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Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty #2020

Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty The new poetry collection by Tony Hoagland the award winning author of What Narcissim Means To Me and Donkey GospelIn Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty Tony Hoagland is deep inside a

  • Title: Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty
  • Author: Tony Hoagland
  • ISBN: 9781555975494
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
  • Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty By Tony Hoagland, The new poetry collection by Tony Hoagland, the award winning author of What Narcissim Means To Me and Donkey GospelIn Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty, Tony Hoagland is deep inside a republic that no longer offers reliable signage, in which comfort and suffering are intimately entwined, and whose citizens gasp for oxygen without knowing why With HoaglandThe new poetry collection by Tony Hoagland, the award winning author of What Narcissim Means To Me and Donkey GospelIn Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty, Tony Hoagland is deep inside a republic that no longer offers reliable signage, in which comfort and suffering are intimately entwined, and whose citizens gasp for oxygen without knowing why With Hoagland s trademark humor and social commentary, these poems are exhilarating for their fierce moral curiosity, their desire to name the truth, and their celebration of the resilience of human nature.

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      480 Tony Hoagland
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    1 thought on “Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty

    1. This book was my introduction to Tony Hoagland I like what I see Hoagland s poems think stylishly about the world they observe while at the same time exhibiting a quirkiness, as if to ask what else could we expect I like that sideways look at things But each poem has a particular beauty We can all relate to the poignancy of a poem about the declining health of a parent, such as My Father s Vocabulary Or the insight in a poem about the hostess at a party who has trouble keeping the strap of her g [...]

    2. Address to the Beloved p.32 Sweetie,what do you meanwhen you tell me to get real Do you mean that I should stopslipping my hand down the back of your pantswhen we are out in public Or that I should do it often Do you mean I should acquaint myself betterwith Baltic state politics Or scrape and wash the dishes in the sinkright after we have eaten Should I stop trying to flirtwith the whole wide world,and get down to business,or the reverse Get health insurance, water the lawn,read philosophy at [...]

    3. I realized this was due yesterday and so read it quickly over lunch Keep this in mind.In general, I m all for less poems in poetry books I think modern career poets write too much and should let things simmer, or perhaps appropriately, should treat their poetry like caves of slowly forming stalactites But I realize that not everyone has the same writing habits, and some people have to write a lot I also think that this book is a good example of why less should be There were many poems here tha [...]

    4. This book is a treasure trove of good poems in the best Hoagland style I ll be re reading it Too bad there s not a re reading section on And I love the title I walk around muttering it to myself, especially when I see a Honda.

    5. The best ones are the least overt, the ones that most resist symbolism and moralizing And he seems to have to tell himself within these poems to do this Cement Truck, for instance, shows a narrator resisting the urge to transform a cement mixing truck through metaphor Same with Field Guide, the book s shortest poem and one of the most memorable because it is so deliberately simple and descriptive I love big rangy indecisive satirical narrative poems, but it s clear he can do , and should often. [...]

    6. Hoagland A New Window into RealityIn his poetry, Hoagland describes real life situations through a window we don t normally look through Mundane topics are given a fresh perspective through Hoagland s eyes, such as in his poem, Big Grab The corn chip engineer gets a bright idea,And talks to the corn chip executiveAnd six months later at the factory they begin subtractingA few chips from every bag,but they still call it on the outside wrapper,The Big Grab,So the concept of Big is quietly modified [...]

    7. I often wonder about subjective units of pleasure SUP which like subjective units of distress might have nothing to do with the poetic craft of a collection but the state of mind of the reader I must have been in a mood where I wanted a combination of humor, compassion, and a bit of philosophy to address observations of daily American life.Enter the title and ponder why a person might be unincorporated and why a Late Honda Dynasty Just last week, many of Hoagland s poems from his 1998 The Donkey [...]

    8. Tony Hoagland Billy Collins Lite, I d say, though Tony would champ at the bit at that one And certainly the themes are different, Tony being attuned a lot to money and capitalism and the unseemly sides of American life as we know it Why, be still my heart, he even took a shot at cellphones in one poem so the cheese does NOT stand alone, turns out I wonder if he goes cellphone commando, too Anyway, if you re cherching a form poem, you re reading up the wrong tree Tony s a free verse guy, through [...]

    9. Like the first desperate inhale after holding your breath underwater until you thought you might pass out.

    10. I wish I could just write two seperate reviews for this bookSection 1 5 starsThis is some of the finest poetry that I have read in quite some time Hard Rain alone, is worth the price of the book The entire first section, though, is absolutely full of poetic gems Witty, bitter, melancholy, political, personal Just absolutely fantastic I folded over nearly every page of that first section.Then I read the rest of the bookRest of the book 0 stars.Not only did I feel that the writing was flat later i [...]

