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The Long Night Of Francisco Sanctis #2020

The Long Night Of Francisco Sanctis When Francisco Sanctis receives a message from an old friend that two men will be taken by government agents his revolutionary past intrudes upon his comfortable present forcing him to re evaluate a

  • Title: The Long Night Of Francisco Sanctis
  • Author: Humberto Costantini
  • ISBN: 9780006541806
  • Page: 375
  • Format: None
  • The Long Night Of Francisco Sanctis By Humberto Costantini, When Francisco Sanctis receives a message from an old friend that two men will be taken by government agents, his revolutionary past intrudes upon his comfortable present, forcing him to re evaluate all that he believes and what he would actually risk for those benefits Nancy Pearl

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      Humberto Costantini

    1 thought on “The Long Night Of Francisco Sanctis

    1. Book eaten by style, and not an impressive style I mean, sure, I like the conversational approach as much as anyone, but this, to me, is an example of how far it can lead a writer astray Novella stretched from short story, not shrunk from novel.

    2. Adentrarse en las tinieblas del pasado argentino muchas veces requiere de cierta violencia No son territorios en los cuales uno va suelto de cuerpo, como si se tratara de una excursi n campestre hacia una juventud maravillosa de heroicos actos y tremendas aventuras La cuesti n nacional enmarcada en los 70s es rida, r spida, ca tica, pesada, dif cil, inteligente y aunque no parezca, esquiva Reconstruir realmente una memoria en torno a la d cada del 70 y el inicio de la dictadura militar es dif ci [...]

    3. Pod s leer esta y otras rese as tambi n en mi blog ceresplaneta 2Un empleado administrativo recibe la informaci n de que dos hombres van a ser secuestrados por las Fuerzas Armadas de la ltima dictadura c vico militar La novela gira en torno a la disyuntiva que enfrenta Sanctis a la hora de decidir qu hacer si intentar salvarlos o no No es que haya le do muchos libros que enmarquen esta poca, pero s puedo decir que La larga noche de Francisco Sanctis es el m s original que me toc leer No solament [...]

    4. Set in Argentina, the theme is the disappeared, desaparecidos , those who vanished during the horrible police violence of the decade starting in the mid 1970 s Here we have Francisco, a 40 ish and very average family man with some kids and a loving wife Out of the blue, he is contacted by a woman, a former acquaintance of college days when he, and everybody else, was a kind of student radical Now he hardly follows politics But suddenly he has to decide if he will warn some people he doesn t even [...]

    5. It s hard for me to talk about this novel without being one of those unbearable people who talk about Sartrean anguish and mauvaise foi, but let s forget that and mention instead the book s wry, Cervantean presentation, complete with chapter synopses and narratorial intrusions For example, chapter three as it appears in the table of contents In which, as a certain parcel of canned goods changes hands a dozen times and in view of the fact that punctuality seems not to be Elena Vaccaro s chief vir [...]

    6. yleyse ger ekten kaderin kendine zg yasalar vard , her ey olaca na vard nda da bu yasalar n nas l m kemmel i ledi i g r lebiliyordu Demek ki bo una sorgulamaya gerek yoktu Erdemli olan ile vurdumduymaz sanctis aras nda gecen bir i hesapla ma sorgulamayi da beraberinde getiriyor Do ru olan hangisi erdemli olup cezaland r lmas mi, vurdumduymaz olup hayata devam etmesi mi Asl nda ikisi de kendi i inde ozulen olgular, cunku Francisco t m d nyevi y k n at p belki de bir tuza a giderken onu y nlendire [...]

    7. This fascinating book explores the psychology of compassion, fear, and rationality Faced with a moral dilemma, Francisco Sanctis must decide how to approach an unexpected scenario The story is told through a clever, detached, yet simultaneously knowledgeable narrator I really enjoyed this intellectually engaging read.

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