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Boring Postcards USA #2020

Boring Postcards USA The author has now turned his attention to the USA with of the dullest postcards from the land of opportunity The book provides not only amusement but a commentary on how America has changed and

  • Title: Boring Postcards USA
  • Author: Martin Parr
  • ISBN: 9780714843919
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • Boring Postcards USA By Martin Parr, The author has now turned his attention to the USA with 160 of the dullest postcards from the land of opportunity The book provides not only amusement, but a commentary on how America has changed, and a celebration of those places that have been forgotten by conventional history.

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      Martin Parr

    1 thought on “Boring Postcards USA

    1. These postcards sure are boring ugly, faded, retro colors Stuff of mid 20th century America But they are also fascinating It s fascinating to see what could be subjects in such postcards Turnpikes, bridges, car washes, truck stops, restaurants and diners, ugly food, motels, inns, hotels incl rooms , malls, one street small towns, banks, airports, barracks, factories, machinie parts , furniture, cars, trailer parksSome pictures have the sparseness of newly built and nothing around yet, the alone [...]

    2. Time and time again, I check this book out of the library There is something incomprehensibly mind boggling about this book Perhaps it s the graphic designer in me, but the scope of work involved in this book just makes me marvel at the stupid things humanity will do The book is as its title describes a collection of very boring postcards from the late 40s 70s.But here is the bit that gets me Someone, somewhere had to say You know Ma, what we should do is create a postcard of the air traffic con [...]

    3. As a postcard aficionado, I have long admired the art of the postcard or at least the art of selecting the best image to represent place , so I really appreciated the quirky mix of aesthetic and pure representation of place collected in Boring Postcards USA Originating from roughly 1950s to the 1970s, these postcards show an America celebrating the everyday life of a prosperous postwar country, acting as advertisement as much as souvenir With subject matters that may seem frankly unexciting, i.e [...]

    4. Unsurprisingly, this is the American version of the one and only Boring Postcards At first, I thought the author had lost it, as the first couple pages feature postcards that are, if not exactly thrill a minute, at least sport some mildly pleasent greenery This does not last as the helicopter shots of planned expressways quickly give way to thrilling highway onramps, nondescript car washes, and pictures of Krispy Kreme donut boxes Boring Postcards USA proceeds to deliver exactly what it promises [...]

    5. I love this book The others in the series UK and Germany are fun too My beloved once called me from New Jersey to let me know that the Rent A Center in Cherry Hill had not changed a bit.My favorite postcard in the US book has to be the picture of the anhydrous ammonia tank truck because it s so inexplicable.My beloved and I spent a fascinating afternoon with Google maps street view and Boring Postcards UK looking for locations and finding out what had changed The Street, Rustington was especiall [...]

    6. The question is, were any of these postcards ever sent and received No, wait the question is, why would anyone ever send any of these postcards Not to say, Wish you were here, surely For the rest of us, this is a fun little book to add some quirk to our shelves or coffee tables.

    7. Just what the title says The only text is the acknowledgements printed on the endpages and the brief captions on most of the images, otherwise the books is or less actual size reproductions of the kinds of postcards that one encounters by the score everywhere small town buildings, motels and motel room interiors, malls, parking lots, cars, furniture, etc In reality most such cards are likely to be of interest to someone, particularly as the places and styles disappear over time, but they re lik [...]

    8. An interesting, kitchy, and often hilarious look into retro America.Each page features a real postcard depicting subjects ranging from bizarre to banal, including not so scenic highway overpasses, machinery, horrible looking food, and dodgy motels.I love that no commentary is offered the pictures are left to speak for themselves.

    9. i liked this better a lot better than the non usa edition something about the images had a better sense of humor, held my interest i m somewhat afraid fascinated that this may be due to the fact i am an american.

    10. So whenever John and I go to his mom s house this is like twice a week , he takes Black Horse Pike and it reminds me of this book.

    11. How did I not own this before It was an impulse buy at the Chicago Architecture Foundation shop, and I ll have a review up soon Full of the kinds of places I love taking photos of

    12. Genius concept and premise Strangely I felt quite moved by the images, many of them just stock photographs of monuments and structures.

    13. Dullness as art of the three books in the series, I slightly preferred the UK one mainly because I recognise some of the places.


    15. Traveling on Beautiful Interstate 35.Howard Johnson s Dining Room, Pennsylvania Turnpike.1976 Maverick, 2 Dr Sedan Exterior Decor Group.

    16. Didn t live up to the title at all Something completely fascinated me about these postcards and it was a happy accident when I literally ran into it at the bookstore.

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