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Chasing Blue #2020

Chasing Blue Now that Sasha Silver and her horse Charm have proven that they re worthy competitors for the Canterwood Crest equestrian team Sasha s psyched to get back to schooluntil self proclaimed It girl qu

  • Title: Chasing Blue
  • Author: Jessica Burkhart
  • ISBN: 9781416958413
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • Chasing Blue By Jessica Burkhart, Now that Sasha Silver and her horse, Charm, have proven that they re worthy competitors for the Canterwood Crest equestrian team, Sasha s psyched to get back to schooluntil self proclaimed It girl, queen bee, and owner of the I m so way better than you are attitude, Heather Fox, is assigned as Sasha s riding partner Not Good And when Heather starts spending a littleNow that Sasha Silver and her horse, Charm, have proven that they re worthy competitors for the Canterwood Crest equestrian team, Sasha s psyched to get back to schooluntil self proclaimed It girl, queen bee, and owner of the I m so way better than you are attitude, Heather Fox, is assigned as Sasha s riding partner Not Good And when Heather starts spending a little too much QT with Sasha s almost boyfriend, Jacob, their partnership is put to the ultimate test

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      235 Jessica Burkhart
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    1 thought on “Chasing Blue

    1. This book was a great book The author put a lot of details about horseback riding, which is something that I love to do For example, the author described how to prepare for a horse show and how not to be scared of the jumps and whatever else might happen She also explained how not to be tense when riding or being near a horse because it makes a horse tense, too I loved these details because I never knew many of the explanations that she gave.Sasha knew about participating in horse shows, but the [...]

    2. Abousolute Drama In a good way, first it starts out intersting then it gets rough for the character then BOOM instant problem covered in absolute drama But, the character has to find a way out of the situation right But you won t know untill you get the next book, once you do that, you ll find out what her decision is, no matter how it pains her, or even, you My explanatin of the book may not seem good, but, the authors words are goning to wow you This book is absolutley WONDERFUL and i truly ca [...]

    3. Personal response I really liked this book because it was about horses I really like how Jacob treats Sasha in the beginning of the book Just like the first book in this series, I liked it because it kept me in suspense I also liked how Eric was a nice friend to Sash while she needed a friend.Plot summary In the beginning of this book Callie, Heather, Julia, Alison, and Sasha have all their horses lined up and they race each other Sasha got cocky and thought that she was going to win until Calli [...]

    4. I love the author so much She tells you what stable phrases mean and makes sure you understand what your reading I love the thought of reading because of Jessica Burkhart I think it s cool that she adds all of these different elements so that the reader doesn t put the book down I m glad she added another character It gives the whole book a different outlook on it I m glad that she makes reading interesting for me Her writing style is so easy to understand I never liked reading before, but with [...]

    5. Going back home to Union is great and all but Sasha can t wait to see her horse Charm at Canterwood When she comes back Sasha finds out there is a new kid Eric and it happens to be that both him and Jacob like her Only Sasha is in a on off relationship with Jacob and her best friend Callie likes Eric Last trimester Sasha got a C in biology and is determined to get a better grade this time and that means a lot studying On top of that Sasha is on the equestrian team so she has a lot riding on he [...]

    6. a fun and quick YA read I m trying to convince myself that this is research for my novel Jessica is a fun person, very active on the internet, and I love supporting authors that I hear of Her horse knowledge is right on, the scenes are realistic, right down to the detail I was a barn manager for my first year out of college, and have ridden since before I could walk, so I m pretty nit picky about horse books This one doesn t disappoint The only thing I haven t liked is the text speak that the ch [...]

    7. i LOVED it was awsome i have fallen in LOVE with these books they are awsome i really LOVED it it really had some sad times and some really funny times but most of all i LOVED it.

    8. i really really love those books thay are the best anyone who reads these books freind me and we cam talk about them if u need help

    9. Sasha loves horses and to be at one of the best riding schools is a dream come true And when Sasha gets to be apart of the Canterwood Crest equestrian team One problem her partner is none other then Heather Fox the meanest girl in school Sasha and her horse Charm will need to keep there cool if they want to win.I loved this book there was so many things to think about and get excited about it Ten out of ten would recommend

    10. Personal Response I think this book could have had a little less drama, but for the most part it was very good There was alot of control over the drama and it also had a good mix of horses in it There may have been a couple times where there were too many things at once, but it was okay Plot Sasha got on the Advanced Team and has to work towards the YENT, Youth Equestrian National Riding Team While she tries to concentrate on that, a new kid name Eric comes to the barn and they start talking Whi [...]

    11. I think this is one of the best Middle Grade series I ve read It is a very realistic and relatable portrayal of life at that edge, and the story is fast paced and exciting, with lots of ups and downs.I like that although Heather is the mean girl to our MC, the reader still sees other sides to her Her hopes and dreams, her being nice, her being a strong team mate We also see why Heater might lash out towards Sasha and other people way at times She feels insecure because her father puts so much pr [...]

    12. CANTERWOOD CREST CHASING BLUEJessica BurkhartRealistic Fiction257 pages Sasha Silver and her teammates are registering for a show when they bump into Jasmine Heather and Jasmine used to ride together, but then Heather moved to Canterwood Crest Jasmine is actually meaner than Heather, which almost isn t possible She plans to beat Canterwood Crest, but she doesn t know how good they are Sasha beats Jasmine in the first class that they are in Jasmine got so mad that she put oil and sawdust in Arist [...]

