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The Well-Fed Writer: Financial Self-Sufficiency as a Freelance Writer in Six Months or Less #2020

The Well Fed Writer Financial Self Sufficiency as a Freelance Writer in Six Months or Less Booklist In this era of entrepreneurialism Atlanta freelancer Peter Bowerman shows those timid but talented souls how almost anyone can forge ahead as an independent writer His advice is good couche

  • Title: The Well-Fed Writer: Financial Self-Sufficiency as a Freelance Writer in Six Months or Less
  • Author: Peter Bowerman
  • ISBN: 9780967059846
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Well-Fed Writer: Financial Self-Sufficiency as a Freelance Writer in Six Months or Less By Peter Bowerman, Booklist In this era of entrepreneurialism, Atlanta freelancer Peter Bowerman shows those timid but talented souls how almost anyone can forge ahead as an independent writer His advice is good, couched in brassy prose that is easy to read He anticipates every conceivable question and issue, including typical charges, marketing oneself, types of available work, and dealBooklist In this era of entrepreneurialism, Atlanta freelancer Peter Bowerman shows those timid but talented souls how almost anyone can forge ahead as an independent writer His advice is good, couched in brassy prose that is easy to read He anticipates every conceivable question and issue, including typical charges, marketing oneself, types of available work, and dealing with deadbeats There are great common sense tips, too, in the psychology of handling clients who think they re writers, those with limited budgets, and others demanding creativity Personal anecdotes make the life of the freelancer real the author includes samples of cold calling scripts, thank you notes, and a story or three about starting a writers group and partnering with other professionals Book Description Dream of being a well paid freelance writer Long to carve out an enviable lifestyle with plenty of freedom, flexibility AND healthy income But wait a minute aren t the words starving and writer forever joined at the hip Not any How about a writing direction with plenty of work, strong and growing demand for good writers, hourly rates of 50 100 60 75 average and where all time is billed No flat fees with vast, open ended commitments of time Translation Less time working to pay bills and time pursuing your writing passions We re talking about freelance commercial writing writing for business entities, large and small the subject of The Well Fed Writer, and quite possibly the answer for all aspiring writers who want to turn their love of writing into their living The book was a triple book club selection Book of the Month, Quality Paperback Book and Writer s Digest and earned several prestigious awards in 2001 1 Second place in the ForeWord magazine Book of the Year Awards Career Category 2 Honorable Mention in the Writer s Digest magazine National Self Published Book Awards 3 Finalist in the Publisher s Marketing Association Ben Franklin Awards Best First Book Why commercial writing In the past decade, two huge trends have sculpted the corporate American landscape downsizing and outsourcing Corporations are doing with less fewer people, less resources and smaller budgets The workload is growing especially with the exploding Internet and many organizations rely heavily on freelancers to help them handle it Why do corporations hire freelancers For good solid economic and creative reasons With a freelancer, corporations don t have to pay salary, benefits, and vacation time But they will pay a freelancer 60 80 average for their time In addition, they pay only what they need when they need it And with a network of freelancers, they get a broad spectrum of fresh talent hard to get with in house staff writers used to writing about the same topics day after day which they can form fit to their specific writing needs What s commercial writing Marketing brochures, ad copy, newsletters, direct mail campaigns, video CD ROM scripting, speeches, sales sheets, proposals, web content, and so much Veteran commercial freelancer Bob Bly, known as the freelance writing guru for his 35 writing titles, says of commercial freelancing I know of no other arena of writing so lucrative yet so easy to get started in The Well Fed Writer will take you step by detailed step through, indeed, everything you need to know to quickly get your share of this exciting and highly lucrative arena of freelancing.

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      380 Peter Bowerman
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    1 thought on “The Well-Fed Writer: Financial Self-Sufficiency as a Freelance Writer in Six Months or Less

    1. Yeah, I read self help books from time to time Sometimes a girl needs help Sure, I might order it anonymously online and rip the unmarked package open in a dark room in my home, but I read them More specifically, I ve read quite a few self help books about freelancing recently But this last one, The Well Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman, really gave me the confidence to stop freelancing on the side and take the plunge into a full time operation While many other freelance books play on the fantasy of [...]

