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Gantz/2 #2020

Gantz Your lives are over What you do with your new lives is up to me This was the warning given to a diverse group of citizens that were teleported to an inescapable condo by an ominous black orb calling i

  • Title: Gantz/2
  • Author: Hiroya Oku
  • ISBN: 9781595821881
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gantz/2 By Hiroya Oku, Your lives are over What you do with your new lives is up to me This was the warning given to a diverse group of citizens that were teleported to an inescapable condo by an ominous black orb calling itself Gantz Join best friends Kei and Masaru, the sultry Kishimoto, a stray dog, and the rest of the group as they are unleashed on the streets of Tokyo to face a terrify Your lives are over What you do with your new lives is up to me This was the warning given to a diverse group of citizens that were teleported to an inescapable condo by an ominous black orb calling itself Gantz Join best friends Kei and Masaru, the sultry Kishimoto, a stray dog, and the rest of the group as they are unleashed on the streets of Tokyo to face a terrifying onion alien Will the weapons and strange suits given to them by Gantz prove to be a lifesaver or a death sentence Now the group has to fight for their lives, even though they are all already dead Gantz has been one of the most popular adult manga in recent years with over 175,000 copies sold Dark Horse makes Gantz available in English for the first time with its U.S debut.Each volume comes shrink wrapped and carries an 18 content advisory.

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      Hiroya Oku

    1 thought on “Gantz/2

    1. This volume finishes up the first major mission for Gantz and the crew After they mercilessly murdered a child alien the father of that alien is here and he s ready to wreck havoc He goes on a rampage and these group of Gantz warriors begins to get murdered The end result answers a few questions of what happens at the end of the game but not all of it, the questions still linger, yet this is very very exciting issue with intense moments What I liked Loved the fights in this Kei using his suit fo [...]

    2. The gore in this volume is fantastic, with the opening chapter being particularly spectacular I was happy to see the yakuza get blown to pieces with his guts falling out, and then to top it off, the alien crushes his head The author does a good job of building tension as Kei stumbles through the scenario, accidentally discovering things he can do His character is starting to develop This is not high brow stuff, it is full of mayhem and sometimes that s enough.

    3. As I mentioned in my review of Gantz 1, I had picked up the first two volumes More details were revealed in this volume and it starts to sink in for the characters that they are not in a dream they are not going to wake up and be back in their own lives The Battle Royale vibe I got in reading the first volume was very similar to the reveal of in this book Moral dilemmas are sure to follow in subsequent volumes, especially since new characters should be rotating in and out The arrival of a new ch [...]

    4. it toke me about 90 minutes to finish this manga its so addictive once you start you cant really let the manga go and you have to finish it and if my eyes weren t fucked up by all the reading i did today i would read volumes until i made sure my eyes where at their limitand btw this is the first manga i read without ever watching the anime even so i think i read somewhere that the anime is not complete and might not get completed after all how many adult animes are there

    5. 4 ESTRELLAS En este tomo se cierra el primer arco argumental y debo de decir que me deja bastantes buenas impresiones de lo que he visto hasta ahora Una historia cruda , hiper violenta , con sentido doble de la moralidad e hipocres a de la humanidad cuando se encuentra en momentos dif ciles Los moustros intercambian de papel a cada momento y no sabemos quien es quien Este tomo tiene un poderoso argumento que no hace m s que abrir signos de interrogaci n a los lectores y que sin duda tendremos qu [...]

    6. The most interesting thing to note about the second instalment is Green Onion Alien Sr s dialogue, which was entirely absent from the Anime and from the fan translation I originally read It pleads for sense of humanity, and is entirely warranted This alone makes the book a worthwhile purchase, and is a great example why you should always when applicable support the official release.

    7. Me gust mucho c mo se resuelve la primera misi n Crueldad y miseria humana expuestas sin mucho disimulo y con un despliegue visual hiperviolento y grotesco que se disfruta con algo de culpa En la edici n original se pasaron un par de errores pero estaba bastante bien igual.

    8. Kato me recuerda a Bustamente en la primera edici n de Operaci n Triunfo No hace nada m s que llorar y llorar y llorar

    9. En este tomo se termina la pelea con el alien del Ceboll n Amo las bizarreadas que inventa Hiroya, y lo crudo de las escenas de acci n, pero el fanservice cansa un poco aunque no debe haberle hecho da o a la popularidad de este manga P Tambi n me gusta mucho la forma en la que los personajes son muy humanos y no necesariamente heroicos.

    10. In this episode of Gantz, the group fights a monster and begins to learn about Gantz Or maybe not Without giving up much, that is what I can say It s simply character development and story progression I m looking forward to the next book.

