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Here Comes the Sun: The Spiritual and Musical Journey of George Harrison #2020

Here Comes the Sun The Spiritual and Musical Journey of George Harrison A fascinating read Associated Press Joshua Greene who studied meditation with the legendary Beatle George Harrison draws on personal remembrances recorded conversations and firsthand accounts to c

  • Title: Here Comes the Sun: The Spiritual and Musical Journey of George Harrison
  • Author: Joshua M. Greene
  • ISBN: 9780471690214
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Here Comes the Sun: The Spiritual and Musical Journey of George Harrison By Joshua M. Greene, A fascinating read Associated Press Joshua Greene, who studied meditation with the legendary Beatle George Harrison, draws on personal remembrances, recorded conversations, and firsthand accounts to create a moving portrait of Harrison s spiritual life, his profound contribution to the Beatles music, and previously unpublished anecdotes about his time with music legendsA fascinating read Associated PressJoshua Greene, who studied meditation with the legendary Beatle George Harrison, draws on personal remembrances, recorded conversations, and firsthand accounts to create a moving portrait of Harrison s spiritual life, his profound contribution to the Beatles music, and previously unpublished anecdotes about his time with music legends Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, and others Many well known artists have touched people s hearts with their music, but few have ever succeeded in touching people s souls That was George s gift, and his story is described here with affection and taste A wonderful book Mia Farrow

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      Joshua M. Greene

    1 thought on “Here Comes the Sun: The Spiritual and Musical Journey of George Harrison

    1. Being a child of the sixties, anything that looks like a good read and not just cashing in on The Beatles, is something that attracts me Placed in a context of a spiritual journey, it explains an important facet of George Harrison, as much as any outsider can understand What I found interesting is that the fundamental ideas expressed are analogous to many religions and not exclusive to the Eastern philosophies and beliefs I read this after reading Pattie Boyd s Wonderful Tonight and while that i [...]

    2. I love hinduism and George, so this book was very interesting, because you can see which were George s practices and beliefs I admire him even now But the end of his life is not very well documented by the author, as there are many gaps it seems that his golden period ends by the 80s, but maybe it happened because of insuficient information about his later age Anyway, it is a marvellous piece of this myth and great human being, and it is possible to see what a good person he was It s worth read [...]

    3. Enlightening and inspiring It definitely gave me a different perspective of George as a person He is the most straightforward and honest of all of the Beatles and is the one I closely identify with much so than a few years ago when John was my favorite Now it is George

    4. I ve never found a Beatles book that I didn t like I take that back Peter Brown s The Love You Make was pretty dreadful But Greene s book is a fairly interesting look into the spiritual development of George while also explaining his influences, gurus, as well as those parts of of the Gita and other texts which moved him toward his ultimate goal of enlightenment And, I actually learned a few things and found some fascinating music along the way so, all in all, it was worth the read.

    5. I had never read a beatles biography before, so alot of the complaints I read regarding the first hundred pages of this book fell on blind eyes In that respect, I found alot of Harrison s earlier years with the Beatles intriguing The author doesn t explain it as if he s some rabid fan who s been given the opportunity to share this legend s life with the masses, like he s not worthy or something which is a typical concern I usually have when reading any kind of biography about an artist who s, in [...]

    6. I am pretty picky about biographies, especially ones written about musicians, simply because I want someone who knows the person they are writing about, rather than a fan who takes interviews by reporters and then put them together to try to create a history of the artist This one is well written, someone who KNEW George Harrison, interviewed family members, friends and other musicians with indexed footnotes, showing he knew what he was doing when he wrote this to come up with a well rounded his [...]

    7. My main interest in picking up this book was to learn about the process George went through to write great songs like Something and Here Comes The Sun unfortunately, the book dwells almost exclusively on his spiritual journey Final analysis the book is 95% Spiritual and 5% Musical Too bad Harrison was a gifted song writer.

    8. I was so moved by George Harrison journey, musical and spiritual One thing that surprised me about the Beatles was originally none of them knew how to read music In addition, George was the first one who wanted to quit the band back in 1966 It seems that Paul and John controlled who wrote the songs they sang, and George didn t get an equal amount of opportunities to contribute his song writing talents to the Beatles collection of songs George needed in his life, and struggled with the superfici [...]

    9. This was a fascinating read, going deep into George Harrison s spiritual journey I consider myself a big Beatles Harrison fan and thought I knew a decent amount about his interests in eastern religions, but I didn t know how strongly he was committed to this and how much it permeated his music e.g I can now hear things in his songs that I hadn t recognized before The book covers his whole life, including lots on his time as Beatle George and interactions with the other Beatles, and it was very i [...]

    10. As someone who grew up listening to the Beatles, and enjoys chanting to Krishna, I was fascinated to discover that George Harrison had a deep love of Krishna and Indian spirituality Like everyone else, when in Rishikesh, I went to the Beatles ashram, but this book truly paints a picture of what spirituality was to Beatles George Harrison, how music shaped his life, and a keen understanding of who he was as a person Fascinating.

    11. Loved this book Such an amazing story of a man and his spiritual journey which transformed his life I admire him and am also slightly envious of his spiritual awakening, growth and view of life He did not fear death for he believed we are connected through the universe I think he really was one in a million, although I may be biased, but he will from now always be my favorite Beatle.

    12. Good read George Harrison my favorite Beatle THis book gives you a look into his mind and heart He was not so quiet after all.