    2. To be honest, if I was to review this book based solely on readability, it would scrape by at three stars You can tell that Bowerman enjoys writing and that s not a good thing, especially when for a How To book As I was reading it, I was reminded of a line from True Grit not only does he continue to talk but he spills the banks of English With that said, this book still deserves 4 stars because, frankly, the information works I would ve made my money back on the book within 3 days of getting it, [...]

    3. The Well Fed Writer TWFW By Peter BowermanIf you ve ever entertained the thought of being a freelance writer, or as Peter calls it, Freelance Commercial Writer FLCW , this book will give you all of the information you need to start and run a freelance business While most people think magazines when they hear freelance writing, TWFW isn t about writing for magazines, but rather commercial freelancing writing for businesses, large and small a lesser known and exceptionally well paying freelancing [...]

    4. Great information and inspiration for anyone looking to operate a freelance business The information is tailored towards writing, but the principles would apply widely.I was surprised to find a number of typos and errors, especially surprising since it s a book on becoming a professional writer There were also a couple of instances where I felt the information was unclear, and others where I found it to be needlessly stretched out With a better copy edit, and generally tightening the book, it wo [...]

    5. Boy, am I glad to finally get this off my currently reading list I m not saying it didn t have good information, but slogging through it was a CHORE I learned a few new things, but it was mostly common sense, and since it was written in the 90 s, it was soooo dated Forget the consider getting a cell phone thing what about the recession Maybe writers could charge 50.00 back in the day of the employees market, but with the 10% unemployment rate of these days and the closing of so many newspapers, [...]

    6. This was step two of beginning my business Step one was getting the license Bowerman really does cover everything needed to start a freelance writing career Now I gotta go do it

    7. This was one of those just keep reading and I ll finish it eventually books I was hoping for something about how to write certain styles, not how to build a business Interesting if I ever do decide to go freelance, but I don t really see that in my future.

    8. Whenever anyone asks me where to go for advice on how to become a freelance commercial writer, I send them directly to Peter Bowerman s website He s the guru on this topic His book The Well fed Writer was the best guide I ve read to setting up a lucrative that s the well fed part copywriting business It was so well written, easy to understand and down to earth, that even if you didn t want a career in commercial freelancing, by the end of the book, you were contemplating it The book has now been [...]

    9. The book is, in effect, a marketing manual for the would be serious freelance writer Thus there is much about how to choose products and services free is not always second rate compared to exorbitant, it turns out , and how to approach potential clients There is good advice about website design and what you should provide on the site, a wealth of websites to explore, and guest sections by other writers including a few I ve come across in the blogosphere, and whom I respect as writers.There are a [...]

    10. Bowerman s angle is slightly different from that taken by Six Figure Freelancing, which I reviewed here review showWhat s changed enormously since both of these books were written is that the internet has sucked out the demand for freelance journalism I know of plenty of professionally trained journalists who can t make a living at it Content has moved to blogs, which are often free, and newspapers and magazines are closing everywhere.Bowerman describes how he spent several months trying to crac [...]

    11. As someone who wants to make money freelance writing, but has no idea of where to start and how the business works, this book was a gold mine It was pretty well organized, covered a lot of information, and gave me the confidence to get going, though there s still a lot to learn Rant I would have given it 5 stars, but one thing just drove me NUTS, and that was Bowerman s penchant for writing in sentence fragments throughout the book Almost every section started something like this, Got an email a [...]

    12. I laughed along the way at the dated comments about technology floppy diskettes are really important, and just you wait for CD and CDi technology to really take off , but the rest of the information really is sound I wouldn t say this book gave me a ton of new info, but I wouldn t have been on the wrong track if I d picked it up before reading other resources The author included lots of details, and I got a handful of light bulb moments for markets that I hadn t immediately thought to include in [...]

    13. I saw a 30 minute video by Peter Bowerman a few weeks ago and was so impressed that I picked the book up from the library to learn After reading it I realized this was a resource I could not do without I now have my own copy of this book as well as the sequel TWFW Back for Seconds and even the highly recommended Copywriters Handbook by Bob Bly The Well Fed Writer lays out simple, easy to follow steps on how to create your own freelance writing business There is so much information here that can [...]

