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The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords - Part 1 #2020

The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Part Link now a Hylian Knight serves Princess Zelda at Hyrule Castle When Shadow Link kidnaps Princess Zelda Link once again must prepare himself to defeat the forces of evil To do so he needs the lege

  • Title: The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords - Part 1
  • Author: Akira Himekawa
  • ISBN: 9781421523323
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords - Part 1 By Akira Himekawa, Link, now a Hylian Knight, serves Princess Zelda at Hyrule Castle When Shadow Link kidnaps Princess Zelda, Link once again must prepare himself to defeat the forces of evil To do so, he needs the legendary Four Sword, but getting it means releasing and then battling the ancient evil power Vaati The Four Sword also splits Link into four different versions of himself, andLink, now a Hylian Knight, serves Princess Zelda at Hyrule Castle When Shadow Link kidnaps Princess Zelda, Link once again must prepare himself to defeat the forces of evil To do so, he needs the legendary Four Sword, but getting it means releasing and then battling the ancient evil power Vaati The Four Sword also splits Link into four different versions of himself, and these new Links aren t team players Rescuing Zelda, beating Vaati, and getting his wild alter egos under control isn t going to be easy

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      303 Akira Himekawa
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    1 thought on “The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords - Part 1

    1. Link must draw the Four sword when Zelda and her hand maidens are kidnapped by the forces of the evil wind mage vaati But then he splits into four versions of himself Each one reflecting one of his character traits The four of them must learn how to band together to defeat vaati before its too late So many exclamation marks While I would haves loved to see an adaptation of links awakening connecting to the Oracle manga they ended that with him going off on adventures so they could have used tha [...]

    2. I myself have been a huge Zelda fan sense I was 5 And this book gives the sense of comedy, and adventure I gotta say, I love the breaking the 4th wall moments in the book This manga series really builds character and lore on Link then It would in the video games due to not talking and all This is one of many books in the Zelda manga series, and I can t wait to read the others.

    3. While I played some of the early Zelda games on my NES and Super Nintendo, I was never a huge fan of the franchise I was partial to the cutesiness and happy worlds of Mario and Pok mon, especially since the former had some excellent multiplayer games, such as Mario Kart 64 Still, I decided to give this manga a chanced I was disappointed A lack of color makes the whole four Links thing confusing, and the story wasn t all that fun The artwork, however, was good, so I have to give the artists kudo [...]

    4. ALERT SPOILERS MAY BE IN REVIEW ALERT Overall very funny with five different Links running around dressed in Green original , Red, Blue surprisingly the hotheaded one , Purple, and a Shadow Link Only problem in the beginning, that is is that Link doesn t know how to work on a team But soon, the problem shifts over to people mistaking other colored Links for the green Link E.g Tinkles mistook Vio the purple link for Green the main link after meeting Green first and stumbling upon Vio while on his [...]

    5. Creo que estoy siendo demasiado dura con una adaptaci n a manga infantil de uno de los juegos menos reconocidos en la saga de Zelda pero no puedo evitarlo Link, un caballero del reino de Hyrule, nunca ha sido bueno trabajando en equipo ni siguiendo las rdenes de su comandante, pero es uno de los mejores y m s reconocidos h roes a la redonda Su amistad con la Princesa Zelda es lo nico que pareciera ablandarlo Un d a, presintiendo que algo maligno se cern a sobre el reino, la princesa y sus doncel [...]

    6. An amazing story Best read with the second part as a singular story Most of the Zelda Mangas do try to accurately try to tell the story of the games, but for the game of Four Swords Adventure, there isn t really a story to follow, meaning the writer could focus on the story than appealing to fans An amazing story about teamwork, the 4 links are distinct enough that I still find myself referring to this when people ask me about the personalities of the characters The best of any of the Zelda Man [...]

    7. I HAVE read it and enjoyed it but it would be beter if it was made just a hole book not part1 and part 2 I am giving it a 3 star revew

    8. I enjoyed this book , because it still had the same story for the first half as the original game It kept in all the action scenes, and it managed to add in a little space for the non action things, such as talking The only thing is, that since it s in black and white, it s really hard to differentiate the 4 different Links.

    9. An ancient evil is stirring in the land of Hyrule, but the impulsive Hylian Knight Link is unable to protect his childhood friend Princess Zelda from being kidnapped Not knowing what else to do, he turns to the fabled Four Sword, splitting himself into four Links as he draws the blade However, not even four of himself seems to be enough to stop the evil Vaati he has freed with the unleashing of the sword How can he save Princess Zelda, and Hyrule, when he can t even get along with himself, much [...]

    10. 1 Deutsche Rezension2 English Review1 Deutsche RezensionDies hier ist alles in allem eine nette Geschichte f r kleine Kinder Die Geschichte ist einfach aber nicht dumm view spoiler , w re sie es, h tte man Schatten Link einfach zerst rt und Violet Link h tte nicht seine List gehabt, hide spoiler und es blieb bei seinem Genre der Fantasie und Kom die also kann ich die etwas albernen Elemente vergeben.Es gibt ein paar kleine L cher in der Handlung view spoiler , wie z.B hatte Link Elne und die and [...]

    11. Imagine that there are four of you It s a difficult thing to do, isn t it Well, in The Legend of Zelda Four Swords by Akira Himekawa, Link, the main character couldn t imagine having four of him either However, he is split into four versions of himself, as the back cover reads.This book is an exciting one filled with adventure, surprise, and laughs In fact, it s actually based on one of the greatest video game franchises of all time, The Legend of Zelda The story is about a young knight in train [...]

