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The Castaways #2020

The Castaways They hadn t known then what was coming They didn t know about September th they didn t know about miscarriages and love affairs they didn t know about a girl named April Peck They didn t know th

  • Title: The Castaways
  • Author: Elin Hilderbrand
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Castaways By Elin Hilderbrand, They hadn t known, then, what was coming They didn t know about September 11th, they didn t know about miscarriages and love affairs, they didn t know about a girl named April Peck They didn t know they were going to die Back then, they had been happy From the outside, the close knit circle of friends calling themselves the Castaways share an idyllic lifestyle on thThey hadn t known, then, what was coming They didn t know about September 11th, they didn t know about miscarriages and love affairs, they didn t know about a girl named April Peck They didn t know they were going to die Back then, they had been happy From the outside, the close knit circle of friends calling themselves the Castaways share an idyllic lifestyle on the charming island of Nantucket, blessed with money, children, beauty and love But when Tess and Greg are killed in a tragic boating accident, orphaning their seven year old twins, it sends devastating shockwaves through the rest of the group As the friends grieve, the truth behind their relationships gradually begins to emerge in a chain of staggering revelations And for the first time they are forced to ask the hardest of questions Can you live without the person who made you whole And how do you mourn for a secret lover and a relationship nobody knew existed An utterly absorbing novel exploring the tangle of secrets and lies that can lurk beneath even the closest of relationships

    • [E-Book] ☆ The Castaways | By ☆ Elin Hilderbrand
      Elin Hilderbrand

    1 thought on “The Castaways

    1. This is by far my favorite Elin Hilderbrand novel I was so emotionally invested in it from the first page and I had a hard time not reading it I had to know what happened to Greg and Tess Such a moving book and loved the ending 5 stars for sure this needs to be a movie and I can t understand why it hasn t been made into one yet Loved this book It made me sad, happy, mad A little bit of everything, which is what great books do

    2. This book disproves the idea that it is hard to get a book published It is published and it is absolutely ghastly What a waste of time The only good thing that I can saw about wasting the day reading it was that it was supposed to be snowing, so there wasn t much else to do The kids were home watching movies or using the computer and all their activities were cancelled because of the snow This is a book to read either on a snow day or a beach day, and only then if you don t expect much I would s [...]

    3. I quite enjoyed The Castaways I did read it some time ago and thought I already wrote a review In the Castaways a group friends that have to deal with the death of two of their best friends It did have many points of view so I had to pay close attention at times but I enjoyed knowing what others were thinking There was a lot going on in this group of friends A lot of partying which may turn some people off but it was right for this group of friends Didn t like all characters but people aren t pe [...]

    4. I give this book two stars instead of one because I haven t actually read the entire book yet Honestly, I m not sure if I will pick it back up later and attempt to I really enjoyed A Summer Affair so I was excited about Barefoot but it just didn t pull me in, so I put it down and moved on to something else after a chapter or two I had hopes that it was just a fluke and I would eagerly devour The Castaways.Hilderbrand has come up with a great plot Four couples living in Nantucket, suddenly become [...]

    5. Let me begin by saying I truly enjoy chick lit On top of that, I have truly enjoyed several of Hilderbrand s other novels albeit before I joined Good Reads However, I read someone else s review of this book, and although most people loved it, at least one person agreed with me what are these so called friends doing, sleeping around or WANTING to sleep around with each other And can you really feel sympathy or warmth toward a character that so blithely throws away their own family life to harbor [...]

    6. I couldn t get into this book, it was all over the place Very rarely do I ever not finish a book I started reading even if I have to suffer through The older I get the I realize that life is too short to read less then at least good books I couldn t even make it halfway through Sorry, I tried.

    7. Just don t read this book Too many married people sleeping around, too much profanity, too much drug alcohol use I knew it would be a light read but this was just junk not in the way that an occasional candy bar is junk and fun to eat anyway but junk in a way that I didn t even enjoy for the lighthearted fare it was supposed to be.

