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The Alison Rules #2020

The Alison Rules What is It About Alison For one thing she has rules When stealing a rowboat ALWAYS check that the oars are the same length so you don t go in circles In reference to your best friend s crush KEEP

  • Title: The Alison Rules
  • Author: Catherine Clark
  • ISBN: 9780060559823
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Alison Rules By Catherine Clark, What is It About Alison For one thing, she has rules When stealing a rowboat, ALWAYS check that the oars are the same length, so you don t go in circles.In reference to your best friend s crush, KEEP your feelings to yourselfVER use your locker if that s where you were standing when told the very worst news of all.But rules like hearts are meant to be broken.FromWhat is It About Alison For one thing, she has rules When stealing a rowboat, ALWAYS check that the oars are the same length, so you don t go in circles.In reference to your best friend s crush, KEEP your feelings to yourselfVER use your locker if that s where you were standing when told the very worst news of all.But rules like hearts are meant to be broken.From Catherine Clark, author of Frozen Rodeo, comes a profound story of friendship, love, and loss.Alison tries to deal with the pain of her mother s death by sticking to rules until charming Patrick moves to town, and then she learns that no matter what, life still happens to you.

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      115 Catherine Clark
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    1. From the amazing author Catherine Clark comes this incredibly moving story, The Alison Rules.Despite what Alison s friend Laurie always says, Alison always insists she doesn t have a set of rules However, she does follow a strange pattern of behavior She broke up with her older, football playing boyfriend one of the Gods , she avoids her locker, and she refuses to go to Boston And everything is getting along fine in Alison s opinion until the new guy Patrick comes along.The main issue with Patri [...]

    2. Don t let the description on the jacket cover fool you This book is deeper than it lets on I ve read the book half a dozen times and I ve sobbed hysterically everytime The book is YA and it does start out a little slow, but give it a shot It s well worth the read Funny, emotional, and genuine Hope you love it like I do

    3. The Alison Rules is a book that made me think of how difficult things have to be for Alison Alison is the main character in this book Alison faces a hard battle of losing her mother After her mother passes away Alison finds herself in this zone that she is going to live by rules To overcome some of the struggles Alison has she feels as her best friend Laurie is becoming like a sister and her mother is like a mom to her After a while there s a boy named Patrick that moves on into town and Laurie [...]

    4. In The Alison Rules by Catherine Clark, the focus of the story is on how Alison is coping after a family tragedy Smothered in a small town in Massachusetts, high school sopho Alison has withdrawn herself almost completely from life She broke up with her boyfriend, avoids hanging out with her father and brother, and has minimalized her bedroom All Alison is concerned with is avoiding thinking about anything other than her position on the school paper and her feisty and outspoken best friend Lauri [...]

    5. Something about this book bothered me, and it took me a while to realize that it was because the author seemed to be afraid of the word suicide even though that was one of the book s main themes I m of the opinion that we shouldn t coddle teen readers and that suicide is something that needs to be talked about openly, especially considering the emotional horrors of being a teenager.Other than that, the book was okay It did little than pass the time, but it wasn t bad.

    6. This book managed to drag itself out of its hole an inch From the start, everything felt so painfully stereotypical e.g girls hanging out with jocks, a little game of crushes and cat and mouse, fleeting references of past flings, and just some of the things that came out of each character s mouth I bet there were many attempts at humor throughout the book, but they felt so unoriginal, cliche, and dry I was straight faced throughout the entire book Let s start with Alison.Alison started to work m [...]

    7. This is one of my all time favorite books, I have read it a dozen times over the years and I still cry at the end every time.The Storyline Alison and her best friend Laurie do everything together They spend all their spare time at each other s houses Laurie constantly picks on Alison for having a set of rules like not using her locker They are the best of friends and Alison is determined to not let anything come between them, most of all not a boy So when Patrick moves to town Alison is determin [...]

    8. The Alison Rules adalah novel terjemahan yang aku tanpa sengaja membelinya di bazar buku Gramedia Awalnya aku tidak tertarik untuk membeli novel terjemahan, tetapi daya tarik melalui sinopsisnya membuatku ingin membacanya.Novel ini bercerita tentang seorang gadis bernama Alison Ia adalah gadis cantik memiliki rambut pirang, dan begitu digilai oleh beberapa laki laki di sekolahnya, termasuk Ryan laki laki dengan julukan Dewa di sekolahnya Pada awalnya, kehidupannya berjalan dengan baik baik saja, [...]

    9. Alison has a lot of rules When stealing a rowboat, always check that the oars are the same length, so you don t go in circles In reference to your best friend s crush, keep your feelings to yourself And never use your locker if that s where you were standing when told the very worst news of all in The Alison Rules 2006 by Catherine Clark.Some of her rules aren t the most rational But when your mother is dead, rationality isn t really important In fact, it isn t even really a concern Between the [...]

    10. Also posted Twice Upon a BookThe death of Alison s mother is what triggered her to construct a set of rules to live by She don t talk to strangers She doesn t use her locker She doesn t go to Boston Alison is really close to her best friend, Laurie, and they do many activities with her and her mother, she is practically her sister This two way friendship expands to three when a new boy, Patrick, moves to their town Laurie is slowly falling for Patrick and Alison is too The problem is that Patric [...]

