine Storm has clearly put a great deal of thought into the creation of the Wraeththu, considering all aspects of their physical, mental, and magical make up, along with a complex caste system First class.

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      449 Storm Constantine
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    1. I waited for so long to receive my paperback copy with all three volumes I was excited and expected to spend a pleasant time immersed in it during my spring break yes, my spring break is so crazy and exciting this year I had really high expectations, expecting to love this as I did The Merro Tree, another really old lgbt sci fi that turned out to be such a great find And I was very fascinated with the premise for this series, which essentially is about how the human population is dying off as a [...]

    2. Wraeththu are self sufficient energy organisms We never fall in love, because love does not exist for us in the same way as it does for lower life forms In essence, we are love, expressions of the source of creation.Thiede s speech, telling Pellaz what is a Wraeththu What can I say I just finish this book and I must write some words, convincing you to read it too No, better say, why you shouldn t read it.It s not a romanceAs you may see in the quotation I added, no, it s not a romance Pellaz is [...]

    3. The author has created a world in this book that is beyond compare I am impressed by her boldness in this piece especially for the time period in which it was written The characters are amazingly vivid and although there are anatomy questions that are left unanswered, plot points were connected so that by the end of the book I felt sure of the reasoning and explanation of all the events I am eager to continue this series

    4. Dark fantasy has a great deal in common with the original faerie tales Not the iron jawed heroes cheerrful doormat heroines type cartoons as pushed by Disney, but the older, scarier stories told to children around the fire by the wise ones of the village, warning them of dangers in the forests and enchantments in the lakes and streams Dark fantasy brings our deepest fears and our forbidden fantasies to life Storm Constantine has been one of the authors at the forefront of dark fantasy and her se [...]

    5. 5 STARSConsidering this was first written in 1980 and then expanded and re edited in 1987, it s one excellent M M, dystopian, sci fi and fantasy novel aimed at the much darker side of those genres, I loved it and encourage fellow lovers of darker books to read this trilogy, I bought book 23 without a thought but I know outside of Australia you can get all three novels as a single volume Yes there is mpeg BUT for once it is NOTHING like you d expect at all.It s M M status for a book written WAY b [...]

    6. I don t normally read books out of a series I literally stay away from them because I must have a fear of commitment However, this book has long intrigued me and sat on my shelf for a long period of time I couldn t find it at the library or any book stores, I eventually found it through Thriftbooks SCORE Why isn t this book well known Shame on you people lolI have completely savored this intricate plot, enjoyed the rich deep language, awestruck at the vivid imagery, loved the memorable characte [...]

    7. I would like to start with the final lines of my A Writer s Gotta Read review from the first time I read this, over two years ago The novel is interesting, if nothing else I m glad I read it But I ll never read it again Apparently, I was full of shit Cause now I ve read it again, and didn t even remember those lines until I decided to reread that review before coming here.And I m glad I reread it Very, very glad Being prepared for the things that frustrated me so much last time, I was able to se [...]

    8. Rating 3 of fiveWraeththu burst onto the barren LGBT science fiction scene in the late 1980s with a blaze of attention It was unique Hermaphroditic men who fucked each other and made babies somehow, I never really got with that part of the program They look like human men because they were human men until It Happened.This book was the introduction of It Happening In hindsight, it feels like vampire fiction than gay men s fiction, but then I ate it up.

    9. I REALLY wanted to like this book The premise is awesome The world is awesome The characters have the potential to be awesome Unfortunately for me, the writing is so horrendously poor that I can t give it than two stars I wish I could love it , and I really did try.

    10. Pellaz, a young peasant farmer boy, runs away with a har har is to Wraeththu as person is to human , is transformed into a Wraeththu, travels around meeting various Wraeththu tribes, is killed by humans and resurrected by a powerful har, then becomes a King of the Wraeththu as part of a plot to unite all Wraeththu The book ends right soon after he becomes King, after an unsurprising revelation about his patron.If it seems like nothing much happens for a full novel, you d be right It s about sho [...]

    11. What an amazing book I ve never read anything beautifully written The entire book reads and flows together like an elegant poem The amount of thought and heart that went into creating this story is not lost on me I love the overall statement that she makes about the human race and how beautifully she has pieced together this evolved race of beings The characters are intriguing and the plot never let s up She has a real talent for easily introducing strange new ideas and plot twists and making t [...]

    12. This was different than most fantasies I ve read The author sucked me into the story much like Elizabeth Chadwick The use of sexual connotations without actually using them was ingenious as were the terms The characters were better than most I ve seen in a lengthy jog such as this one It wasn t disgusting or even really weird She removed me so far from reality that I was able to embrace her universe and leave mine for a little while On the other hand, the plot plods along It s very much a Dark T [...]

    13. I m reading this book again It s just so enjoyable I love the way her characters develop Metamorphosis, after all, is a theme of the book A race of people metamorphoses from the ashes of men who must adapt to being both male and female with mystical powers So, through the eyes of her characters you get to see this process You get to see how a race matures and evolves and becomes better.2015So I read this one again It s my favourite in the series Cal is a bad boy done right I felt sympathy for hi [...]

