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Every Young Man's Battle: Strategies for Victory in the Real World of Sexual Temptation #2020

Every Young Man s Battle Strategies for Victory in the Real World of Sexual Temptation In this world you re surrounded by sexual images that open the door to temptation They re everywhere on TV billboards magazines music the internet and so easy to access that a fella asks What to

  • Title: Every Young Man's Battle: Strategies for Victory in the Real World of Sexual Temptation
  • Author: Stephen Arterburn Fred Stoeker
  • ISBN: 9781578565375
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • Every Young Man's Battle: Strategies for Victory in the Real World of Sexual Temptation By Stephen Arterburn Fred Stoeker, In this world you re surrounded by sexual images that open the door to temptation They re everywhere on TV, billboards, magazines, music, the internet and so easy to access that a fella asks, What to do If a young Christian man is thinking about pre marital sex and lust, here are the answers.

    • [E-Book] ↠ Every Young Man's Battle: Strategies for Victory in the Real World of Sexual Temptation | By ✓ Stephen Arterburn Fred Stoeker
      176 Stephen Arterburn Fred Stoeker
    • thumbnail Title: [E-Book] ↠ Every Young Man's Battle: Strategies for Victory in the Real World of Sexual Temptation | By ✓ Stephen Arterburn Fred Stoeker
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    1 thought on “Every Young Man's Battle: Strategies for Victory in the Real World of Sexual Temptation

    1. I didn t read this book I haven t even seen this book yet But I have sold it This is what happened in the bookshop today,A young local guy, aged something under 20, comes into the shop He is small, nerdy looking and has spots He s very thin and dressed in clothes that don t fit No one s idea of a Greek god He wants to know if we have any books on sex addiction I say I don t think so, but I ll look I m quite intrigued I just don t see how this guy gets lucky enough to get addicted to sex.I tell h [...]

    2. When I was a kid I used to sleep over at my best friend s house, and since he and his family were practicing Christians, I ended up going to a lot of Sunday services with them We d sit and listen to the pastor and sing some songs, and often, we d go back to his house and talk about what we d heard.I remember going with him and his brother to Bible study a few times, where I was always shocked to find that I knew about the Bible than the kids who were there, who could quote a hundred verses off [...]

    3. I am a Christian and I can t stand this genre of books The title says it all That horror of sex and sex being the monster, and the you resist the it persists I remember those days when I read books like that and I wanted the perfect recipe for forgetting all about sex Now when a guy tells me he has sexual thoughts I smile and ask him Don t you have testosterone Should we get rid of it It saddens me when a medical student lacks scientific awareness of his body I don t like the sex crazed world, [...]

    4. I actually only read about half of the book and then quit out of frustration I really appreciated their book Preparing Your Son for Every Man s Battle and plan to use it in a few years with our son However, this book not only had very similar material including identical illustrations , but I did not agree with one of the primary points of the book the M word I don t see this as being a very practical book for teenage boys.

    5. Read this book to help council a young man who was struggling with a porn addiction Highly recommend this book for any young man to read Book includes many great Biblical principles on sexual purity Love the Biblical approach.

    6. This book is just a toned down version of Every Man s Battle my review is written below on that book I did this book with a group of High School guys and it changed their outlook tremendously It is filled with scripture and practical advice on how to help with lust, perversions, and poor sexual habits It gets real and becomes intense at times but is a great book to do with others if you are looking for purity I highly recommend it Enjoy.Review for Every Man s Battle I read this book ith a group [...]

    7. The advice in this book is excellent and should be followed by all men, but I had to take away a couple of stars for two reasons 1 The book is repeatedly unnecessarily graphic in it s depictions of sexual acts and thoughts This could very easily cause a young person to stumble 2 In several places, the book states that lustful thoughts are adultery Not like adultery, but according to the authors, lustful thoughts constitute actual adultery The authors don t attempt to follow this idea to it s ill [...]

