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Falling Free #2020

Falling Free Leo Graf was an effective engineer Safety regs weren t just the rule book he swore by he d helped write them All that changed on his assignment to the Cay Habitat Leo was profoundly uneasy with the co

  • Title: Falling Free
  • Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
  • ISBN: 9781886778535
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Falling Free By Lois McMaster Bujold, Leo Graf was an effective engineer Safety regs weren t just the rule book he swore by he d helped write them All that changed on his assignment to the Cay Habitat Leo was profoundly uneasy with the corporate exploitation of his bright new students until that exploitation turned to something much worse He hadn t anticipated a situation where the right thing to do waLeo Graf was an effective engineer Safety regs weren t just the rule book he swore by he d helped write them All that changed on his assignment to the Cay Habitat Leo was profoundly uneasy with the corporate exploitation of his bright new students until that exploitation turned to something much worse He hadn t anticipated a situation where the right thing to do was neither safe, nor in the rulesLeo Graf adopted a thousand quaddies now all he had to do was teach them to be free.Falling Free takes place approximately 200 years before the events in Cordelia s Honor and does not share settings or characters with the main body of the series.

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    1. 4.25 On the sixth day God saw He couldn t do it all, so He created ENGINEERS Evgeny and I decided to read the whole series together It turned out to be a great decision I just closed the last page and needed to get on here and say how much I enjoyed this book It is the first one I read by this author and now I am wondering why I never read her books before After all, I was raised on Sci Fi and Fantasy, this should have been in my radar long time ago However, I think my reluctance of reading book [...]

    2. Update 10 3 17 Re readI think I just relaxed into this read, knowing damn well that it was going to be a novel of revolution against corporate idiots and assholes Understanding that this came out in 88 goes a long way to grooving to the sense of hate and loathing we all felt during that time period Or is that just me Maybe it s just me.Fortunately, I love the Children s Crusade and the RAH feel, from the Can Do engineering and idealistic gruffness to the all out freedom brigade If I had to compa [...]

    3. An Engineer dies and goes to hell He s hot and miserable, so he decides to take action The A C has been busted for a long time, so he fixes it Things cool down quickly.The moving walkway motor jammed, so he unjams it People can get from place to place easily.The TV was grainy and unclear, so he fixes the connection to the Satellite dish and now they get hundreds of high def channels.One day, God decides to look down on Hell to see how his grand design is working out and notices that everyone is [...]

    4. No fate but what we make.That could be the motto for this story and I loved the concept This is a quite old scifi book, belonging to a quite long series But it didn t show in the way I first thought The story is about an engineer arriving on a space station in order to teach some employees of the company he works for as well When he arrives, however, he discovers that the students are children and genetically altered ones at that The worst, though, is how they are being treated by the normal hum [...]

    5. engineer encounters hideous situation involving exploitation of a unique group of workers engineer fights against this hideous situation this is really a 2 star book, whatever, I m giving it 3 stars because yeah I liked it, and importantly I would never give 2 stars to a friend and at this point I kinda feel like Lois McMaster Bujold is my friend I ve been working my way back and forth through her Vorkosigan Saga and I think that not only do I believe in everything she believes in the points sh [...]

    6. Prvo imamo Dreamweaver s Dilemma interesantnu pri icu o opsnostima nove tehnologije prikazane kroz blago detektivsku pri u Simpati no ili u su tini ni ta posebno.Druga pri a, Falling Free, je daleko interesantnija po to se bavi grupom modifikovanih ljudi, dece zapravo, i njihovom borbom za svoju budu nost Ima dobrih momenata, likovi su interesantni jedino to nikako nisma imao ose aj veli ine date stanice kao ni da ima puno osoba na njoj a trbalo bi da bude preko 1000 Lako se ita i dr i pa nju ta [...]

    7. This is first in chronological order of the Vorkosigan Saga save for the short story Dreamweaver s Dilemma I now have all the audio books lined up I ve read most of them in published order, but read them generally as they were published, which is a different order has stretched out for many years I ve never tried them in audio format, but thought them well suited I was right.This deals with the origins of the Quaddies, a race that was first introduced in one of the early books about Miles I real [...]

