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Postmortem #2020

Postmortem The first Dr Kay Scarpetta novelA serial killer is on the loose in Richmond Virginia Three women have died brutalised and strangled in their own bedrooms There is no pattern the killer appears to st

  • Title: Postmortem
  • Author: Patricia Cornwell
  • ISBN: 9780751530438
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • Postmortem By Patricia Cornwell, The first Dr Kay Scarpetta novelA serial killer is on the loose in Richmond, Virginia Three women have died, brutalised and strangled in their own bedrooms There is no pattern the killer appears to strike at random but always early on Saturday mornings.So when Dr Kay Scarpetta, Chief Medical Officer, awakened at 2.33 a.m she knows the news is bad there is a fourth vicThe first Dr Kay Scarpetta novelA serial killer is on the loose in Richmond, Virginia Three women have died, brutalised and strangled in their own bedrooms There is no pattern the killer appears to strike at random but always early on Saturday mornings.So when Dr Kay Scarpetta, Chief Medical Officer, awakened at 2.33 a.m she knows the news is bad there is a fourth victim And she fears many others will follow unless she can dig up new forensic evidence to aid the police.But not everyone is pleased to see a woman in this powerful job Someone may even want to ruin her career and reputation

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      Patricia Cornwell

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    1. Loved gritty and a very entertaining storyline with great characters and also consist of forensic writing analysis paperback

    2. This is a really terrific book I think people forget how things started when they talk about current books by Patricia Cornwell Back in the beginning, she was doing something no other woman was doing, and she did it really well So well that she inspired folks like me I figgered if she could get away with writing the kinds of books I like to read, then I could do it, too I loves me some Sue Grafton and Sara Paretsky, but they weren t into the hard stuff Cornwell really forged a new trail.

    3. Patricia Cornwell s Postmortem was my first foray into the forensic science crime novel While I am fully capable of reading detailed descriptions of gore and autopsies without getting sick, I was a tad worried that it would get too technical where I d lose some of the understanding of the medical aspects While it happens on occasion, the editors and author have done a great job at finding the perfect level of language to keep the words flowing properly most of the time.Scarpetta is a true hero s [...]

    4. Mysteries have long been recreational reading for me About every fourth or fifth book, I read is a mystery sandwiched in between literary best sellers and stellar non fiction I ve been meaning to get around to Patricia Cornwall and had picked up a few of her books at yard sales, but I was waiting until I found the first book in her Kay Scarpetta series before I dove in Postmortem won numerous awards when it came out in 1990 including the Edgar and the Anthony awards.For the first 100 or so pages [...]

    5. Patri u mi je otkrila krajem 90 ih moja tetka koja ivi u Americi i koja je njen vatreni obo avalac Dosta italaca je voli ali se to nikad ne bi reklo po prodaji njenih romana teta, moglo bi to i bolje

    6. I loved the 1990s There was great television, Pogs, scrunchies, and the Pittsburgh Penguins were amazing at hockey obviously Jaromir Jagr s mullet contributed a significant amount to this last part And although I totally loved playing Seventh Guest, Oregon Trail, Carmen Sandiego, and the like on our old Macs, I m happy with the advancements in technology Okay, moving on, I also love crime novels When they are set in ye oldey times, I get caught up in the story, seeing how Sherlock could deduce h [...]

    7. Kay Scarpetta books, like Alex Cross books and anything V.C Andrews wrote, are books I grew up seeing around the house but mostly stayed away from They were are names I associate with story over prose fiction, the type of popular books that are easily consumable but lack any writing prowess whatsoever In the case of Patricia Cornwell, I was admittedly wrong I have no problems with her writing, and her story is sound No complaints there.Mom always had Cornwell paperbacks strewn about the house Bu [...]

    8. If you can handle scary, and can look past gory and profane, Patricia Cornwell s novels are AMAZING Aside from good old J.K and Harper Lee, Cornwell is my favorite author I m convinced that all the CSI esque shows were spawned from her books, and if you like that kind of thing, you ll LOVE these Gripping, intense, nightmare inducing plus you might learn some new things.Start with the older books in the series, her newer works aren t as good.