    8. So This is a tough one to review Honestly, it seems like a great resource for any young man caught in the cycle of sexual impurity If that s your life, please please read this book However, if you are under 17, do not read this book If you have any sexual innocence, do not read this book If you aren t in an extreme cycle of looking at and doing things that are sexually impure, this book will be of a stumbling block for you than a helpful resource.If your mind is constantly running impure though [...]

    9. Before I read this book I thought it was just fine to have sexual temptation for a teenager like me I am a teenage Christian who attends a local youth group its very challenging to stay pure in America today with all the half naked women on billboards I listened to the book and started to change my eyes to start looking away from stuff like that I am here to say that you wont win your first few battles and its hard not to just give up After 6 weeks I was able to become clean This is like fightin [...]

    10. It doesn t hurt to look, right guys and ladies It s not cheating as long as I don t touch Over the last couple of decades this has become as much of a problem for women as it has historically been for men, thus we have movies like Magic Mike and People s issue of Sexiest Man Alive Lust isn t a new problem for either gender though You can trace it s root in women back to Potiphar s wife, although undoubtedly she s not the first person to encounter lust.So what do you think Does it hurt to look as [...]

    11. THE GOOD This book is very practical, but I m not entirely sure how to rate this book For starters, the authors base their whole premise around the assumption that God will not help you, deliver you, or perform some sort of miracle to free you from the sins of sexual bondage THE BAD Assuming that God will not help you, the authors conclude that it is up to us to do something about it namely, by making a decision to 1 quit stopping short of God s standards for us2 and to stop lusting over women o [...]

    12. Great book to help young men cope with the many struggles to maintain sexual purity of mind and body in our modern world My fear would be that it would be a condemning book that would cause a sensitive young man to be given lists and lists of dos and don ts that would be essentially unattainable or to feel like a failure because of his past mistakes I thought it might end up legalistic and pharisaical, inventing rules where God has not spoken Instead, it was refreshingly honest and insightful Gr [...]

    13. While it is intended for a younger audience, Every Young Man s Battle is an excellent resource for all men who are looking to live out a Christian sexual ethic in today s world The authors wisely recognize that sexual sin is often symptomatic of deeper wounds, and they explore that frankly but never in a way that is shaming As a reader, I appreciated that they provide tips and strategies for overcoming setbacks and offer Biblical examples of how to and how not to follow God with our sexuality If [...]

    14. Got this book at a op shop while passing through Newcastle Thought it would be funny but actually left me feeling very concerned for anyone who would read it Wanted to some how give reach out and let them know that there sexuality is natural and ok I see this as a book that is damaging in many ways The mental health of anyone reading this and taking the recommendations on would be my greatest concern As if life isn t hard enough without controlling your sexuality to the point of not masturbating [...]

    15. Reading a book like Every Young Man s Battle is an eye opening experience, with its frank discussions of such topics as sexual attraction, masturbation, and pre marital sex However, it is also an extraordinary challenge, as the author of this book proclaims religious teachings that are quite strict when compared to the real world.In this book, Stoeker exhorts a philosophy of absolutely no sexual experiences before marriage whatsoever This includes sex obviously , masturbation, or even things tha [...]

    16. As a Christian woman, I have to say that while this book has elements of practicality for sexual purity, the effectiveness of the message was extremely low I began reading this book as my boyfriend was, just to get some insight into his mind.Praise It often had godly tactics for sexual purity for men The last few chapters were touching in terms of testimonies and motivating for sexual purity Almost everything was backed up by scripture.Criticism The sexual stories were far too detailed and may b [...]

    17. This book which has been praised by so many young and old men alike was gifted to me when I was just that a young man I did, however, not end up reading it for many years later, at least until I was 18 Even still, this book would impact my life way than I knew it at the time, and would continue to lay down a foundation for biblical manhood and biblical purity long before I reached such a platform in my Christian walk.As a young man who was addicted to pornography, lust, sex, and all sorts of ot [...]

