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Shooting Stars #2020

Shooting Stars From the ultimate team basketball superstar LeBron James and Buzz Bissinger Pulitzer Prize winning author of Friday Night Lights and Three Nights in August a poignant thrilling tale of the power of

  • Title: Shooting Stars
  • Author: LeBron James H.G. Bissinger
  • ISBN: 9781594202322
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Shooting Stars By LeBron James H.G. Bissinger, From the ultimate team basketball superstar LeBron James and Buzz Bissinger, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Friday Night Lights and Three Nights in August a poignant, thrilling tale of the power of teamwork to transform young lives, including James s ownThe Shooting Stars were a bunch of kids LeBron James and his best friends from Akron, Ohio, who first met on a youth baFrom the ultimate team basketball superstar LeBron James and Buzz Bissinger, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Friday Night Lights and Three Nights in August a poignant, thrilling tale of the power of teamwork to transform young lives, including James s ownThe Shooting Stars were a bunch of kids LeBron James and his best friends from Akron, Ohio, who first met on a youth basketball team of the same name when they were ten and eleven years old United by their love of the game and their yearning for companionship, they quickly forged a bond that would carry them through thick and thin a lot of thin and, at last, to a national championship in their senior year of high school.They were a motley group who faced challenges all too typical of inner city America LeBron grew up without a father and had moved with his mother than a dozen times by the age of ten Willie McGee, the quiet one, had left both his parents behind in Chicago to be raised by his older brother in Akron Dru Joyce was outspoken, and his dad was ever present he would end up coaching all five of the boys in high school Sian Cotton, who also played football, was the happy go lucky enforcer, while Romeo Travis was unhappy, bitter, even surly, until he finally opened himself up to the bond his teammates offered him.In the summer after seventh grade, the Shooting Stars tasted glory when they qualified for a national championship tournament in Memphis But they lost their focus and had to go home early They promised one another they would stay together and do whatever it took to win a national title.They had no idea how hard it would be to fulfill that promise In the years that followed, they would endure jealousy, hostility, exploitation, resentment from the black community because they went to a white high school , and the consequences of their own overconfidence Not least, they would all have to wrestle with LeBron s outsize success, which brought too much attention and even a whiff of scandal their way But together these five boys became men, and together they claimed the prize they had fought for all those years a national championship.Shooting Stars is a stirring depiction of the challenges that face America s youth today and a gorgeous evocation of the transcendent impact of teamwork.

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    1. Shooting stars is a book about Lebron James and his rough childhood and how he overcame adversity to get to the place where he is now This book was written by Buzz Bissinger and Lebron James himself This book told about how to fight through adversity even from a young age and how important relationships with your teammates and the people off the court are as well Lebron James doesn t come from anything at all His mother had him at 16 years old as a high school student Lebron was deeply influence [...]

    2. I read Shooting Stars by LeBron James This is a sports book and memoir This book is about LeBron James a young high school superstar basketball player and his team It shows how they won their games lived their high schools lives with all the hype of how good they were Also it shows how LeBron James started his career to becoming arguably the best athlete on earth today This book takes place in the mid 2000 s in Akron, Ohio Thats were the high school they played at was Really the only true charac [...]

    3. Shooting Stars by Lebron James is an interesting autobiography of lebrons high school years There are many reoccurring topics and themes this book goes over, ideas that most teens and athletes struggle with Themes such as money, loyalty, trust issues and insecurities The fast pace writing and surprising events that take place in the book made it a hard novel to put down The most impressive part of the book is the fact that Lebron a young kid when he had to deal with the media hyping him up and t [...]

    4. This book is about four boys who meet through Basketball in the city of Akron, Ohio They end up going to the same High School, Saint Vincent Saint Mary, to try and win a State and National championship It talks about how some boys who aren t even related, can become as close as brothers through the game of basketball What I liked about this story is how they started off as being an underdog, to being ranked the Number 1 team in the Nation Why I connected to is because they never gave up, no matt [...]

    5. This book is about Lebron James life and childhood His life was hard living in a small apartment and only a mom He would always ride his bike around Arkon Ohio He loved the burgers from his favorite place swensons he loved the aroma too He later in the book made book he meet some friends Little Dru,Willie,Sian.