    9. To start with, I was annoyed I had to read about another serial killer However, the book is much than that I think this is why it is somewhat better than average The political intrigue and incertainties as well as the characterisation make up for the cliched killer chase I can see why it became such a huge series.

    10. In introducing the reader to Dr Kay Scarpetta, Cornwell does a masterful job of developing both the character and a back story, while also forging ahead with a novel based mystery While the genre is supersaturated with these types of stories nowadays, Cornwell writes in such a way as to rise above the rest putting aside that the novel came out before the aforementioned overkill When a string of women are left strangled and murdered, Dr Scarpett must piece things together and determine whether th [...]

    11. Recommended by my local librarian friende wouldn t let me just checkout Scarpetta, the latest in this series, no o o o, she makes me start at the very beginning, with this first, published in 1990 Well, and I did have to get up one night and make sure all my doors and windows were locked as I was reading the book at midnight.And I kept making concessions for the year, like yeah, I bet this DNA stuff was pretty impressive for 1990, and I can kinda understand why she s explaining all this basic PC [...]

    12. This was the first Patricia Cornwell novel I read, and I expected it to be good because she s an author you see around a lot However I was disappointed with this book The book felt long It was extremely detailed when it came to describe the technology used I skimmed over most of those parts because the technology was extremely dated and it was hard to follow what she was saying Also it described red tape procedures in her lab that just put me to sleep Suspects were brought up and never really di [...]

    13. Warning Gore Alert Kudos for writing the 1st CSI crime thriller I liked that it s a bit of a time capsule with electronic memos as opposed to email DNA in its infancy Makes it no less relevant nor does it get in the way of a good story While the 1st half was pretty dull the second is a roller coaster ride Kay Scarpetta is edgy and arrogant, love her or hate her she ll hold your attention The supporting characters are wonderful, Pete Marino the grubby tough cop who lumps all perps into the catego [...]

    14. Before anything else, I extend my utmost gratitude to one of the best people I ve befriended here on , Itchy, for recommending this awesome series Heart pulsing plot It took me a long while to finish, because of running errands here and there, but I enjoyed every bit of it This book is filled with suspense and interesting characters that you may either love or hate damn you, Amburgey Anyways, the plot is nicely paced and even if the technology mentioned in this book isn t as highly upgraded as o [...]

    15. Having read all her newer stuff, I saw this in a bookshop and decided to go back to the beginning where it all began Somehow I had missed this one, the very first in the Kay Scarpetta series Maybe because it was initially published in 1990.I definitely enjoyed it than some of her later books Her writing style was descriptive and the plot easier to follow In the special edition I picked up which commemorates 20 years of Kay Scarpetta, I was fascinated to read the extra chapter at the end where [...]

    16. The first book in Cornwell s mega selling Kay Scarpetta series, Postmortem is a brilliant debut novel that still puts all its CSI clones to shame Cornwell writes with grit, which is rare in a female author, and has the technical know how to maintain an aura of complete scientific authority throughout Cornwell does surprisingly good dialog, and her male characters act totally authentic, never serving as props for some cutesy romantic subplot Of course, this is an old book, and the technology is v [...]

    17. What a ride this was And a reread, no less It s been so long since I read this, I remembered hardly anything Loved the characters, loved the story, loved the fact that I was immersed so easily every time I picked this up Oh Loved the audio performance by C J Critt The way she reads Marino is pinpoint perfect I d actually forgot how terrific this series is I m going to the library to pick up the second book tomorrow If you want a book that grabs you from page one, with main characters you ll enjo [...]

    18. 4.25Through all the book I was catching myself thinking Jesus, just call right nowohright cellphones Ok, that book was a very pleasant surprise and I find the fact that it has been written in 1990 one of the pluses I got reading it for the first time in 2016, because It was such a true and real journey to the past This book was quite a thrilling detective story I am a fan of Keith McCarthy and his Eisenmenger Flemming Forensic Mysteriesseries about Dr John Eisenmenger, a former forensic patholog [...]