    14. Great book on copywriting, and lots of excellent tips crammed into this volume on how to start your own freelance writing biz in 6 months or less and with no experience, too I would ve given it 5 stars, except that I still feel a bit lost here, wondering how to figure out which companies to target, and what to sell as my niche, because I know that I ve got lots of different types of writing and editing under my belt, but it s definitely a question of specialization.And then it s all just cold ca [...]

    15. I had read good things about this book, and being a freelance writer I felt compelled to see what it suggested After my first copy was stolen from my porch, I picked up another and eagerly dove in At first it made sense, gathering materials and all that, but then it got a bit dated, like recommending I have a computer and a fax, and a phone, things that are usually in every home now Even though it was written in 2000, a lot of it feels dated, like talking about invoicing which is already handled [...]

    16. The book was clearly written and offered a vast amount of concrete and helpful information and examples for the basics The author has a chatty, engaging style that carried me through lots of detail He is also a great cheerleader I plan to read his bood on self publishing soon My copy was published around 2001 which made it outdated for salary expectations, computer systems, and the internet I also thought the title was misleading, because writer and freelance writer are broad terms, covering man [...]

    17. A necessary reference tool for any Freelance Writer Some slightly dated material on web writing but that s to be expected in such a fast changing industry The benefits of direct advice, tips, hints and examples from Bowerman s own arsenal far outweigh any material that isn t current for 2013 I will buy his follow up Bowerman is a new favorite Author for me a budding Freelance Writer and I m thankful for his simple language and easy to understand descriptions A must read for any Writer who is als [...]

    18. Oddly enough, I think the most valuable sections of this book had to do with the emotional aspects of kick starting a freelance writing career The motivating comments to keep going when things get frustrating and they WILL get frustrating were helpful since I m reaching a lull in work The majority of the practical tips were outdated, however, since this book was written over a decade ago Very little of the book is dedicated to the digital space or how to grow a freelance writing career business [...]

    19. Although a bit outdated with references to fax machines and floppy disks, this book is a terrific guide to keep on hand when establishing your business It will also come in handy when dealing with specific client scenarios I ll be keeping a copy in my home office for all the vital info that I will need in the future

    20. I was so encouraged by this book Just reading it made me feel like my dad was patting me on the head, telling me to be brave, and encouraging me to follow my dreams All of that sentimental stuff Seriously, though, Mr Bowerman has written honestly and encouragingly I am very thankful for the wisdom he shared.

    21. Outdated but still has solid, applicable advice His warning about the dangers of chat rooms made me chuckle You may have read similar advice somewhere else though his is a great mix of practical and inspirational , however Bowerman s if I can do this, anyone can do this attitude might provide the motivation needed to jump into freelancing.

    22. Dont spend too much money on it Im sure some goodwill store somewhere is selling it for 0.99cents By the way, he says things like floppy discs and computers, if you have one of those Ummm this book is outdated.

    23. This book has many helpful tips for someone starting out as a freelance writer However, the superior tone and belittling of other types of writing really bugged me I really like the parts on certain types of copywriting and how to deal with clients Yet it overall left me annoyed.

    24. An extremely helpful book that covers everything you need to know to get started as a freelance commercial writer I ve been a freelance writer for over five years, and I still learned a lot from this book Recommended.

    25. Some good info about writing calling drumming up some prospects, but the technological age of the book, overabundant pom pom waving, and seemingly distorted as of 2010 hourly rates do much to detract from its usefulness.

    26. Great book, very detailed in what is provided to help a person actually reach the status of a successful freelance writer What I liked most were the good examples on how to do this and that he sets realistic expectations for those wanting to go this route.

    27. Man, this provides everything I need to make an income as a corporate freelance writer Peter Bowerman shares his experiences and knowledge in an engaging and entertaining manner This is exactly what I needed at this time.

    28. Another great book full of practial advice on how to succeed as a freelance writer Some of the information is dated because of its focus on technology, which is now obsolete, but the majority of the book will always be valid and helpful so it s worth reading and learning from.

    29. What can be said This is a very good book by a master of freelancing success He ll lay out his systems and infuse you with confidence.His follow up book is on my must read list.

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