    11. On Valentine s Day PBS Newshour included a reading of Hoagland s Romantic Moment from this collection Not sure how I d missed him, but that was my introduction and I knew I needed to read him So I started with this collection because of that poem Love this man s off the wall thoughts It would be quite a trip to worm into his mind to study his stream of consciousness Unlike many of his contemporary peers who try to be uber artsy, Hoagland pulls it off and makes sense Fascinating sense I think Sno [...]

    12. DescriptionA bird with a cry like a cell phone says somethingto a bird that sounds like a manual typewriter.Out of sight in the woods, the creek trickles its ongoing sentence from treble to baritone,from dependent clause to interrogative.The trees rustle over the house they are excitedto be entering the poemin the late afternoon, when the clouds are creamy and massiveas if to illustrate contentment.And maybe a wind will pluck pff the last dead leaves and a cold rain will splashdainty white petal [...]

    13. I did not love this collection as much as the last two Maybe in part it s just getting used to his style Not sure Different themes seem to recur in each book and the ones this time international politics, consumerism, cancer didn t strike as much of a chord with me as some of the earlier topics.Some pieces may not age well, with references to Bill Gates, Britney Spears, the DC area snipers, etc But it is nice to see references to current events in the meantime.There are a handful of erotic piece [...]

    14. Singing the joys and sorrows of life under late capitalism with its attendant entertainments, mediascapes and neon dreams, Hoagland embraces all aspects of 21st century life like a home schooled Walt Whitman who finds where the remote control is hidden when his parents are away Reeling unsupervised from channel to channel, and modality to modality, Hoagland, at times gleefully, and at times meditatively, describes America, febrile, multitudinous, cancerous, for sale His poems detail the erosion [...]

    15. Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty by Tony Hoagland is his first collection of poems in 10 years, according to the Graywolf representative at the expo The collection features poems that call into question the realities of the modern world from our dating rituals to our trips to the mall food court.In Big Grab, Hoagland suggests language is taking on meanings that are less than they are The Big Grab, so the concept of Big is quietly modified to mean More Or Less Large, or Only Sligh [...]

    16. This was my first book of Hoagland s that I ve read, although I ve read his poems here and there over the years One reviewer said that he would give the first section four stars, but the rest of the book one star I agree, sort of The first section is the strongest by all means it is the most memorable, imaginative, and wittiest The rest of the book tapers a bit, but it s still good poetry by any standard Others reviewers find some poems in this collection racist and sexist, but I think he s nua [...]

    17. From Wild In Late August when the streams dry upand the high meadows turn parched and blond,bears are squeezed out of the mountains down into the valley of condos and housing developments.All residents are therefore prohibited from putting their garbage out early.The penalty for disobedience will be bears large black furry fellowsdrinking from your sprinkler systemrolling your trashcans down the lawn, bashing through the screen door of the back porch to get their first real taste of a spaghetti [...]

    18. Are we Americans the unincorporated persons in the late honda dynasty Sometimes, I am like show me Tony show me Quit telling me stuff When he listens to me, it is gold I see what he wants to tell me, like the 23446 problems of our society.Looking back on the poems, they seem better, reading random lines and looking at the structure, as a whole, than I remember reading them a few hours ago.I keep bouncing my stars from 3 to 4 back to 3 back to 4.My biggest complaint with these poems is the cornyn [...]

    19. In his collection, Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty, Tony Hoagland expertly illustrates the drastic consequences of existing in the toxic and hostile environment that is America today While there are myriad articles and essays that explain in scientific detail the adverse effects of parabens on a woman s hormonal system, how cell phones contribute to brain cancer, and the correlation between technology and depression, Hoagland s poems show us the existential effects of modern liv [...]

    20. I own and have read a number of Tony Hoagland s books, but this is perhaps the best of his poetry collections UNINCORPORATED PERSONS IN THE LATE HONDA DYNASTY offers one stunning poem after another, with startling insights connecting the profound to the ludicrous, our deeply felt human nature caught in a web of crass commercialism and petty politics The world of this book seems a perfect mirror of our distorted times, economically decadent and self deluded, in deep and painful need, seeking the [...]

    21. Hoagland is best when he talks about himself 1e.g poetrynet month archiv.duckworthunderwaterspok and, thebutcherblog the kind of lyricsfreak c clash lo

    22. Only two poems warranted bookmarks for me Big Grab the corn chip poem and I Have News For You The rest of the book was way too smug for my taste I wanted to throw the book at certain moments during the afternoon as I was reading it Still might.

    23. Maybe not Hoagland s bestbut still, I ve not read anyone that writes with his quality of acerbic schmaltz, which is so often just what I need.

    24. Hoagland s poetry switches between smart insight and bemoaning consumer culture Shopping malls are too easy a target Better are the poems that don t push so hard to be funny.

    25. Why did I think I d enjoy this One or two poems that made me laugh, for the rest I just cringed through the psyche of a privileged white man.

    26. I reject this book, and all of its whiles, and all of its pomps When one refuses to find anything but misery, one s ontology may be a bit skewed.

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