    8. This was a typical Hilderbrand tale, which isn t a bad thing My problem was trying to keep all the couples straight I couldn t for the life of me remember who was with who The story was good, but with a very dopey wrap it all up in a pretty bow ending I don t know why I keep going back to her work, I m rarely satisfied.

    9. I didn t go in with very high expectations, which allowed me to enjoy the book for what it is a perfect for the poolside, perfectly shallow summer read Admittedly, it s not so great the character development from their youth to pre accident was believable, but the development after the deaths of the MacAvoys was less actual, logical development and like Hildebrand was casting the melodramatic ideal of soap opera brand grief on her characters without caring if their actions reflected at all on w [...]

    10. I really wanted this to be the perfect summer read but I had trouble with it from the start The writing from multiple points of view was not interesting for me, but instead rather hard to follow, and I found myself flipping back to remind myself who characters were far too often About 100 pages in, it was a tad clearer, but I never really got into the story For 300 pages of character build up, I was hoping for a twist at the end, but instead the ending unveiled what the reader would ve already f [...]

    11. There were only 2 of us in our book group who really liked this book The other person said she approached it as a beach book and enjoyed it as such I agreed, but I think I give it credit than that, too We ve read a number of other contemporary novels formatted this way, with the chapters each dedicated to a character, told from his or her point of view I ve come to think this trend is in many cases just an easier way for authors to organize their material and move it along, rather than going to [...]

    12. I m not really sure how I felt about this book I didn t love it, I didn t hate it I settled on it was okay I thought there were too many narrators for the story A lot of times when I m reading novel, I ll think I wonder what so and so is thinking but I think this took it to an extreme Six points of view is a bit much, if you ask me But, I also think it would be weird if the story was about six friends and some were left out, point of view wisewell, actually, now that I think of it, I think the s [...]

    13. I could not finish this book I found the writing boring, confusing and not believable at all The book seemed to ramble on a lot, I kept thinking to myself who cares at certain parts of the book The book was confusing with all the different characters For example, on page 42 Let me remind you that this is still towards the beginning of the book, their are 8 people in this story and this is the beginning of the book I am still trying to remember names and the author throws names out right in a row [...]

    14. Elin Hilderbrand is a master at character development You know what the characters think, wear, eat for lunch, and what they thought, wore and ate for lunch 20 years ago, too I enjoy that type of character development That being said, what I find odd about her books is the fact that her characters seem to have a heightened sense of responsibility and integrity in some areas and are totally lacking in morals or conscience in other, obvious areas Characters have extra marital affairs without anyo [...]

    15. There are eight main characters in this book comprised of four married couples The chapters move back and forth between all eight, causing it to be difficult at first for me to keep them and their intertwined relationships straight I actually made a freaking chart to keep all the characters and their issues straight It was a beautiful chart solid lines connecting the married couples and dotted lines connecting the affairs and other intrigues I know, I m way too analytical, but at least I didn t [...]

    16. It seemed a good idea reading this book, Elin Hilderbrand s The Castaways the book started out great a couple dies in a boating accident, and three other couples who they are good friends with are severely affected by their loss I kind of was drawn in by what could have really happened, as well as the repercussions the incident will do to their friendships But as I discovered and about the characters, I found myself disliking them immensely drug addicts, depressives, liars It seems like they d [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this book I read it pretty much straight through.I was impressed from the beginning, when the 8 main characters were introduced in a way that allowed me to keep track of them This is usually a challenge for me All 8 of them were real people to me, with good points and flaws I was very frustrated with some of the them at times, which shows the writing drew me in enough to care I liked the way the story built and unfolded I learned about the characters, The picture of what happen [...]

    18. My mom always picks out summer reads that are about groups of friends women, mostly This one was a bit different it was about a group of friends who are all couples What happens when one of the couples dies How do those friendships go on, and how do those different friends deal with grief It definitely was a summer read, not one that has terribly deep insights but it is fun to be reminded how intertwined our lives are with some of those around us And maybe I just needed to read a book about grie [...]

