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Got the Life: My Journey of Addiction, Faith, Recovery, and Korn #2020

Got the Life My Journey of Addiction Faith Recovery and Korn From Reggie Fieldy Arvizu legendary bassist of nu metal pioneers KORN comes Got the Life a no holds barred look at his extreme highs drug and booze fueled lows and finally redemption through a c

  • Title: Got the Life: My Journey of Addiction, Faith, Recovery, and Korn
  • Author: Fieldy
  • ISBN: 9780061662492
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Got the Life: My Journey of Addiction, Faith, Recovery, and Korn By Fieldy, From Reggie Fieldy Arvizu, legendary bassist of nu metal pioneers KORN, comes Got the Life a no holds barred look at his extreme highs, drug and booze fueled lows, and, finally, redemption through a conversion to Christianity Got the Life is simultaneously an insider s look at rock n roll superstardom the good, the bad, and everything in between and a survivor s storFrom Reggie Fieldy Arvizu, legendary bassist of nu metal pioneers KORN, comes Got the Life a no holds barred look at his extreme highs, drug and booze fueled lows, and, finally, redemption through a conversion to Christianity Got the Life is simultaneously an insider s look at rock n roll superstardom the good, the bad, and everything in between and a survivor s story of a life brought back from the precipice by a new found belief in religious salvation.

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    1 thought on “Got the Life: My Journey of Addiction, Faith, Recovery, and Korn

    1. Let me save you some time Fieldy you would have to read to page 131 to learn his real name grows up in an abusive family, he becomes an addict, and the bass player for the world s greatest hard rock heavy metal band What Korn is not the world s greatest metal band Fieldy will tell you several times that they are Never mind Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica or AC DC Korn is the greatest, according to Fieldy Don t you dare say that they are rap metal and will be forgotten in less than 8 years Oh yea [...]

    2. Unbelievably, I read this book today It was on sale at Barnes and Noble and promised many valuable things for a Saturday read Addiction Recovery Arrogance mixed with spiritual exuberance Transformation And simple writing Rock addiction spiritual transformation books are my literary candy Yum yum in the tum I wish Fieldy the best, and I m happy dude found a way to change his life Rock on.

    3. I am a big Korn fan, so I just had to read this book Although the beginning kept me entertained, I had to force myself to read the end.

    4. Am I really done Help me God, because if I am really done, I m going to need your help FieldyFieldy s Reginald Arvizu bassist for KoRn raw confession of how his new found faith in God and relationship with Jesus Christ literally saved his life from the destructive slow death of drugs, alcohol, casual sex, and selfishness, gluttony and anger GOT THE LIFE MY JOURNEY OF ADDICTION, FAITH, RECOVERY, AND KORN is an interesting and inspiring true story of Fieldy s life written in a conversational way I [...]

    5. In honor of Korn s newest record which was released this week The Paradigm Shift , I decided to read Fieldy s autobiography which was released in 2009.If you are a fan of Korn, you will know that in 2005 guitarist Brian Head Welch left the band after giving his life to following Jesus and wanting to get clean and take care of his daughter He went on to write an autobiography called Save Me From Myself which is an excellent book and to record two full length records Save Me From Myself under his [...]

    6. I read Head s book first and recommend they be read in that order Even though the writing is not great, I got the feeling this is what Fieldy would tell me if we sat down to talk I think that s just what fans of Korn would want and need Though I have never been one, every fan of Korn should read both books to get the truth I hope these books inspire even just an interest in getting to know the peace of Christ That s really all you need to get started I found Fieldy s story to be hugely inspiring [...]

    7. Considering that I was and still am a Korn fan, this book was definitely on my list to read from the band members with the other books being from Brian Head Welch Granted before this book came to my attention, i had all ready known about Brian quitting the band due to a lot of reasons I knew that at one point Fieldy had a falling out with the rest of the band as well, buti was totally unaware of the fact that Fieldy was going through similar if not the same issues that Head was going through him [...]

    8. Some highlights Fieldy discovered Limp Bizkit His dad was in a band called Reggie and Alex Jonathan Davis used to call him Billy never explained why Another John used to call him Gopher, which then evolved into Gar Then that became Garfield, then Field, then Fieldy He s worked with Cheech from Cheech and Chong There s half a chapter banging on about his solo album, Fieldy s Dreams All the chapter titles are KoRn songs Loves the stories about our Lord.Genuinely don t know how to rate this, let s [...]