    6. Shooting stars by LeBron James and Buzz Bissinger is a book about how perseverance, hard work and teamwork can pay off LeBron and the rest of the fab 4 1 go from a team of high school students, into a nationally ranked team I would definitely recommend this book, including but not limited to, anyone who enjoys non fiction, or a great story

    7. This was a fantastic book LeBron James s story about his early years is one to remember, and this book does a very good job chronicling it It gives a very good illustration of his rough life growing up on the streets of Akron I remember James writing about how he moved six times in one year, and saying how he never went to Cleveland, which was just 45 minutes away My favorite part of this story, however, is how James chronicles his basketball days from playing AAU hoops all the way to him becomi [...]

    8. Overall This is a pretty good book If you like basketball and watching documentaries this is just the book for you You get to learn about LeBron James s early life, his hardships, and what it took took get to the point that he is at today This book has good structure to it and really kept me reading, it was full of interesting childhood information and I definitely learned some things I never knew about LeBron One thing that separates this book from most other books is how it s written You feel [...]

    9. Shooting Stars is the story of LeBron James and his journey with a group of basketball teammates that become like a family to him It starts off with James describing his childhood and what it was like for him growing up His mom raised him all by herself from the time she was only 16, and went from job to job trying to provide for them He grew up in a not so good part of Akron, so some of the things he experienced as a child were things no kid should ever have to go through He often moved around [...]

    10. Shooting stars is about Lebron James and his whole childhood growing up in Ohio He meets new friends while playing basketball and become good friends They play basketball and become a super good team and become champions Overall It is a great book if you like basketball and I highly recommend it.

    11. I gained even respect for James as a person and athlete after reading this book, also cool to see him talk about life in Akron.

    12. If you re a fan of LeBron James, you ll love this book If you ve never heard of LBJ how is that possible , but still enjoy a good sports story, you ll enjoy this book, too.

    13. Plot Growing up in the small town of Akron, Ohio, five kids face the everyday challenges of poverty, drugs, gangs, and violence in the streets of Akron But the one thing that keeps them off the streets and away from such negativity in the community is the game of basketball This is the story about the life of Lebron James and his four best friends Little Dru, Sian, Romeo, and Willie playing for their dreams of one day making it out of the projects and playing on a team for a Division 1 school in [...]

    14. The independent reading book I chose to read was Shooting Stars, which is written by authors Lebron James and Buzz Binssinger The story is of the non fiction, sports genre, and basketball to be specific The story describes the events in Lebron s life from when he was a child being raised by his single mother until the end of his high school days This story reveals the unfolding of how a little boy from Akron, Ohio becomes a nationally recognized figure in the world of basketball across the Unite [...]

    15. I really liked the book Shooting Stars because it s a story about the loyalty between Lebron James and his friends Lebron was a regular kid in Akron living with his mom who struggled to support them Lebron first started playing basketball at the age of nine on a team called the Hornets where he met Little Dru, Sian, and Coach Dru who grew to be some of the most important people in his life They instantly connected with each other and later would be known as the Fab Five As time went on they bega [...]

    16. This book is about Miami Heat s starting small forward Lebron James This book tells you from the beginning of King James s life to his NBA life Lebron James was born in December 30th, 1984 in Akron, Ohio His mother struggled to support Lebron and herself and they moved often Lebron was not an academically strong person and he used sports to deal with his stress His favorite was Basketball and Football In his first year of Pee Wee Football, he formed a bond with his coach Frankie Walker, who arra [...]

    17. There are several books out there about LeBron James, but I find the best way to get a grasp on someone is to hear what they have to say Shooting Stars is the book you want if you re looking to see what the NBA phenom experienced firsthand, and it s his first book as an author Buzz Bissinger, author of Friday Night Lights, is on board as well Admittedly I ve grown tired of seeing LeBron s name and face everywhere it s hard to avoid incessant marketing , but as a basketball fan I respect him as a [...]

    18. Shooting Stars by Buzz Bissinger LeBron James ReviewWhen people think of the N.B.A basketball superstar LeBron James they don t usually think of smart They think of Athletic, High flying dunks, and a shot formation that could make a cheetah purr People usually think of how much better LeBron James is getting and how he will go down in history as one of, if not the best basketball player of all time People usually do not think of all of the challenges of life LeBron James went through How intelle [...]