    11. First impressions of kei chan is oh man what a pain on the ass he always runs from his friend , the girl he makes a promise with and from the one who attach himBut wait he turned to be a good guy he defeat of his friend and beat a tough guy From zero to hero that what I think about him

    12. 01 March 2013Rating 1 2Disgusting psychological mindfuckery Me likey.When the very first page starts off like this, how can you resist it view spoiler hide spoiler Flesh and guts torn asunder The chaos and WTF is going on theme set by the first volume continues on in Gantz, Vol 2 I have no bloody idea what the hell is going on, but that s what I love The story isn t predictable and it keeps me constantly guessing.I didn t like Kei Kurono at all in the first volume, but he sort of grew on me this [...]

    13. The junior onion alien is dead, but now the cast members of what they assume to be a reality show end up biting off than they can chew with the much larger onion alien In this volume, we re introduced to an even fuller extent of the manic violence that the author s capable of There s also a lot less pointless nudity of the one girl whose name is also Kei in this one, which is good, because it got very old very fast in Vol 1 I don t know about you, but when it takes only a single appearance of a [...]

    14. This is turning into an interesting series I think folks who like works like Battle Royale, maybe The Hunger Games and the series Lost, might like this as well I think it may be suited if you like Battle Royale because it means you probably can handle and or like gore and sex with your manga, which I do However, there is that element of dysfunction or mystery people being pulled into some circumstance where they are forced to fight to survive that I think folks will find appealing Anyhow, those [...]

    15. La adicci n total es este manga Kei Kurono y Masaru Kato fueron llevados a una habitaci n con desconocidos y una extra a bola negra Su misi n, seg n la bola, es eliminar al Alien Cebolla.En el climax de la batalla se muestra lo incre ble que es el traje, la superfuerza que da a los participantes que se lo colocan Tambi n, los sobrevivientes de esta primera misi n Kurono, Kato, Kei Kishimoto, el perro esto me hace mucha gracia D , y el extra o chico, Nishi, que ya lleva m s de una a o haciendo es [...]

    16. Hmmm, this is a tough volume to review The art is gorgeous and the plot is still as engaging as ever Additionally, the character of Kei is developing nicely and has become the most dynamic character yet There is also the introduction of a potential villain or foil in the form of another student who seems to know much about Gantz than he lets on.The not so good while Kei is developing by leaps and bounds, Kato s character seems to be unraveling This may be indicative of the fact that his heroism [...]

    17. Avec ce deuxi me tome vient le fameux retour la normale, qui permet aux h ros de voir que leur premi re aventure les a chang eux, m me si le monde n a pas chang autour d eux Oui enfin, tout a arrive apr s une m chante salade de phalange pour l un des monstres Et ce retour est assez improbable le personnage qui est sur la couverture, Ke , se fait racketter, et se d couvre une passion libidineuse pour sa compagne d aventure Elle, en revanche, subit des trucs un chou a plus traumatisants, ce dont t [...]

    18. The strongest reason for Gantz scoring a 4 star rating from my end is because it is manga Kidding The story line is hyper very violent and very sexual I wouldn t call the plot ambitious in any sense since they have taken a lot from other stories and were too lazy to hide it I had high expectations from it, but didn t seem to add up to much in the end.But the little that it adds up to, that tiny part is amazing and has made my journey through the lanes of narrative so haunting and sublime The dar [...]

    19. It s been a while since I read any manga, and I suspect that ongoing series like this are now in my past While the second volume or second half of the story started in the first is okay, I d forgotten just how many pages manga can waste on running and guttural noises I couldn t help but feel sorry for people who read this over the months this must have originally taken to appear in its original form when, by comparison, this much setup would have been covered in six issues of something like 2000 [...]

    20. 11 No Survivors Zen in Shib 12 Hypnotism and Hallucination Saimin to Kakusei 13 Eye Me 14 Fearless Kowaimono Shirazu 15 Jump or Die Ch yaku ka Shi ka 16 Metamorphosis of the Flesh Nikutai no Henb 17 Fire Hatsudan 18 Conditions of Survival Seikan no J ken 19 Gantz Gantsu 20 Scoring Saiten 21 Clone Cop Ningen 22 Duplication Ch fuku

    21. Very different from my usual read I think its seems very interesting and keeps me wanting to read to find out whats going on I m really not crazy about the art work especially the character art work none of the characters are appealing and the boobie girl Kei look like they re siblings possibly twins its weird The back grounds are kinda boring, but the violent scenes are done very well and I also like the suits, gunz, and Gantz.

    22. Despite the senseless show of naked girl, this volume was good Main character suddenly doesn t act as a total douche bag, the onion alien thing is resolved and it is gloriously gory this manga is NOT for the faint of heart , I really liked it And I read it super quickly, it s like my personal record trying not to think in having to wait a month between volumes.

    23. This is one brutal manga series I thought it was pretty cool how the onion alien killed almost all of the players in just one page I m really confused as to what exactly is going on with Gantz, and I want to find out .

    24. No, en serio, que co o es esto Es posible que la traducci n que est leyendo sea de andar por casa pero los pilares b sicos del argumento est n construidos con palillos Tiene cosas muy interesantes, pero por contraste algunos elementos me descuadran mucho y me sacan de la lectura.

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