    13. People loved to label the members of the Beatles Paul was the cute one John was the smart one Ringo was the sad one George was always the quiet one And just as Lennon eventually was viewed as the political one, Harrison became the one who was into those strange Eastern religions Hopefully, Joshua Greene s book, Here Comes the Sun will contribute to that last label becoming the spiritual one return return The subtitle, The Spiritual and Musical Journey of George Harrison, is well chosen While Liv [...]

    14. This is the first biography I ve ever read, not a category of book I m too enamoured with usually One persons account of another persons life leaves way too much room for bias or prejudice to emerge, but being as this was George Harrisons life being detailed, I decided to give it a go And it s really very good indeed Greene seems to use the appropriate amount of time and words to each phase of Harrisons life, from childhood years, to learning to play guitar, to joining The Beatles, to Beatlesman [...]

    15. Andy Warhol once famously stated that he believed everyone needs to experience and enjoy at least 15 minutes of fame during their lifetime to truly have lived What happens when fame hits you like a hurricane at only the age of 17 At the age of 17, George Harrison found himself constantly surrounded by drugs, alcohol, money and girls, and all other not so pleasant things brought on by the fame of The Beatles Rather than getting lost in the life of rock and roll that was literally being handed to [...]

    16. Fascinating book that explores George s spiritual quest and how his mystical evolution influenced his music and his life, written by a friend who knew George well Out of the insanity, claustrophobia and estrangement that came with being a member of the Beatles, Harrison emerged an affected man, in search of God and peace Mr Greene portrays his friend as introspective and modest, inspired by an experience with LSD From that moment on, I wanted to have that depth and clarity of perception, Harriso [...]

    17. I ve always been a Beatles fan, and I ve always wondered about existence beyond what we live day to day When I read this book, it wasn t so much a revelation as a validation ah ha There s someone out there who s as nutty as me Once I read this, and decided Harrison was on to something big, I read many of the books referenced in this one, some you ll notice are listed in my list and have developed a deepening curiosity to know I won t say this book changed my life, because everything anyone does [...]

    18. Here Come the Sun The Spiritual and Musical Journey of George Harrison is an excellent biography of George Harrison While it focuses on the growth of his spiritual life and how his dedication to Krishna God affected his life and is reflected in his music, it also presents much information about his life including his life as a Beatle It is a refreshing rock star biography because it does not reveal an out of control celebrity who uses and abuses drugs and people and has a destructive relationshi [...]

    19. Here Comes the Sun by Joshua M Greene This book was about George Harrison, the guitarist to one of the most known bands of all time, the Beatles As a child living in Liverpool, England George was a dropout in high shool One day on the bus he met sixteen year old Paul Mcartney Paul then introduced George to John Lennon From there they met Ringo Starr and they were known as the Beatles People loved the Beatles, but they maybe loved the Beatles too much Riots were always breaking out at thier conce [...]

    20. A phenomenal account of a phenomenal life.I was riveted by this beautiful portrayal of a man who spoke to my generation of self realization and the eternal nature of the soul.George Harrison s influence will be known by generations to come by the spiritual examples he set.This book is beautifully written, and continually gifts us with revelation after revelation of this saintly man.

    21. Na verdade, li a edi o em portugu s, da Editora Religare Tinha muito interesse pela hist ria da busca espiritual de George Harrison, de que tinha not cias, mas n o sabia muito O livro extremamente interessante e aprendi muito, n o s sobre essa jornada de George, mas sobre a hist ria do Beatles e de acontecimentos de uma poca de minha juventude Muito especial Confirmou a minha prefer ncia de George Harrison como meu Beatle favorito Uma pessoa muito especial.

    22. There s no doubt that it is one of the most amazing books i have ever read A biography with a touch of romance The author tells George s story as it is, nude and crude, the good and the bad He doesn t fantasize so his writing is so good and, as he was close to him, the reader feels like he is there witnessing all the events Pretty nice.

    23. Worthwhile as it offers a different perspective from the typical biography, with a focus on George s spirituality The book is well written, if a little dry and factual Some of the recollections of what was said in certain situations feel a little unbelievable when told without directly quoting someone who was there and I found this distracting.

    24. Written by someone who actually knew George Harrison Looks at his life from the perspective of Harrison s spiritual journey Uniquely Shows the human and divine sides of his experiences and journey from quiet teen to Beatle to International Humanitarian to reclusive gardener A couple of interesting asides with the Python group as well as Yogananda, Dylan and Clapton.

    25. Notes 57 LSDMutual Dylan influenceListen to Wah Wah183 Claiming one way to God would never be George s way.172 Kept his TM and rock friends separate.192 George s role in creating world music.203 Wallowing in retirement.

    26. I have always been disappointed with most biographies of rock stars either too much hero worshipping or too much kiss and tell This was good, but I tend to think that there are much better on George.

    27. What a life It s impossible to comprehend the intense, crazy experience of being a Beatle But George found a way to cope and took our collective consciousness to new heights in the process He was always my favorite Ommmm.

    28. This was better than the Wonderful Tonight autbiography by Pattie Boyd Harrison it focused on George s Harrison s deep spiritual interests and reveals him as a complex, very human character A great escape into the world of the sixties

    29. not exactly a memoir since George did not write this book, but a fabulously rich look at this endearing man and the parts of his life we didn t get to see I loved every minute reading this book, but I am a confessed George Harrison fan.

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