    18. I found this when looking for a different book, read the beginning, and ended up reading it straight through over the next 3 4 hours This book works through a conversation that desperately needs to be had for many people, and it does it in a clear and readable way It puts forth reasonable conclusions about Christianity and sexuality, and backs them up with Biblical references, while keeping in mind the real pressures of emotional and chemical imbalance in the body and mind It is rather evocative [...]

    19. Having first read Every Man s Battle, I came into this book already knowing about 60% of the lessons that would be taught The lessons hold true for both books, with every young man s battle having a younger and relaxed tone, taking ample opportunities to interject some of the vernacular of teenagers As a young man in my 20s, I sometimes found this distracting, but the author still presented the truths in an uncompromising way What sets Every Young Man s Battle apart from Every Man s Battle is i [...]

    20. I was impressed by this book even than Every Man s Battle for some reason The authors hit the subject head on and while parents will wince when thinking about having their teen boys read it, the fact of the matter is that our sons have been or soon will be exposed to every word concept activity that is discussed fathers, think honestly about when you were first exposed to these things.I appreciated the balance between setting clear standards and also communicating grace recognizing that most yo [...]

    21. There was some good information in this book regarding how men think about sex and how to break pornography addictions Additionally, the book was nicely organized, and provided for easy reading Many approaches taken in the book were very encouraging, backed with many testimonies Something that I specifically liked was that it did not involve shaming, but focused solely on changing and picking yourself back up when you have fallen The biggest problem that I found, that has been repeatedly stated [...]

    22. I found this book in a thrift store and, as a Christian wife, mother and grandmother of men and boys, decided to read it It is an excellent book giving a Christian perspective on sexual purity The book candidly discusses the male battle with sexual temptation and gives strategies with which to combat temptation I wish I had read this book or one like it many years ago Parts of the book are very candid and the perspective is decidedly Christian, which some will not agree with, but it does give a [...]

    23. I can show the problem with this book in one Bible verse Romans 5 20, The Law came in that transgression might increase When Christians do nothing but tell people what to do and what not to do, people only sin .That s what this book did to me I became so aware of my lust, that it became worse In study hall, I condemned people for lusting even though I was lusting It happened because this book produced an awareness of sin in me.If you are struggling with lust, you really need to focus on the love [...]

    24. Como todo libro de Arterburn y Stoeker, esta es una obra llena de honestidad En ning n momento tratan de ocultar sus tropiezos a veces creo que me asusta su franqueza Creo que a esta es una herramienta muy til para una generaci n bombardeada por la lujuria Sin importar afiliaciones religiosas estamos en una poca en la que este mensaje, para algunos demasiado fuerte hace 10 a os, es mas que pertinente La gente necesita libertad de la inmoralidad y este libro brinda consejos pr cticos y se ala hac [...]

    25. While the overall motive of the book is an admirable one, it is executed horribly The authors go into highly unnecessary sordid detail about their struggle with pornography, which can put images into the reader s mind that are the exact opposite of the pure thoughts the book claims to uphold As one friend of mine put it, It s impossible for a male to read this book and not get aroused If you want a good book on purity, check out Not Even a Hint by Josh Harris Purity is something God desires for [...]

    26. This is a well written book All young men should read it and I would even recommend young women reading it It is good for both young men and women because I don t think girls understand what an impact we have on young men and how much of a difference we can make for good If we work to help each other in our sexual battles it will be a lot easier So I hope you tell the young people in your life to read this book and the others in the series.

    27. A good book that helps explain exactly what it says, how to avoid sexual temptation in the world and culture we live in The advice it gives is very practical and simple enough to incorporate into daily life The things I learned then I still notice myself practicing now I would recommend this book to anyone who is feeling that sexual temptation is too great and wanting to have some practical tools to help them avoid the temptation.

    28. This book was really good It helped me realize certain things about God and myself I thankful that I bought this book The things they suggest I do have been really helpful The only complaint I have about it is some of the images they talk about are quite descriptive and graphic IF you really are struggling with the stuff talked about in this book these examples may be distracting But that is my only issue with it.

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