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Some Of Your Blood #2020

Some Of Your Blood Author Theodore Sturgeon s style is to write a story of horror but not a horror story Sturgeon s warped and twisted character elicits the readers sympathy to the point that the reader though horror st

  • Title: Some Of Your Blood
  • Author: Theodore Sturgeon
  • ISBN: 9780786701032
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • Some Of Your Blood By Theodore Sturgeon, Author Theodore Sturgeon s style is to write a story of horror but not a horror story Sturgeon s warped and twisted character elicits the readers sympathy to the point that the reader though horror struck by his deeds wishes a happy solution for the monster Sturgeon is a Hugo, Nebula, and International Fantasy Awards winner and the author of four previous books.

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      235 Theodore Sturgeon
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    1. A dark and creepy novella.Theodore Sturgeon s 1961 psychological thriller reminds me of the films Birdy Alan Parker 1984 and Vampire s Kiss both featuring Nicholas Cage because of the subject matter but this never goes over the top and Sturgeon s great ability to produce an understated and minimalistic page turner is in rare form Presented in epistolary novel form, written as a series of documents was this a tribute to Bram Stoker This is also reminiscent of the The Great God Pan in its subtle, [...]

    2. Wow I loved this book Let me tell you why.I always have had a respect and love for older horror stories I find it fun to read them and then speculate on what modern tales might be based upon these older works In this case, I can see an even older story Dracula within But what this book does is turn that classic tale upside down In fact, I don t even consider this to be a true horror story.This short book, originally written in 1956, is told mostly through letters back and forth between an overwo [...]

    3. Big George didn t have fangs, nor did he sleep in a coffin But big George did like to drink blood It is discovered by an Army psychiatrist that this soldier has some serious issues and that he has a deadly past George had an abusive, drunken father and developed an unnatural taste for blood from his mama s breast Aside from this upbringing I get the feeling that Big George was probably still going to grow up a few clowns shy of a full circus, but the overall combination was one that created a mi [...]

    4. Written in 1961, Theodore Sturgeon s Some of Your Blood, is both a unique take on the vampire story which is damn near impossible as well a product of its times But that doesn t mean it s dated Generally, the story holds up quite well References to Korea, Masters and Johnson, Havelock Ellis, human sexuality studies, and various breakthroughs in psychiatry keep coming up And for good reason, since the story of George Smith, a disturbed American soldier, is basically an unofficial case history, re [...]

    5. This is an older short story that GR says was first published in 1956 Admittedly, I haven t read much in the way of classic horror and I wasn t sure the story would work for me I guess I was expecting it to be dry and slow What I found instead was a deeply disturbing story with many images that will linger with me for months to come.This story is about a soldier who calls himself George George is being held in a crowded military psychiatric ward for assaulting a superior It seems he s been forgo [...]

    6. Superb work Like any other novel by Theodore Sturgeon that I ve read, this is a literary masterwork, original, dark and deeply unconventional Sturgeon wrote with his guts than with his mind, and he was able to create dream like stories that spoke straight to your subconscious, whether simply weird dreams or flat out terrifying nightmares However, he never lost a great sense of balance, an elegance in his writing, and a sense of beauty.Sturgeon has often been expressing his annoyance with social [...]

    7. Theodore Sturgeon s brilliantly chilling and plausible twist on the vampire novel He sheds most of the vampire genre tropes, often thumbing his nose at them in the process the protagonist s real name is Bela, his parents are from Eastern Europe, the novel has a large epistolary content like Dracula, and the army psychiatrist stands in for Dr Van Helsing, even as he gives us a vampire that requires almost no suspension of disbelief Its almost as if Sturgeon bet that he could write a better vampir [...]

    8. Sleepless nights are perfect for reading and since this book was close at hand, and because I couldn t fall asleep last night, I started it Then after reading the first few paragraphs, I got up, went downstairs with pen notebook in hand because I knew this was going to be something intensely different than normal and notebook worthy, and sat and read slowly for hours before I absolutely had to stop Then I picked it up again today and finished it I have to digest what I ve just read before postin [...]

    9. This is a very disturbing book A backwoods, undereducated kid is raised in a miserable, shabby home with a mean drunk of a father and an abused, arthritic mother Life is hellish, but it s all George Smith not his real name knows There are days with no food on the table, and days when he hides in the woods to escape his father s drunken rages His life is so meager and mean that when he is sent to a troubled children s prison for two years for burglary, he feels really pleased with the clean bed, [...]

    10. theodore sturgeon has always fascinated me, although i ve never really liked any of his books i love his short story the man who lost the sea, but the longer stuff always kind of bored me it always gave me the sense that he d rather be writing short but felt he had to pad the thing out so he could make some money off it which, hey, is probably true and i can t really say that i blame himyway, this book didn t feel that way at all, which is strange because it is transparently padded it s the stor [...]

    11. Theodore Sturgeon wrote some of the best and most formally inventive sf of its day But remember, Sturgeon s Law states 90% of everything is crap This book is by no means crap, but it has a couple of stylistic choices that put it pretty far down on the Sturgeon list as far as I m concerned.Letters between doctors, transcripts of psychiatric sessions, journal entries these are Sturgeon s nod to Bram Stoker s epistolary construction of Dracula And it all works well except for a long, narrative sect [...]

    12. 4.5 stars Sturgeon s classic take on the vampire myth as only he could do it Original, provocative and disturbing.

    13. I read a lot I have never consciously sat down to consider the numbers, but I can safely say It s a friggin lot Even while I am working on my own fiction and reviewing for the peeps, I read I try to keep the idiot box turned off as much as possible in order to get a good 1 2 hours of reading in every night I think it keeps the brain sharp when it comes to abstract concepts Reading requires visualization, which requires thinking.have been asked fairly often, What do you read besides review books [...]

