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The Sister Circle #2020

The Sister Circle Seven unlikely women One unbreakable bond When Evelyn Peerbaugh hung the ancient sign in front of her house she had no idea how life was about to change In a matter of days she became the newly widow

  • Title: The Sister Circle
  • Author: Vonette Bright Nancy Moser
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Sister Circle By Vonette Bright Nancy Moser, Seven unlikely women.One unbreakable bond.When Evelyn Peerbaugh hung the ancient sign in front of her house, she had no idea how life was about to change In a matter of days she became the newly widowed owner of a busy boardinghouse, trying to cope with the lives and emotions of the most incompatible group of women ever gathered under one roof.As the women settle into theSeven unlikely women.One unbreakable bond.When Evelyn Peerbaugh hung the ancient sign in front of her house, she had no idea how life was about to change In a matter of days she became the newly widowed owner of a busy boardinghouse, trying to cope with the lives and emotions of the most incompatible group of women ever gathered under one roof.As the women settle into their roles at Peerbaugh Place, they discover the true meaning of friendship and the joy of lives truly surrendered to God.

    • [E-Book] ☆ The Sister Circle | by » Vonette Bright Nancy Moser
      Vonette Bright Nancy Moser

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    1. Really good bookFriends make life happy forfilled,these ladies are good for each other me.I m going to look for the rest of the series.

    2. This one surprised me I didn t expect to like it I find with a lot of Christian literature, it becomes preachy where the dialogue is so stiff and rather than speaking to people, every sentence has to have a moral, so it becomes a sermon about how to be virtuous I find the characters to be pretty self righteous in most of them I got this book from a library book sale and didn t realize until I got it home that it was a Christian novel But, unlike most of the books I have read in this genre, it di [...]

    3. Have you ever asked yourself, What makes up a group of Friends Are we all the same Do we have some things in common Have we been forced together and friendships just evolve from current situations Many things bring along and open the beautiful doors to friendship.I found the 4 book set of Venette Bright and Nancy Moser s The Sister Circle at the library I was delighted in what I found It all begins with recently widowed Evenly Peebaugh who is mid 50 s, never had a job, and is now broke due to si [...]

    4. Loved it.The Sister Circle, book one of this charming contemporary series, introduces Peerbaugh Place, the quaint Victorian house that becomes a refuge to seven women of vastly different ages, personalities, and backgrounds When Evelyn Peerbaugh hung the ancient sign in front of her house, she had no idea how life was about to change In a matter of days, she became the newly widowed owner of a busy boardinghouse, trying to cope with the lives and emotions of the most incompatible group of women [...]

    5. Evelyn Peerbaugh, a recent widow, needs a source of income, so she decides to take in boarders, and this book is about the way God works in the lives of seven women and weaves them into a sister circle I love the way each of the women are so different, and their personalities are very well fleshed out by the author The friendships that develop are amazing, and remind me of the very close friends I would include in my own sister circle I just marked the other three volumes in this series to read [...]

    6. I love this book I almost feel like Evelyn is really me So much about her is my story after my husband died No I did open a boarding house but how smart is that Seem like God just took over for her and started working on her life Just as he did for me The other women in the book are so good You will love them Maybe not at first but just keep reading and you will find their good points I can t wait to read the second,third, and forth book You just have to love what these author have done with the [...]

    7. Interesting, isn t it, how books influence us I have enjoyed watching Evelyn as she comes to terms with the changes that becoming a widow has brought into her life I am inspired by how she presses on and takes care of herself when she could have just started looking to her adult son to pick up the slack left by the death of his father Getting to know the variety of characters in this book has also been good I am now actually well into the third, of four, books in this set and fully intend to fin [...]

