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Drift #2020

Drift Welcome to Newport Beach California a community often found glittering in the spotlight but one that isn t always as glamorous as we imagine Through the lives of waiters and waitresses divorced and

  • Title: Drift
  • Author: Victoria Patterson
  • ISBN: 9780547054940
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • Drift By Victoria Patterson, Welcome to Newport Beach, California a community often found glittering in the spotlight, but one that isn t always as glamorous as we imagine Through the lives of waiters and waitresses, divorced and single parents, and alienated teens, Victoria Patterson s Drift offers a rare and rewarding view into the real life of this nearly mythical place, all the while plumbing thWelcome to Newport Beach, California a community often found glittering in the spotlight, but one that isn t always as glamorous as we imagine Through the lives of waiters and waitresses, divorced and single parents, and alienated teens, Victoria Patterson s Drift offers a rare and rewarding view into the real life of this nearly mythical place, all the while plumbing the depths of female friendship and what it means to be an outsider Fresh, energetic, deceptively powerful and delightfully frank, hers is a voice you won t be able to stop reading.

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      219 Victoria Patterson
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    1 thought on “Drift

    1. I really enjoyed this book so much so that I was quite sad to reach the ending The plots are original and carefully formulated, as are the intertwining characters The continuity is flawless, even if the book does jump about in time The voice, one of innocence, experience, and sometimes a bit jaded, serves the writer well I felt so sorry for Rosie coming of age in such a brash, unprepared manner John Wayne brought about pity and wonder and a hint of childhood wistfulness in his eternal shoeless j [...]

    2. Like many Bay Area denizens, I am fascinated and repulsed by Southern California, so a collection like this has a powerful draw I almost put it down after the first story, which was unremarkable it was the author s eloquent contributions to several of my favorite lit blogs that made me reconsider, and I m glad I stuck with it.Drift is a series of interconnected short stories about the underbelly of Newport Beach, one of the wealthiest communities in California seen The O.C As the volume progress [...]

    3. This novel is a powerhouse It took me a few chapters to get into it, but once I was about 50 pages in I was hooked Each short story is set in a different time, surrounding different characters, yet they all seem to intersect each other If I had to pick a lead character I would say that Rosie is the central character She seems to be the linking character in the stories The links are surprising and believable.The stories deal with issues such as sexual abuse, drug use, alcohol, coming of age, grow [...]

    4. On the Rough is what you call this poignant coming of age story in a deceitful glittery, sparkley world of bling bling where reality can be even uglier due to the fact that it is not openly accepted or discussed It is precisely the hush hush that becomes the conspicuous ally to continuous abuse and dysfunction Where can a young girl take her secrets when her world pressures her to conform and be pretty How can one openly rebel against the whole of society and come on top How can one be free to b [...]

    5. A beautifully crafted collection of stories about seeking connection in a world that is fundamentally fragmented These characters will haunt you long after you ve put this work down I felt the collection overall was very well structured and the prose is very beautiful.

    6. an excellent book by a talented author that captures what it was like to grow up in Newport in the 80s first rate.

    7. Read it in one day I really liked how the characters in some stories overlapped in other character s stories Rosie s stories were the most moving, though a little bit depressing.

    8. Connected short stories abut a group of lost souls adolescents and young adult in a community of wealthy, shallow adults.

    9. I started off this short story collection thinking it was going to get a meh rating Oh, was I wrong After the 2nd to 3rd story, I started realizing these stories were all linked That s what I get for not reading the blurb on the back, but I like surprises By about half way through, I started making notes on which characters were in each story I read through to the end then went back and looked at the connections Now, I want to go back and read the whole book again, being familiar with each char [...]

    10. Interesting enough in it s own way as a character study Interesting for the connection to OC Not really any of the characters that you might think were people you might like to meet though Glad they re out of my life now.

    11. Drift has edge, and, in the beginning, this edge made it a breathtaking almost dangerous read However, as the book concluded, its edge started to feel forced, thus negating its overall effect.Patterson has successfully written a captivating collection of intertwined stories taking place in Newport Beach of all places Most of the stories star recurring female protagonists, and most deal with very real issues of common life, even if in an uncommon locale Patterson pulls no punches, and this bluntn [...]