    13. In my opinion the book, Canterwood Crest, Chasing Blue, written by Jessica Burkhart is a phenomenal novel of a lost girl named Sasha, who finds herself in one of the top boarding school Sasha tries to juggle her education and her equestrian life, while fitting in with the other girls But you have to read the first one to read the second The reason I think this is such a good book is because the author starts off with a strong beginning of the secret Valentines party that no one knew the location [...]

    14. Chasing Blue by Jessica Burkhart is a wonderful, dramatic novel Sasha Silver is a student at Canterwood Crest boarding school Sasha and her horse Charm, have worked very hard to get themselves a place on Canterwood s advanced riding team They have both been great but then Heather Fox, Sasha s foe, seems very needy of Sasha s almost boyfriend Sasha starts to think the unthinkable Jacob Sasha s almost boyfriend has turned on her The drama starts up because Heather is also on the advanced team Sash [...]

    15. I really, really love this series Even though it is full of stereotypical horse book cliches, they are done so well that honestly I can t help but love it The topic of boys is much prevalent in this second installment than the first book, but I think it was done well and wasn t too overdone The love triangle is actually written well and doesn t seem unrealistic at all I also really appreciate the realistic storyline overall Unlike a lot of horse books, Sasha and Charm don t win every show, and [...]

    16. Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadTooSasha s finally fitting in at Canterwood Crest She wouldn t want to be anywhere else, especially since things are starting to heat up between her and Jacob But could there be trouble in paradise Heather s noticed Sasha s crush and she s doing everything possible to put doubts in Sasha s head Sasha s trying to juggle her feelings for Jacob on top of dealing with Heather, a major horse competition, school work, and helping Paige reach her dream of becomi [...]

    17. This was an awesome book At this point I m so into the series that I can get through the book in two days I can t wait for the next book Chasing blue is the second book in the canter wood crest series Sasha comes back from winter break, and her relationship with Jacob becomes serious, and she tries her best to put all of her focus into regionals When that time comes Saha competes with her team if I said how she did that would be a spoiler After regionals, Callie starts acting weird During the s [...]

    18. Chasing Blue I loved this book It is the second book in the Canterwood Crest Series Since i love reviews that have spoilers, this review WILL contain spoilers Well, you know how Jacob and Sasha were together Well, THEY BROKE UP Yup, you read right Sasha Silver and Jacob Schwartz broke up How Well there was this dance called the Sweetheart Soiree So, they went together but Eric he s the hot new rider shows up and starts talking with Sasha I dont remember why, but Jacob storms out of the Soiree le [...]

    19. Cute and likable horse story, sort of Mean Girls meets The Saddle Club These weren t out when I was a pre teen, but I read every horse book the library had then, so I rather enjoyed the new spin on a beloved theme from childhood.It ends on quite a cliffhanger for a book aimed at young girls and here I d thought I could expect a happy ending Ah, well.It s relatively clean, the horsey details are perfectly described for their target audience girls like I was at ten or eleven horse crazy enough to [...]

    20. This book is great it starts the day after winter break which is how the 1st one ended Sasha is getting 2 know Jacob when they are now partners 4 film class, but Heather is seen around the cafe with jacob Little does Sasha know Jacob is helping Heather with math Meanwhile regionals is coming and Sasha is so worried after she got her first F in Biology Add a new kid, Erick that seems to like Sasha and now Callie is mad at her because she thinks Sasha likes him back Will Sasha be able 2 handle th [...]

    21. Light, horsie fiction The horsie stuff still seems rather accurate It still shows the stereotypical boarding school attitudes and rivalries, but it still, overall, is enjoyable The only real issue I have with this book is the lingo or acronyms used that is common, these days, in texting, messaging and the likes I just find it hard to read and some of the time I don t even know what is being said The scary thought is is this going to be the way literature will be transformed in to And there was n [...]

    22. Boyfriend stealers Enemies Allies All dramatic things in and out of the equine world take place in Chasing Blue Sasha has alot to prove to Heather Sasha has been trying to settle in, but with Heather on her back, its impossible The way that Sasha handles everything in this book is the highlight of the story The drama in this book is really interesting, and the bonds that Sasha tries to make and keep alive are what makes the Canterwood Crest series so sucessful and relatable too.Project posterboa [...]

    23. Sasha competes for the Regionals while still dealing with Heather s lies and interference Sasha begins to believe that her crush Jacob like Heather thanks to Heather and a new boy, Eric, starts midyear While this series is based on a seventh grader and has a story line about boys there is a lot of detail about horses and school as well as the importance of studying hard This would be appropriate for 4th or 5th grade.

    24. Now that Sasha Silver and her horse Charm, have proven that there worthy competiters for the canterwood crest equestrien team, Sasha s psyched to get back to schooluntil self proclaimed it girl, Queen bee, and the owner of the i m so better than you are attitude, Heather Fox, is assigned as Sasha s riding partner Not Good And when Heather starts spending to much QT with Sasha s almost boyfriend Jacob the partner ship get s put to the ultimate test.

    25. Drama There is so much DRAMA Hate Heather as usual I love Sasha even though she has petty problems I couldn t believe it when she found Heather and Jacob and the ice cream shop I hated that part Eric should stay out of the way It s obvious he likes her but he should get that she likes Jacob It s a really good series so far and I d recommend reading it.

    26. This was a really good book, because i am in love with horses, but if your not in love with horses, it gives you the time to learn about these wonderful animals if you dont think youll like ths book, because its about horses just give it a chance, you never know were you might find a good book this is a wonderful book for everyonee.

    27. I really liked this book Heather is really funny in a mean way I really felt for Sasha and embarrassing monuments Jacob seems like a good guy but if he really cared about Sasha he would be able to tell when something s wrong and then be able to reassure her that nothing was going on Again, I liked this book and can t wait for

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