    9. Absolutely fascinating read about a guy with an extraordinary life, who found an extraordinary God Loved reading about his journey with Korn and with Christ I had an opportunity to have Fieldy as a guest on my radio show, Divine Intervention and to hear him tell his story of faith first hand He was a great interview, and very interesting You can listen to the interview here divineintervention.typepad

    10. I read this in my high school years, since I was a fan of Korn at the time I still am, just not as much The book was very easy to read The writing wasn t much of anything special, but it pretty much documents his early lifestyle on drugs and alcohol and later concludes with how he sobers up and redeems himself Like I said earlier, the writing isn t the best, but the book is very entertaining and informative It can be a bit preachy, but it definetly shows just how damaging that the party lifestyl [...]

    11. I did not like as well as Head s book Save me from myself but it was good I loved the story of how he found himself and God but it just didn t connect the same way as I did with Brian Head Welch s book but I would recomend it is a great story of struggle, starvation, drug addiction and finally recovery

    12. Got s little carried away with the descriptions of debauchery It s like he had to let us know how really BAD he was but went way overboard with it Had some really good insights in the end Loved his journal entries Wish the book was like his journal writings Now that would be something far edifying to read

    13. I am so happy for the change in Fieldy s life He gave a lot of gory details of his former life It seems that he needed us to know exactly how bad he was so we can appreciate the change It is lovely to see that God works in people who choose to turn totally away from him.

    14. Wow, what a terrible book The only part I really enjoyed was in the middle where he talks about Korn starting up and the first couple of albums The writing is terrible and you can rally tell that the guy is just stuck up, even though if has now found Jesus.

    15. such a good book i now have a new found respect for Fieldy and the struggles he went through earlier in life.

    16. I personally thought that this book was facinating It told his story and journey throughout his life, from the very beginning I even did myproject on this book D

    17. I have always been a fan of Korn, but never knew anything personal about their band members I read this book in three days after deciding which book I should read next I hated Fieldy during the first 150 pages or so of the book due to his mistreatment of every woman in his life besides his mother I enjoyed hating him so much that I laughed out loud at the part when he was wetting his pants a few times a day It was difficult to feel bad for the piece of shit that Fieldy had become, enjoying the g [...]

    18. I love reading books from rock musicians, especially ones that become born again believers in Jesus I really enjoyed this book, reading of Fieldy s time in Korn, both before and after his conversion, and about his life before and after he trusted in God It would have been good to see writing of his time in Korn after he became a believer, but it was still a really good book Recommended for anyone who has listened to Korn or who also likes to read people s testimonies I don t often write reviews [...]

    19. I read this after reading both of Brian Head Welch s books Interesting journey God has taken both of these guys from Korn on I wonder what s next

    20. Wouldn t have expected this be as house trained as it was A nice, very well written literature Simple and perfectly detailed Honest and follows the pattern of the typical Rock n Roll autobiography A strong individual who knows his personal agenda.An easy three star rating at least to start with, but then slowly but steadily it emerged to a whole lotta Jesus put your hands up in the air, put your hands up in the air Personally I cannot deal with that shit sorry A quick read, nice atmosphere and s [...]

    21. I often read books that are completely out of my realm of existence or experience Sometimes it s nice to get completely out of my own world, even when the experience is not that great.Such was the case with this biography of a rock star bassist I m not a fan of Korn, which doesn t mean that I dislike them I don t know their music I can t name a single song by them I m not even sure what kind of music they sing a 90s flavor of metal , but the author will assure you many times, in case you are in [...]

    22. Korn has undergone some serious changes in recent years, both in terms of their sound and the psychological makeup of the band members For my money, all the changes have been for the better, and I find myself excited about the band for the very first time in their 20 year career This coming from a guy who walked out halfway through seeing them perform live, due to a total lack of interest.GOT THE LIFE marks my first time reading biographies by multiple members of the same band the other one bein [...]

    23. I really shouldn t have even picked this up My nostalgia goggles started going crazy when I saw that another Korn member wrote a book I read Head s book several years ago Even though I realized it was another born again Christian thing, I still decided that I had to read it Full disclosure I am not religious at all Of course, at least part of my issue is the proselytizing going on after Fieldy finds God, but it is a deeper frustration for me I hate this notion that both he and Head put forth tha [...]

    24. Fieldy s LifeThe life story of KoRn s legendary bass player His book takes you into his struggles to fulfill his dream of making music, making it big and enjoying the ride along the way The book shows you the basement of his life and the triumphant escape from the life in which he learns to hate.Within the pages you are exposed to his altered perception of how a rock god should behave and live amongst mere mortals Fieldy candidly tells of his inner struggles and the costs incurred when submittin [...]

    25. A very good book that relate the life of Fieldy, the bassist from Korn, my favorite band ever f course i m a fan of the band, that s why I wanted to read the book in the first place, but I find a lot thant just a biography Find a story of a man who find peace and happiness after many years of addiction and wild life The book is a must for the fan of the band, but it can be read as well if you re not a fan, cause it talk about life, friendship, addiction, hapiness, familly and God with such hone [...]

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