    12. Drift , by Victoria Patterson, is a series of interconnected short stories that could as easily been called Adrift Written in a minimalist style, the stories are about people who live in Newport Beach, California, a relatively wealthy area near Los Angeles in Southern California It is an area with wonderful shopping malls juxtaposed with a beautiful sculpture garden designed by Isamu Noguchi It is an area with beautiful beaches and lovely homes This is not discussed in the book I happen to know [...]

    13. Towards the end of Victoria Patterson s collection of connected short stories, B and Anne are sitting in Anne s car filled with complicated emotions and life histories that like a current have brought them together and for a time cause Anne to believe that she is in love with B.B has just lost her husband B has a daughter Rosie with her owns troubles Everything about this book is troubles troubles troubles.Then the sun sets, and B and Anne wait for the green flash that appears at the horizon s e [...]

    14. Beyond the Botox and designer handbags there is a Newport Beach with regular people in it I loved this collection of interconnected short stories Simple and skillful writing, nothing flashy, but the way Patterson can evoke people, places, feelings, is impressive, it is all vivid, honest and real When she describes a swimming pool, light playing across the surface, I positively ache for cool water The POV characters are mostly young, at the fringes of this society full of money, conformity, and s [...]

    15. This book was well written and interesting enough, but I didn t think it offered anything I hadn t read or seen before Rich people have problems too Like I said, really well written, but for some reason the focus seemed to be on Newport Beach than the characters Newport Beach came across as regular, while it was the characters that shined and should have been at the foreground of the novel instead of Newport Beach This might have been interesting if the novel took place in Nowheresville instea [...]

    16. this book is strange in that until chapter 3, i didn t realize this was one story as opposed to a collection of short stories characters and settings kept changing, so when the same names came up again, i had to flip back to figure out what was happeningtterson has a writing style that s easy to read and i flew through this book in a couple days it s rough to keep reading about people down on their luck also, from the back cover, i expected of a diversity of characters, as opposed to what she c [...]

    17. Drift by Victoria Patterson is a collection of stories set in modern day Newport Beach CA The stories portray the underside of the glittery OC sly wait staff, divorce, drug abuse, rape Many stories are about the same person Rosie at different stages of her life It s a revealing look at the consequences of poor choices Warning Don t read this book when you re feeling down I was on vacation in Newport Beach last week, relaxed and happy when I started readingfelt depressed by a short way into the b [...]

    18. I liked trying to figure out the links between these stories of Newport Beach, California, stories that work on their own but are also connected through certain characters At times they were bleak, but Patterson is also great at exploring their emotions and the intricacies of the ways that people react to each other She also has a way of using language that is never wasteful that I really appreciated.

    19. I really enjoyed this linked collection set in Newport Beach I think that Patterson is a great writer, and her stories took me into the lives of people and a place Orange County I m not used to seeing in literature I liked the way that there would be subtle and compelling links between the stories, so that you d learn and about the characters as you experienced them in a web of interaction Nice variety of voices and points of view, too I look forward to Patterson s novel.

    20. The stories were okay, but I expected a wider variety of characters depressive burnouts are not a type I ve met much in the sunny fantasyland of Orange County Not to say that they don t exist, but in my experience, the OC has a massively high percentage of positive, magical thinking types interesting in their own right and I was hoping for of them.

    21. Sometimes, the writing isn t enough, the language doesn t seem to capture the moment or the moment doesn t capture the feeling and the book hardly manages to escape from the insular world it s created however, there are some harrowing stories in here, some touching stuff It s just a little uneven.

    22. Always interesting to have a gaze turned towards home A blurry set of stories with interconnecting characters who are rich and not so rich but consistently kind of awful to each other Charmingly polished if somewhat baldly obvious in the MFA produced way.

    23. While I didn t care for the themes of her novel, This Vacant Paradise, I did admire Patterson s writing skills In this earlier story collection the same themes of Class and Gender roles are explored The writing continues to impress and Patterson knows this turf.

    24. Easy to read, and full of gorgeous and mournful prose A collection of stories that flow easily into one another The author has taken a very familiar setting for me, and shown me the humanity beneath the veneer of conspicuous wealth and materialism Bravo.

    25. I did not enjoy this book and couldn t finish it The characters were unlikeable and the stories didn t hold me.

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