    8. This has been a fun, christian fiction, typically american story I have whizzed through it and, although its definitely not a life changer, it has definitely been an enjoyable read Its the story of 50 something Evelyn who, after the early death of her husband, opens up her home as a boarding house, to a rather eclectic mix of women who learn, gradually, to live together, not withstanding a few hurdles along the way It was a freebie for the Kindle on as well, so no complaining there

    9. I really enjoyed this book It s a nice, fun read with some emotional depth Watching a group of very different women come together in God s love and form strong bonds of friendship was truly enjoyable It was nice to see people working out their differences instead of letting their differences spoil potential relationships I enjoyed the focus on Christian values and trying to maintain those Christian values as a part of every day life I recommend this book for anyone looking for an easy, enjoyable [...]

    10. Very enjoyable book about a woman whose husband dies and leaves her practically penniless that s not why it s good and she decides to open up her home as a boardinghouse for women to make ends meet The characters ring true to life and we watch them through their journey as they come to know Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and realize that their lives are truly better off trusting their lives to the One who made them and knows all about them.

    11. A recently widowed woman finds herself financially strapped, and decides to open her Victorian family home to boarders The story centers around the dynamics of 4 different women of different ages and backgrounds coming together to become a sisterhood The characters are very well developed, and the authors really capture the female voice in each one I really enjoyed this book, and will probably go on to read the others in the series.

    12. Welcome to The Sister Circle It s been a few years since reading this series but I loved each book, wishing them to continue, even writing to one of the authors.Evelyn whose husband has recently died decides to open up her home as a rooming house to other females as a means for her to make ends meet This series is definitely worth a repeat read.

    13. How do seven women become sisters Evelyn, recently widowed, decides to open her home and rents three rooms to Mae, Tessa and Audra with little Summer Friends Piper and Gillie complete the 7 Each person learns from their mistakes and get personal relationship with God Study guides and a complete bible reference supplements the series.322 pages

    14. I love the idea of this story 7 women that come together in various stages of their lives and form a family I am only half way through and I cannot wait to read the rest in the series Not sure how many so if anyone know please let me know Thank you This was a wonderful story of how women should be with one another I highly recommend it to every one.

    15. This book was a Kindle gift from my mom I don t read as many light Christian books as I used to, but I almost always enjoy them if they re not too predictable Moser and Bright s characters were fun to get to know, and I am glad there are sequels to this one

    16. This starts out looking like fun, light Christian chick lit but reveals a surprisingly deep side as the women in the book grow closer to each other and examine their lives in the light of the gospel I would recommend it and am planning to continue reading the series.

    17. This is a fun book to read It is a series of 4 books The author does a good job of describing the characters She writes similarly to Jan Karon I am currently reading book 2 It has a strong Christian base, but not offensive It is a nice read and enjoyable.

    18. I LOVE this book It is so wise and insightful Every Christian woman should read and profit from these fabulous fiction books that truly highlight women living in community with each other Transparency is hard to depict, but these two women do it beautifully and honestly READ THESE BOOKS

    19. This book was fun to read 4 very different personalities move into one big house and relationships grow from there.

    20. Without having an e reader, I found myself looking at the shelves in the library for books Because I haven t read anything by Bright or Moser prior to this book, I decided to check it out I liked the idea of a group of women from different backgrounds coming together I was not disappointed by this book.I enjoyed how real the characters were I could see their flaws in me or another person I know I loved seeing how God was working in each of their lives, and how He used each of them to teach one o [...]

    21. This was a semi random pick from It came up during my search for Neta Jackson, and both the title, the cover and the back blurb appealed to me.And fortunately the book itself was delightful While certainly not as well written as the Yada Yada books, it had many of the same qualities that spoke to me there I found it charming, thought provoking and delightful at the same time fully seeing its flaws as it was at times both far too rosy and almost naive.But at the end of the day, I didn t care I gr [...]

    22. Sister s in ChristI do not identify myself as a Christian but this book was enjoyable I love the coming together of women to support one another and grow together I am actually planning to start a sister circle for that exact purpose I learned a valuable lesson from reading this book which I am all for whether I agree with core beliefs or not The lesson is still valid, which for me was that despite differences and even troubles we have the power to change things and create the relationships that [...]