    12. Based on the popular Zelda series game, Four Swords Adventures, this graphic novel chronicles the adventures of young knight Link, as he is split into four of himself by the legendary Four Sword, and all four of his selves must work together to rescue Princess Zelda and her maidens from the evil wind god Vaati Titling this book Four Swords is a bit misleading, as that is indeed the title of a Zelda video game, but it is not the same as the Four Swords Adventures game upon which this graphic nove [...]

    13. Le do en octubre de 2011 y rele do en febrero de 2016.Esta es una historia muy curiosa, porque nos encontramos no con un Link, sino con cuatro Cuatro Links con distintas personalidades, con ropa de distinto color, pero que tienen algo en com n prefieren trabajar de manera individual, pues no se les da bien recibir rdenes ni formar parte de un grupo As que el mayor desaf o de Link, de los cuatro, ser el aprender a trabajar juntos, pues s lo as podr n salvar otra vez a Zelda y al reino de Hyrule d [...]

    14. The sixth book in the legend of zelda series.This time theres no master sword no ocarina of time and no evil lord ganondorf.Here we find link now a knight working for princess zelda.When she is captured by link.But its not actually,its the evil shadow link.The only way to get zelda back is by drawing the Four sword.Little did link know he would split up into four different links,each a different one of his personalities.At first they all want to be the hero but in order for them to save the prin [...]

    15. The Legend of Zelda Four Swords manga is a great adaptation of the game it was based off of, as well as a fun read on it s own The story follows the Game s story relatively well, but it does change up some parts, though the changes it does make are for the better as it creates and furthers characters and moves along the plot in a narrative way which is better fitting a book The artwork is amazing and I loved each and every panel for it as each one set a nice tone ad showed off the expressivenes [...]

    16. Four Swords Part One is the surprisingly original story of the four Links on a quest to save Zelda Each Link features a different personality and different color tunic, though oftentimes they are difficult to tell apart for example, one Link has black sleeves, another gray In my copy, it looks like the shades of gray on the body of the tunic might be slightly different, but overall, readers must go by dialogue to figure out who is speaking to whom This manga offers story and dialogue where the g [...]

    17. The biggest problem with this is that it s hard to keep track of all those Links Color coding does not work in black and white All the Links except for Dark Shadow Link look the same in their gray tunics I m not sure how this could ve been fixed, but it was just too hard to tell who was who.Anyway, the story was going well enough at the start and then the Links got split up That s when the inability to tell them apart really caused issues, but the individual story lines for what little time they [...]

    18. From my 11 year old son The main characters are the four links that pop up when Link pulls out the four swords There s Red, who is red, Vio, who is violet, Green, who is the normal link, who is green, and Blue, who is blue The conflict come from Shadow Link, because he tries to kill the links The high point is when they re fighting shadow link It gets resolved when they get to the mt of death.Here are some vocabulary words I learned from the book grisly grim, horrible, causing a shudder of terro [...]

    19. While the story is interesting and the art very nice, who the H E Double hokey sticks thought it was a good idea to make a graphic novel in which characters, identical in appearance, are distinguished by the color they wear into a bleeding black and white manga Thundering Frig at least stick Fruits baskets style symbols about to aid in identification I mean I think I got through it mostly knowing who was who based on facial expression common to the distinct character and context, but it was toug [...]

    20. I love Zelda games That is all it was,until Akira Himekawa started writing books based of this hit game series This is part one of a two part book The Legend Of Zelda Fore Swords This was a vary popular game for the Nintendo Game Cube In this book a knight of Hyrul named Link is with Princesses Zelda when shadow Link captures her and the 7 hand maddens Link pulls the four sword splitting himself in four and unleashing an enchant evil named Vaati The links have to learn to work together if they w [...]

    21. This one was about how Link tried to pull the four sword, sword and he ended up with 3 other copies of himself The 4 links all had a different personality and at one point one of them was thought to urn evil but not really And even though they were all different they still worked well together I LOVED this manga because it was thought out so well and was really funny too especially with Red and Blue always clashing, and Red being so dumb, it made me laugh a lot and it was just an enjoyable book [...]

    22. The Legend of Zelda manga series is a collection of 10 books that are written in collaboration by two women, A Honda S Nagano When they started they played all the games so they could get an idea of the story and then they sat an elaborated to create the books.There s a great attention to detail from Link to his companions to the enemies he fights It s so much interesting to read the conversations and see the familiar places from the games from a different perspective.

    23. I don t usually go for manga or anything because it took me FOREVER to figure out how to read it But friend taught me and now has got me loving Legend of Zelda But anyway, I found it really cool and funny It was a bit predictable at parts, but that s barely criticism I found it colourful and fun and the storyline is really awesome

    24. This was my first time reading anything from the Zelda series In the past I have not been a big graphic novel reader, however I really enjoyed the characters I think this is a great read for kids because even though Zelda is young and inexperienced, he doesn t let anything stop him from pursuing his goals.

    25. I think that Zelda Four Swords is a fantastic book it kept me interested the entire time i wanted to read it all the way through, plenty of action and scenes theirs a variety of enemy s and characters with unique personalities like that theirs a lot of funny moments in the book where you bust out laughing i hope part 2 is as good as part 1.

    26. The character designs, pacing, storyboarding and rendering are right on for the age group and genre It is also hilarious at just the right places Himekawa both of them are great at what they do.

    27. Surprisingly interesting, and original, story compared to the game it was based on It certainly would have benefited from color though, as telling the characters apart from black and white pages can be difficult.

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