    14. I don t even know where to start, except to say Thiede is the Wraeththu I thought he was BAM I d like to kick Pell in the ass and tell him to grow a pair Vaysh, needs to stop whining, and I hope Rue lets Pell have it.Anyway I saw many similarities between the world Eresse created and what Storm Has written In love with both authors

    15. This review consists of my raw thoughts right after finishing this book within three days Really finished reading just a moment ago I might edit it later to be coherent, or to fix up errors Excuse my poor choice of formulation sometimes, English is my third language.Please be aware that the review might contain spoilers in the later parts where I talk about the events of the book It is also EXTENSIVELY LONG and I have not betaread it yet because of this sole reason, so if you find some bullshit [...]

    16. Okay, I read this like 7 8 years ago and I felt like rereading it because I couldn t remember anything And it s been like reading it for the first time ever, which is awesome While it is true that there are some punctuation mistakes that sometimes bothered me who edited this , the story is far too compelling and interesting, and what s important for me the characters This book has made me think a lot, the premise is so fascinating It s true, the author could do in explaining how this new speci [...]

    17. It s been a little while since I read this book, but I remember finishing it and thinking wow, that was really cool and also wtf did I just read The latter not in a good way The book has some really amazing ideas in it, and it s definitely worth a read for anyone interested in non binary gender sex It is one of the books that dared me to try thinking even outside of the box when I wrote but the story line was really disjointed and confusing, and I did feel like things always fell a little short [...]

    18. Great book read this many many years ago and about to do a reread.If you like Urban Fantasy crossed with post apocalyptic future type novels then this is the one for you These books were written before Urban Fantasy became a genre in itself.Great storyline, great Characters who you can invest in.

    19. 2009 Finally able to get hold of the first of the Wraeththu series I think for its time, Storm was very daring to suggest such a creature and I enjoyed the sexual ambiguity very much Am definitely going to go read the others in this series, which are currently available on Smashwords Instant gratification, yay Feb 22, 2014 Possibly one of my biggest sins so far is the fact that I keep meaning to read all Storm Constantine s Wraeththu Mythos stories but don t ever quite get round to doing so So, [...]

    20. The sad part with the Wraethuthu series is that I would have loved this back in the early 90 s where I was going through this emo goth period in my life and just about anything transgressive and nonsensical would have some sense of meaning in my already depressing world Reading this as an adult, I can t believe this is what makes for literary high fantasy where Storm Constantine is trying too hard to build a post apocalyptic world of magic, mysticism, and un PC gender bending LGBT characters Thi [...]

    21. The Wraethu are dominant here, whereas the human race are failing, but amusingly reliant on them It s somewhat like an Earthly colonial, predatory elite, but uses religion traditionally suppressed by them.Wraethu culture mixes parts of a lot of very different Earth cultures, including the Hindu caste system, tantric sex, Buddhist practises, Western Occultism, Existentialism, historical racial genocide, cults, body horror, erotica, Catholic ritual and Anne Rice inspired vampirism Some people will [...]

    22. I was leery of this book, very leery, even about a quarter of the way into it I kept finding myself put off by certain things, even while I was drawn inexorably in by Constantine s beautiful prose and fascinating characters One of the things that put me off is the concept of a dying earth and dying mankind around which the novel revolves To me, the mechanics and characters of this story could ve taken place without that A superior species that can convert other species, and the infighting that r [...]

    23. Jedna od boljih knjiga koje sam itala ove godine The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit napisan 1987 je prvi dio Wraeththu kronika Wraeththu je nova vrsta nastala od ljudi koja govori od dje aku Pellazu koji odrasta na farmi sa svojom obitelji Oni ive u nekom zaba enom dijelu zemlje postapokalipti na Amerika po svemu sude i izolirani od svijeta koji se mijenja Mra ne vijesti o novoj vrsti koja je nastala negdje na sjeveru i njihovim mo ima dolazi sa ljudima koji bje e iz gradova, prolaze i pored n [...]

    24. I don t know what to make of this It wasn t good but it wasn t bad Nothing happened but the premise was interesting enough to keep me reading but the premise didn t quite make sense to me Like, it just wasn t adding up they have this society, with full tribes and a universal caste system they progress through with complex teaching and ceremony involved, despite starting as a viral infection, and magic apparently But then most Wraeththu don t know how reproduction works I also didn t understand w [...]

    25. Though the bad grammatical editing we re talking really bad occasionally interfered with my enjoyment of this novel, the writing itself has a poetic, almost entrancing quality The Mad Max esque dystopian setting gives it an unshakable 1980s feel, but this doesn t bother me so much The exact location of the action e.g a bombed out future version of Chicago is never revealed, so although I had some difficulty imaging this taking place in our future, I can accept it as being a future The idea of th [...]

    26. These notes were made in 1993 This is the first in the Wraethtu trilogy, and it is told from the point of view of Pellaz, the boy who is singled out by the mysterious Thiede to become King As in The Bewitchments of Love and Hate, which I read first though it is second in the series, much of this novel is actually about life as a gay male More emphasis is given here, though, to the creation of the mythology and the passage through various levels of spiritual attainment a structure in which Consta [...]

    27. It was a pretty good book My score is around 3.5 but I round up because it was too entertaining for me to round down The characters are pretty interesting as is the plot The story s excitement really stops at the middle of the book Really nothing really happens but just basic story moving stuff That kind of bothered me when I finally realized it was ending It also bothered me how awfully misogynistic the idea of women not being able to become Wraeththu is I mean, we have one female character who [...]

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