    8. Falling Free is the 11th Vorkosigan Saga novel I ve read So far I ve been delighted to give 3 of those 5 stars Happy to give 6 of them a very solid 4 stars Only Shards of Honour has gotten a 3 stars from me before now Despite being a Nebula award winner, I d say this is the weakest Bujold I ve read.That s not to say Falling Free is bad 3 stars is defined as liked it and I certainly did that I read most of it in one sitting in the tub , it s just that I know Bujold can do better than this.So abou [...]

    9. Falling Free is one of several Hugo winners for Lois McMaster Bujold, she is practically sci fi s counterpart to Meryl Streep in term of awards This book is set in her popular Vorkosigan universe but does not have any Vorkosigan in it, not even a mention In the time setting of this book Miles Vorkosigan will not be born for another 200 years However, this does not mean this book is like a cup of coffee without any coffee in it, it is well worth anybody s time.Basically this is a story of a race [...]

    10. A few hundred years before the events of the Vorkosigan books, a galactic corporation genetically engineered the Quaddies, people perfectly suited to zero gravity engineering and construction work because of their extra pair of arms instead of legs A human engineer comes aboard the project, and through a series of events which do not need exploring at this juncture he finds himself spearheading nothing less than a revolution in a desperate bid to get the Quaddies safely out of corporate control [...]

    11. Actual rating 3.5 stars.This book reminded me strongly of C.J Cherryh s book Downbelow Station In both books a huge intergalactic company is using and abusing a population of people who are considered somehow less than humans In DbS, it was an alien race, the Hisa also known as Downers in human slang Here in Falling Free it is the quaddies, the result of human genome manipulation, who have four arms instead of two arms two legs, supposedly to be make them suited to zero gravity.There are strong [...]

    12. This is the start of my chronological read of the Vorkosigan books I have read many of them previously, but out of order This is my first exposure to Falling Free and despite some minor issues, I think it s held up pretty well.Leo Graf is a testing engineer whose latest posting at the Cay Habitat leads to some surprises The people he s come to teach zero G engineering practicalities to are an engineered variety of human free fall adapted quaddies with a second set of arms instead of legs But the [...]

    13. If you ever have to make a choice between learning and inspiration, boy, choose learning It works of the time If you re interested in science fiction, you will eventually hear of Bujold and her Vorkosigan Saga Falling Free is the first title in the chronological order and my first forray into this author s world Yes, it has an old fashioned aspect it was written in the late 1980s , perhaps due to the cringing mysoginy and racism Stereotypes abound too, with the big baddie , who became farcical [...]

    14. Our intrepid engineer Leo starts a new job and gets to know genetically engineered humans optimized for life in free fall, with another set of arms instead of legs Fittingly they are called quaddies They are also treated as something less than human and our engineer finds himself in the position of wanting to help the underdogs.This hasn t aged well It feels pretty old fashioned and quite a little sexist If you can get past that, the story is entertaining The audiobook narrator does a decent job [...]

    15. Leo Graf is an engineer, assigned to a space habitat to teach advanced welding techniques Residing in the space habitat are a thousand young and very young quaddies, genetically engineered with no legs but four arms and hands to be especially well adapted for working in a gravitation free environment Everything at first seems fine, except that the director is inhumane He looks at the quaddies as if they are mutants, they are property of his corporation They can be manipulated and worked in any w [...]

    16. Reading the Vorkosigan Saga in internal publication order except for Falling Free which I am reading between Cordelia s Honor Young Miles Read as part of the Miles, Mutants and Microbes Omnibus I really appreciate Bujold s characters Going into this I was wondering whether I would enjoy it after all the Cordelia and Aral we had in Shards Barrayar But, nope, my fears were unfounded as Bujold just pulled another one out of her hat Likeable believable characters, all so different from each other se [...]

    17. This is my first and so far the only novel by Lois McMaster that I have read I don t know anything about Vorkosigan saga nor about this author save the fact that she got a Nebula award for this novel, which I happen to think she deserved I m not sure will I explore this saga or not I mean, taken the fact how much I was impressed by this novel, sure I would love to but with so many books on my reading list, who knows In any case, this review will focus solely on this novel and explore it as such [...]