    19. Dr Scarpetta Yes I reached for the lamp and switched it on It was 2 33am My heart was drilling through my ribs Pete Marino here We got us one at 5602 Berkley Avenue Think you d better come And so we meet the divorced, forensically brilliant and professionally troubled forty something Virginia Chief Medical Examiner Dr Kay Scarpetta in the wee hours of the morning, as she is called to the fourth grisly crime scene of an unidentified serial killer we soon realise has taken a dangerous interest in [...]

    20. I chose this book for my month of mystery because I have collected many of this series and decided it was time to start reading them rather than just let them sit there I am glad I finally jumped into this series since it is a very long one.SynopsisUnder cover of night in Richmond, Virginia, a human monster strikes, leaving a gruesome trail of stranglings that has paralyzed the city Medical examiner Kay Scarpetta suspects the worst a deliberate campaign by a brilliant serial killer whose signatu [...]

    21. I read this book years ago but much to my surprise I didn t remember any it, not sure what this says about me So it was like reading a new book And what a satisfying read it was It s no wonder that Patricia Cornwell got such high praise for this novel It s well plotted with enough twists and turns to keep any mystery reader engrossed.I wont give a synopsis of the story as it has all been done, many, many times before.I have read some unflattering comments on the later Scarpetta series, I can t c [...]

    22. When I m reading a book and all the while I m thinking of what to read next, that s not a good sign When I m reading a book and I have to constantly fight the urge to put it away, that s not a good sign either It means that I m bored and not enjoying the book at all Unfortunately this is what I felt like while reading Patricia Cornwell s debut novel Postmortem Having read so many good reviews and received recommendations for this book, this was really an anticlimax for me I knew that this book w [...]

    23. The clock is ticking Doctor Kay Scarpetta, Chief Medical Examiner for Virginia, knows the serial killer strikes between the hours of Friday night and Saturday morning, She does not want to do another autopsy on another strangled woman The torture and the method of strangulation are incredibly cruel This has become personal Lucy, Kay s ten year old niece, is visiting While Kay loves Lucy, she is distressed that her sister Dorothy once again has taken off without much notice, deserting her daughte [...]

    24. Avevo davvero bisogno di un libro che richiedesse tutta la mia attenzione e fortunatamente la Cornwell ha decisamente fatto al caso mio.La cosa che ho apprezzato di pi stata la capacit dell autrice di non lasciar trapelare nulla sull assassino fino alla fine, di lasciare indizi sparsi per tutto il libro, portando il lettore a sospettare di pi persone.Le capacit e le conoscenze di Kay Scarpetta sono notevoli ed una di quelle donne agguerrite che non si lascia mettere i piedi in testa tanto facilm [...]

    25. 3.5 StarsSolid crime suspense story, if not a bit outdated 26 years on The protagonist, Dr Kay Scarpetta, was a bit grating at times, but hopefully that eases over the course of this series I will definitely consider continuing with these books at a later date.

    26. I could not stand the main character in this book Kay Scarpetta clearly hates all men Every single male in the book is portrayed in a negative light, even when they actually do things to help Kay On top of that I have trouble sympathizing with the overly defensive rich doctor.Additionally Cornwall is clearly a tech head since she mentions a lot of technology in detail She s accurate and certainly knew what she was talking about at the time, but it HEAVILY dates the book I can t really fault Corn [...]

    27. The 1st book in the Kay Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell.Dr Kay Scarpetta is best known as the beautiful blonde Chief Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Virginia at Richmond She is also known as one of the top forensic pathologist in the country Along the way, the series also features FBI Profiler Benton Wesley, Kay s genius niece Lucy Farinelli, and the unhealthy and balding homicide detective Pete Marino.I really enjoyed reading the first half dozen or so books in this series and th [...]

    28. Not the best crime thriller I ve ever read, however Postmortem is still a gripping story for the most part.

    29. Gracias a mi t a por hacerme conocer a esta escritora, me pregunto c mo es que no supe de ella antes con lo que me gustan las historias sobre asesinatos.Am , me enganch desde la primer p gina, me encant el personaje de Kay y me alegro de que haya m s sobre ella Es una historia que me hizo volver loca tratando de descubrir al asesino y la verdad es que no me esperaba para nada todo lo que pas Definitivamente voy a seguir leyendo a Patricia.

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