    11. Alison has many rules about life They aren t your normal rules, like Don t Talk to Strangers No, one of her rules is not using her locker Another is avoiding Boston at all costs But then Patrick comes to town Alison s best friend, Laurie, is falling for him, and Alison is, too And it scares her.The school newspaper goes to Boston on a field trip, and even Alison doesn t abide by one of her rules and she goes When she s in Boston, you see why she has so many weird rules You find out why she s afr [...]

    12. Sad, Sad, Sad This book made me want to cry, but I was reading in a public place, so I couldn t bawl like I wanted to Alison has lost her mom to cancer and even though it s been almost a year since it has happened she has designed these unspoken rules that involve her not using her locker because she used it last when she got notice that her mom had passed and her not getting close to anyone especially the new boy in town who she really likes , among other things Alison s best friend Laurie help [...]

    13. It is interesting how many different takes there are concerning this book My take is, this is a story about learning how to live after a tragedy Learning that you can smile, flirt, laugh, and play even though someone you love has died It s okay They would want you to This story also discusses how sometimes people shut out their loved ones during a tragedy and assume that they are the only ones struggling when in fact, they are not Alison is not a likable character but that is okay, she is a real [...]

    14. This is one of the only books that made me truly cryI m talking fat tears all over the last 20 pages ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING BOOKS I HAVE EVER READ Makes you look at life, love, family and friends in a whole new light Clark does a beautiful job showing readers how hard it is to be a teenager in a world that has not been easy Alison s best friend Laurie is so relatable and their friendship is so deep that you immediately feel like they have asked you to make their dynamic duo a trio And then alon [...]

    15. I cried This is one of the first books I have actually cried in Near the end when the unthinkable happens I was just bawling This book was really well written and even though it was slow at some parts and the main character made me angry The book invoked feelings out of me and that is what books are really for right There really was no defining conclusion but that worked with what the book was trying to say Yeah I liked Laurie way better than Alison and I wanted Laurie and Kevin to get together [...]

    16. I read this a few years ago maybe five I remember really liking it and sobbing at the end I m pretty sure I was at a restaurant when I finished it too lemme tell you, that was a mess.While I was reading it this time, however, both Laurie s and Alison s characters really seemed to annoyed me And I felt bad for Ryan I definitely didn t like it as much this second go round.I still cried at the ending though Typical I guess this book is just one of those books you should only read once Knowing the o [...]

    17. More of a 3.5 Like most people who pick this up, I thought it would be a fun read, which it is, then it gets all like, sad at the end Like the last book I read by Clark, there s some real stuff in here, and also some silly which may serve to help the realistic stuff My only problem with this one is that the boys were kind of cookie cutter I don t know, I liked it and it held me emotionally a nice feat considering I am SO not the audience for this but I kept feeling like it was lacking something [...]

    18. SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOODDDD AND LIKE SAD books like this r usually about 2 friends and the point of view from the girl who doesnt get the guys but its from alison the one who gets the guys point of view its so different and good i really couldn t put it down so i finished it in the evening night i was up till 12 reading in the begging i completly wanted to be her but then i kept reading and i didnt want to be her watsoevr lol

    19. lumayan deh nih teenlit terjemahan nuansanya emang rada beda ama teenlit2 yg lain dalam novel ini, jelas banget aura kesedihannya dari kematian mama Alison ampe sahabatnya sendiri ckckckck, padahal alison masih belum bisa ngatasin kesedihan kehilangan mamanya, eh skrg udah dihadepin ama kesedihan yang barutrus ending hbgnnya ama patrick si anak baru, cuma akhirnya jadi teman biasa aja yah, kecewe jg sih hubungan alison patrick yg gak berjalan lancar

    20. When something bad happens to people, they usually close them self off to the world That is exactly what Alison does She creates a set of rules she HAS to follow to keep herself safe and everyone out But then a new boy shows up and starts to make her break her own rules.This book is sooo good and heartbreaking It s funny, shows the meaning of a good friendship, and the depth of the effect of a death I would suggest this for readers in 8th grade and up.

    21. this was ahhmazing, but super sad i was like reading it at night in bed with the light from my phone and i kept thinking I should go to sleep now Okay, just one chapter and then before I knew it I was finished and it was about 2 in the morning and i was crying TT well, I mean i can handle one dead person that HAS been dead, but LAURIE REALLY ohmygod and when Alison took laurie s notes out of were locker, i was crying and laughing at the same time lmao xD

    22. The love interest seriously bothered me I kept forgetting that her mother had died because nobody seemed to care, which also really bothered me The first half dragged a bit, but the second half was amazing I cried, which never happens so definitely a sign of a good book I just wish it had started at the mid point.

    23. I was very impressed with the book I was taken aback with how much I enjoyed it I did not want to put it down I expected this to be a simple teenage angst book, but it wasn t Clark wrote an excellent story with a lot of heart Plus, what a surprise at the end

    24. My sister picked this out at the library I think or maybe i did, however it happened to be in our stack of books i was expecting an average read Turned out to be a very good book about two friends who really understand each other unexpectedly sad which for me only adds to how awesome it was.

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