    19. The book Shooting Stars is the story Lebron James and his high school basketball teammates known as The Fab Five The authors purpose for writing this book was to entertain the reader and give the views of Lebron James and The Fab Five as they were known as in their high school days at St Vincent St Mary The book talks about what Lebron and the rest of his friends thought during their high school basketball career The authors purpose was accomplished in the book I felt the book was a very interes [...]

    20. Shooting Starsby LeBron James Buzz BissingerReview by Jack MastersThe book, Shooting Stars by LeBron James and Buzz Bissinger is by far one of my most favorite books It is all about how LeBron and his best buds grow up to be one heck of a basketball team LeBron s first love was actually football and could ve easily gotten a scholarship for that also This book is intriguing and you feel like you can t put down the book because you want to know what his decision will be and what will happen next.L [...]

    21. Daje Ameen Matthews 11 15 15Period 7Shooting stars is by Lebron James and Buzz Bissinger is a sport book about Lebron James life and his teammates lives as young basketball stars.This book talks about the rough times Lebron went through.Lebron James had suffered losses in his life from basketball games and even family.He had teammates that were like his brothers.His teammates went throughout middleschool to highschool with him.Lebron loved his grandmother because she took care of him and taught [...]

    22. Whether or not you are a basketball Lebron James fan, you will enjoy this book written by Lebron himself and Buzz Bissinger The book captures the inspiring story of Lebron James who grew up in Akron, Ohio with a single mother They were very poor, and at times struggled to find an affordable place to stay for even a single night The odds were stacked against Lebron who was surrounded by people doing illegal activities go figure This is when basketball came into play for Lebron James Basketball wa [...]

    23. Shooting Stars is about LeBron James struggles growing up I m Akron, Ohio His mom had him when she was sixteen years old After she had him she stayed with her parents until she was to old and went out to live on her own with LeBron It wasn t any easier because his dad wasn t their to help out at all and so she had to make things work by herself That meant that she had to move from place to place working job after job to keep her and LeBron situated But to help out with that she had to send LeBro [...]

    24. The book Shooting Stars by LeBron James is an memoir about his life and what he has been through to get where he is now in life It was an very interesting book to read and get to learn what he has been through and the help he has gotten also the hard work and determination that he gives himself In the beginning of this book he talks about how him and his mother did now have a lot and how they always had to move from place to place because of the jobs his mother had She always made sure that he h [...]

    25. First of all, for those literary nuts expecting a beautifully written memoir Look somewhere else.I m not sure how involved Buzz Kissinger was with this project But, from what I can tell, most of these words were actually written by Lebron James The grammar is sketchy, repetitive language is used numerous times, and some parts are hard to follow Especially while describing the physical basketball games.So what is the appeal of this book Easy The reality mindset of America We love stories like thi [...]

    26. As we speak there are thousands of youngsters who are members of AAU teams, travel teams for soccor, basketball, and swimming that are driven all over god s creation in station wagons and vans to countless tournaments encouraged by a parent who sees a scholarship at the end of the road or by a coach who has dedicated a good part of their lives to recruiting, teaching, and pushing kids to stardom It has become overblown and excessive but the better coaches teach character, discipline, teamwork, a [...]

    27. This book is about LeBron s life growing up in the hard streets of Akron LeBron was birthed by a sixteen year old single mother who was not capable of raising him LeBron did not have a stable home until the age of twelve and moved twelve times between the ages of five and eight LeBrons s mother signed LeBron to play for a local team as a kid and LeBron grew up with his four other teammates and went to the same school as them and played together even in high school LeBron faced many ups and downs [...]

    28. Shooting Stars by Lebron James and Buzz Bissinger is a Sports Autobiography of the journey NBA All Star Lebron James took to become who he is today The story begins with Lebron stating that he wants to do something to put his little town Akron on the map because no one ever really talks about it,he said he doesn t know what but he wants it to be big The story progresses by Lebron explaining how he did not have the best upbringing and he often had to stay with friends but he always seemed to find [...]

    29. I read the book Shooting Stars This book was very inspiring towardsbasketball There is a purpose for almost every book This books purpose was to show the success of LeBron James and achievements he has aquired throughout his career This book was to show that hard work will pay off in the long run Lebron won 3 high school championships, he wasnt born with all that talent Sure his size was given but to be as strong and agile as he is took work and long hours in the gym He is the best player in the [...]

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