    19. I haven t read a book like this in awhile it s just what I needed I like all the different characters back story the mystery of what happened to Tess Greg I was not a fan of Andrea though, ugh Full review to come.

    20. I m really enjoying this author I know she s been publishing for quite some time but, as usual, I m late to the party.

    21. nagyon j kis csal dreg ny egyszerre n gy csal dnak, nyolc embernek a reg nye tobz dni lehet az rzelmekben b ntudat, szerelem, v gy, burokban l tez s, ragaszkod s, felel ss g, szintes g, s sok sok hazugs g.a legszimpibb a F n k volt, meg Jeffrey, b r a feles geik nem lettek kedvencek, akiket viszont kifejezetten nem cs ptem, az Eddison s Phoebe utols fejezet nem kellett volna, az uts el tti t k letesen lez rta a k nyvett gondoltam, lesz egy krimi vonal, de v g l az nem lett, gy viszont, ezekkel a [...]

    22. Monday, July 13, 2009The Castaways by Elin HilderbrandWhile reading The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand, I couldn t help but think of the title than one time The Castaways is about a tight group of friends living on Nantucket There are eight friends, four couples Each character feels castaway, lost, due to the same or different circumstances In one particular way all, Addison, Ed, Jeffrey, Phoebe, Delilah and Andrea are enduring the pain of loss, grief for one couple of the eight.I love the way E [...]

    23. One book, four couples, eight lives intertwined, six of them in grief after losing two of their own.Did you get that Sounds like my daughter s word problems from math homework, but in reality it s the Castaways, by Elin Hilderbrand One wonders if an author of this caliber takes time to read or scan every review of her work If so, I m offering a hearty hello and bravo You ve gone and made a fan for life Expect a spike in back list sales In The Castaways, I identified most with Delilah a dreamer, [...]

    24. This is the story of six friends that have to deal with the death of two of their best friends Tess and Greg MacAvoy Greg and Tess died in a sailing accident but there are so many suspicious things surrounding their lives and the accident that people begin to wonder who is to blame Was it really an accident or was it murder This bittersweet tale is set in Nantucket, MA I adore books set in New England so this book had promise from the beginning There was mention of a number of Massachusetts loca [...]

    25. I enjoyed The Castaways, it delivered and was a fine, easy read A book like this has its faults when it comes to believability of characters and their actions, but I find value in the fantasy of those characters lives For example, that these four couples could remain friends for so long and have the time and means to take extravagant vacations together even after having children, or that Nantucket is a magical place filled with attractive people with interesting back stories, beautiful landscape [...]

    26. I love this author but this was a frustrating book and so far my least favorite It was a little to crazy and too far fetched even for a good fiction novel How can four couples be the best of friends and yet lie and cheat and hate each other so much and kill two of them , only to all come back together in the end, happy and best of friends again And it actually took me a while to get the couples straight Typically Hilderbrand does a great job of character development but these eight was so confus [...]

    27. At first I wasn t sure about this book, I love Island stories, but I am not a big fan of stories about infidelity But Hilderbrand brought me aroundis story could not have been told any other way it is a story about love, family, friendship, temptation and human frailty Hilderbrand shows the reader that it is not for us to judge others.

    28. Summer is one of the most perfect times of the year It s warm out, the sun is shining bright hopefully and everyone seems to be in a great mood Longer days means that there is time to be outside and in general the atmosphere seems much relaxed More relaxation means time and time means gossip THE CASTAWAYS by Elin Hilderbrand is a fun, mysterious and intriguing beach read I know, those words don t necessarily always fit together, but in this instance, they do Every group of friends will at t [...]

    29. This was a long long walk to nowhere Excruciatingly detailed dialogue and flashbacks leading to the most boring ending This book offered nothing All of the characters are unlikable and nothing exciting happens And it was sooo long

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