    23. I learned how our lives can effect others, either for the good or for the worse I also learned how sisters in Christ have a bond that unbelievers can never understand.

    24. I love, love, loved this book It was awesome I especially enjoyed the discussion questions at the end of the book It s the first time I ve seen this format One or two points are taken from the chapter, with questions asked of the reader, followed by Faith Issues I enjoyed watching the transformation of the ladies, Mae, Tessa, Evelyn, Audra Summer, along with Piper, Gillie is it Gil lie or Jil lie , Russell Collier But, we re left hanging Obviously the next book is a whole new cast of characters [...]

    25. This is the first book in the Sister Circle Series, the first book I have read by Nancy Moser, and I m adding this book to my list of favorites The series starts out with a middle aged woman whose husband dies suddenly, and she soon finds out that shortly before his death, her husband pretty much gambled away all of their savings All she then has is the house she and her husband lived in, a charming old Victorian house that s been passed down in her husband s family for generations Over the year [...]

    26. Loved this book I managed to snag it for free from for my Kindle Now I want to read the rest of the series It may get preachy for some readers but I enjoyed the spirituality that was in the storylines Each character has issues or flaws, but as we all know no one is perfect I loved how the women managed to work through their differences and come to love one another as sisters Very good story I felt the emotions of anger, sadness, and love while reading this book Any book that has me feeling the e [...]

    27. This was a very entertaining read Loved the characters and became very attached to them by the time the book was finished, would like to read about them too I laughed and cried as the story moved forward, and enjoyed the fact that this was a book about being a Christian, and how as humans we are not perfect and never will be I liked the story showing the shortcomings of each character and how they learned to accept flaws, and supported each other in their growth Will be checking other titles by [...]

    28. I enjoyed this book I appreciated how the author presented each character as a multi dimensional person Each person s strengths and weaknesses were fully on display, and it was a refreshing change for a fiction book In some ways, the character s problems are wrapped up a little too quickly, but if you want a happy book to read, this is a great one.

    29. A gem I loved this book As one who s been studying about interpersonal evangelism, this book is so full of it I loved it I loved all the characters I loved the diversity and the way the sisterhood came together Im looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

    30. ExcellentI believe in Sisterhood we are so powerful when we come together Love the story the characters the sharing of God with she other and not preachy truly put a smile on my face and hands lifted up while reading it.

    31. There are four books to this series HOW I WISH THE WRITERS WOULD NUMBER THEIR BOOKS Someone had written the number of the book on the inside library book yway I loved this seriesl about people coming together with all sorts of background and end up being not only friends but true sisters in the Lord So enjoyed this series

    32. FriendshipsThis is a touching story of how the friendships of 7 women take on a life of their own and how God works in all of them to draw them closer to Himself.

    33. Recommended by a dear friend thanks, Joy and I really enjoyed this novel It was better than alot of Christian fiction about women friendships It s a beautiful story about the power of women when they love each other and how uniquely we bond Really looking forward to the next installment

    34. i think this would best suit women in the 40 60 age bracket, women living together because they have no great options, getting on each other s nerves and growing in faith through it all as they learn to love each other

    35. Like in Neta Jackson s writing, The Sister Circle series takes a group of very different women and brings them together in friendship You might enjoy the serious, thoughtful, and emotional tone of this series.

    36. I m excited to read the rest of this series My favourite thing is the character development that takes place throughout the book for all the ladies.

    37. The Sister Circle is a sweet story about a diverse group of women who, maybe by coincidence or likely by design, find themselves living and growing together I would have liked the book if it had been longer The authors certainly included some conflict prior to resolution, but I believe there would have been much less harmony with so many strong women involved I loved the concept I loved seeing God working in the lives of these women This book would be a great selection for a book club.

    38. This was Christian literature, sometimes a little over the top, but mostly I enjoyed it I might check out the sequel.

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