    14. Horror I m not so sure Mystery Maybe a bit It s hard to stick a label on this book but I can say for sure that it is a very unsettling story.

    15. So I d been looking for a copy of Some of Your Blood for a while now I noticed that had it for a dollar recently, in Kindle format, but I hate paying for digital books so I kept looking Turns out, I wasn t exactly stumbling over piles of Sturgeon books anywhere There are all kinds of first editions and collectors copies hanging out at Half Price Books, and a few collections of stories at Barnes and Noble, but damnit, I only wanted this one fucking story.I ended up buying a mouse chewed, musty, y [...]

    16. Theodore Sturgeon s SOME OF YOUR BLOOD suffers from the DRACULA syndrome That s not to say this is a vampire story It isn t However, DRACULA was primarily written in a journal format and while that should provide closer access to the thoughts of the characters, it also kept the story at arm s length so that I was less involved.Sturgeon s book is comprised of documents Most of these consist of a large journal entry and various psychiatric reports In a way, it unfolds a bit like the play, EQUUS, [...]

    17. In the 1978 horror movie Martin, writer director George A Romero presented us with a young man who enjoys killing people and drinking their blood, but who may or may not be a so called vampire the film is wonderfully ambiguous all the way down the line on that score Seventeen years before Martin skulked through the dreary suburbs of Pittsburgh, however, another unconventional vampire was given to the world, in the pages of Theodore Sturgeon s Some of Your Blood Actually, an apology may be in ord [...]

    18. Theodore Sturgeon, Some of Your Blood Carroll and Graf, 1961 In the world of what we shall call psychological fiction, for lack of a better term to wit that fiction that deals with a person being psychoanalyzed, psychologized, and or psychiatrized , Theodore Sturgeon s short novel Some of Your Blood occupies a very odd position It s recognized by the Horror Writers Association as one of the Top 40 horror novels of all time despite it being of a novella despite not really being a horror novel Ye [...]

    19. The book is written in fragments, semi epistolary I struggled through the first third because it was a narrative written by a semi literate man the grammar was atrocious I m glad I did Since I ve started writing, I ve scared myself with what my mind was able to conceive, but only on rare occasions Horror fiction doesn t scare me as it did when I was a child it doesn t make me look around and put the book down and hope everything is going to be okay I felt that way again in a couple of places whi [...]

    20. This book is brilliantly, cleverly, skillfully written I especially love the whole Arthur Hitchcock this going on at the beginning and end, where the author narrator whom you do not hear from the rest of the time puts in that little nudge, amps it up a bit, draws you in and makes you think about what you just read Could it be real How would you like it to resolve Why The author must have had knowledge of psychiatric analysis to use it so skillfully to draw out a fuller picture of the main charac [...]

    21. This isn t the horror novel I thought it was going to be and it s not the straight crime novel that the blurb on the front claimed it to be In fact I m not really sure how to classify it but maybe I shouldn t worry about it There were elements of horror, there s a kind of non supernatural notion of a vampire here, and there are crimes but this doesn t start with the crime and then try to work out who did it, rather it starts with the perpetrator and then tries to find out what it is he did and w [...]

    22. Slow start but it gets better try to stick with it Though I liked the story, I m not sure I d include SOME OF YOUR BLOOD among the top 40 horror books of all time.

    23. A classic for a reason I will not summarize the plot because the sooner you go into this cold the better I think your enjoyment will be This was listed in HWA top 40 Horror Novels some years ago I will say that you might like this if, like me, you love stories made up of found documents This one has memoirs, letters, transcripts of interviews, case studies etc which add a layer of plausibility and voyeurism to the mystery This coupled with the clear amount of research that went into the psychana [...]

    24. While it was short, it was the perfect length for this tale The author did a spectacular job of presenting the facts for the reader through letters of correspondence subtly amusing and very interesting , an autobiography requested by the doctor , and notes on therapy sessions A really in depth look into the mind of a sociopath, I was fascinated to get to the bottom of his warped sexual deviance, view spoiler which, in the opinion of the doctor, turned out to be an asexual deviance A byproduct of [...]

    25. This novel is stuck in the VAMPIRE fiction category, which it definitely is not Very little horror involved, although perhaps for the 60 s when it was published , it might have been shocking The reader guesses the result of the novel far in advance, and most of the text is mired psychiatric jargon regarding personality disorders and sociopathic behavior The ending builds and answers most questions, but this feels like a sketch for a planned novel, than the actual finished novel that is publishe [...]

    26. First of all, let me say that Theodore Sturgeon is in the upper echelon of all contemporary writers, science fiction or not.Second, allow me to make a bold statement This is one of the best vampire novels of all time Although, to be fair, vampire is a bit of a misnomer here Third, it is one of those rare pieces of literature that continues to replay in your mind, as you rethink what you have read before in a completely different light.Just get a copy and read it, okay

    27. It actually took me some time to trule appreciate this book I had to reflect on it, as well as discuss it with a friend before understand what it really had to offer.Talk about deceiving cover blurbs to future readers, this is NOT a horror story Nor is it the dark tale of a vampire Vampirism has little to do with the story, which is actually a very human story, about a very damaged man.

    28. I read first this book when I was about 14 I re read it just a few years ago I thought I might have outgrown it, but I hadn t.This book later I m in a hurry

    29. Solid story Fucking harrowing and anxiety inspiring Is that Freudian angst the thematic linchpin of an good horror story

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