    18. Falling Free is an early stand alone story in Lois McMaster Bujold s VORKOSIGAN SAGA It takes place before the events we read about in the other books and tells the story of the Quaddies, those genetically engineered mutants who have four arms and no legs and who, therefore, make good workers for zero gravity situations They were created in secret by a corporation who is using them as free labor.The story starts when Leo Graf, an engineer, is hired to train students on a distant planet Leo doesn [...]

    19. I found Falling Free to be an extremely stressful book to read Around the halfway mark, I was dreading picking it up, as I wasn t sure how much I could take of quaddie mistreatment I started to give myself permission to just read a chapter at a time, instead of pushing for 100 pages Luckily, shortly after that, the quaddies started fighting back, and I got right back into the swing of it I just don t deal well with lack of agency.Note The rest of this review has been withheld due to the recent [...]

    20. Well done mix of science and conflict with a few important moral questions added to the mix Is Bujold an engineer

    21. If you like your scifi chock full of clever engineers, then you d be hard pressed to come up with a better story Clever people solving problems cleverly that s the stuff I love, anyway So, not at all like Scalzi s Fuzzy Nation or Ocean s Eleven, but satisfying in that same way Now all I have to do is figure out which of Bujold s many books I should read next Feel free to recommend your favorites.Library copy

    22. BOTTOM LINE Written in 1988, this is, chronologically, the first in the Miles series, and is a prequel that feels very 1950s in tone and style Taking place almost entirely on a spacestation and with a very peculiar crew, it s both traditional and, with her own twists, somewhat innovative, making this a wonderful introduction to this long and very popular series.This prequel to the Vorkosigan saga takes place a couple of hundred years prior to Miles birth, and introduces us to a very interesting [...]

    23. One thing I love about Bujold is that there is a moral rightness and or righteousness to her work She also writes about the workplace and politics so, so well.Here, for example, is a gem And those who can t teach, Leo finished silently, go into administration This book is largely about a race of genetically modified children who can exist well in zero gravity environments Bujold attacks the kinds of thinking in individuals and corporations beaurocracies that can cause the justification of the el [...]

    24. Escape from slavery meets heist story I wasn t sure what to expect from this, but it had some very cool ideas Now to read the first couple of the Vorkosigan Saga proper.

    25. Falling Free is part of the Vorkosigan Saga, although I can t yet see the connection I ve read both Shards of Honor and Barrayar, the next two books in the saga and Falling Free does not appear to relate, but that is just fine, because I liked this tale.Leo Graf, our main protagonist, is an engineer who is sent to work at the Cay Habitat in zero gravity with a group of very intelligent yet emotionally naive Quaddies Quaddies are genetically engineered human beings bred with a second set of arms [...]

    26. I wasn t sure how I felt about a Bujold novel without either Cordelia or Miles, but I shouldn t have worried and this was an easy read Leo is such a good guy you can t help but like him and Van Atta is such a mustache twirling villain that you can t help but hate him Unfortunately, that makes for a very black and white conflict, which felt a little flat at times I liked the Quaddies and their plight was terrible, but the solution was a little straight forward and the risk never felt genuine I al [...]

    27. Not, technically, a Vorkosigan novel since no Vorkosigan family member is so much as lurking in the background, it is nevertheless set in the Vorkosiverse, though, about two hundred years before Miles birth The story is about the origin of the quaddies, humans genetically engineered for work in free fall, whose most striking adaptation is the replacement of their legs with arms and hands Leo Graf is an engineer and teacher assigned to the habitat where the quaddies are being reared The corporati [...]

    28. My first foray into the Vorkosigan Saga from Lois McMaster Bujold was very enjoyable There were moral dilemmas, engineers, genetic engineering and megalomaniac bosses Despite it being a book with a relatively small in scope story, you can see the larger world peaking in from references made by the characters.I m reading the series in internal chronological order Mainly because Bujold herself recommends doing so Falling Free is set many years before the rest of the series So it will be interestin [...]

    29. I liked this than I expected to since it is a prequel and doesn t actually have any Vorkosigans in it A great story with some really fun characters It s heavy on engineering, but not overly so It has all the wit and humor I have come to expect, and I read it quickly though, I couldn t tell you for sure if that was because I was enjoying the story that much or if I was just hurrying to get back to Miles and Ekaterin It is definitely unusual It tells the story of a genetically engineered race ca [...]

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